Meryl Davis & Charlie White Full Free Dance Performance Wins Gold | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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Relive the Free Dance that secured the gold medals for the USA's Meryl Davis and Charlier White in the Ice Dancing event at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games - Full performance.
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Mar 5, 2014




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Comments 80
Magdalena Pulgar
Magdalena Pulgar 2 days ago
i think the reason they win and should always win is because they feel the music, they dance with it, theyre feeling the concept, their souls are involved, they make art out of it, graceful art that is one with the music, not apart from it, it awesome and wonderful to look at
C Anderson
C Anderson 11 days ago
I never could understand why female skaters don't have like super muscular thighs and calves? They just have perfect figures that aren't overly muscular. Any skaters out there that can explain this phenomenon?
StephenRH 17 days ago
This did not happen. It would simply be impossible to do many of the individual moves and even more so to complete.
E Jams
E Jams 18 days ago
was i the only one who looked at the dude and thaught ew he looks like logan paul
Izman 24 days ago
this was so beautiful to watch.
Princess Marshella Horman
Bruh imagine their first dance they got married
Dana Miller
Dana Miller Month ago
nipaipo36100 Month ago
oh my gosh this was enormous!!!
Dana Miller
Dana Miller Month ago
Love and trust
Лепесток счастья
Они заслужили первое место!
Lil Pony
Lil Pony 2 months ago
They reminded me of Hercules and Megara.
Heather Kmetz
Heather Kmetz 2 months ago
They're like beauty and the beast on ice! He is so big and powerful and she is so lithe and beautiful, and it seems like he can throw her around like a rag doll! They skate wonderfully together!
Cheryl Howe
Cheryl Howe 2 months ago
Powerful yet elegant!
Joanna 2 months ago
Brilliant!!! Years of hard working and dedication pays off!!! Bravo Meryl and Charlie!
Ben 2 months ago
Watching this and skating vids during lockdown 2020 kept anxiety and depression away. God bless these talented skaters🏅
Jessica Swandal
Jessica Swandal 2 months ago
I'm in LOVE with their lift entries, and THOSE TWIZZLES!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!
Talgat 2 months ago
Bookended by Tessa and Scott in 2010 and 2018, this is nothing special. And as a competitive routine, it hasn't aged well. Wouldn't even get them on the podium at world's now.
Emily Zahora
Emily Zahora 2 months ago
Does anyone know who the female commentator is?
William Powhida
William Powhida 2 months ago
The roar of the crowd was amazing.
William Powhida
William Powhida 2 months ago
They were exquisite. Takes my breath away. So much power with grace. Make me proud to be a human being.
Sammy Smith
Sammy Smith 2 months ago
She won Dancing with the Stars the next year
I T 2 months ago
This program (not the skating, the program) is looking so dated in 2020, pre-Papadakis/Cizeron
Christian One
Christian One 3 months ago
Most incredible stamina to keep up that much physical exertion for so long that look absolutely effortless. I'm wiped out just watching them! Wow! Pure grace in motion.
Susan Dennis
Susan Dennis 3 months ago
Daily Mass
suzycreamcheesez 3 months ago
amazing and beautiful
MountainRain 3 months ago
they look like a king and queen
andrew097 3 months ago
Yasmin McEwen
Yasmin McEwen 3 months ago
These two darlings are pure Artistry and PERFECTION! 🇺🇸USA 🏆😎🌞
lilchrispy 3 months ago
Okay so before watching this video I was like ''Why Tessa and Scott didin't win gold?? :/ Everyone said they were robbed'' But then I look at this and I'm like ''wow, this is nearly perfection'' Meryl and Charlie deserved the gold, hands down
iluvbluecookies97 3 months ago
So many of the greats have skated to Scheherazade but this one might just be my favorite to watch! They're so strong and skate with such speed and it's just a beautiful program!
Pamela Sampson
Pamela Sampson 3 months ago
One of the most breathtaking figure skating programs ever, bar none !
Kolby Hood
Kolby Hood 3 months ago
Who rewatched the twirl like 40 times 😂
Gulka G
Gulka G 3 months ago
just amazing🤩😍
Londa Warren
Londa Warren 3 months ago
Flawlessly magnificent...or is it Magnificently flawless....
Lat Dod
Lat Dod 4 months ago
Best thing I’ve ever seen omg
Isabelle Voor
Isabelle Voor 4 months ago
I don't understand how people can watch this and say that this team won due to a "coaching controversy" Like......this is undoubtedly a gold medal performance
IrishLinB 4 months ago
During diagonal step sequence judges watch for unison & to see how close their feet are, any closer Meryl would've been standing on Charlie's boots, That's beyond excellent in Ice Dance
dee stevens
dee stevens 4 months ago
When they replay the program in slow motion you can really see how artistic, graceful and elegant they are with each and every movement! It's just absolute perfection, impeccable expertise and magical!!!! I love watching Meryl and Charlie and miss them SO MUCH!!!!
