Metallica Fade to Black in real HD !!!! awesome !!!!

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Awesome, Metallica`s performence of fade to black in HD quality ! One of the best Videos in Sound an visual quality !!


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Oct 5, 2008




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vivek anup
vivek anup 16 hours ago
29/10/20 still here. Still great
ilmrahil 18 hours ago
Have Kirk ever actually played that solo right? Do you know any live performance that solo really played?
Змей Пернатый
Божественно, космос.
Виталий Василенко
Я люблю эту группу,красавцы.
Типичный Пешеход
Fade to Black in real HD 144p ковырдец
Типичный Пешеход
Fade to Black in real HD 144p пиздец
Nathanael 23 hours ago
7:40 Lars casually spitting out some water, then chucking his right stick, then grabbing another one, then continuing like nothing.. okay..
marc bolduc
marc bolduc Day ago
L C Day ago
10-26-2020 still here and still awesome.
Lancelot On Crack
There's no live performance where Kirk actually plays his solos right.
Bilectal Day ago
anyone notice this is a slower version?
Virpi.Kristina Kotilainen
Tower of Murder Inc
We all miss Cliff, God rest his soul.
Capn JTP
Capn JTP 2 days ago
12 years? Well. Its still my favorite version after all this time.
Павел Ельчанин
!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Ajie Putra
Ajie Putra 3 days ago
I dunno clay morrow can singing and playing guitar
René Maltais
René Maltais 3 days ago
I still remember the road trips to go work the iron with you my friend,we`d play this song over and over again but now you`re gone and i`m still here in 2020 listening and living....Til we meet again Kev....
A look into the future
no HD. 720p only
Sly Fox
Sly Fox 3 days ago
Almost 34 million views!
Sxrshjhk666 4 days ago
Where is Bass?
Алексей Малахов
А почему Кирк так уебищно играет?
Fränky Schramm
Fränky Schramm 4 days ago
This is the Song 4 my Life I love this
MrBobbytoby 4 days ago
it´s a bit slower, so that Lars can play drums without any problems:-)
Zulfi Hendra Z
Zulfi Hendra Z 5 days ago
This is awesome song i ever hear
Zulfi Hendra Z
Zulfi Hendra Z 5 days ago
Greetings from Indonesia... Hello every one
Seraj Wheda
Seraj Wheda 5 days ago
BTS c**k suckers need to hear this
Themusicalpro 6 days ago
I actually learnt this solo twice lol,i forgot the first half itself the first time
Years has passed now and I keep coming back to this whenever I feel like utter shit and watch it without doing anything else. It's like a therapy.
Aynen abi
mcsew2k 7 days ago
I was dead and then listened to this song and committed rebirth.
J S 7 days ago
I used to love Lars, but he's just a shadow of a boy band drummer..................sad
Lindsay Rines-Thomas
Mael Tallica
Mael Tallica 7 days ago
R O 7 days ago
Just look at that quality...
Tobias5036 7 days ago
Anyone else think the guitar tone sounded kind of weak in the concert? ( one of them was out of tune as well, prob James since Kirk's guitar has a floyd rose )
Molly Sullivan
Molly Sullivan 7 days ago
It's insane to think that a couple of 20 year olds could put together such an incredible song and album. They may not have been very mature at the time, but when it came to making music, they were incredibly mature and smart! When this song came out, Cliff was 23, Kirk was 22, James and Lars were 21.
Mat Diias
Mat Diias 8 days ago
Tay 8 days ago
I will cry my eyes out when this band is nothing but history.
Facu Chirino
Facu Chirino 4 days ago
@Steve Trook oh
Steve Trook
Steve Trook 7 days ago
I will be right there with you.
