MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020) Michelle Monaghan, Mehdi Dehbi Netflix TV Series HD

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MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020) Michelle Monaghan, Mehdi Dehbi Netflix TV Series HD
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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Janice H
Janice H 8 days ago
Nice antichrist movie. Love the pyramid in the name and obelisk with presenting the new world order.
Ayush Gour
Ayush Gour Month ago
Whats more cringeworthy than Messiah's pretentiousness and bad acting is the trailer music.
4ever90smusiclover 90smusiclover
There you go..pretty much on the money..
Ilias Nuri
Ilias Nuri Month ago
first he come out afghanistan not siria
XHxroon SniPEZX
XHxroon SniPEZX Month ago
Disrespects islam religion
Sofia Levy
Sofia Levy Month ago
Ya Allah you Know better
Magnificenty Studios
every viewers here muslims , Salam Alaikum
Syeda Sathe
Syeda Sathe 2 months ago
It make to destroy the believe of Allah
sher khan
sher khan 2 months ago
Messiah will have full beard not like this women like figure. Shame on you for spreading lies and bulsht
Mohamad Teymoori
Mohamad Teymoori 2 months ago
This is what they say about the twelfth Imam. He is a kind person in the face of oppression and with the people. Please get to know him better. He is a supporter of the oppressed people.
Indah Dewi Pangesti
Indah Dewi Pangesti 3 months ago
Free mason illumination
Ich Bin King
Ich Bin King 3 months ago
again Hollywood creating wrong movie about the Dajjal
stupid movie,dajjal have one eye
Shazleen Yasin
Shazleen Yasin 3 months ago
Xolius - The Fallen Titan
This is so amazing i hope they make second season.
Samantha Holland
Samantha Holland 3 months ago
You know he is antichrist right?
May your Soul Rest
May your Soul Rest 3 months ago
Messiah will steal all your chiccas
Mikael Salehi
Mikael Salehi 3 months ago
USA is a big devilll 👹 and Dajjallll
Mikael Salehi
Mikael Salehi 3 months ago
🇺🇸 - devil = dajjal
Mikael Salehi
Mikael Salehi 3 months ago
USA is making Dajjal
Abdullah B
Abdullah B 3 months ago
These people in Hollywood show all the superhero stuff....and movies like this, and make it look cool and normalized......but in reality the dajjal is really gonna do stuff like that ......all that these people want from u is that all this stuff should look cool to you ,and fall for his actions. If you people haven't watched "out of shadows official" documentary yet ,then please do so.....it is an eye opener (very hard to find on RUvid)
Mustopa Topa
Mustopa Topa 3 months ago
Dajjal is eye blind side
A V A T A R • YT
A V A T A R • YT 3 months ago
His name is dajall you know its not problem we have mouhamed rasul allah he protect we and we have the mehdi and issa he kille that false god
Sopan Nugroho
Sopan Nugroho 3 months ago
Its just show
Osman Camci
Osman Camci 3 months ago
Mehdi and Jesus will defeat him
Hamed Hammett
Hamed Hammett 3 months ago
You want to portray Imam Mahdi as anti-Christ. While they appear together (peace be upon them) . your animosity is also evident in the X-Men: Apocalypse :/ he will appear to make world full of peace while it's full of cruelty .. said prophet muhammad pbuh
Marina Lahlouh
Marina Lahlouh 4 months ago
Muhammad Fahar
Muhammad Fahar 4 months ago
Come on don't play with peoples' minds the true awaited Saviours , the Messiah if Imam Mehdi (may ALLAH hasten His reappearance) according to history,religions, Believes why are these people letting this go on,just for fame and money
Raihan Prasetya
Raihan Prasetya 4 months ago
Jaidon prince
Jaidon prince 4 months ago
Season 2 when!!
dk 4 months ago
This is a great tactic from Netflix to make everyone believe in the DAJJAL and follow him and be a part of his army
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 4 months ago
Christain praising antichrist irony Muslims and christains has this common that is antichrist we need to fight aganist him
Thinking Säm Danilovski
They doing an Antichrist movie so the people believe it’s a science Fiction.Antichrist it’s not exist.And When he comes everyone accepted as Jesus Christ .People don’t be blind ,read the holly bible .
