Metallica - Orion (REACTION!!!) (THRASH WEEK!!!)

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Sep 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Chad Kanotz
Chad Kanotz 15 hours ago
I think Metallica might have been the best composers in metal.
Metalrogue Day ago
Play 1 minute of music and then talk for 4 minutes? You're usually better than this.
jpratt2001623 2 days ago
This is my favorite band and seeing someone enjoy it the same way I did when I first heard it really makes me happy. love your channel guys
Santiago 2 days ago
I love the cliff’s solo
Kenney S
Kenney S 2 days ago
Anesthesia is a great bass solo by Cliff, and The Call of Cthulu is another awesome instrumental by Metallica.
Marcus Aurelious
Marcus Aurelious 2 days ago
this was 100% Cliff Burton and you can hear the change their music when he died sadly , RIP Cliff Burton
Anthony Firmani
Anthony Firmani 2 days ago
Note sure if it was mentioned but when you guys start it back up at 8:25 , that is a bass guitar!! And at 18:15 !!
gracefaith76 2 days ago
I never heard this song until listening you guys amazing songs, would love to hear you guys do The Shortest Straw or Whenever I Roam.
Patrick Lennox
Patrick Lennox 3 days ago
You may not know that there are key moments in the song where you are thinking you hearing guitar, but is actually the bass. The opening notes fading into the song is the bass, the initial cuts ( 4:36 ) with licks where you first stopped (and flipped out) the song was the bass, and the final climb out of the slow solo was the bass at 18:30 in the video. There has never been a bass artist like Cliff Burton.
Patrick Lennox
Patrick Lennox 3 days ago
That middle section with the bluesy guitar is what the whole song was build around. That bass line was the core of the song that grew into Orion.
CoyoteJohn 4 days ago
I can't wait to see these guys get into 90s Metallica
Joey Haley
Joey Haley 4 days ago
guys, as a metalhead, I solute you for stepping out of your comfort zone... The first metal band to mix with rap was Anthrax during the 80's, the made a song with public enemy called "Bring the Noise", please check it out
Anthony Posada Jr
Other trash don’t compare cough mega deth.
Anthony Posada Jr
This song is underated for Metallica and it is sad how cliff died after writing this song a farewell before his fade to black to the next level, to the heavens metellica land where the you enter the sandman where master of puppets lives, and where saint anger sits in his throne in the sanitarium.
You know what's absolutely awesome, in ways you might not expect? There's a cover of this song by a duo (Rodrigo y Gabriela) who play a Spanish-style guitar. And it's amazing.
Witnessdomaining 9 days ago
Sounds like the Metallica guys might have listened to some King Crimson, Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc... maybe.
Lewis Perez
Lewis Perez 9 days ago
For this was one of the best instrumentals they have wrote.. I suggest to go back to ride the lighting album and listen to the call of kutlu .. that has alot more funk and definitely more power to the punch through the song.. get a chance and watch them live with their new bass player rob.. he a dog on that song and reverse it to the actual album.. 🤘
Schlottman Windows
I give Lars a lot of credit for making this song epic. Especially in the transitions and build up. Cliff was amazing but Lars also gives this song tremendous life.
Brian Emig
Brian Emig 9 days ago
So, be a 15 year old boy in the mid 1990's on the farm, smoking a bowl alone at night, sitting in a beat up bronco in the middle of a field at his favorite party spot blasting this through the speakers. This is LIFE, much love. So glad you got to experience this song. You are lucky, some people don't get the opportunity.
silver black
silver black 10 days ago
You have to do " disposable heroes " from the same record , in fact you should do the whole album .
Sylvie Nygaard
Sylvie Nygaard 10 days ago
This is pretty much metal genius...or just plain genius period
Lindsey Moore
Lindsey Moore 10 days ago
Probably my favorite song by Metallica. It's currently my ringtone. ❤️
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 10 days ago
Lindsey, I love you.
Helen Goulding
Helen Goulding 11 days ago
The part that freaks them out at 4.23 is bass guitar not electric guitar. Cliff rules!!
Robert C. Iredale
Robert C. Iredale 11 days ago
A good MeTaL song for you to hear: Cruelty Without Beauty by Arch Enemy. It WILL blow your minds!
Canuck Crusader
Canuck Crusader 11 days ago
hope youve done Hit the lights by metallica. i expect that video would be long as there are so many mind blowing solos. its a barrage on your senses. and this was their first written song.
Jacob Kubacki
Jacob Kubacki 12 days ago
One of my favorite songs to play on bass. Cliff definitely was an influence on young me.
Jason Hopper
Jason Hopper 12 days ago
adamlescooter 30
adamlescooter 30 13 days ago
Hey guys, please watch the 2020 version of Blackened by Metallica done while in Covid-19 confinement, awsome revised version
Diab Mbaideen
Diab Mbaideen 13 days ago
And Justice for all maybe ?!
