Metallica - Fade To Black (Metal Hammer Festival 1985 )

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Recorded at the Metal Hammer Festival at Freilichtbuhne Loreley in St. Goarshausen, Germany on September 14th, 1985
James Hetfield - vocals, rhythm guitar
Kirk Hammett - lead guitar
Lars Ulrich - drums
Cliff Burton - bass guitar




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Comments 100
Georgios Kechaidis
Ages ahead!
manuel josephus petrus Boot
Why do they light james so much? he was the ugliest of them all! ;-)
Alomagen channel
Alomagen channel 11 days ago
เสียงเบส คริปเบอตัน เป็นเอกลักษณ์มาก
Dimitri Poupoulas
Dimitri Poupoulas 11 days ago
They were great back then sorry about cliff, broke my heart that day
Darren Boothe
Darren Boothe 11 days ago
RIP to the great cliff burton you can really hear him here so badass!!
MAGA 2020
MAGA 2020 11 days ago
Man 85' was a great year for metal! 🤘
Vincent Atkins
Vincent Atkins 12 days ago
Lars is really going nuts at the end
Selrom Music
Selrom Music 12 days ago
They performed so much better back then, especially, huge contrast with James vocals.
Mr. Macho
Mr. Macho 13 days ago
Hey look! It's CLIFF!!!! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟😇😇😇😇
Gravityryder 14 days ago
Shitty ass recording
James Dumas
James Dumas 15 days ago
Oh to be young again! 😎
ivan kristo
ivan kristo 15 days ago
Stari dobri upaljači u zraku a ne danas mobiteli sa upaljenim svjetlima
Pat Malloy
Pat Malloy 20 days ago
That was fucking excellent. To hear and see them play so young is a treat
WithoutInternet 20 days ago
Блин, какой у них был ахиренный вязкий тягучий звук раньше, не то что нынешняя колотуха
Broth_ass 20 days ago
poor kirk playing his entire solo while barely being audible
MIKEPGH 23 days ago
Wow! Lars actually played drums.
Valen Lacana
Valen Lacana 24 days ago
back when kirk could actually make a good solo
Zeekmafia 26 days ago
Amazing how many people were into them in '85 without any mainstream support.
russkate88 24 days ago
Just shows how good they were
originalscottfree 27 days ago
Well before the vagina invasion... E.I.E.I.O.
Last Name First
Last Name First 27 days ago
1985 I was 17 years old, had the world by the balls. I had just discovered Metallica. Now I'm 52, retired, and still head banging.
quixoteee 27 days ago
They hair be majestic af
NIkola Kolev
NIkola Kolev 28 days ago
Image being a 2 years band and the crowd clapping so hard
P. Pentatonic
P. Pentatonic 28 days ago
The Reason why I started to learn Guitar. 🤘✌
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell 29 days ago
Mr.C 29 days ago
so qute!!😍
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook 29 days ago
2:18 In one second, what makes Cliff so good. Listen to the sound as he slaps his bass. Never seen a bassist before or after work it like this....
The Day Destroys The Night
Even with this being amazing badass there's still shit soul hating ads and still shit hating people fucking up and editing this very video oh the shit people online and fucked haters in the crowd will never stop hears to music pointing a good go fuck yourself oh and to all yall shit people ya can burn in hell
Никита Костылев
оглядываясь на всё, металлика для меня не группа. она такой никогда и не была. она = часть моей жизни. и причем большая часть. благодаря песням этим я до сих пор тут
Laura Bauer
Laura Bauer Month ago
Akkoriban még érezték is....ma már csak ..pémz
Guns N Roses
Guns N Roses Month ago
Aku ZuL85
Aku ZuL85 Month ago
I was just born
Alessio De Matteis
Back then when the crowd really listened to the music and didn't always film with their phones.
ciaran Month ago
All the jonny come latelys... This song is this old 🙄
Jay Stoghnmohn
Jay Stoghnmohn Month ago
This is back when Metallica had a pair of DAMN BALLS... Newer band let this be a lesson be learned...NEVER kiss the record labels add and NEVER allow Bob Rock to be your producer!!!! They have never regained their past glory ...only a few brief moments at best...Cliff we all love and miss you man!!!!
Krzysztof Bracha
Absolutely shocked that James said the song title at the end. Would be unbelievable these days
TearsPlays Month ago
A look into the future
Only with Cliff there was real metal !!!
alexander fernandes valu
This insane solo and the rhythym guitars drive me crazy.
Fatty Boy Slim
Fatty Boy Slim Month ago
Before they became shit.
Ackerman Month ago
Who was the winner?
Pao Briones
Pao Briones Month ago
The voice is so fucking raw and awesome!!
Noor Duif
Noor Duif Month ago
Tears me up every time I only read the name
Kratos -92
Kratos -92 Month ago
Rober Trujillo destruyo esta legendaria banda. Debería ser quemado para purificar el daño causado a esta banada. 🔥
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Month ago
5:38 a car horn is added to the solo for extra effect
Invasivexo-_- Month ago
5:15 that bass fill tho
Serdar Jozé
Serdar Jozé Month ago
When i heard this song i thought it was written for Cliff Burton. Like he composed the last solo for himself. I still feel very bad for him, i wish i was met with him. Rest in peace Lord of Basses.
Sam 6 string Estrada
I was 3 when this video was made when I came to the United States in 88 the first song that I heard was blacked just that sheer intro made me a fan the rest is history
Comment guy
Comment guy Month ago
I love how everyone is just screaming fade to black in the beginning :D
Young Nasa
Young Nasa Month ago
Man, there's nothing more beautiful to see than band at their prime time.
Necip narçin
Necip narçin Month ago
Cliff, cliff, cliff, cliff, cliff, ciff....
