Metallica - Orion (Remixed and Remastered)

Ahdy Khairat
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Jul 15, 2013




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Comments 80
Consul Escipión
Consul Escipión 4 days ago
Its relaxing
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson 7 days ago
RIP Cliff, love your era of the band🕯🕶👍
DANIELlaroqustar 12 days ago
scientist have discovered that this is the sound the earth made when it was ruled by metallica
Vishrut Upadhyay
Vishrut Upadhyay 14 days ago
Best Metallica song imo
Necro 20 days ago
Jesus Christ I love this song
Melendrengue Drengue
Carmelo Junior
Carmelo Junior 22 days ago
Fell in love with this instrumental, one of the best
brandon gongre
brandon gongre 29 days ago
Joe Boss
Joe Boss Month ago
MelloYello Month ago
To me, there has never been a song that has captured the feeling, rather, the presence of space like this one. Particularly in the intro, with the booming, vibrating and astronomical sounding bass. It truly sounds like how space looks like. I’m not sure how they did it, but this song is space in music form. It’s so beautiful
Ronaldo Thomé Júnior
"The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot". (C. Sagan)
K zer
K zer Month ago
Bad Ass//////
Ges Again
Ges Again Month ago
speakers never loud enough
can we get 1000 subscribers without content
This song's lyrics don't belong to this world
Robert Petrey
Robert Petrey Month ago
That's too cleam but i love it
NB Month ago
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas 2 months ago
Ahdy, your mix is amazing...to be able to hear Cliff's playing in a new light is such a gift...thank you! As for the song itself, it is an absolute Magnum Opus. Wonderful, beautiful, powerful...inspired and inspiring.
Pedro Chinito
Pedro Chinito 2 months ago
Man.... what if they let cliff play all the solos he wrote
Pedro Chinito
Pedro Chinito 2 months ago
Orion HEAVY AS FUCK version
Daniel Skar
Daniel Skar 2 months ago
Imagine growing up these days listening to Lil’ gas pump and shit lol 😂 poor people ❤️M🤘🏻❤️
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson 2 months ago
I swear to god, Metallicas music is like hypnosis
Kyurem Bael
Kyurem Bael 2 months ago
Where is 2 cent guy?
Remus Cozma
Remus Cozma 2 months ago
Pin #6 From Wii Sports Bowling
This is the first Metallica song I completely memorized the lyrics to.
Melkor Beleger
Melkor Beleger 2 months ago
does anyone wonder if this guy had mixed st anger instead of bob rock people wouldn't hate it so much.
AnonymousPilot 3 months ago
Currently blasting this in our school's radio system /M\
Gooogleisntyour Friend
There are equal quality videos available without all the commercials.
profdany 3 months ago
Album Orion 🎹🎧 ruvid.net/show-UCGt04bFk5hM4IY25CEVoYMg
Robert Grimes
Robert Grimes 3 months ago
Used too play this a full volume in the car ,until the speakers blew . Answer even more powerful speakers . You can't play metal unless its at 11 . Love this video .
Jenni Rayflo
Jenni Rayflo 3 months ago
Yes bitch
Cora Solera
Cora Solera 3 months ago
Can’t believe this juggernaut of a mix has been out for 6 years already
Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter Saturn 4 months ago
Joshua TV
Joshua TV 4 months ago
radkoWCI 4 months ago
RIP mr Ray Burton
MusicMan 4 months ago
Dazed Viking
Dazed Viking 4 months ago
Triple frontier !!!! BADASS
shrapnel77 4 months ago
One of my favorite solos by Kirk, the last one.
bajishbajosh 4 months ago
Lead: Cliff Burton Backing rhythm: James Hetfield Backing guitar: Kirk Hammett Backing drummer: Lars Ulrich
Alisson Sousa
Alisson Sousa 14 days ago
@Tio Arize kkkkkk
Trist Camps
Trist Camps Month ago
@Nathan Milliron yrs ago when i found out Cliff did the into and the last solo blew my mind...man
Gastón Guerra
Gastón Guerra Month ago
Backing track: tumamaentanga.com
Nathan Milliron
Nathan Milliron Month ago
@Vaelin Al Sorna The first solo is Hetfield, the last one is actually Cliff Burton on bass.
Nittiotremo 3 months ago
@Tio Arize trolei kekeke
Orion Burton
Orion Burton 4 months ago
Many years ago and still smell brand new
Luis Fernando Soto Rodríguez
Te la dedico, no todas las Canciones son de letra si no lo que llegan hacer.
BG Johnson
BG Johnson 4 months ago
Hell of a song to stargaze on acid to. Divine and glorious experience, indeed.
lucaslong76 4 months ago
Wish there were more songs like this
HipnikDragomir 5 months ago
Nope. The turned-up bass doesn't jive with the rest of the mix. Sound like a nasty little thing trying to get your attention. The guitar panning at 1:45 is a cool idea but it's too loud to function that way.
Charlie Lucas
Charlie Lucas 5 months ago
Last night (December 30, 2019), around 9:00 , I took my dog Nelson out. While waiting for him, I just happened to glance North, and there, in all its beauty, was the Hunter himself! What was amazing was that the constellation was tipped over so that the three stars in the belt were nearly vertical! I swear I found myself thinking about the song, and could almost hear Cliff’s magnificent bass lines resounding in my mind. It was a truly magical moment!! RIP Cliff! I’m hoping to learn the bass sometime, and he is definitely one of my greatest inspirations!! 🤘🏻😎
Solid Rock
Solid Rock 5 months ago
Something about this song that just speaks to me.