Mário Bernardo
Mário Bernardo 13 days ago
just listen call of ktulu and you have another instumental song for your list
Olafsun 13 days ago
Please do a reaction of Seasons in the Abyss from Slayer. It's an amazing song.
Olafsun 13 days ago
Nvm just found it
Matthew S
Matthew S 13 days ago
Stop talking over the killer bass fills idjits, you're missing the best parts of the tune. That said, love ya and keep em coming.
Malapropify 13 days ago
Such a pleasure to watch you, guys....
Aaron Stanley
Aaron Stanley 14 days ago
Honestly, this record was their pinnacle. After this Burton died and they were never quite the same. You should really do Disposable Heroes.
Charles Hooper
Charles Hooper 14 days ago
common oversight: the get down on many Metallica solos are heavy blues type scales and the breakdowns are reminiscent of classical composition with thick focus on harmonies and ambience. Granted, they are the most widely known/commercially successful thrash band, but those first 3-4 albums show that diversity. Puppets is indeed a peek in this regard as I feel it had the most Cliff (bass player) feel to its style and flow. And this song has that "progressive" edge, spoken of in this review/reaction, especially in the hook riff which doesn't change time signature, but the drum beat accent (snare) switches every measure from the 2 and the 4 to the 1 and the 3 which is very rare and definitely at the time was original. Think about the fact that Ryan mentions blues multiple times and both gents talk about the progressive elements and mention Tool. Why is old-school Metallica more appealing than just being thrash and can catch the common ear like evident in this video? Blues/Composition/Classical elements/ and overall leveling balance (you can hear all instruments at the right volume). and TONE! They were great back in the day for sure. Thanks again guys, glad you get the feel that I felt when I was 10-12 experiencing this shit for the first time after knowing not much else other than the classic rock station type shit. It grabbed me then and never let go. Sure, the late 60s early 70s shit, classic blues, good 80s pop, late 80s early 90s hip hop etc is all great and I'[m big on it, but when a serious thrash/metal band got me, it seemed to be a defining factor for sure. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and subbed as soon as I saw you guys do Holy Wars over a year ago. The coolest thing is that you guys know what the good shit is even though it was new to you. Alice in Chains, Tool, Megadeth, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. That's the shit! Much love!!!
Mathew Erenbergee
Mathew Erenbergee 15 days ago
I know alot of people like master of puppets, but to me this is the best Metallica song.i forgot to note I play bass, so I might be pretty biased
Chris James
Chris James 15 days ago
William Saling
William Saling 17 days ago
As a rebellious teen listening to this music, it may have been the first time I cried to music alone, the swooning guitar in the mid section makes my skin tingle every time I hear it.
William Saling
William Saling 17 days ago
Every time you guys stop at a part to examine I am saying to myself , "wait till you hear the next riff". lol
William Saling
William Saling 17 days ago
listen to the bass only version of this song and be amazed
William Saling
William Saling 17 days ago
My favorite Metallica song. Hands down. Cliff Burton is sorely missed. I played this for my high school orchestra teacher and it blew his mind. He knew of Metallica but had no idea how classical their style really is until he heard this. Michael Kamen did the S&M album with Metallica a few years later and my teacher brought it in to play for the class. It rocked.
Madd Dogg
Madd Dogg 18 days ago
Another instrumental you should check out is The Crusade by Trivium.
Andrew Bourne
Andrew Bourne 18 days ago
boys, check out Mordred!! thrash metal with a DJ!! my faves from the Bay Area
Whiskeys Demon
Whiskeys Demon 18 days ago
You guys haven't given Anthrax enough of a chance. They are very versatile. Hell they pretty much create the metal/rap genre
HeavyMetalMonk 18 days ago
I'm a huge metalhead, as you may have guessed. I LOVE listening to you guys discuss the music I've been listening to for almost 30 years. Makes me super happy to hear you so excited about it!
enterado 18 days ago
Justice have a lot of metallica in his songs structures Orion intro sound like a Cross intro track
Fab Ian
Fab Ian 19 days ago
omg cartman was right, make $$ from what was what is lol . smart lol
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 19 days ago
still get goosebumps off that Orion intro!
sliced pan
sliced pan 19 days ago
I love the way it takes ye both a moment to get the groove then bam, yeah at the exact same time
Lance Bakr
Lance Bakr 19 days ago
Fuckin love these thrash videos you guys do. You guys have such a good appreciation for this style which was my jam growing up. Recently subbed to your patreon and can't wait to see more of these
Bill Stokesbary
Bill Stokesbary 20 days ago
I'm gonna have to remember that lol "Prog with some hair on it's chest"
Bill Stokesbary
Bill Stokesbary 20 days ago
I have that same reaction every time I hear this song at the point where you paused it lol
Draug Heim
Draug Heim 21 day ago
"Made me like the initial groove more". That's because it is different, the bass is playing along the guitars instead of his "own thing". Easy thing to miss, so i get it :)
When The Rebel Comes Home
Only Cliff Burton and Chuck Norris know the lyrics to this song! CLIFF 'EM ALL!
