Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skill w/ Gloom

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Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom -
7 Second Riddles: ruvid.net/show-UCttFk8-Nysnyw59aNlWOWzw
Gloom: ruvid.net/video/video-NokKz8DP4Sk.html
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom
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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Alleli Sicat
Alleli Sicat 4 hours ago
Hanien Loay
Hanien Loay 11 hours ago
I will not press the button
Ailscha Atompai
Ailscha Atompai 13 hours ago
angeltotie23 17 hours ago
dont press the button
Noemi Tesorero
Noemi Tesorero 18 hours ago
Polly has 10 not 6 kassie
Lou Del castillo
Lou Del castillo 23 hours ago
Azzy gloom scam draco in a banana
Wenia Fialho
Wenia Fialho Day ago
aixa andujar
aixa andujar Day ago
Ryleigh Weyant
H Williamson
H Williamson Day ago
It could be you
Dongi Gao
Dongi Gao Day ago
No because he needs to have the money for his girlfriend if he press the button it might be his girlfriend so he did it just for him
Ayden Lott
Ayden Lott Day ago
Do not press button
Kalyssa Williams
Dont push the button u might not know them or ever have them as a special part of ur life but that doesnt mean that they weren't a special part of some one elses. If some one he cares about is hurt then why make some one else feel even more pain and sadness when its just not right.
Shea Shannel Vlogs
don t press the button because you will get arrested
Gracy Bista
Gracy Bista Day ago
I wil not press the button money is not everything life and time is
Daniah Qhaliesyah
Push or kick him and shout for help
Daniah Qhaliesyah
My first answer is Anorld
Ruby Walshe
Ruby Walshe Day ago
For the last one I will not because you do not the person and do you know you will get the money
Lay Baby
Lay Baby 2 days ago
Don’t press the button because what if the money gets wasted and you become in alcoholic I hope no one does that so none of you die because I think you are all angels 😇
Lay Baby
Lay Baby 2 days ago
Don’t press the button because what if the money gets wasted and you become in alcoholic I hope no one does that so none of you die because I think you are all angels 😇And I don’t want any of you to die because it’s gonna make me cry and I love all of you
BlueFox mantion
BlueFox mantion 2 days ago
Peyton Schmidt
Peyton Schmidt 2 days ago
I think there's nothing more important than a life
Anxiety! at the disco
In the 2 question I would do three because one time I was bird so I went outside and steamed and my friend called and she lives 8 miles away lol
k b
k b 2 days ago
DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunny Gaming!
Bunny Gaming! 2 days ago
I would done there and that press that button!
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez 2 days ago
You should not press the button because you are not that's kind of 30 cuz when it comes to Norwell rated are cuz I was related from just two years ago when I was at that moment my mom died was he that was not my mom it was somebody else it was the happiest because my family was happy and I am at the hospital I can tell from the hospital but either way we still have to either you have to go far away from Batman because your girlfriend she wants a different to go to the hospital she was sick there even different who was different to go to the hospital cuz is my mom had a baby and she had to stay there for a couple days for the days that I left the baby the baby was the cutest thing ever and she was a girl it was a girl
alexis garcia
alexis garcia 3 days ago
I woud not press the button because he is a starenger
Arlene Allen Calado
Kaleighs Pandaproductions
Me pro /\-/\ ( * * )
Tricia Stewart
Tricia Stewart 3 days ago
No I wouldn't press the button cuz what if it was your girlfriend
ericjeri 3 days ago
If you press the button he would probably die and then he want to get the $1 million
Poley NG
Poley NG 3 days ago
Everyone dies at the end ÚnÙ 💔
Thandi Hartmann
Thandi Hartmann 3 days ago
I would not because what happens if it’s you!!!!!!!
Lisa Eriksson
Lisa Eriksson 3 days ago
pras the bandn
Jyah Hernandez
Jyah Hernandez 3 days ago
I think press it 🙂
Meise Hedegaard
Meise Hedegaard 3 days ago
Sagde nogen du ikke kender og har set eller Blur lukke den dør nogen du ikke kender det kan ikke være men hvis du ikke kender den helt
JohannTime 3 days ago
i would press the button
S Rout
S Rout 3 days ago
No red botten
Is Krestas
Is Krestas 3 days ago
The last question: I say no cuz I can just call a family member like uncle, sibling and stay with them
Alexis Nolasco
Alexis Nolasco 3 days ago
I liderly know all of this i was so fast thay i think i dont need a timer to answer all of these words at the time at last
joseph joriel de chavez
Alexander Malave
Alexander Malave 4 days ago
Janetrichard Lugo
No no no it is wrong
Ka Lam Man
Ka Lam Man 4 days ago
cartoon cat playz roblox
Why always pennywise photo shop
dragontoothE Erezuma
I wouldn’t because I’m pretty sure it would be you. If someone dies it would be on the news, right? So there is a chance it would be you.