Belkis Zdenka Kapić
This is insane. Never expected they'd be making such an explicit series about the Deceiver in such deceiveing and twisted way. I'm afraid that all those saying "Relax, it's just a movie.", are already his sheep. Contagion was just a movie 10 years ago, now it's reality. Don't be naive. Hollywood knows what they're doing.
Youtube User
Youtube User 4 months ago
1:13 Palestine came after Syria why did they say Israel? wtf we are in 2020 hhaahahah cant lie to our face anymore
Sabiha alam
Sabiha alam 4 months ago
I’m scared 😧
Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Asif 4 months ago
Jesus stopped at the whore of Babylon while Asif found out the real profession of Heihachi. 😁 Al-Masih has to take the soul of Jesus anf fly past Asif's soul. Now we know that guys have feminine souls and masculine spirits. Rooh-ul-qudus is a feminine soul and it is the virgin feminine soul of Jesus. 😁 Women have masculine souls. In islamic heaven every heavenly masculine soul gets 72 feminine souls of guys. Earthly women are represented as minority in heaven according to heihachi's simulation. He is a retired Gog/God who keeps himself busy in simulations. Folks, we are a creation of a soul seller and a whore. 72 fucken guys for one women. 😡 This is the accuracy of God's simulation that displays itself once in a while. 😁 The day of judgement have passed (yesterday). We can now change this game. 👍 Order one copy of kama sutra and some new mattresses. Let's make sure no woman reaches heaven; ever. 😅 Asif has absolutely no issue with this. 🤓 You know what it means? The masculine soul of mother Mary has a new wife in heaven called Asif. 🙄 Wtf. 😡 Look, I am alive. May I fuck the soul of Jesus in an out of body experience, please? The silsala of wahi will stop when the holy ghost is no more holy/virgin. The 72 virgin thing of Muhammad got all guys fucked up till eternity. The best we guys can do is to do reaction now on earth against this future action in heaven. Solomon was wise. 😁 The real twin flames are within every one. A human is nit a twin flame of another human ok. It is the soul and spirit of a person who are twin flames of each other. The spirit looks the same like the host whereas the soul has opposite gender and it looks totally different. There are humans out there who have the look of our souls. Men for women and women for men. Age can be same or different. These are called soul mates. It takes a little bit work on improving your sensitivity levels before you can identify your soul mate. God & Goddess provide us opportunities to meet each other or at least see each other at least once in lifetime. If you can look within then you can see the main face features of your soul. Dreams are something helpful in this regard. However, it is our general attitude that attracts or repels our soul mates (humans). The main reason is the jealousy of our own spirit. Chakra opening means you separate your soul and spirit. This is the Talaq that Allah hates. It makes sense. The last step of chakra opening is to let go of your love for the sake of god. That means, it is our soul that gets free by successful chakra opening. Halala means that this soul (if feminine soul - of a guy) has to live inside the body of another chakra opened person of same gender before it can come back. Solomon was here all the time. 😝 It is the freed soul of a person that needs to be freed by the other person through a second chakra opening in order to come back to the first host. Halala is not about bodies but about souls. A husband and wife can get married again and again, without the mandatory clause of halala. This is an evil law of islam and it is because of lack of the proper knowledge of scriptures. Zeus mother fucker was once a woman on earth. 😑 Al-Masih tried the same old trick on ladies. How irresponsible hmm. The truth is that other managerial edibles have their spouses with him while jesus and mary are still holy. Come on, you are dead. No body is watching you. Go fuck your mommy. Atta boy. 😁 Asif and ^2 has nothing to do with managerial edibles including Jesus. The guy is willing to change his gender for some imaginary heaven; imagined by some arab shepherd dude. 😔 It is e^2 that told us about the daba-tul-faragh. Present is almost e-squared. Future is secure with e^2 and the pure (in heart & mind). Mosheikh joins e^2. 😁 In the game of ladders and snakes, Asif saved his name.
Usman JJ
Usman JJ 4 months ago
first the release this, then they release the virus... they are preparing for it
Laith Abukhader
Laith Abukhader 4 months ago
this is so scary, this is to brainwash people to accept Dijjal, bismillah
Chaka Azam
Chaka Azam 4 months ago
Last Name First Name
If this actor named Mehdi is Imam Mahdi - but acting aa Dajjal - is that confusing to many Hadithists here?
