MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020) Michelle Monaghan, Netflix Series HD

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MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020) Michelle Monaghan, Netflix Series HD
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When a CIA officer investigates a man attracting international attention and followers through acts of public disruption, she embarks on a global, high-stakes mission to uncover whether he is a divine entity or a deceptive con artist.

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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Zennofobic 11 days ago
look at everyone in a tizzy over the anti-christ, boo hoo!! I suggest all you people in fear of the end-times do us all a favor and just end your own time.
Rafin Mehedi
Rafin Mehedi 12 days ago
The Antichrist...
sahil motala
sahil motala 27 days ago
May Allah guide all of us to be among the army of prophet jesus(pbuh) .
All in one
All in one Month ago
Hhhhhhh LOL
David A
David A Month ago
Is this about the Anti Christ?
salman farsi
salman farsi Month ago
Duck it all
Fakruddin ansari
I don't liked this show not to history but is fake 😡
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 2 months ago
i watched it.. its nice but not that entertaining
Abdulaziz Bature
Abdulaziz Bature 2 months ago
It's the Antichrist
أحمد الجبلي
المسيح الرجال ، انه سيقع مثل المجدف
Asos Games
Asos Games 2 months ago
F..show...I don't like this type shows...f
ArchangelWolfy 2 months ago
They are trying program us for the coming of Anti-Christ come back to the One God (Allah).
Asad Ghafoor
Asad Ghafoor 2 months ago
Lanat is dramy per 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
donald truax
donald truax 2 months ago
Only Jesus Christ is the Messiah
loord crazy
loord crazy 2 months ago
Hit It Senpai
Hit It Senpai 2 months ago
Netfliex, you have just done it.
john Hardie
john Hardie 2 months ago
This is based on Antichrist we're believer of Jesus Christ The son of God & our Saviour (Amen) 💕
Ajara Shaikh
Ajara Shaikh 2 months ago
I knew their Propoganda when They added in Trailer ISRAEL's mosque!!🎯🚫 👁️🎯🚫👁️🚫 ... They are on their way. "Let them plan 👁️ Allah Surely Allah is the Best of Judges!" 🎯✔️ Allahuakbar
tom jj
tom jj 2 months ago
yusuf alfatih
yusuf alfatih 2 months ago
Messiah! Really!. What are you doing people
amerah Hamdi
amerah Hamdi 2 months ago
The maker of this series said there will a plot twist later on, on the show. Apparently he will turn out to be the bad guy.
Hayal et
Hayal et 2 months ago
the hope to make the peace-making, last Prophet's story in a beautiful series was really great. I really should have wanted to see the second season ... of course this has been a great threat to instigators who stalk the world ... to find the right way for people to show ... I knew from the beginning we canceled the series.
Drexder Kogz
Drexder Kogz 2 months ago
the show got cancelled...... smh.... too many sensitive ppl.. it's just a show...
Musab Faheel
Musab Faheel 2 months ago
Al masih Al dajjal
Imran Idrisi
Imran Idrisi 2 months ago
I hate Jewishs.
nO kAreNs alLOweD إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون シ
Netflix is probably the Illuminati gang thing
Amesya Hadi
Amesya Hadi 3 months ago
This Alice Cooper !!!!
انس ابو عبدالله
The Noble Qur’an said Say, "We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [submitting] to Him."
انس ابو عبدالله
The Prophet Muhammad said There is no difference between an Arab, a non-Arab, a white or a black, except for piety
Nitizen Berbudiman
Nitizen Berbudiman 3 months ago
Pilm kontol
Mr Habibi
Mr Habibi 3 months ago
Fitan 😡
Nooh Jamiyan
Nooh Jamiyan 3 months ago
AL MURBATI LION 3 months ago
That is the DAJJAL
Music Industry
Music Industry 3 months ago
Christian's and Muslim's he is not our Messiah. Our Messiah is Jesus Christ (pbuh) Anti Christ will be from Israel. Israel would be a superpower. He will rule the world from Jerusalem. Anti Christ is Jew.
