Metallica: Sad But True (Moscow, Russia - July 21, 2019)

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Filmed at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow Russia on July 21, 2019.
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Nov 11, 2019




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Comments 80
niccusnetzis 17 hours ago
It is said that "hey buddy" was for Mr. President Vladimir. Hey Buddy Vlad. Rock on!
Stephen Collins
Love this tune. I found this performance of it chilling. I can’t get enough of those gut-wrenching Metallica rhythm guitar riffs.
Carlos Eros
Carlos Eros Day ago
Ilham Fadillah
Ilham Fadillah 2 days ago
Indonesian here 😎
Efe Cem
Efe Cem 3 days ago
07:19 nightmare fuel
C drum
C drum 4 days ago
That’s bad as shit 🔥
Nur Fo Shizzle
Nur Fo Shizzle 6 days ago
close your eyes at 0:53
m 6 days ago
0:53 when she put a metallica playlist before to get freaky with me
Jacob Avonda
Jacob Avonda 3 days ago
Ooooh yeah. O yeaH
Noor Duif
Noor Duif 7 days ago
Can i marry james
Stephanie Mccoy
Stephanie Mccoy 7 days ago
So true. Love it!!
Cody Crocker
Cody Crocker 7 days ago
That transition into the song was PERFECT. Chills. Never going to be another band like Metallica.
marcio cardoso
marcio cardoso 8 days ago
Wow,one of the best performances EVER !
Andrés Baena
Andrés Baena 8 days ago
Desde Colombia para el mundo.
Alexander Anthony Michaj
Russia will always love Metallica 💯🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Thanos Karaliopoulos
witch song is the outro ?
Márcio Quadros
Márcio Quadros 10 days ago
Metallica, Great.
overlord73 10 days ago
Лайк за мою жизнь. уважаю и слушаю и не устаёшь. музыка на Века. мне 46 лет.Мы умрём с настоящей музыкой.
Руслан Дудкевич
🤘🤘🇺🇦🤘🇺🇦🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🤘 МеtallicA 🇺🇦🇺🇦👋👋👋👍🏼🤘❤️🖤❤️🖤🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👋👋
TieMan 11 days ago
I like how James pronounced Москва as mackba. Its pronounced Maskva. Th B is tricky haha. It means moskow btw
sofakingdrunk66 11 days ago
Get the VODKA out COMRADE...
Samyloco XD
Samyloco XD 11 days ago
Esta es la parte en la que lars dijo HAAAAY ESTA ES LA MEJOR PARTE EN LA QUE KIRK HAMMETT SE LA VA A RIFARRRRR!!!! 4:47
Андрей Павлов
Металика спасибо что ты есть
Alex Smart
Alex Smart 11 days ago
Cat: Meow Dog: Woof Idiots: Cheeki Breeki Cyka Blyat Hardbass Gopnik In Soviet Russia Vodka drinks you Clever people: Do you want heavy? METALLICA GIVES YOU HEAVY METAL WITH MAX DIST AND WAHS!
Михаил Шелакин
KICKING RUSTY 13 days ago
Yonela Vascu
Yonela Vascu 14 days ago
Love Metallica 4 ever❤❤❤
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 16 days ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 16 days ago
Ozan Barış Eroğlu
Come to Turkey dude ! come again , we gonna write a history !
OLEG Rogi 17 days ago
Звук потрясный👍🤘
Miguel Angel Nuñez
Anyone saw the Octagon guy in the crowd? Alguien vió al Octagon Ruso?
Sawm2a Bennoda
Sawm2a Bennoda 19 days ago
6:18 do you notice that water Coming out from Ulrich's Head....Haha
Дмитрий dimrud
Я прям вижу, как наш гуру гитары калурий лежит в говне и кричит, что тут хлеб, прям мякишь, новичковый уровень, нестроевич и козлиное вибратто.
Tom Dicks
Tom Dicks 20 days ago
5:55 - 6:06 that's got to be the heaviest vocals I've heard for SBT yet. I feel Metallica took a bit of a technical dip with their live performances between 2010 to ~2017 being somewhat sloppy, but here they're better than ever! It seems like a lot of hard work has gone into sharpening themselves up, and they sound like they're on top of the world inviting us mere mortals to join them in sonic bliss.
Md. Tamjeed Hossain
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 20 days ago
Поговорка: "До ю лайк хэви мюзик" услышишь, жди "Sad But True" 😄
Laurence Afuang
Laurence Afuang 21 day ago
OMG very amazing glad to see my idol Metallica watching June 2020 keep safe guys God bless us all...
XakTerrible 21 day ago
Man, Rob gets screwed with screentime and Kirk gets screwed in the mix in about 90% of MetallicA footage.