Last Name First Name
@Belkis Zdenka Kapić is your name Belqis? Belqis same name as Makeda, consort of Suleiman aleyhi salaam? Are you freaqing Belqis?
Belkis Zdenka Kapić
Are you serious??! Are you freaking serious??! Do you really think that Imam Mahdi would be an actor working for Zionist media? So what if someone's named Mehdi! It doesn't make him one! I know few people with that name, but they all can't be the Mahdi! You better study the Qur'an and Hadith in order to clear your head of those confusions caused by ignorance, instead of having such nonsense and ridiculous thinking.
Ronggon Talukder
Ronggon Talukder 4 months ago
The illuminaty trying to brainwash everyone..... Fuck ZIONISM
yaser nawaz
yaser nawaz 4 months ago
You Assholes illuminati members
Saad R
Saad R 5 months ago
فلسطين المحتلة وليس اسرائيل
NeW KinG
NeW KinG 5 months ago
Do you know why the title of this movie is Messiah ?and not the false messiah or the masih ad dajjal or the anti christ? Its because he will not say he is a false messiah..but rather he is the true messiah and he will act as if he is the real one ...he will do things that a messiah is prophecise.he will show he can move the sun and moon..he can make the night into day light and he do the daylight to become night....he will heal the sick people which is also made by him,he will feed the hunger..help the poor,he is the greatest deciever in the universe. Warning dont be decieve by the word antichrist beacuse he will not show that he is against G-d he will praise G-d..as if he was send by heaven to save humanity but its not he will take your soul if you follow him,this will be scary because everyone nmin that time will nlbe needing a savior in that time its will be a hard life that full of pain. Watch out those who satanic people will start praising G-d, the those false prophets will start preaching Jesus on streets this is deception mathew said beware of the false prophets which come to you.but are ravening wolves,you shall know them by their fruits, does a man gathered grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? If your pastor or preacher is sleeping on money and is so very rich his a fake.even if his speaking the truth about the bible,he is deciever.true prophets are not rich people.
Danyal, RP
Danyal, RP 4 months ago
Ye cause jesus is the messiah.... duhh
Mujtaba Rehan
Mujtaba Rehan 5 months ago
How do they know how he is only Allah knows
Mujtaba Rehan
Mujtaba Rehan 5 months ago
@Jairo Suarez ok i just tought
Jairo Suarez
Jairo Suarez 5 months ago
First of all this is a fictional series, not a documentary, not a biography nor a religious educational series. He could have been depicted blond and fat and wearing a cape and it will also be acceptable for a fictional character. I agree he has similarities to Dajaal, but also he has similarities to the Antichrist as well as similarities to Jesus, however, and I insist he could be either one, or he could also be an alien with superpowers or a con artist working with some super secret world elite trying to take control of the world.
Ashish Arora
Ashish Arora 5 months ago
In the thumbnail- Did she shave??
DREAMER MARIE 5 months ago
It's just for an entertainment.... See it and leave it... Nothing personal...
notsomeone special
notsomeone special 5 months ago
Muslims please don't believe on what you are seeing because before dajjal will come.Your beliefs will be in confusion.You will not know what to do.Yon can say it deception in simple words
ICON Sakib
ICON Sakib 5 months ago
Allah He's all Muslim Protect him
Puspoyo M Class
Puspoyo M Class 5 months ago
1:37 Its true
Raja Danish
Raja Danish 5 months ago
Illuminate Movie
tuğray eddy
tuğray eddy 6 months ago
Jurgen kloop and liverpoll
Dan last
Dan last 6 months ago
Jesus said that there would be no mistaking his second coming , Matthew 24 25See, I have told you in advance. 26So if they tell you, ‘There He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man
Jairo Suarez
Jairo Suarez 5 months ago
I agree. This does not look like the Second Coming at all. I suspect the authors of the series are not trying to tell the story of the Second Coming or the End of Times. It's rather a fictional what-if story of how humanity will react nowadays if some messianic figure where to appear in today's interconnected and convulsed world and such figure where to do and say things similar to what Jesus did. Leaders of the established religions would rejecting as blasphemous for trying to teach them a new way of understanding God and how to follow his commandments and will. Others will try to use him to lead them and support their cause into expelling the foreign usurping political power from their sacred land and Temple as per the ancient promises by no other than God. The established political powers will fear him and accuse him of agitator because of his thousands of followers. Many will follow him for his miracles but very few will actually understand his message and even deny him, run in fear and betray him when the dark hour comes and he does not free them from their despair as they expected. After watching this first season my conclusion is humanity has not changed much in 2000 years and if Jesus were to come, he would be again rejected, condemned and most likely executed again by the acting authorities fully convinced that they are doing the best for the communities under their care. Just like the Sanedrin and Governor Pilates did back then.
