MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020) Michelle Monaghan, Netflix Series HD

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MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020) Michelle Monaghan, Netflix Series HD
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When a CIA officer investigates a man attracting international attention and followers through acts of public disruption, she embarks on a global, high-stakes mission to uncover whether he is a divine entity or a deceptive con artist.

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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 771
Ernest Bellini
this jesus is tanned Mediterranean type like the beautiful people who invented: Algebra, trigonometry,arts,medicine Alphabet etc etc !
jim hogg
jim hogg 3 days ago
Thought provoking as well as entertaining. Having watched all ten episodes I suspect that if the modern world was to be confronted by a Messiah figure it would probably play out roughly as portrayed in this. In that respect the series is saying a great deal about the times we live in and our values. Worth watching, even for atheists like me.
JesusIsMySavior 7 days ago
I keep hearing ignorant Muslims speak about the anti christ with a mention of how awake Muslims are to this notion. What I don’t see you idiots doing is turning to Christ for salvation. What is the point in worrying about the anti christ while purposefully rejecting or ignoring Jesus Christ himself. And no I don’t mean Issa from that pedophile porno book the Quran. I’m talking about Jesus from the Bible. New and Old Testament. I call him Esho from my native tongue of Aramaic which predates Islam 5200 years. Jews call him yeshua. Americans call him Jesus. Arab Christians call him Issa. God calls Jesus son, he calls him the truth, he calls him the life, he calls the way, he calls him messiah, he calls him savior, he calls him beloved, and most importantly God our father calls Jesus God!
Stoneryoda 937
Stoneryoda 937 11 days ago
Netflix give us season 2 Imam: God willing
Abdilah Rajawi
Abdilah Rajawi 14 days ago
الله اكبر
Rich Averitt
Rich Averitt 14 days ago
big wolf josh
big wolf josh 14 days ago
I know ways just like Jesus Messiah
Paul V. Cassidy
Paul V. Cassidy 14 days ago
WOMEN (Mary Queen:EGGS:Jesus): WO-WO-WO! KING $: KING ¢: KING €: KING £! 1: AMERICAN (North: Latino-Mexican-USA-Canada-Greenland) (South: Columbia:::): $: 2: AIOP (Arabic India Ocean Pacifist) ¢: (ARABIC-JEWISH: Turkey Iraq Iran Syria Lebanon Palestinian Israel Saudi Arabic Yemen UAE Omega): KAZAKHSTAN-INDIA-CHINA-JAPAN-AUSTRALIAN: 3: AFRICAN EUROPEAN (France German Ukrainian Italian Greek) €: 4: BSR (BRITISH/SCAVENGERS/RUSSIAN) £! POLICE: POLICE-POLICE-POLICE (JESUS 33.3333333 B.C.)! LABOUR: LABOUR-LABOUR-LABOUR (Maxi-Greens:: 33.33%)! JESUS (Fish: RC-P/B/S-JEWISH-MUSLIM): KIRSTEN (Veg) - BUDDHA (Veg) - LABOUR (Maxi-Greens:: 33.33%)! 33.33/33.33/33.33/33.33/:::::::: JESUS (Jews: 1: 111111111111111)!!!
100 subscribers with no videos
May god protect us
GABRIELE EA 17 days ago
No, I don't believe with all t crappies. There are many who would come in the Name of God, under the cover of their evil intentional act. - - - FALSE PROPHETS, as been warned in the Holy Book of the Bible 🙏....
scorpion720 17 days ago
why is everyone acting like this is real life? its a fucking show morons take it for what it is smh
Following John17
Following John17 18 days ago
Who are you grooming us for? He is not human.
Willie Andrews
Willie Andrews 15 days ago
Right they are gromming use for the anti christ people wake up the real messiah will be coming from above . People will be expecting a white dude with blond hair and blue eyes, how he has brown hair and brown eyes , in reality he will be black he was from the tribe of of the Judah and judah is black this will blow the mind of people .
s h
s h 18 days ago
2 Thessalonians 2:9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. People say well this is the Anti Christ. Correct it is. And you probably say I will never follow him but we all say that now. How many people one here will say they hate the president but if the president were to show up to their front door I bet those same peoples hearts will not be filled with hatred but they will be surprised and feel honored. Don't let this shows draw your hearts to fall in love with the main character of the antichrist. That is the purpose of this show. The purpose is to get your heart to fall in love with the main character even though you know He is evil. The end times as we are living in is nothing but a mind game of deception messing with the minds and emotions of everyone to get them to fall for the lie or give into it.