Sam 777
Sam 777 3 months ago
We need more dislike for this antichrist movie
Fool for Jesus 777
Fool for Jesus 777 3 months ago
Jesus will protect us from anything and everything , the real antichrist will appear soon
Amsa Izmm
Amsa Izmm 3 months ago
تبا لكم نعوذ بالله من ضلالكم
Phillip Bucher
Phillip Bucher 3 months ago
Two words-‘who...cares.’
Metal Douche Mike
Metal Douche Mike 3 months ago
Beware Brothers and Sisters do not worship or pay attention to any False Christ amen
힐끔 보다SEJAL
힐끔 보다SEJAL 3 months ago
allah is always with musalmans
Aayush Chaudhary
Aayush Chaudhary 4 months ago
stop to this broadcast lucifer propaganda
Mr riDa437
Mr riDa437 4 months ago
Watch Community S2:E5 050720
Mikael Salehi
Mikael Salehi 4 months ago
Danger... USA is making Dajjal 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
Aakash Das
Aakash Das 4 months ago
Interesting trailor..
Van Allen
Van Allen 5 months ago
The 2nd coming..
Muhammad Shaheer Islam
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa 5 months ago
nayeak BD
nayeak BD 5 months ago
stuntrus bromham
stuntrus bromham 5 months ago
Love This show bring it back
Shahin Ali
Shahin Ali 5 months ago
Dajjal has done...dontworry very soon he is going to go down
1324_Ariful Islam
1324_Ariful Islam 5 months ago
1st Imam mahdi will come,then dajjal will come and then isa/jessu .Isa/Jessu kills the dajjal ruvid.net/video/video-zkvQ9W4OMKc.html
Sayeed Zuber
Sayeed Zuber 5 months ago
Allah is true God
This shit is playing Messiah ? He looks like malnutrient transgender
KARIA ROKZ 5 months ago
Dajjal Will Come Soon.
k k
k k 5 months ago
Whens dajjal coming i wana see him
radicalsubject 5 months ago
He looks more hindu than abrahamic...makes sense...
Cigu Cigu
Cigu Cigu 5 months ago
We ALL witnessed a miracle. He SAVED Madonna's life! 🤣🤣🤣
Our Chittagong
Our Chittagong 5 months ago
You are false Massiah. You are Dajjal. Allah save us from Dajjal.
ring zz
ring zz 5 months ago
Kutty k bachyy lanat try p
JC Boys
JC Boys 5 months ago
JC Boys
JC Boys 5 months ago
the owner of Egypt _ messiah
I am messiah
Ibn Muhammed
Ibn Muhammed 5 months ago
Allahu akber
Hafsa Rafique
Hafsa Rafique 5 months ago
May Allah protect us from fitna of dajall
Azim Asyraf Rosly
Azim Asyraf Rosly 6 months ago
Clearly this movie about fake messiah .... if the TRUE messiah come , he will kill the pig and broke 'the cross ' . He will said There is only One God and No gods except HIM . Don't worship me .
Rocky H
Rocky H 6 months ago
Dajjal.....Show. Finally end of da day He will claim as ^God^ himself....B'careful. This man is ^OnE EyE^...Dajjal!
Azizul Haque
Azizul Haque 6 months ago
He is dajjal
Tugat Galut
Tugat Galut 6 months ago
Hollywood charletans, you offend the real Messiah www.amazon.com/dp/B0851MWQP7
NeW KinG
NeW KinG 6 months ago
Seriously ?he had made his own movie now...and even in the title he decives you...no your masih ad dajjal the one eye messiah...the anti christ.....i know iluminatti created this film theyve forgot that dajjal has only one eye working the other one is shut down...one eye symbolize great knowledge and wisdom....he will decieve many.