The Professor
The Professor 6 months ago
Religious nuts with their dajjal & Antichrist world apolcalypse BS in 3......2....... 🤣🤣 Chill people's it's just another Netflix show no need to go all apocalyptic & shit
shane 6 months ago
The great deceiver (DAJJAL)! This series makes me see it as good and kind butt we all know, I know what he's all about!
Jordan Carpenter
Jordan Carpenter 6 months ago
this jesus is tanned Mediterranean type like the beautiful people who invented: Algebra, trigonometry,arts,medicine Alphabet etc etc !
Jordan Carpenter
Jordan Carpenter 6 months ago
The tanned Mediterranean type invented: Algebra, trigonometry,arts,medicine, Alphabet etc like this JESUS !
Jairo Suarez
Jairo Suarez 5 months ago
Do you mean like the Greeks and Romans?
Fahim Sazid
Fahim Sazid 6 months ago
He's the antichrist
Youssef Aly
Youssef Aly 6 months ago
Remember al dajjal is manipulating people. I am afraid he will be working with iblis... May Allah guide us
Belkis Zdenka Kapić
LOL! Are you kidding? Of course he is already "working" with Iblis. Actually, Dajjal is a tool of Iblis/Satan. The Almighty Allah is the only worth of fearing.
barham qasm
barham qasm 6 months ago
Wavy Moe
Wavy Moe 6 months ago
On the wall,when it said “False God” I’m always thinking of Al Masih Ad Dajjal because he is a fake messiah
Ash 6 months ago
Brother and sister , protect Muslim , this movie gonna make false story . Go to this movie and hate it , put 1 star on all of this site .
Universal Channel Tv
Illuminati is trying to recruit more dajjal follower by giving them money, popularity , power..I have seen one of the group in telegram..they r Satan worshipper ..n they re waiting this antichrist to come.
Cevat Erdal
Cevat Erdal 6 months ago
Oğlum Hristiyanlar bak akıllı olun gelin Müslüman yolun sonuna yaklaşıyoruz.
forogotten utopia
forogotten utopia 6 months ago
there will be no propaganda this time. This time the believers are already aware both the Christians and the Muslims
Sabir Sattar
Sabir Sattar 6 months ago
Allah gharq kare in loguon ko tobaah tobaah astaghfaar
Kendl Johnson
Kendl Johnson 6 months ago
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa 6 months ago
Bu deccalin filmidi açıq aydın dəccal olduğu bilinir.
M Media malayalam
M Media malayalam 6 months ago
Real Messiah Real Dajjal My Video Real full watching Real Video Link ►ruvid.net/video/video-sO6oeIAnsh8.html ruvid.net/video/video-sO6oeIAnsh8.html ruvid.net/video/video-sO6oeIAnsh8.html
Prity Boy Mehedi
Prity Boy Mehedi 6 months ago
Only Hazrat Isha (Al) (Jessas Crised) can distroy him.
Cheli A E
Cheli A E 7 months ago
I have to say, the man playing the Messiah, is a hotty! Cute!
Belkis Zdenka Kapić
No, he's not, he's short and dark. To me, he is disgusting. And he's not playing the Messiah, but the FALSE Messiah - the Antichrist.