THE GREAT LIGHT 13 days ago
Stay grounded my friend good delivery we need more people like u in these comments
Puppnana Banana
Puppnana Banana 19 days ago
Can everyone please just watch the show before spouting shit about it
SAM 20 days ago
The comments are funny y'all so dramatic
Sentel Dejesus
Sentel Dejesus 2 days ago
NAGIUXS 16 days ago
Only a good series can do that
Ifty Hussain
Ifty Hussain 21 day ago
Rubbish waste of time
Noman Abdullah
Noman Abdullah 21 day ago
The preparation for dajjal already started .. may allah help us
2Chainz 23 days ago
Muslim brothers and sisters please don't watch this. Instead watch this ruvid.net/video/video-wi6bMmIQmsg.html
jacktheripoff1888 23 days ago
I notice that if it has nothing to do with Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, then it apparently does not matter in the overall scheme of spiritual things. That seems to cut out an awful lot of the world's populace. Don't Hindu's, Sikh's, or Buddhist's get any say, or does someone here have a monopoly on one's soul ? If there was a place that a truly enlightening figure were to emerge then Amritsar would be fine with me.
Angela Becka
Angela Becka 23 days ago
I loved it can’t wait for season 2!!!
khairullah diljam
khairullah diljam 24 days ago
Jesus is white eh Lucifer brown eh Hope you people change the colour of Jesus to into brown.
Squeak Squeaken
Squeak Squeaken 22 days ago
Jesus is nowhere near Anglo Saxon white. He is brown. He is middle eastern
4orty4or The PurpleDevil
Jesus is not white he is Jew
moonwalker things
moonwalker things 24 days ago
They're just grooming us for the Antichrist
moonwalker things
moonwalker things 24 days ago
Netflix already knows whats up. They are nothing but Satanic. Repent and give your life to Jesus.
mondaye03 8 days ago
Ghassen Rezgui
Ghassen Rezgui 25 days ago
One may find the Truth of this Messiah serial. The Muslim feedback are also highlighted. ruvid.net/video/video-q1lIdYtYuVI.html
Otora A106
Otora A106 25 days ago
This is a joke from Netflix ... LMAO
Brahim Zizi
Brahim Zizi 25 days ago
God and God plots and plotted the best of planners
Janice Santamaria
Janice Santamaria 25 days ago
Loved it!!!! Great series, can’t wait to watch season 2.
Stoneryoda 937
Stoneryoda 937 11 days ago
God Willing
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Coming soon
RED -HOOD 25 days ago
Dajjal come out from this iron steel chain in the cave..
Čoeče kajtebriga
Čoeče kajtebriga 26 days ago
great show..i watcehd all 10 episodes in a row
Noor Reda
Noor Reda 26 days ago
Allah have a better plan for this world...and will crush all the stupid plan
İqrar Seyidov
İqrar Seyidov 26 days ago
Attention! Attention! Attention! Episode: 6. 13:30 false calling 😁😁😁
TooGoodBro 27 days ago
Mohammed mansoor g Mansoor
Allah k imaan rakho Allah k hukmo ku poora karo nabi k tareeqa per Amal Karo Allah hamara nigeban hoga yaqeen takho
The Human Crayon
The Human Crayon 28 days ago
Man, a whole lot of people are getting their panties in a twist without any logical cause. Just another day on the internet, I guess. The most popular comment thus far seems to be 'this is Dajjal/the Anti-Christ'. What does that even mean? This is fiction. You are talking about an actor. He is whoever the scriptwriters say he is. Anyway, about the actual series: Looks interesting, will watch.