John Gagne
John Gagne 24 days ago
Do nightwish
Traduseuse !
Traduseuse ! 24 days ago
This is pure undeniable Cliff Burton influence.
Rhythm in Bloom
Rhythm in Bloom 25 days ago
Releasing singles is a tremendous idea.
Suffeign1 25 days ago
Come on guys, I mean yes this is a masterpiece, but you should react to Call of Cthulu
Tracy Tracee
Tracy Tracee 26 days ago
I liked your explanation, "I really don't like instrumentals cuz I get bored." EXACTLY!!! I do too, USUALLY. But with this tune, there are so many switch ups and transitions, you don't have time to get bored. There's nothing boring about this. Great reaction guys. Honest as usual. Love it.
malto 27 days ago
30 years ago i had the same reaction that these guys had 😁..
tolo parolo
tolo parolo 27 days ago
They haven’t notice the bass solo
Capp00 27 days ago
This is the song you would get if Beethoven and Mozart got together to right a metal song.
Charles Darwinson
base solo
David McCartney
David McCartney Month ago
“Master of Pepper”. Lol
David McCartney
David McCartney Month ago
Lars wad and still is one of the greatest drummers who ever lived
Artstar2 Month ago
The crazy thing is a bunch of 22 year-olds wrote this. Think about that for a second.
Anthony Posada Jr
A real magnumopis (maybe misspelled)
Canuck Crusader
Canuck Crusader 11 days ago
a bunch of 22 year olds drinking their brain cells away every day. seriously those dudes are brilliant
TheLebowski5 Month ago
In this song you get 3 incredible musicians. And a drummer
TheLebowski5 Month ago
RIP Cliff Burton
Chris mazzacane
Chris mazzacane Month ago
Check out crumbsuckers beast on my back ....obscure killer shit
TenTonNuke Month ago
"Why don't you just put out one song instead of an entire album?" I understand your point as an audience hungering for any taste of something new from someone they like, but imagine if authors only put out single chapters or directors released single scenes. It would ruin the work as a whole. Most parts of a complete work can't stand on their own. It's better to wait for a cake than to eat the ingredients because you can't wait.
97warlock ismyname
Bought this album in 1986, the week it was released, Plugged it in & played the entire album from start to finish, ….. My reaction to this song was about like yalls reaction. I heard that Smoooth groove mellow melodic section & was like......hmmm interesting, its "different" but I like it. /// ANYWAY, I like Peace Sells a lot , but Metallicas 1st 3 albums were simply miles ahead of what Metallica were doing,even Ellefson said that in an interview,thats Megadeths bass player. They just had that sound, that formula, that aggression, that creativity and at the right time in history. They managed to Bring this style of music into a more accepting forefront in music, How? Make it hard & aggressive & very metal, yet make the vocals understandable and have something to say other than death satan voodoo dragon stuff.
97warlock ismyname
mY ANSWER IS ……. Compare ANY Megadeth song to just This song even & tell me whos better. Or Take Fade to Black even, That other band,Megadeth didn't have the complexity Metallica had in the 80s. They may have gotten more complex in the 90s but Im talking 80s. Metallica were the best imo
97warlock ismyname
Metallica was T H E Best band in the 80s imo, Hands down.
SverreBrungot Month ago
please do a reaction of Whiplash! Seriously the essential trash-song!
Bif Webster
Bif Webster Month ago
I'm here again... because you guys get it.
Jason Fell
Jason Fell Month ago
22:06 Metallica loosies, Not many, but here they are 1984 Creeping Death/Garage days revisited EP 1987 $5.98EP Garage Days Re-revisited. 2000 I disappear 2007 the ecstasy of gold 2011 Beyond Magnetic EP 2014 Lords of summer. Plus they released a few covers in between. (Queen, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Ramones, Dio tribute)
Jared Kline
Jared Kline Month ago
I love watching your reactions. i have been listening to some of these songs for 30+ years,but your reactions make it all new and fresh for me again. I'd really like to see you react to more songs off of this album. Leper Messiah for one, would be amazing.
FixxxeR208 Month ago
You fellas should also listen to live Metallica. Especially during the late '80s & early 90's. And yes, arguably the best show in 1989 Seattle, Live Sh*t! Songs like "Battery" and "Whiplash"...good God! Such a monstrous performance. Heavier, more faster and brutal.
XWR m00plank
XWR m00plank Month ago
I absolutely agree. Metal format needs updating.
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