Arsız Serseri
Arsız Serseri 8 days ago
Ey TURK oglu TURK begende yorum yukarida kalsin.hedef turan 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 ayriyeten buradan bayburtta ki ilkokul hocama selam eder ellerinden operim.son olarak james abeyy sülalecek seni dinliyor ve cok sevioruz abeyy dedemin de sana selami var
Zaidan Ahnaf
Zaidan Ahnaf 8 days ago
I understand this quality was insane back in 2008
William Kisner
William Kisner 8 days ago
when everyone labels others and your cussed at because of everyone denying your homosexuality,yourself etc
Oz Durden
Oz Durden 9 days ago
I'm not actually born yet. I'm in the womb and mum stuck her phone up her escape hole. So I googled METALLICA. I can't wait to get out 😂🖐
Randy Mammedaty
Randy Mammedaty 10 days ago
A classic meaningful song to a lot. Including me . For private reasons. As it is for a lot of fans im sure!
John Deskin
John Deskin 10 days ago
Robert Trujillo is a BadAss I am glad they picked him to join the band…. Finger Bassists are the sickest!!!
John Deskin
John Deskin 10 days ago
To add to that : Top 5 favorite Bassists Flea, Fieldy, Robert Trujillo, Chris Wolstenholme and Bootsy Collins!
XAVALON 10 days ago
One of Metallica's most important songs, but the guys screwed up.
Rachel Paris
Rachel Paris 10 days ago
I like Orion
Victor Pimsley
Victor Pimsley 10 days ago
Noor Duif
Noor Duif 10 days ago
I tear up by only reading the name of the song, fukin love them with all my heart and soul
Иван Топорков
Хуёвый занос. Содижания нет.
Lord Hordak
Lord Hordak 11 days ago
"tell me - how does it feel to be alive ! " i have no damn clue
Porter Rockwell
Porter Rockwell 11 days ago
The Ecstasy of Gold
Bas V.
Bas V. 12 days ago
God I miss concerts!!!!!!!
bjørn hagen
bjørn hagen 12 days ago
wierd vocals whit age
Обамич 12 days ago
legendary video
Bruce 13 days ago
Always A pleasure to Listen too!! BUT You must Understand!!!
Nurfitra Kusumah
Nurfitra Kusumah 13 days ago
The Bipolar Bear
The Bipolar Bear 13 days ago
That was AWESOME....UNTIL HE STARTED"singing".
bobe30240 13 days ago
Life it seems to fade away Drifting further everyday Getting lost within myself Nothing matters no one else I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free Things not what they used to be Missing one inside of me Deathly loss this can't be real Cannot stand this hell I feel Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony Growing darkness taking dawn I was me but now, he's gone No one but me can save myself, but its too late Now I can't think, think why I should even try Yesterday seems as though it never existed Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye Goodbye
Phi Syiemiong
Phi Syiemiong 13 days ago
I like that sound of drum
Phi Syiemiong
Phi Syiemiong 13 days ago
Oh hard beat
Mark Sabotig
Mark Sabotig 14 days ago
The sound of this guitar is better than the Classic, love this song😍
All Happy
All Happy 14 days ago
I know you too have respect for this song
Stewart Brown
Stewart Brown 17 days ago
Raiders !!
OtroHackerMas 17 days ago
Si esto no suena en mi funeral, no asisto.
Peter de Valk
Peter de Valk 16 days ago
Me neither..!
Sagar Gopalani
Sagar Gopalani 17 days ago
If your watching this in 2020, your a LEGEND 🙌
Randy Mammedaty
Randy Mammedaty 7 days ago
This song got released to the world. In 84 or 86 I can't remember but it's still very very relevant with people today. They connect to people because they've been through lifes tribulations.
domeko 16 days ago
Mäusegriller 17 days ago
was kommt nach metallica? lebt der metal weiter?
Sollich S.
Sollich S. 17 days ago
11.10.2020: Still here, still great.
Leonid Feoktistov
23.10.2020 nothing changed
Jens H.
Jens H. 10 days ago
ronnie and Destiny Ware
Yesss !
Razkid 38
Razkid 38 12 days ago
16. 10. 2020... I hope this goes on forever
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen 14 days ago
сергей докукин
х.. тому кто поставил -
deka jr.
deka jr. 18 days ago
Aqui do Brazil.
dai ane
dai ane 18 days ago
Amoo esse som 💞 obrigada por postar 🤜🤛
сергей радченко
как можно так сочинить.АТАС.
