Metallica: Seek & Destroy (London, England - June 20, 2019)

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Filmed at Twickenham Stadium in London, England on June 20, 2019.
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Comments 80
Alpine Ghoul
Alpine Ghoul 17 hours ago
5:04 Kirk Saw A Hot Chick
Fernando Nunes
PiKe 2 days ago
For so many years this is what I and many others see as Metallica... so why go hardcore? I dont understand? Here is the money! Go back!
Moysés Radé
Moysés Radé 6 days ago
Grandpa Hetfield
pingpongpung 6 days ago
Change the title and description. They're wrong. It's: "20th of June", not: "June 20".
Nielsen kasser
Nielsen kasser 8 days ago
1:27 oh that's a nice view
Andrew W. N Vlogs
how do they have so much energy even at the end of a concert?
miguel 10 days ago
British be like: seek anmd deastroie
Anthony Martens
Anthony Martens 11 days ago
Absolutely phenomenal and sensational you rock Metallica!
Thomas Pike
Thomas Pike 12 days ago
Thomas Pike
Thomas Pike 12 days ago
Not there little mf cnts
David Deschênes
David Deschênes 13 days ago
Even after all these years I still domt think Rob fit in metallica on stage. Its not about his musical abilities nor himself as a person. Its just his look and behevior on stage that doesnt fil with the rest of the best.
Eddy Bales
Eddy Bales 14 days ago
I hate haters best band ever I don't give a fuck what any body says
Ivan Celis
Ivan Celis 16 days ago
Searchiiiiiiing! AAAAGH!
Annsrrone 17 days ago
The best live performance and sound ever made.. Respect to all metallica family and those who make this happen
Filip Navrátil
Filip Navrátil 23 days ago
James: "Seek!!" Some germans: "Heil!!" :D
Isaiah Mason
Isaiah Mason 25 days ago
i love how Metallica can play a song faster then the original and still make the songs longer when they play live. love it
Morty C137
Morty C137 Month ago
0:50 1983 James’s dream just came true
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Month ago
one of three of the greatest songs you can play live, the other two are No One Knows and Enter Sandman
Yannick de Bok
Yannick de Bok Month ago
steek en destroy
Matthew Kinne
Matthew Kinne Month ago
Sounds great. Hope to hear from them soon
Mannie Oh
Mannie Oh Month ago
Nicolas Dryll
Nicolas Dryll Month ago
Le patch "Tygers Of Pantang - Wild Catz" sur la veste de Hetfield, trop puissant.
Marsh McCarthy
Marsh McCarthy Month ago
I was outside the stadium during this show and that was the first time I'd heard Metallica! Been into them ever since
roc sellent
roc sellent Month ago
James: searching... Jason: AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
Enrico 18 days ago
Now in every version of this song i picture Jason screaming and looking at James like "🙂" and i start to laugh again
YR Month ago
For this being the last song... this is a very well behaved crowd!
De Vulus
De Vulus Month ago
This song makes me so happy
Weri Werigood
Weri Werigood Month ago
It`s solo Kirk????????????????????
Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker Month ago
Just the way heavy music was ment to be,it never gets old.
Hugo Eduardo Salamanca
Rob Moon
Rob Moon Month ago
I thank god for RUvid so I can now hear the gig. Sound was awful up in the gods where we were sitting. Please please Metallica never go back to Twickers
ardi nugs
ardi nugs Month ago
Always always and always lars screwed the tempo
El Dros Music
El Dros Music Month ago
seek and metallica yheaaaa
Alfred _12351
Alfred _12351 2 months ago
I love the dad jokes
petr debnar
petr debnar 2 months ago
прадед джокера
Can someone teach kirk to play snd solo?
a VIRAL GAMING 2 months ago
5:52 earth is round Checkmate flat earth theorists
Pedro Bernardino
Pedro Bernardino 2 months ago
Não há tristeza na minha vida que essa música não consiga aplacar.