Jose Hill
Jose Hill 4 months ago
Ok so V/M deserved their gold in 2010. However, D/W were the better pair here in 2014.
firebase delta
firebase delta 4 months ago
CaseyJane 4 months ago
I could watch this forever. They are the best of all time because their look and talent has never been equaled let alone bettered. Pure magic.
Louise Rodriguez
Louise Rodriguez 4 months ago
Absolutely beautiful. Such grace and precision. They are such a talented pair, and she is just gorgeous! I just Love them! ❤
LMC Presentations
LMC Presentations 4 months ago
I will never get tired of watching this performance! I just love Meryl and Charlie.
Belinda Hecht
Belinda Hecht 5 months ago
I remember watching this performance and actually tearing up because they are just so beautiful together (not relationship wise, but pair skating wise). Their final Olympic performer definitely went out with a bang!
Tiana 5 months ago
I am all the way a VM fan and they are better skaters... like come on, we have to admit no one moves like they do on that ice floor, but this program was indeed better that VM's and gold medal was well deserved.
Dot L
Dot L 5 months ago
Just watched this 6 years on absolutely flawless, wonderful, magical, are they still skating ? Please say they are. How can anyone improve on that performance. Never.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth 5 months ago
This is the second time I've seen them and my eyes are leaking. Absolutely perfect. And SO lovely beyond anything I've seen. Wow. Just wow. Superb. From an older retired Montanan teacher. Absolutely brilliant. SO proud of you both. :) Songsmirth
Ida Sundling
Ida Sundling 5 months ago
Now he is married to Tanith Belbin, another ice dancer and they have a baby boy,
fantabulousstargirl 5 months ago
my all time favorite routine
Lily Russell
Lily Russell 5 months ago
Atcha Nie
Atcha Nie 5 months ago
Her face(make up) looks like Aladdin princess..
Alicia 5 months ago
So beautiful
garotakeanesp 5 months ago
É tão lindo, dá vontade de chorar 💗
Sophia Banks
Sophia Banks 5 months ago
TANIA BACHHAR 5 months ago
No 1 hv that magical chemistry lyk tessa nd scott... All others r very good but not lyk them
harrysissen 6 months ago
Ernawati Wati
Ernawati Wati 6 months ago
Gerakannya luwes dan lentur banget gak ada kaku nya,kayaknya aku mulai suka lihat ice kating dan mulai mengidolakan Charlie white dan meryl Davis.
leniii prigiii
leniii prigiii 6 months ago
I think it is a beautiful programme and they did so well and it was flawless. but I have to say I don't feel the magic and the love in it. whereas tessa virtue and Scott moir bring emotions into the skating and have the technical skills. emotionally they didn't catch me but it was still good. I still think that tessa and Scott were more able to transmit their emotions
Almeyra B
Almeyra B 6 months ago
Why without axels?
Ed de Asis
Ed de Asis 6 months ago
Ice dansing is better than those ice jumping. Hahah
reezal rosli
reezal rosli 6 months ago
These are the athletes of the gods. to divine proportions.
Lola Boosey
Lola Boosey 6 months ago
Does anybody know who the female commentator is?
Santi Sandra
Santi Sandra 6 months ago
Amazing 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏
NHPackerfan2 6 months ago
My preference is still Torvill and Dean. The rules were stricter back then about lifts, spins, time apart, etc, but I still think their choreography was more creative. This is too much like pairs for my taste.
Laura 24601
Laura 24601 6 months ago
Simply the best.
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 7 months ago
The men don't get enough credit.
Mio Kuroki
Mio Kuroki 7 months ago
Meryl is like one of the the best humans ever existed. She is so perfect. You can make movies about her or paint pictures with her - she is THAT awesome.
drcloudy 7 months ago
Look, it's Anna and Kristoff!
cbonklisse 7 months ago
The team that was given the gold medal.
Diana Parker
Diana Parker 7 months ago
Absolutely Beautiful 😍😁❣️😍
C J 7 months ago
How can he just have a blade dig into his leg like that? Wow
IVY LEE 7 months ago
I love Scheherazade
Moonlight Sonata
Moonlight Sonata 7 months ago
Wow unbelievable....outstanding performance 👏👌👍
Trinity Lisk
Trinity Lisk 7 months ago
Why is no one talking about that crazy last dismount
zona999 7 months ago
They make Virtue and Moir look like schlubs. The technical difficulty in this routine, the speed, the exquisite, difficult choreography that so precisely matched the music...is pure unmatched perfection.
thefamilyname1 8 months ago
Who choreographed this? They did phenomenal
joshua roulette
joshua roulette 8 months ago
Nari S
Nari S 8 months ago
I miss them.
sav tay
sav tay 8 months ago
The best
Wilma Phillips
Wilma Phillips 9 months ago
They were so in tuned flawlessly! Lovely to watch!👍
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