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Who do you think he is? Watch Messiah on Netflix
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Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix
A CIA officer investigates a charismatic figure whose followers believe that he can perform miracles. Is he a divine entity or a dangerous con artist?


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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 60
You Stream I Stream
You Stream I Stream 10 hours ago
Jesus is Black not Arab! Stop with the lies Gentiles
Cgl8r7a6vgH Rj3s5k9sgS
Yeah...this is the antichrist that we Orthodox christians say.
Samet Tepeli
Samet Tepeli 17 hours ago
Muhammad Daviq
Muhammad Daviq 20 hours ago
I bear witness that (there is) no God except Alloh SWT, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Alloh SWT
God Is Real !
They should’ve title it (ANTICHRIST)
the show is pretty bland, no wonder it's discontinued
Csb Playz - Bangla Gaming
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto 2 days ago
we want 2nd season 😣
Fire on the Car
Fire on the Car 2 days ago
Now we can understand that how many countries are maintaining the theocracy in 21C. WTF! What is shaytan or dajjal? Even as a non-religious people, I know a so-called god who limit and suppress free human's thought must be that.
TOHA 2 days ago
Madar chod Illuminati 🤬🤬😤😤😤😤
Arif Mumtaz
Arif Mumtaz 2 days ago
dislikes of muslims
OYOS 2 days ago
Leute es ist nicht echt es passiert nicht so vetraut mir Dajjal wird bald kommen dann wisst ihr es
GAME BRO 3 days ago
why must a messiah look like jesus ? why cant it be a homeless black man leaving under a bridge with no beard ?
Musaddiq Jinabade
this is shown of dajjal's arrival. they have been shown there sign as well at 1:53 "MESSIAH" YOU CAN SEE letter "A". it Dajjal sign
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi 4 days ago
This series is made for confusioning the muslims between dajjal , Imam Mehdi and Esa(jeses)
আৰিয়ান Kaলিতা
He is antichrist
NEHAN نور 5 days ago
هل تعتقدون ان سوف يضهر المسيح الدجال كما قالو في المسلسل يبدو انهم ماسونين
matt qane
matt qane 5 days ago
.dajjal - anti christ
Queen Elizabeth Supreme leader of Za Warudo
Lol, they create it in modern set up and still have him in conventional looks i mean with long hair, come on man.
Ow Smurf
Ow Smurf Day ago
You want him to have a fade with a lineup?
Gigatony 5 days ago
Can someone explain to me why the downvotes ?
Malso88 2 days ago
☝️ That, or free agency, people choosing to not like a show, who turn something dear to them into entertainment. They have free speech too, it's only netflix who was scared of loosing money, they are in charge.
Jairo Suarez
Jairo Suarez 4 days ago
Fanatic religious, both muslims and christians, who have mostly judged the series by its cover without really looking into it just following their preconceptions.
Gumnaam Gunman
Gumnaam Gunman 6 days ago
Amazing show.
Weebo 6 days ago
Btw most signs of Dajjal and day of judgement are mostly here
Gojan gojana
Gojan gojana 6 days ago
Shame on NETFLIX for not going on to 2ed season
Umar Tyson
Umar Tyson 6 days ago
He is Coming He is Coming ON NETFLIX PRE ORDER NOW
tanisha Student
tanisha Student 7 days ago
Dajjal is evil for Muslims and will destroy everything they are showing us the future that this will happen all the plan of illuminaties called the secret society dajjal will come and pray sureh Kahaf to be safe from him and he is not are messiah are Alllah is watching everything u need to be his MOMIN
IppanDesu 7 days ago
I kinda hate this but at the same time it's interesting lol
Aasma Jamali
Aasma Jamali 7 days ago
they are preparing you for the biggest fitnah for mankind. nauz billah. may Allah save us from this fitnah, from.dajjal all muslims please do report the video
Paul Mcgee
Paul Mcgee 8 days ago
Jesus died on the cross for us he didnt die for you to make a Netflix movie about him. This disrespecting people
Nadia GAOUAR 5 days ago
@Caillou no he wasnt him There is Someone looks like him and he will become
Caillou 6 days ago
DaN3xtEconomist he was killed
DaN3xtEconomist 6 days ago
@Caillou dead would be killing him
Caillou 6 days ago
DaN3xtEconomist technically he is dead because he isn’t on earth
DaN3xtEconomist 6 days ago
He didn't die. He was lifted up to the heavens.
Ziko Micko
Ziko Micko 9 days ago
Second Season will be live I guess.
Hamza Rahman
Hamza Rahman 9 days ago
The world is prepared for him and this video on netflix is one of them
Mosque Bleu
Mosque Bleu 9 days ago
التسبيح و حفظ العشر الأوائل أو العشر الأواخر من سورة الكهف أو حفظ سورة الكهف كاملة لا اله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له ☝️
Mosque Bleu
Mosque Bleu 9 days ago
لا اله إلا الله سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين
Abdul Rehman Khan
Finally something good !! Amazing work. Season 2!!!!!
Zahir Junejo
Zahir Junejo 11 days ago
O woww check out dajjal in his netflix debut.
Sophie Sadeghi
Sophie Sadeghi 11 days ago
Netflix has cancelled Messiah after one season following 'anti-Islamic' accusations. ... Taking to Instagram, one of the series' stars, Wil Traval, confirmed Messiah would not be back for more on the streaming platform. 'It's a very sad day today,' he wrote on Instagram.
Colby Rollins
Colby Rollins 11 days ago
Season 2 Seth Rollins as the Messiah
Sophie Sadeghi
Sophie Sadeghi 11 days ago
Netflix has cancelled Messiah after one season following 'anti-Islamic' accusations. ... Taking to Instagram, one of the series' stars, Wil Traval, confirmed Messiah would not be back for more on the streaming platform. 'It's a very sad day today,' he wrote on Instagram.