Leonardo Bergami
Leonardo Bergami 19 days ago
Kim DeRensis
Kim DeRensis 19 days ago
THE RIDERS CLUB 20 days ago
worst drummer ever
Novi Nafisyah
Novi Nafisyah 20 days ago
Awesome this guitar sound
Tony Stefanski
Tony Stefanski 20 days ago
RUvid is pissing me off. Rule #1 Never interrupt Metallica. They had to go and throw a Biden ad in the middle of the video 🤬😡
Celtic Whisper
Celtic Whisper 17 days ago
@יוסי קבוסי All politicians. I agree. Please start with the ones here in the UK.
יוסי קבוסי
Kill em all
Davido RenaCello
Davido RenaCello 22 days ago
I have seen their real SHOW in Jakarta, many years ago. They are the real METAL Players
Lutfi Anjay
Lutfi Anjay 22 days ago
I know the heavy metal genre from this
Meghan Drown
Meghan Drown 23 days ago
Best song
Carolina Collazos
Carolina Collazos 23 days ago
Hey.. do you know where’s this concert? I can’t understand when he calls the public :/
Carolina Collazos
Carolina Collazos 15 days ago
@Sen İnsansın haha I don't think so :p Anyways! Thanks for answering ;)
Sen İnsansın
Sen İnsansın 17 days ago
@Carolina Collazos He sometimes says wrong :D
Carolina Collazos
Carolina Collazos 17 days ago
@Sen İnsansın Munich? But he says something like (?)
Sen İnsansın
Sen İnsansın 22 days ago
Read the description
mike yale
mike yale 23 days ago
avengers 4 trailer
JulieAnn Loves Life
geeeuz...on fire doesnt even describe just how much i admire the talent.............ON FUCKIN FIRE
music exprience
music exprience 24 days ago
Kirk hammet is legendry
Colleen Oesterle
Colleen Oesterle 25 days ago
best song
Kevin Mallender
Kevin Mallender 25 days ago
It's 2020 and I can still call these guy's "Kids", lol. Growing up in the sixties & seventies was awesome, the eighties kicked ass, the nineties eclipsed them all and got the bar raised to new levels. Still a go-to source for fast lane only highway music, 6 items or less-cash only at the check out.
bitTorrenter 25 days ago
So much passion from James here!
Ezio Gama
Ezio Gama 25 days ago
Todo mundo fora do ritmo
Upamannu Adhikary
Upamannu Adhikary 26 days ago
Anyone listening to this gem in 2020? All hail Metallica !!!
Andrei Volkov
Andrei Volkov 27 days ago
Real HD doesn't sound so incredible in 2020 hah
Marco Ljay
Marco Ljay 27 days ago
legit takes me back to the summer of grade 8 ..... thanks for the fkn great memories Metallica
nils hogerle
nils hogerle 27 days ago
with all respect. i love many metallica songs, but hetfield performs vocals like sh*t within the first five minutes
Melanie Harris
Melanie Harris 27 days ago
litterally my favorite live
Клалафуда Клалафу
Это охуенно!!!
Atelier Roiron
Atelier Roiron 28 days ago
Clearly not one of their best performance. James' voice is often out of tune and Kirk is off the beat too often. Sound and mix are awsome though.
Yusuf sevinç
Yusuf sevinç 28 days ago
Come to İstanbul
DodyNeza_69 28 days ago
James Hetfield is my religion
Kris B
Kris B 28 days ago
Guitar playing boggles my mind.
Tracy Snow
Tracy Snow 28 days ago
I have listened to this band religiously since their first album. Ride the Lightening is such an amazing album (second only to Master of Puppets in my opinion) but I wore out 3 cassettes playing this song over and over and over and over. LOL! I still love it!
hugh mongus
hugh mongus 29 days ago
im crying
Tim O'Blenis
Tim O'Blenis 29 days ago
This particular live version will always be my favorite version of the song
Simon De Blauwe
Simon De Blauwe 29 days ago
Anyone that knows where and when this show was?
Blueberry Cheesecake 555
Metallica - Bonaroo, 2008
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