Axe Grinder
Axe Grinder 23 days ago
Vladimir Putinced said it doesn't want too many metal bands appearing in Moscow because the kids gonna change its Capital name to Mosh Cow lol
K.sures Kumaran K.sures Kumaran
cucubau 24 days ago
The drummer is probably playing another song ...
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 25 days ago
Off topic: I've been to Russia and saw the women, now I understand why the other "superpowers" hate Russia
BinGo 25 days ago
love you gyz
Gelo Gelo
Gelo Gelo 25 days ago
metallica 4 life.
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya 26 days ago
Forgeted people dislike , get out live fuckin DJ fans , facebook, instagram , now its time for 90 generation show 🤟
HimeL MahmuD
HimeL MahmuD 26 days ago
I am having goosebumps just by watching it on my phone.
Slavica Petrovic
Slavica Petrovic 15 days ago
Sad but true is the fact Metallica is one & only
jet_black heart
jet_black heart 27 days ago
Tell whatever you will but to me James us greater than Metallica . You can tell that the band has sold-out But you cant deny that James is the goat.
@0:14 James channeling his inner mario
Tybok C
Tybok C 28 days ago
why can't americans pronounce Moscow correctly? It's a silent "w" Mosco..not Mos -cow"
matexxxmiszcz 25 days ago
I'm not russian, but pretty sure it should actually sound something like 'musk-vah'
Nathan Lujan
Nathan Lujan 28 days ago
0:29 Can I just say how cute it is to see James laughing 😊
Leonel Alberto
Leonel Alberto 29 days ago
Pag sa pilipinas nag concert to rock na may halong suntukan
DAMN! Kirk NAILED his solo!
M H.
M H. Month ago
Die Hammer sind der Zug... Wenn die Fahrt aufnehmen... Sogar live, richtig geil
森口信一 Month ago
fadilatul mukarromah
2019 gak pake kamera penontonnya selain indonesia...klo diindonesia ngrekam masing2 gak mnikmati lagunya,alay ...inget di gbk 2012 metallica
Андрей Вязгин
I was there oh sh*t
Super Sam
Super Sam Month ago
James makes me too uncomfortable the way he says telling lies. Johnny Johnny flashbacks
Raddy McBarknuckles
I can't begin to fathom how much pussy has been thrown at these guys.
DJ Ei Month ago
We need the full concert on Metallica Mondays!!!
Merlina Kwoisky
Merlina Kwoisky Month ago
Los rusos son buenos para aprender a hablar español e ingles ?
Gerardo Narvaez
Gerardo Narvaez Month ago
4:30 Lennin? xd
Seje Homi
Seje Homi Month ago
Melhor do mundo
Bendrix Mc
Bendrix Mc Month ago
Kirk switches his guitar in the intro for this
David Abdulloh
David Abdulloh Month ago
Saya penggemar metallica dari indonesia
Rookie Travel Diaries
I remember there was a time during the late 2000's when Metallica sort of became lazy at being who they truly are... with their average studio albums and James's vocals in live performances deteriorating. But I can see that they have managed to get themselves out of that slump and have put all their efforts into giving the kinda live shows they were popular for. It makes me happy :)
Vagelis Papadakis
Dramer you are all the money man
Ana Rosa Morera cifuentes
Lo mejor metallica
Lizeth Sanchez
Lizeth Sanchez Month ago
I will always love when James speaks and asks “Do you want heeeaaavy? Metallica gives you heeaaavvy!!”
Glenna Jarvis
Glenna Jarvis Month ago
Wish I could see you b4 I die, your fan Glenna
Igor Kasalla
Igor Kasalla Month ago
Petar Karaganev
Petar Karaganev Month ago
r0mey Month ago
6:02 holy fuck where did that come from
코카콜라 Month ago
형님.. 몸건강하십쇼!! 영원한 나의 우상 이십니다!!! 2006 aug 15... remember
Robert Hurst PureRiffs
ruvid.net/video/video-lqRZxRC2Fhk.html more metal
Karina PeñaS
Karina PeñaS Month ago
Ufff! 😎😜🤘
a VIRAL GAMING Month ago
Revisited to the video to check how heavy my new headphones are 😂
Kyle Dunne
Kyle Dunne Month ago
James: put sad but true on the setlist! Nobody: The guy that tunes guitars: God dang it stupid low E string 😒
Kyle Dunne
Kyle Dunne Month ago
@Yes Yes no I know I do it all the time. What I meant was that sometimes at the end he does that special ending where he basically lowers the string untill it's just flapping. Lol
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Month ago
Tuning to d isnt hard just do it by ear
Javi Cara
Javi Cara Month ago
Наша Музыка
*Metallica forever!*
Chris Hillman
Chris Hillman Month ago
Believe it or not. My Replika recommended this video. \m/ that's wild.
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