Emilio Melendez
Emilio Melendez 11 days ago
No se estaban burlando de cristo si no del anti-cristo recuerden que la biblia dijo que venian falsos profetas y gente ideal.
Hamza Rahman
Hamza Rahman 12 days ago
Our prophet sallahualihiwasallam warned about dajjal that he will decieve people 2)he will travel all the places on earth in 40 days except makkah and madinah 3)he will rise dead from grave to decive people but that people will be shaytaan 4)there will be hell and heaven in both his hands but his hell is heaven in reality and vice verca 5)one of his eyes will be ruptured like grape and his head will be wide and he will probably be in his 30's 6)disbeliver will be written on his head but only beliver could see that 7)he will be killed by isa bin maryam(jesus pbuh) But there are some prerequisites to be happen for his coming
luqmanul hakim
luqmanul hakim 12 days ago
They are promote Dajjal, its not good
Simulation Music Reuploads
We loved.
Niro Tatsumaki
Niro Tatsumaki 13 days ago
Okay you know Messiah, now who luciver ?
Yunus Emre Tünay
Yunus Emre Tünay 13 days ago
İstediğiniz kadar gerçekleri saptırmaya çalışın netflix biz müslümanlar gerçeği biliyoruz
BD INFECTED Gamers 14 days ago
Stop this Netflix! If you don't Allah will punish you! You can't do these! Jesus is one of the greatest prophet of islam! Don't you see Saytan is driving you into a big mistake!
Jairo Suarez
Jairo Suarez 11 days ago
@Kane Alaska MP5K it is actually 2ay more similar to the situations surrounding the appearance of the actual Christ 2000 years ago that to the antichrist prophecies or a second coming
Kane Alaska MP5K
Kane Alaska MP5K 13 days ago
BD INFECTED Gamers this show is about the anti christ it has nothing to do with Islam
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 14 days ago
There are two more signs until Mahdi comes and also, Corona is here so it’s a sign that Dajjal is coming soon
xbrkkavv bsgkdjgsk
xbrkkavv bsgkdjgsk 14 days ago
Haram_police101 17 days ago
what if dajjal watches this show
Haram_police101 17 days ago
- Dajjal arrives. Dajjal: i am your god me: i don't arabic but i am pretty sure your forehead says other wise
Samina Mallick
Samina Mallick 9 days ago
OK this comment is funny 😂😂😂but IRL its gonna be scary 😰
Haram_police101 13 days ago
@M D. Huz of course those who don't have strong iman can be deceived by the dajjal
M D. Huz
M D. Huz 13 days ago
It doesn't matter lol, if you arent praying 5 times daily and you dont have strong faith and belief then you'll be deceived by dajjal, you should try to become closer to Allah
Haram_police101 17 days ago
don't bother watching if the Quran spoiled the whole season
Little Dragon859 MC
More like hadiths
saurabh gaur
saurabh gaur 18 days ago
like this video. its an amazing series
tv112 19 days ago
Bu dizinin 2 ci sezonunu 2021 de mi vereceksiniz biz bu isten bir sey anlamadik flix bey
Walid Loumouh
Walid Loumouh 20 days ago
Anyone who comes after the last Prophet Muhammad and claims he’s a Messenger or a Messiah is nothing more than a liar. (Aside from the second coming of prophet Jesus of course.)
Neptune No ones favorite planet
Nasir Pasha their are Christian countries in Europe secular doesn’t mean none religious it mean separation of religion and state that’s like saying Turkey isn’t Islamic simply because it’s secular you can be secular and religious
Nasir Pasha
Nasir Pasha 6 days ago
that is reason their is no single christian country in the entire Europe. all of them secular country. i know you are lair and same thing your community are doing from 2000 year.
Simon Vinyard
Simon Vinyard 6 days ago
@Nasir Pasha and milions of muslims became christians like myself, you should read Tawrat and Ingil before blindly listen to your preasts, many muslims are belivers cause of feear and that is simply wrong. You cant even question islam can you. Try it and ull see. Or take Sahih Al Bukhari and read all 9 volumes, you will be amazed of what is written.
Nasir Pasha
Nasir Pasha 6 days ago
@Simon Vinyard what do you mean by following, is it just doing opposite to jesus. that is the reason millions of christian left Christianity, either become atheist or convert to islam. Christianity is dead.
Simon Vinyard
Simon Vinyard 6 days ago
@Nasir Pasha well you are deluded, we follow Yashua and nobody else, Paul was just a man, apostel that was spreading Yashuas teachings. On the other hand your messenger had no witnesses of anything he was not prophecysed no miracles, nothing, yet you belive in him. Yashua even warnd about the false prophets. You follow a man that came out of cave simply claiming things without any witnesses or proof.
iwas1Hp 20 days ago
i wont trust anything netflix puts out about my Jesus. i recommend not watching this for it probably will have false teachings.
Mohammed Hamdan
Mohammed Hamdan 14 days ago
iwas1Hp ur right
Bruno Arimatéa
Bruno Arimatéa 20 days ago
Nooooooo, you cant cancel this magnific tv show. Not at all.
bakli ha
bakli ha 20 days ago
Yes, dejjal is coming butt imam mahdi and jesus is save people ,allah si great
best youtube
best youtube 7 days ago
save pepole no save faith 1% only reamin army many will die
Senin bin Khamis
Senin bin Khamis 21 day ago
Dajjal is a big liar
JCCD 21 day ago
Anti Christ
Jerusalem Blood Moon Prophet
אוהב את הסדרה הזאת!
Safiye Özkan
Safiye Özkan 21 day ago
h hhh
h hhh 22 days ago
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