The Human Crayon
The Human Crayon 25 days ago
@Saul Lopez I realize that people are going to get emotional about media based on scripture, but that doesn't make the reactions on this particular case any more logical. If the scriptwriters say he's 'the Antichrist' he is. If they say he's not then he's not. That's all there is to it. It doesn't change anyone's life in any way, one way or the other. By the way, just a heads up on "I believe in The Holy Bible. And it speaks of the antichrist as well". It doesn't. What people are now calling 'the Antichrist' is modern conjecture based on one of the beasts mentioned in Revelation/Apocalypse. The term 'Antichrist' is actually borrowed from the Johannine epistles, wherein it means something else entirely (basically, any false teacher or even non-Christian can be called an antichrist). What a large portion of Christians now believe about the end times have more to do with the Left Behind series than with actual scripture.
Saul Lopez
Saul Lopez 25 days ago
Well it's based on scripture man. You gotta at least understand their point of view. I believe in The Holy Bible. And it speaks of the antichrist as well. In a different way but still, antichrist
playerone 29 days ago
This bro will kick ass
Angela Wright
Angela Wright Month ago
2020 a d these people still lying where is the hair like wool he was dark dark BLACK these white people hate God Daniel 10:6 [6]His body also was like the Berill, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lampes of fire, and his armes, and his feete like in colour to polished brasse, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude. Revelation 1:14-15 [14]His head, and his haires were white like wooll as white as snow, and his eyes were as a flame of fire, [15]And his feet like vnto fine brasse, as if they burned in a furnace: and his voice as the sound of many waters.
Dani Filth
Dani Filth Month ago
Jesus Christ he looks just like Jesus Christ
Josh Skov
Josh Skov 29 days ago
Amen to that
Sibole Staline
Sibole Staline Month ago
If the younger generation were not so devoid of Christian knowledge and values I could comfortably ignore this movie about a depiction and fictional interpretation of an antichrist pretending to be the messiah. However it will be misunderstood and cause harm to Christianity due to ignorance and I see the hand of evil in its production.
Sibole Staline
Sibole Staline Month ago
This film is not about Christ.
Sibole Staline
Sibole Staline Month ago
This film is not about Christ.
Sibole Staline
Sibole Staline Month ago
An attempt by its producers and directors to undermine the foundations of Christianity. Find the people funding this monstrosity and you will know why and for what reason it was made.
mondaye03 8 days ago
Is it because this Messiah didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, spoke English and wave an American flag?
I am You
I am You Month ago
Lord protect us from false prophets and false Christ,Matthew 24:24,millions of people will be deceived by Mahdi and dajjal who are probably the same person a ruler before Christ comes and destroys his ass
haram dada
haram dada Month ago
I'm Muslim but is this still okay to watch? Like for entertainment purposes
shiva1008 Month ago
It's a fucking TV show, people!! Keep your pants on, for crying out loud!
Nk Gojes
Nk Gojes Month ago
Jesus/ISA bpuh comeback to restore our faith.. Those people who wait for Anti-Christ, they just wait for the king to rule the world and restore their power..
Turingio r
Turingio r Month ago
all those subhuman 60 q.i. commenting lol
Movies World
Movies World Month ago
im hindu and theyre doin wrong and we are sleepin bro we shoud raise voice aganist
Жека Жека
Daniel Urry
Daniel Urry Month ago
This is wrong on so many levels!
Mosco brûler
Mosco brûler Month ago
Useless trailer.
Mosco brûler
Mosco brûler Month ago
They showed Muslims as a Dajjal but that's rubbish trailer. Dajjal will come from East Furasan Mountain.
Xiyo Cadey
Xiyo Cadey Month ago
If dijjal comes out on a car 🚙 that’s shows as how fake and joke who does this istaqfurullah
Dajjal -_*
Dajjal -_* Month ago
Who the fook took my Donkey 😟😟
Levea North
Levea North Month ago
The last game of Satan before his departure is the end of this year2019 and the end of his era, and the descent of the true Christ
RW SARKAR Month ago
Palestine 🙂 not Israel 😏 in this fucking movie or whatever is this
OTOMiC boOM Month ago
Fitnah Fitnah Fitnah barat...............dajjal Allahu akbar..
aris fahmi
aris fahmi Month ago
it’s not same like world war..dajjal lose in worl war..nabi isa as(jesus) kill dajjal
Video Zamani
Video Zamani Month ago
Imam Mehdi Hazrat Isa will come
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