Edwin Moses
Edwin Moses 2 months ago
Now please Metallica and Doctors seek and destroy fucking Corona-Virus
upperhands 2 months ago
Lars is a idiot on so many levels it hurts to watch him. But how humble the others are towards him is credit to them
the gravy
the gravy 2 months ago
kirk missed the first two notes
AYoutubeAccount 2 months ago
I find the incorrect devil horns.... Disturbing
AYoutubeAccount 2 months ago
That Les Paul James is using tho....
gunawan Inverter
gunawan Inverter 2 months ago
RZDubz 2 months ago
Ppl who dislike Metallica are Evil Demons but the ppl who love Metallica are shred Gods
naufal muhammad
naufal muhammad 2 months ago
This song back to Eb tuning before that, they play with D standard but still good🤘
ilaria bresolin
ilaria bresolin 2 months ago
Lars Ulrich is One of best drummer in the WORLD!
Blc ME
Blc ME 2 months ago
My man growing old.. But still has more energy than me. 🙂
MICHAEL DEAN 2 months ago
Lucky enough to be there. Shame the transport home from Twickenham is just rubbish.
K__ T
K__ T 2 months ago
It’s like lars struggles to play this... to many near misses with the fills.. maybe cos he wasn’t that good at drums when they wrote this song so trying to play it to that standard feels a bit weird to him?
Arrgox 2 months ago
Love Kirk's red guitar
olegthefoul 2 months ago
Goddamn, James' voice is absolutely mint here.
sahar malaeb
sahar malaeb 2 months ago
Fuck metallica is the best band of my life like nothing is better then Metallica
Andrew Dutler
Andrew Dutler 2 months ago
C7 STEEN 2 months ago
Do they not head bang over there lol
ZathotheGrizzxx 2 months ago
I wonder why they used to play this lower than Eb.
PhoenixJGrey 3 months ago
37 years later this song still rocks..
Arief Nugroho
Arief Nugroho 3 months ago
5:48 Rob just activated his star power
Dieng Plateau
Dieng Plateau 3 months ago
Daniel P
Daniel P 3 months ago
seek and destroy the 144 dislikers
John Dy
John Dy 3 months ago
Philippines maybe?????
sikørka 3 months ago
Mario Hinsche
Mario Hinsche 3 months ago
Ever Fucking Awesome WOW , Love Metallica
Paul Watkins
Paul Watkins 3 months ago
Fucking hell, that was awesome 👍 👍 👍 brilliant band
MegaTurjake 3 months ago
That pier thing must be nice but...one side of the audience can see Kirk play that solo, the other side just sees Kirk's ass. Money well spent if you end up on the wrong side (I'll let you decide which one it is for you)
Max π
Max π 3 months ago
Kirk is so epic 4:35
Kapixplay TV
Kapixplay TV 3 months ago
why is lars playing so out of tempo on the drum solo
Pete the Scale Modeller
Seek on a Les Paul , now thats \m/ METAL \m/ haha
Boel Noel
Boel Noel 3 months ago
Always ruin by a a dancing drummer with tempo to seek and destroy
Richard Kranium
Richard Kranium 3 months ago
Damn they got old. Shit, I did as well. Nice sparkly ouija Kirk
Mr DFK 3 months ago
faaack this is so slow, damn lol
sonny andreas 809
sonny andreas 809 3 months ago
Lars amatirs
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 3 months ago
kim jong
kim jong 3 months ago
All song comunicate with audience/fans together soul and heart!!!metalicca never die!!!
Bruna 3 months ago
Alright! We are scanning the scene in the city tonight We are looking for you to start up a fight There is an evil feeling in our brains But it is nothing new, you know it drives us insane Running on our way Hiding, you will pay Dying, one thousand deaths Running on our way Hiding, you will pay Dying, one thousand deaths Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy There is no escape and that is for sure This is the end we won't take any more Say goodbye to the world you live in You have always been taking, but now you're giving Running on our way Hiding, you will pay Dying, one thousand deaths Running on our way Hiding, you will pay Dying, one thousand deaths Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Our brains are on fire with the feeling to kill And it will not go away until our dreams are fulfilled There is only one thing on our minds Don't try running away, 'cause you're the one we will find Running on our way Hiding, you will pay Dying, one thousand deaths Running on our way Hiding, you will pay Dying, one thousand deaths Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy Searching, seek and destroy
joewidhi 3 months ago
In Metallica, everyone is frontmen.
Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson 3 months ago
First time I got to see them live. This was a brilliant performance!
Austin Oetken
Austin Oetken 3 months ago
I can tell Lars doesn’t like to sit playing drums sometimes and doesn’t like to be stuck in the back while the others are up front
Vidya Sinha
Vidya Sinha 3 months ago
me when i learn a new metallica song 5:47
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