Mercedes S-Class 2021 review - the best car EVER?

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It’s the review you’ve all been waiting for... the all-new Mercedes S-Class!
It’s the car Mat’s been waiting for oh-so-long to test drive, but will it be worth the wait? Well in this in-depth review, he’ll be taking you over every inch of this new luxury limousine to see whether it has what it takes to compete with its predecessors.
When it comes to performance, we already know it’s packing a number of petrol, diesel and hybrid options. For our UK viewers, our petrol options are currently topped off by the S500, which is a 3-litre straight-six turbo that can produce 435hp. But if you’re after more power, you’ll want to choose the hybrid S580e, where the 3-litre straight-six is joined by an electric motor to produce 510hp! But if we're being honest, we’re all waiting for the upcoming AMG S63, which will have a twin-turbo V8 and be able to put down over 600hp!
So performance is all well and good, but let’s face it, you’re all probably more excited by the interior! But will it live up to its high expectations? And more importantly, just how good is the infotainment system on that HUGE centre console screen? Well, there’s only one way to find out… Stay right here for Mat’s all-new in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
00:41 Exterior Design
02:45 Interior Design & Storage
05:55 Back Seats
08:32 Boot
09:09 Annoying Features
11:02 Cool Features
13:38 Infotainment
16:14 Price
16:44 Engines
17:31 Driving Tech
20:00 Driving
23:35 Verdict
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Dec 15, 2020




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Comments 100
carwow 3 months ago
We're loving the look of the new S-Class, but what do you think? Is the seventh generation S-Class the best-looking version yet? Head to 02:22 in the video to take a look at them all, then COMMENT with your favourite below!
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein 19 days ago
keafe sennon
keafe sennon Month ago
keafe sennon
keafe sennon Month ago
900 900 p0000000000000000000
keafe sennon
keafe sennon Month ago
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein Month ago
@Nathan Kayden Yoo nice trick bro you first came with Dalton after Nathan Bravo but those cheap tricks i have throw away years ago you wasn't even born bro what's the point bro u scam people or what
PetrolHead88 UK
PetrolHead88 UK 33 minutes ago
German cars and their rediculous front grills really are getting silly now.
FazeGamer189 2 hours ago
I’d prefer the 6 gen
George G Canada
George G Canada 4 hours ago
4th gen looks so elegant and classical. I love that.
Pierre Zeinaty
Pierre Zeinaty 16 hours ago
WOW, what a car, that's Mercedes
Blackfield 16 hours ago
Fantastic car, that interior. Classic German overengineering. Just think of all the things that can/will break on a car like this... :O
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz 23 hours ago
See my headshot, and I will upgrade to the new S sooner or later.
Song Kim
Song Kim Day ago
6th generation
Nolo Letlaka
Nolo Letlaka Day ago
5th Gen is the best the AMG of the 5th gen is the best ever
cosminogloo cosy
Young Grizzly
Yay they made a bigger E class with the back of a CLS. Awesome job guys. 🤣😐
Deepak Nair
Deepak Nair Day ago
This is so ugly...the tablet in the middle is so hideous..
Ashwin Arunachalam
The 6th generation model of S-Class is just amazing and its attractive.❤️❤️
franklix Day ago
Love it it’s truly an amazing car, every car should be a Mercedes
Lorenzo Roberto Massiff Valenzuela
Its basically a Maybach. Wich I really love
Astro501 Day ago
@Sebastian Nolte yeah but if you look back at the s class before the interior was not compared to the maybach one. infact it dident even have the similar seats, and the ability to have a foot rest. at the end of the day both cars are pretty the same but obviously the price of the new s class in comparison to the maybach´s (not the SUV) are different.
Sebastian Nolte
It is the normal version, not the Maybach Version.
Death Rager
Death Rager Day ago
yes but can i plug my usb device in to play music ?
chadda dxn
chadda dxn 2 days ago
This interior looks way better than the 7 series bmw you reviewed in 2019
Joshua Musau
Joshua Musau 2 days ago
Mohamed Ghinaoui
Mohamed Ghinaoui 2 days ago
Krishan Vara
Krishan Vara 2 days ago
6th gen
Anastasia Lauter
Anastasia Lauter 2 days ago
Tbh this is an ultimate family car
Will Laibhen
Will Laibhen 2 days ago
The exterior is hideous. The inside however wow!!!! 5th and 6th gen definitely look better.....I'll focus on getting a 6th gen now
Clement Muhirwa
Clement Muhirwa 2 days ago
the 6th is the best
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 2 days ago
All the 7 generations of the S-class are great but the new S-class left an impression on me.