Kandace Brewer
Kandace Brewer 4 days ago
Red ON
Kwaku Ofori Agyemang-Badu
The girlfriend will die because she is sick and in a hospital
TobiTeam Tv
TobiTeam Tv 4 days ago
Subscribe so he dosent press button
Jaimarie Lopez Sanchez
I would press the button because it could be posible if the boss will die and be hired and get the cash form the other boss me sneaky🤑🤑🤑
rajesh roka
rajesh roka 4 days ago
I would press the button🤑🤑🤑
rajesh roka
rajesh roka 4 days ago
Arnold 3+3=6 du
Reginah Moloko
Reginah Moloko 4 days ago
no 👎
Zuii Tlau
Zuii Tlau 4 days ago
The answer is no because life is more important than money and if you think it's is true like🙏🙏.
BlueFox mantion
BlueFox mantion 2 days ago
You right
Damian Bates
Damian Bates 4 days ago
I don’t want to have kids
Damian Bates
Damian Bates 4 days ago
2+2=4-1=3 quick maths😱😱😱😱😱
Iyrah grace Arenas
narson Kundur
narson Kundur 5 days ago
Kanden Wade
Kanden Wade 5 days ago
On the one with the jungle you can wait for the vallcano to erupt
lulu lulu
lulu lulu 5 days ago
Ill say a random word 'fish' :l
Leah TheQueen
Leah TheQueen 5 days ago
If you pushed the button some one would die and then he would give it to someone who doesn't know you and you would die
Zhongfei Chen
Zhongfei Chen 5 days ago
I would not what if it was my mom and I love her sooooooooooooo much
Chloe G
Chloe G 5 days ago
I know it’s Arnold Edit: I KNEW IT!!!
Kylie Perry
Kylie Perry 5 days ago
I wouldn’t press the button even for a lot of money bc it could be anyone so your making someone’s life horrible while you get a good life
Iffah Nachiya
Iffah Nachiya 5 days ago
I would not press the button because I dont want people to die and as for the money it could be a scam
O ! Sam's to the wedding
Mikaela Leonard
Mikaela Leonard 5 days ago
Kimyawn Kirkland
Kimyawn Kirkland 5 days ago
Shania Colson
Shania Colson 5 days ago
No I would not press that button it good be dangerous
Eco Life
Eco Life 6 days ago
I would not press the button
kassandra campos
kassandra campos 6 days ago
soo fuuny
kassandra campos
kassandra campos 6 days ago
i love her vids
kassandra campos
kassandra campos 6 days ago
azzy is the nices person in the world
Andrzej Koziol
Andrzej Koziol 6 days ago
I know I know it is wait I am dumb : (
Gaveen Bradshaw
Gaveen Bradshaw 6 days ago
I will not press the button because some one is going to die and I hate when people die it make me sad
Desta Abeba
Desta Abeba 6 days ago
DON'T PRESS THAT BUTTON!!!!!!! It might end up killing the girlfriend in the hospital.
Lps bunny Cutest bunny AndreaTorres
Is your name azzy or lily
Aleš Žnidar
Aleš Žnidar 6 days ago
In the jungle the mighty jungle theres a lion that sleeps calm
gretter castillo
gretter castillo 6 days ago
I pico c
Evelyn Hopler
Evelyn Hopler 6 days ago
You guys look like phenoe and Chelsea from the thundermans
Josie Wittrock
Josie Wittrock 6 days ago
Alan Purcell
Alan Purcell 6 days ago
Gab Core
Gab Core 6 days ago
Michelle Duma-op
Michelle Duma-op 6 days ago
Don't press the button life is more important for other peoples
-Clutch- 6 days ago
When they did the jungle riddle I said the vampire path its daytime
Bridgett Vian
Bridgett Vian 6 days ago
Why can you ask how he know dat if someone dies?
Gamer Rosanne
Gamer Rosanne 6 days ago
Vampires die in the morning azzy
Joseph Hose
Joseph Hose 6 days ago
I'll pull out the uno revers card . Now ill get to kidnap him.
Sascha Huber
Sascha Huber 6 days ago
5:38 The guy in the orange short said he was reading a book at home. You CLEARLY can see thats a computer. He is the culprit. Edited: THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS DONT PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!!!!!!😡😤😤😤
Sascha Huber
Sascha Huber 6 days ago
2:33 Stick with the vampires. Quick question. What a vampires worst weakness? Don't watch the vid before answering.
Sascha Huber
Sascha Huber 6 days ago
:49 Yea I think its Arnold too.
joanna Esslinger
joanna Esslinger 6 days ago
No kile
Mia Wolves
Mia Wolves 7 days ago
I really dont like it it when youtubers make fun of Karate because I do it and its really offending. And I'm not trying to sound rude.
Emhery Lyn Gocela
I would not press the button,coz there might be a chance that his girlfriend or relatives will die...and it's not that worth it at all, a single life is very priceless compared to a million dollars😀😊
Emilia Salistra
Emilia Salistra 7 days ago
7-second riddles: gardener... me: isn't it gardiner?
iluminada polanco
A Monia haz tu eres Thunder nada de bancarios a güey OK de nada
Michelle Segretto
Exactly azzy because two wrongs don’t make a right
NextUpHam 7 days ago
Yes I will do it this is so hard decision for him
Omega Mcleod
Omega Mcleod 7 days ago
Uwe Guell
Uwe Guell 7 days ago
Don’t even think about it
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