Mamun Ahmed
Mamun Ahmed 6 months ago
Maria Khan
Maria Khan 6 months ago
Allah hmy mehfoz rkh fitno sy
Edward Balboa
Edward Balboa 6 months ago
Spell EVIL backwards
Edward Balboa
Edward Balboa 6 months ago
Can the anti christ transform into christ ? If so. How will we know.
Edward Balboa
Edward Balboa 6 months ago
Save us
It is what it is indigo
Loved this hope they have series2
lavida06 7 months ago
This is lie..after lie...ban this..
die Macsmannschaft
die Macsmannschaft 7 months ago
Dajjal will constrict the life and livelihood of the believers in Allah, while reward generously anyone who follow him. He will have command on anything on this earth, so much so, that he’ll proclaiming himself as a God and most of the inhabitants of this planet will pay allegiance to him. There’s only two cities he cannot enter: Makkah and Madinah. His throne will be in Jerusalem, probably on the third temple. There’s no greater trial human beings facing than this one ☝️. But Dajjal is blind in one eye, it deformed like a bulging grape. Wether this revelation factual or metaphorical, but haven’t we seen one eyed symbolism already? One eyed on top of a pyramid with a seal ‘In God we Trust’?..
Ashish Arora
Ashish Arora 7 months ago
Artificial intelligence.
Arshad Raza
Arshad Raza 7 months ago
Ye dajjal hai are export anuminati
Elhoir 7 months ago
He's not the Messiah, he's a Antichrist
Birhano Month ago
nah Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist
BORIS A 5 months ago
Elhoir right
Federico L
Federico L 7 months ago
The Antichrist is among us and her name is Greta Thunberg
Red Pill Gary
Red Pill Gary 7 months ago
wasn't sure about it at first but is a amazing show by the time you get to the end
David Pena
David Pena 7 months ago
The Anti Christ, do not be fooled in the future to come, Jesus Christ is our Savior 🙏
Louis Paula
Louis Paula 5 months ago
David Pena they said the same about Jesus
The Big Fish
The Big Fish 7 months ago
@ENTER THE DRAGON it is. If you think so.
ENTER THE DRAGON 7 months ago
@The Big Fish well i think your comment is more dangerous than this and your thinking too
The Big Fish
The Big Fish 7 months ago
@ENTER THE DRAGON Your politicians, your idols, your religion and your government are far more dangerous than this. And yet, you barely question them.
ENTER THE DRAGON 7 months ago
@The Big Fish he is right dude jesus is truth and jesus is coming soon 😇
Camara Mohamed El Hadji
Am trying to find the full movie but I couldn't can someone please help
Camara Mohamed El Hadji
@Howard Pearcey ok thanks
Howard Pearcey
Howard Pearcey 7 months ago
is netflix
Ernest Bellini
Ernest Bellini 7 months ago
this jesus is tanned Mediterranean type like the beautiful people who invented: Algebra, trigonometry,arts,medicine Alphabet etc etc !
jim hogg
jim hogg 7 months ago
Thought provoking as well as entertaining. Having watched all ten episodes I suspect that if the modern world was to be confronted by a Messiah figure it would probably play out roughly as portrayed in this. In that respect the series is saying a great deal about the times we live in and our values. Worth watching, even for atheists like me.
JesusIsMySavior 8 months ago
I keep hearing ignorant Muslims speak about the anti christ with a mention of how awake Muslims are to this notion. What I don’t see you idiots doing is turning to Christ for salvation. What is the point in worrying about the anti christ while purposefully rejecting or ignoring Jesus Christ himself. And no I don’t mean Issa from that pedophile porno book the Quran. I’m talking about Jesus from the Bible. New and Old Testament. I call him Esho from my native tongue of Aramaic which predates Islam 5200 years. Jews call him yeshua. Americans call him Jesus. Arab Christians call him Issa. God calls Jesus son, he calls him the truth, he calls him the life, he calls the way, he calls him messiah, he calls him savior, he calls him beloved, and most importantly God our father calls Jesus God!
Howard Pearcey
Howard Pearcey 7 months ago
Take your meds.