DJIDMix 5 months ago
su'a coche !
Rick Reason
Rick Reason 5 months ago
3:28 HOLY FUCK it's a LION in the sky and it's going to EAT ME!
Magicaparanoia 6 months ago
This is probably the closest Metallica will ever get to making stoner music
Chris Oliva
Chris Oliva 6 months ago
Pros in listening to metallica on good mastering: you hear every note Cliff is playing. Cons: you also hear Lars.
Fauzi River
Fauzi River 6 months ago
Orion vs To live is to die Who won?
Colonel Custard
Colonel Custard 6 months ago
Fun fact: this song has a key change, starts in E minor then changes to A major then back to E minor
Dan Loller
Dan Loller Month ago
@anicoleligon F# Minor is A Major, the only difference being the latter is the relative major. Depending on the feel of the song you'd call the key one or the other
Peter Lawrence
Peter Lawrence 2 months ago
Thats not fun.
anicoleligon 2 months ago
The interlude is F# Minor. Not A Major.
Colonel Custard
Colonel Custard 6 months ago
Cliff Burton(bassist) composed this and it is called Orion for reason, Orion is equated to Egyptian Osiris and Osiris was killed. Orion belt is also a group of three stars , the ancient Egyptians believed the gods Osiris,Isis and their son Horus came from the Orion belt. which is why all three pyramids of Giza line up to constellation orion, cliff burton was killed in 1986 as a occult sacrifice, even the album art has three rows of crosses, this is trinity of Egyptian gods, after 1986 then they suddenly became one of the biggest selling rock bands and reach commercial success with black album, which has a snake serpent on it,
InfinityPotato 6 months ago
The main riff is fucking majestic, I absolutly love this riff.
Jason Adkins
Jason Adkins 6 months ago
Oops feeling
marton jakab
marton jakab 6 months ago
OK, yes, THIS
Viktor Dimitrov
Viktor Dimitrov 7 months ago
imagine being deaf and reading these comments , wondering what it would sound like
Jason Adkins
Jason Adkins 7 months ago
1.8 mil pendejos...in English... 1.8 thousand Inbred musically retarded souless " humans" that wouldn't know raw fealing and pure musical theory wrapped in God's design if it got shoved up their a$$
sarkosy nevsky
sarkosy nevsky 7 months ago
Grande csm metálica saludos desde Perú.
Ramen Noddle
Ramen Noddle 7 months ago
Listening to this song makes me bad company...
Bob Rice
Bob Rice 7 months ago
It took me a while to find these remastered versions but I'm so glad I did. Cheers Ahdy 👍 Hail Hetfield. The legend who made me pick up a guitar 🤘🤘🤘
Sean Tamke
Sean Tamke 7 months ago
Carlos P Jr
Carlos P Jr 7 months ago
My favorite song
Petedang 7 months ago
Drum sound still sucks
Fedor Zverev
Fedor Zverev 7 months ago
great job, man
Alwin Thomas
Alwin Thomas 7 months ago
I go to sleep listening to this... It calms me down 😴
Seamus mcmullen
Seamus mcmullen 7 months ago
2 of the most powerful things known to man a full tilt shit your pants supernova and cliff playing bass
Peevesmeister 7 months ago
It's like you've managed to make a 2d sound into 3d. I love this song but I've only been able to listen to live versions, the original has always been too flat. Until now!
valmar rugal
valmar rugal 7 months ago
this song + the bass only version = perfection at its maximum expression
Raymond Williams
Raymond Williams 7 months ago
I cant even listen to the original anymore
Tenzin Sangpo
Tenzin Sangpo 8 months ago
this kind of music is unapropied for this kind of videos. Violent music with that pacefull background? really?
Shah Achilles
Shah Achilles 3 months ago
lol violent music, haha
Whyte Groovin
Whyte Groovin 8 months ago
great crushing guitars and rolling bass !!!
Venom Snake
Venom Snake 8 months ago
1.8k never heard music 🎶
Rodolfo Palma
Rodolfo Palma 8 months ago
Gracias por tanto Cliff en tu breve paso por el escenario de esta tierra.
jason miller
jason miller 8 months ago
RIP cliff
Jonathan Beeman
Jonathan Beeman 8 months ago
Longest n best guitar solo I've ever heard, I started listening to metallica in the early 2000s, I was 10 n 11 years old in the woods with my 2 older brothers drinking beer n partying jamming out to metallica
Gov. Sir Jeremiah Kugler A.C.E.
Yep John Frusciante.
Fatih Ozen
Fatih Ozen 8 months ago
Perfect mix, perfect video.
Ayric D'Alban
Ayric D'Alban 8 months ago
Magnifique. Merci.
Tony California
Tony California 8 months ago
I can't decide whats my favourite part of this video...the space visual, James Hetfield's thick rhythm guitar tone or Cliff Burton's Bass solo ...masterpiece indeed
weedislegal4me2 8 months ago
WOW! I have never read so many narrow minded posts, of idiot musicians and so-called music lovers not liking a piece because it wasn't Cliff. Cliff would dick slap you turds for your stance on this Nobody can fill his shoes, but they can wear the shoes he made, and that should be good enough to know how many bass players there are because of him.
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