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WE STRUCK GOLD... literally.
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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 23 351
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 4 months ago
UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha
ILikepringles OWO
I literally asked myself "is it in the pool?"
Pranav Gudipudi
Pranav Gudipudi Month ago
@Caden Mackay no u didn't
sdgfsyufgsku sgfsuy
Tien Pham
Tien Pham Month ago
Dude Perfect 👌
Margut Solymar
Margut Solymar Month ago
Same when he threw I was like it has to be in the pool.
Ava Claire Flota
Ava Claire Flota 2 hours ago
Part 3
Anime CS
Anime CS 3 hours ago
i live in Colorado
Jakub Vacek
Jakub Vacek 6 hours ago
give like if you have big PP
Flying Ace Jäger
Flying Ace Jäger 44 minutes ago
I play Ping Pong why? You have a big ping pong pattle?
Ness 7 hours ago
thought they were gonna find a old tank
Abby 8 hours ago
do a 3rd
Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)
At 5:34 Cody: I am the king 👑 of metal detector. Me: that you are the king of metal detector Cody my boy ❤️✌️
XY MAX 9 hours ago
Bimmer Huncho
Bimmer Huncho 11 hours ago
That was gold!
Colton Handwerker
Colton Handwerker 12 hours ago
Like for no reason
Colton Handwerker
Colton Handwerker 12 hours ago
You should have a Medal Detector battle 3 with a Finale
Dark Doom41
Dark Doom41 13 hours ago
I was looking for tickets for the tour and everywhere was sold out
YT_M_Triplet Gamer
YT_M_Triplet Gamer 13 hours ago
At the beginning of the vid Garret threw the diamond ring and I thought to myself yeah that’s a gona
Kids Yang
Kids Yang 17 hours ago
When you put your ring in the pool your ring will have rust
huuua2 21 hour ago
We want editor edition 2!!
Jonathan Ste. Marie
anyone watching in 2019
Tyler Haskins
Tyler Haskins 23 hours ago
Tyler Haskins
Tyler Haskins 23 hours ago
Make number three
THE SINGHSTERS 23 hours ago
Why would garret even throw it in the first place
Pillsbury Doughboy
Not a pro (no h8)
Melissa Fuhr
Melissa Fuhr Day ago
Poor Garrett he had a heart attack
bat man
bat man Day ago
That's BS so should have won that is real gold
Mohamed El kout Elkout
Who is watching this at 1999 october
Derek Ng
Derek Ng Day ago
6:31 Cory swore
Hotdog Day ago
I love to watch people arguing over who won? U.S Marine Walkie Talkie or a gold that’s not worth a thrown in the river iPhone
Anoosha Eunny
How does Cody always find bottle caps.
Marcus Mah
Marcus Mah Day ago
My 6 year old son is asking : “How can I join your team? - from your biggest fan, Stephen Mah”
Xander Obusan
Nise tresure hunt
Evelyn Johnson
"I don't know, I think a rock just fell. Cory in next shot: has a hardhat.
T Y Day ago
SpringTrap51106 アニメーション
This just reminded me of that one Kermit and Elmo episode...
Tyler Da_guy
Tyler Da_guy 2 days ago
Did Garret ever find his wife’s wedding ring?
Jay Gima
Jay Gima 2 days ago
Cory could've won
Michael Voss
Michael Voss 2 days ago
Gigi Tang
Gigi Tang 2 days ago
The guy was a judge was a really bad idea he should get the train
Gigi Tang
Gigi Tang 2 days ago
Who should win the number three who wanna pick that threeHe found real gold
Gigi Tang
Gigi Tang 2 days ago
The number which should be three because he found real
My Heart
My Heart 2 days ago
One time i found a dimond braclet inside a lazy river.
Mr.blitz 2 days ago
HI dude perfect
Dymo 2 days ago
2:05 LOL
Leo Lennox
Leo Lennox 2 days ago
I 💯 % disagree
Tonya Tunnell
Tonya Tunnell 3 days ago
Make a part 3
Dan Kro123
Dan Kro123 3 days ago
Did he get his wife’s ring back🤔
Emerald Scorpion
Emerald Scorpion 3 days ago
5:21 that's were the storm water came from
Josiah P
Josiah P 2 days ago
amazono nfire
amazono nfire 3 days ago
You should’ve gone to Hawaii if possible and go to a beach and underwater metal detect theres 14k rings and diamonds and stuff
Jackie Whitmarsh
Jackie Whitmarsh 3 days ago
Did they find the ring?
gwyn jones
gwyn jones 3 days ago
Christian Lane
Christian Lane 3 days ago
How long did it take for Garret to even think of the ring to even remotely be in the pool
Christian Lane
Christian Lane 3 days ago
U guys should really do a metal detector battle 3
Titan Destroyer19282
Who thinks that dude perfect should do a metal detector stereotypes
The egg Eggy
The egg Eggy 3 days ago
Garret: throws ring Their neibghors: HEY WIFE I found a ring
Alex lappin
Alex lappin 3 days ago
Was he friends with a chipmunk?!?!?
Calum King
Calum King 3 days ago
love your videos
Taylor McFarland
Taylor McFarland 3 days ago
airport staryoy types
Domonic Huls
Domonic Huls 4 days ago
ty and chad the story goes on
Crystal Dude
Crystal Dude 4 days ago
Everybody: *finding for metals in a long time Garret: *relaxing and eating in the pool
Christian Lane
Christian Lane 4 days ago
also, how did Cody win with bottle caps, a propane tank, a walkie talkie, and a piece from a ship whereas Cory found real, solid gold?????? Plus that was his 2nd win and he won with mostly garbage (except for the walkie)
Christian Lane
Christian Lane 4 days ago
how can Gar play cold and water plants when his marriage was at stake
Christian Lane
Christian Lane 4 days ago
if he'd figured out Coby found actual gold, he definitely would've won!!!!!!
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