Stoneryoda 937
Stoneryoda 937 8 months ago
Netflix give us season 2 Imam: God willing
Abdilah Rajawi
Abdilah Rajawi 8 months ago
الله اكبر
Rich Averitt
Rich Averitt 8 months ago
big wolf josh
big wolf josh 8 months ago
I know ways just like Jesus Messiah
Paul V. Cassidy
Paul V. Cassidy 8 months ago
WOMEN (Mary Queen:EGGS:Jesus): WO-WO-WO! KING $: KING ¢: KING €: KING £! 1: AMERICAN (North: Latino-Mexican-USA-Canada-Greenland) (South: Columbia:::): $: 2: AIOP (Arabic India Ocean Pacifist) ¢: (ARABIC-JEWISH: Turkey Iraq Iran Syria Lebanon Palestinian Israel Saudi Arabic Yemen UAE Omega): KAZAKHSTAN-INDIA-CHINA-JAPAN-AUSTRALIAN: 3: AFRICAN EUROPEAN (France German Ukrainian Italian Greek) €: 4: BSR (BRITISH/SCAVENGERS/RUSSIAN) £! POLICE: POLICE-POLICE-POLICE (JESUS 33.3333333 B.C.)! LABOUR: LABOUR-LABOUR-LABOUR (Maxi-Greens:: 33.33%)! JESUS (Fish: RC-P/B/S-JEWISH-MUSLIM): KIRSTEN (Veg) - BUDDHA (Veg) - LABOUR (Maxi-Greens:: 33.33%)! 33.33/33.33/33.33/33.33/:::::::: JESUS (Jews: 1: 111111111111111)!!!
Abdul Mateen
Abdul Mateen 8 months ago
May god protect us
GABRIELE EA 8 months ago
No, I don't believe with all t crappies. There are many who would come in the Name of God, under the cover of their evil intentional act. - - - FALSE PROPHETS, as been warned in the Holy Book of the Bible 🙏....
scorpion720 8 months ago
why is everyone acting like this is real life? its a fucking show morons take it for what it is smh
Following John17
Following John17 8 months ago
Who are you grooming us for? He is not human.
Willie Andrews
Willie Andrews 8 months ago
Right they are gromming use for the anti christ people wake up the real messiah will be coming from above . People will be expecting a white dude with blond hair and blue eyes, how he has brown hair and brown eyes , in reality he will be black he was from the tribe of of the Judah and judah is black this will blow the mind of people .
s h
s h 8 months ago
2 Thessalonians 2:9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. People say well this is the Anti Christ. Correct it is. And you probably say I will never follow him but we all say that now. How many people one here will say they hate the president but if the president were to show up to their front door I bet those same peoples hearts will not be filled with hatred but they will be surprised and feel honored. Don't let this shows draw your hearts to fall in love with the main character of the antichrist. That is the purpose of this show. The purpose is to get your heart to fall in love with the main character even though you know He is evil. The end times as we are living in is nothing but a mind game of deception messing with the minds and emotions of everyone to get them to fall for the lie or give into it.
THE GREAT LIGHT 8 months ago
Stay grounded my friend good delivery we need more people like u in these comments
SAM 8 months ago
The comments are funny y'all so dramatic
Bhandara Boys
Bhandara Boys 4 months ago
@心静渊智 Nah only thing that could end the world right now is WW3! Even asteroids aren't going to fall this year. Supervolcano maybe? But we will survive it.
心静渊智 4 months ago
@task master 2020 has coronavirus so eh
task master
task master 7 months ago
Some people can also be so freaked out like the judgement day is finally coming over some natural things like storm, earthquake, flood that have been happening since the beginning of the earth.
Sentel Dejesus
Sentel Dejesus 7 months ago
NAGIUXS 8 months ago
Only a good series can do that
Ifty Hussain
Ifty Hussain 8 months ago
Rubbish waste of time
Noman Abdullah
Noman Abdullah 8 months ago
The preparation for dajjal already started .. may allah help us
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