Ellyn Vanbarneveld
alita battle angel
José Arvizu piceno
Clifford lee Burton forever!!! this is pure gold
the white devil liberals won't win
This was in 1985 Metallica and their songs were ahead of their times
Derham paul
Derham paul Month ago
1972 i was born so im older now hell yes
Derham paul
Derham paul Month ago
Yes i was a lucky 14 year old with this music then at 19 master of puppets on my t shirt with my leather biker jacket and black jeans long hair and white boots like james and i got all the chicks
Ramlah Yusof
Ramlah Yusof 2 months ago
So cooool man I like look James face
RODÁN ROCK BAND 2 months ago
Como suena el bajo!!! uff Clifff... Que ganas de haber estado en los 80s. Recién los pude ver en Santiago de Chile por el 99 para la gira de Load. Tenía 18 años. Se ve que no habían celulares y se sentía una mística especial en el ambiente, absolutamente todos pendientes de la música. Eran otros tiempos, en general todos los videos de cualquier banda de esa época es así.
Quan Chi
Quan Chi 2 months ago
why is it on a lot of the older videos u can barely here kirks guitar at all almost
jay 99
jay 99 2 months ago
1:11 James kind of looks like Dave mustaine abit 😳 😂
Richard Oglesby
Richard Oglesby 2 months ago
Cliff was beyond cool
anderson daniel
anderson daniel 2 months ago
Esse som original da época é muito foda!!!!!!
Pools Spas
Pools Spas 2 months ago
i had that same james shirt way back in day !!
Luis Cortes
Luis Cortes 2 months ago
thruth sayer
thruth sayer 2 months ago
Kirk guitar have no sounds in the solo part..
russkate88 24 days ago
It's just the mixing
Thomas Gary
Thomas Gary 2 months ago
Me and some friends were homeless in Houston Tx in the mid eighties. We lived together in an abandoned house along the highway 59 corridor. This song and album in a weird way actually gave us hope. I loved Metallica then and still do today. I joined the army and have had a successful life since then. Watching this reminded me of that time in my life, and I wonder what became ot my old friends
Nomad 2 months ago
Hello Andrey & Greetings from Finland! ♠️🔥✌🏼
Rimac Kenjiro
Rimac Kenjiro 2 months ago
when Metallica was Metallica
I JW 2 months ago
Who can write a song this good at that age?
russkate88 24 days ago
No one I know.
Aaron Benefiel
Aaron Benefiel 2 months ago
You can really hear the bass good cliff was a fucking machine.
Jason Wadey
Jason Wadey 2 months ago
Jesus, James's voice is so high back here
Sioux056 2 months ago
ernesto marconi
ernesto marconi 2 months ago
Hernán carlos
Hernán carlos 2 months ago
Jurgen Cuypers
Jurgen Cuypers 2 months ago
Concerts without cell phones, oef.
Derham paul
Derham paul 2 months ago
Yes i die my own fucking way to this song when im ready
THE HOBBIT YT 2 months ago
Rubius this artist 1985
Mitchell Cutler
Mitchell Cutler 2 months ago
wonder why he cut his hair. mine fell out!!
Carlton polhemus
Carlton polhemus 2 months ago
RIP cliff
Marcin Tocki
Marcin Tocki 2 months ago
CLIFF 💪💪💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️
Haunted HotDog
Haunted HotDog 2 months ago
Such a great song. In other news, the thumbnail makes James look exactly like Regan from the Exorcist.
Arka_Goego 2 months ago
Tbh at least on this live the drum when they are playing the calm part doesn't fit there
EDUARD SUSAI 2 months ago
Ghost Of A Lion
Ghost Of A Lion 2 months ago
The ultimate old school classic live!!
George K
George K 2 months ago
Can't beat 80s Metallica with Cliff at the helm!
Matthew G
Matthew G 2 months ago
Imagine how amazing they would have been with a good drummer, or one at least who knew how to mix the sound of his drums correctly. All I hear in this mix is bad drumming louder than everything else.
russkate88 24 days ago
Lars actually played well here, so don't know what you're talking about. The only issue with the mixing is kirk being too soft.
zeek Michael
zeek Michael 2 months ago
Seeing bass hearing makes me realize that they treated jason like a shit.
Marty Oshinsky
Marty Oshinsky 2 months ago
Great performance, too bad the spotlight guys were unaware there was a bass player and drummer; and what was that delay reverb setting all about on the kick & snare drums..
russkate88 24 days ago
I'm fine with the drum sound but lars could have had better camera shots.
abiogenes 2 months ago
Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning 2 months ago
Lars 😍😍😍
Kadaver Junkie
Kadaver Junkie 2 months ago
im so pround to own some original shirts from 84 to 86'. on ebay they went for ridiculous prices!
marciano castillo
marciano castillo 2 months ago
James looks like the cowardly lion in the thumbnail
Task Force GH0ST
Task Force GH0ST 3 months ago
Godhates4me 3 months ago
frankpaws 3 months ago
What a terrible FOH mix.
Diana Sundara
Diana Sundara 3 months ago
I Miss this time in my life
cdude52 3 months ago
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 3 months ago
This is just when it wasn't a job.youwould of never had the black album if burton hadn't died.he was true heavy
russkate88 24 days ago
I did a video on that. Feel free to check it out. But it's unscripted and not professionally shot.
Liang Hetfield
Liang Hetfield 3 months ago
2:06 you can see someone throw something.
manabir khangembam
manabir khangembam 3 months ago
This video deserves more views . Here is cliff burton live in Concert . This is really a very Rare video so far of all times. Thank you , uploader.
Carbon Based Lifeform
In some way, I'm kinda thankful for those who stole their equipment. They gave us this masterpiece of a song!
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