Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skill w/ Gloom

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Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom -
7 Second Riddles: ruvid.net/show-UCttFk8-Nysnyw59aNlWOWzw
Gloom: ruvid.net/video/video-NokKz8DP4Sk.html
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom
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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 16 080
K T 3 hours ago
Azzyland+Sssniperwolf+Gloom=Happyniss,Smiles,Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love,Golden H💛rt And FREIND'S!!!!!!!!!
Jovan Sears
Jovan Sears 7 hours ago
no button
Epic Tiger
Epic Tiger 8 hours ago
Who just loves these be honest
Marko B
Marko B 10 hours ago
Eliza Ogbonna-Petneházi
Azzy I mean ;)
Eliza Ogbonna-Petneházi
Me:??? Asst: I Know!!!
Ava Peanut
Ava Peanut 13 hours ago
Okie dezzz are ezzzz Not tryna hate or anything Like the jungle one was easy and yeee Like trult its just using ur brain and thinking yknow so no hate again
Itz Donut cream Lol
Itz Donut cream Lol 14 hours ago
Why do I always feel like I want to kick them and never stop and bite them if they try to do something like when ever I see a video or movie that like the nice person gets stuck and I just have the feeling to kick them and with my blanket because it hurts if I kit it on you soo yaaaaaaa;-;
Cindy Alicia
Cindy Alicia 2 days ago
Having two toothbrushes is not that weird I have 4. One for the morning one for the evening one for travels and one for emergencies (I carry it in every bag just to be sure you never know).
mark chan
mark chan 2 days ago
Dalton Stephan
Dalton Stephan 3 days ago
I would not press that button, a life is more valuable then $1,000,000. Also what makes you think he will actually give you the money?
Navaeh Maycidlx
Navaeh Maycidlx 3 days ago
It might be him
Jessie Martin
Jessie Martin 3 days ago
Its the girl
Heather Mulder
Heather Mulder 3 days ago
Number 2 it is day
Codie Evans
Codie Evans 3 days ago
Sue Scanlan
Sue Scanlan 3 days ago
i love azzy do not forget kassie if you like bote l leave the like blue so theyv will love you .....
Shaza El Gaiar
Shaza El Gaiar 3 days ago
I would say no because his gf was sick so she had a chance of dieing
Itz LunaStar Gaming
No money for the guy*
Rebecca Robson
Rebecca Robson 4 days ago
ya girl over here has a degree and can't even spell math
Kate Unsworth
Kate Unsworth 4 days ago
no I woudent do that just for 1m$ that's messed up
spyros adractas
spyros adractas 4 days ago
Jo'Van Prater
Jo'Van Prater 4 days ago
Guy two on riddle two what if he is a single parent 🙄
💖Not perfect💖
1-Arnold 2-C 3-B cause its morning 4-2 bag boy 5-The Girl 6-David 7-He cheated on her 8-The Nanny 9-He said he was poisoned so he killed him 10-The poor girl 11-Mike 12-no
Thanetastic 5 days ago
If there’s a small chance that I’ll die, I wouldn’t do it.
Awesome Abby
Awesome Abby 5 days ago
I loved this video!! My fav RUvidr!!
Link’ world
Link’ world 5 days ago
Makeo Paige
Makeo Paige 5 days ago
Hot the button
Hassan Badou
Hassan Badou 5 days ago
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 5 days ago
Isabella Dear
Isabella Dear 5 days ago
No because you don't know if it is a loved one or you and it is not right
Gayle Violet
Gayle Violet 6 days ago
The one with the button was copyright from sml because it said the same thing on the button
Narjis Fadhil
Narjis Fadhil 6 days ago
No it is bad to press The butten maybe he killes his whif or frinds
saammy_sosaaa 6 days ago
I’m so sorry but if I was in that situation I would press the button because it wouldn’t be him or his wife because he would have to DOINK someone that is rich To get the money
Gabriel Way
Gabriel Way 6 days ago
Aziz friend looks better than you Azzie but I still like your voice
Iabtoad 6 days ago
Jody Doss
Jody Doss 6 days ago
Is Mystery Real Time with azzyland come on down👏👏👏👏👑🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Mary Martelo
Mary Martelo 6 days ago
I kept wifi password but at school chelsea said she know the password to me
carla garcia
carla garcia 7 days ago
I would not press it you do not know if it is you or someone you know
Madison Woods
Madison Woods 7 days ago
I wouldn’t because your girlfriend is already almost dead so it could be her, also it said comments because it was more of an opinionated question
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
11. No
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
10. Mike
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
9.the baby sitter because they told that she was poor but it looks like she is wearing gold earrings and and a necklace
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
8. How did he know that his friend was poisoned
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
7. Nanny
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
5. Lucy
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
4. The boy who has 2 bags
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
3.2nd path
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
2. B option
Supraja Batchu
Supraja Batchu 7 days ago
1. Arnold
Kitcat plays Gacha
I would not even if it was for a million I would get a job to get that millon
Khaye Ambon
Khaye Ambon 7 days ago
2:42 The vampire because it's daylight
Melanie Parkinson
no because what if it was him?
Katherine Dodos
Katherine Dodos 8 days ago
I have actually read a short story on this, it’s called “Button, Button”
Natalia Clark
Natalia Clark 8 days ago
I would not press that button I would rather die than let anyone else die for me I am being honest
michael wood
michael wood 8 days ago
you guys should really keep making these videos together
Dalia Blinkeviciene
Maybe she wos rich den mom and dad and grammar dead end mom gift her the rainbow factory because her sister is the leader of the rainbow factory because her sister, and I will be in the rainbow factory because of its own right now and again in the rainbow factory is beter the same time as the one of the rainbow factory member of the rainbow factory 0-o
XxxOcean_ GachaxxX
The Awesome Creeper
I wouldn't press the button because how do you know its not you?
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