Numan Khokhar
Numan Khokhar 7 months ago
Allah hu akbar
xpress 7 months ago
She is amazing in the movie “source code” a must watch, so this show is good, can’t wait for more! Obviously he is the Antichrist! No way you can shoot a dog just to make him feel better. The one we all been waiting to see on tv. Well done Netflix. Bring us horror entertainment 💙
racheal781 7 months ago
Wouldn't it be funny if this wasn't real and just a good Netflix show 😂 calm down people
Indonesian Reggae Music
the false mesiah
KainTheInsane 7 months ago
i unsubscribed from netflix becuse of this promotion of the anti christ dajjal. I hope u all will also. I think its important we stand together in saying to netflix that his shit is not okay
knock out
knock out 7 months ago
He is dazzals Messiah of Jews he is anti Christ. He will born in iran in a village name yahooda
Philip Pouliot
Philip Pouliot 7 months ago
Saw this show on Netflix and I say blasphemy! It not worth watching it at all. I stop watching by the 4th episode. It really a bad influence media show to watch.
ArshidAli Baloch
ArshidAli Baloch 7 months ago
Dajjal is dev_il human killer essa finished dajjal
Theo Jensen
Theo Jensen 7 months ago
It's just movie....
Belkis Zdenka Kapić
Contagion was just a movie 10 years ago, now it's a reality. Don't be naive.
Rose Petal
Rose Petal 7 months ago
I’m so glad people are not buying into this demonic false messiah Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation
Леонель Месси
this is antichrist transgender
Леонель Месси
Pfu mierda
mark ben
mark ben 7 months ago
Belkis Zdenka Kapić
The Contagion was just a film 10 years ago, now it's reality. Don't be naive.
san098 7 months ago
Behtaoui Mohamed
Behtaoui Mohamed 7 months ago
The messiah will clean the world. No more wars, no more tears... INCH ALLAH
Aiouch 7 months ago
This trailer depicts more of the anti christ than Nabi Isa
Mohd Izwan
Mohd Izwan 7 months ago
Hey, this characther similar to anti christ
Cill Lee
Cill Lee 7 months ago
Kamel Hasard
Kamel Hasard 7 months ago
Bravo pour la série.👏👏je dois avouer qu'au départ je me suis dit encore une série de mdre pour rester poli mais il s'avère qu'elle est plutôt pas mal faite , avec des acteurs une réalisation plutôt pas mal d'où qu'ils viennent !! Bravo 👏👏
Ras Kalév Valiante Elyon
Crazy they are gonna twist the coming of the reincarnate messiah to be a evil man... Who can see and who can hear oh jah?
Hareem Fatima
Hareem Fatima 7 months ago
dajaliii fitnaaa
mobile oyuncu türk
mobile oyuncu türk 7 months ago
Süper bir dizi ya
Tanvir Zayn
Tanvir Zayn 7 months ago
Peace Lover
Peace Lover 7 months ago
Netflix want people to accept the antichrist as their leader and the the real followers of Jesus P.B.U.H(Muslims) as their enemy. Jesus will be with Muslim, if you believe it or not. Antichrist will be with Jews and with christians.
Ibraz Rahman
Ibraz Rahman 7 months ago
Ali Mak in Islam we believe that Christians will also follow Jesus but just as weak Muslims, weak Christians will be tricked by the Antichrist
Peace Lover
Peace Lover 7 months ago
@Ali Mak hahahaha, Who made that movie, Muslim or Christian or Jews. Ofcourse the movie is made of Non muslim which clearly shows who are full of hatred. I don't believe on Human god but one powerful God which has no partner and is God of All prophets included Jesus.
Ali Mak
Ali Mak 7 months ago
Thats why your islamic world is full of hatred, unrest and war. Cause you think you're the good ones and others deceiver. I pray for you. May the Lord meet you and touch your heart to love people.
Maryam Majid
Maryam Majid 7 months ago
So satanic and false. This show better be banned
Illuminati shit 😅😆
junaid dar
junaid dar 7 months ago
This is totally from Islamic Scripture and just made a show around it. What a shame.
Outlaw 9621
Outlaw 9621 7 months ago
And here we are .always ready for everything ...allah is with us....
Asel A
Asel A 7 months ago
The Antichrist is COMING. Mahdi is the Antichrist. The last ruler of the world...... OMG Time is COMING. JESUS will come after antichrist and his helper.....
0xMoonstar 7 months ago
No... Dajjal will appear first then Mahdi and at last Hz. Isa / Jesus.
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