Rayman 3 days ago
Car looks so comfortable I would sleep while driving 😂
Superchips Games
Superchips Games 3 days ago
nice edit 1: aaaaaaaaaaa sooooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
Shaig Hesenov
Shaig Hesenov 3 days ago
Last version was better than this new one
oral brown
oral brown 3 days ago
Wtched this video twice, i love this
Major A
Major A 3 days ago
What the interior like can you hear anything from the outside noise wise like the rolls royce you can heRanytbinf
Giovanni Genovese
The disgusting leo intriguinly complain because raft prenatally tick versus a sad patient. gray greasy great, domineering vibraphone
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 3 days ago
I just love how he is just complaying about details and everything..dude i dont have money to feed my dog give me that car RIGHT NOW🤣🤣🤣 its perfect for me
zeddoro 3 days ago
yo u can drive 2d
Werner Danler
Werner Danler 3 days ago
I think this 7th generation is the best looking. The others just look old now. All this tech is nice now when it is new but give it a few years when it starts going on the fritz. And just why did they give you a left-hand drive car in Britain?
Manny MakeRight
Manny MakeRight 4 days ago
This is too much 😂, wayyyy to luxurious
Victor Oprea
Victor Oprea 4 days ago
Is it me or the s class slightly touches that e class at 18:49 ? It seams that other car is moved, or is it because it brakes hard at the last moment?
AFKON LV 4 days ago
Looks good but this car wonth survive Latvias roads.
Louk LK
Louk LK 4 days ago
It is really amazing , 10 years from now mid range cars will provide this kind of equipment
M M Techs
M M Techs 4 days ago
5 Gen S-Class is love❤️🔥
marine2090 4 days ago
It has to be the 3rd gen model
Thomas Bland
Thomas Bland 4 days ago
1st generation
Lulzim Pajaziti
Lulzim Pajaziti 4 days ago
I love this car ❤️❤️
OZZIE 4 days ago
The car looks great in general but the back of the car is very old man looking, that just looks terrible in my eyes!
ⵠⴻⵏoⵎ 4 days ago
A design dating back to 2010
The Lone Leopard
The Lone Leopard 5 days ago
What's with the garbage disposal hole behind the ugly square dashboard on this C-Class lookalike S-class?
IRaoulDuke 5 days ago
Enclose your instrument panel into a dam dashboard. Just plunking a tablet in front of the wheel is sooooo lazy
Vasile Thomas-John
Did u tried model S from tesla? Or that is too fast ?
mhd faiz
mhd faiz 5 days ago
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Yoshi 5 days ago
i just really cant stand the sloppy design of that center piece inside the grille for the sensors and cameras i think it just doesnt fit
vusie ngcobo
vusie ngcobo 5 days ago
giorgi kuchava
giorgi kuchava 5 days ago
Mesrop Madzharyan
1-2-3 and 6 Gen.
JaY JaY 6 days ago
Good god!
Virginia White
Virginia White 6 days ago
Not liking the rear tail light design.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 6 days ago
all good and that but why does mercedes use a infotainment and dashboard that looks aftermarket?? all new mercedes the last couple years have this and it looks like an old car with some gadget infotainment bought from wish.
Huell Babineaux
Huell Babineaux 6 days ago
Can we please stop with all the carwow marketing sheit, please? Just give us the reviews
Saksham Tiwari
Saksham Tiwari 6 days ago
So much tech assistance will kill the skills of drivers.
Sam Broadbent
Sam Broadbent 6 days ago
6th gen is my fave tbf
crxdelsolsir 6 days ago
Owner: Find Parking! Car: What a douche bag, I will park here and get a parking ticket. LOL
King Earl
King Earl 6 days ago
No, one of the worst "Cars" ever!
Bui Xuan Phuc
Bui Xuan Phuc 6 days ago
The pleasant mall july add because india grossly squeak aside a careful luttuce. coordinated, tasty organization
Savvas Chiras
Savvas Chiras 6 days ago
Who else want to see a Subaru Brz review?
Compcare Hospice
Compcare Hospice 7 days ago
Thank you kindly, enjoyed your pleasant presentation... you rock.
alexandros alex
alexandros alex 7 days ago
5th generation mafia class
amplifier515 7 days ago
What will this car be worth after 5 years and 80km/50k miles?
xiaodao 7 days ago
ugly inside and outside!!!!
Nawaf Ž
Nawaf Ž 7 days ago
6 💔😭 looks better
Nawaf Ž
Nawaf Ž 7 days ago
Red Chipz
Red Chipz 7 days ago
So how much??? For an A class face. Would definitely put me off
Hein Seemann
Hein Seemann 7 days ago
Did i just saw some car panel misalignments?
Up Dog
Up Dog 7 days ago
1st gen is so classy. Reminds me of going to play tennis at the club on Sunday evenings.
stamatis bazotis
stamatis bazotis 7 days ago
Defenatly the last version
Jamar Jackson
Jamar Jackson 7 days ago
Hope I’m still alive when all these features are standard on cars that I can afford dwl then I can experience what matt just experience.
Nazeer Jeha
Nazeer Jeha 7 days ago
Vanessa Schneider
Perfect showcase of greed and capitalism - a car is now an adult toy using tons of resources for no use. Use your bike or travel by bus or train instead to save the planet!
kalayas kitchen
kalayas kitchen 7 days ago
it will be 45% more expensive in the UK just about affordable for those lovely BREXITEERS
kalayas kitchen
kalayas kitchen 7 days ago
"Hey Benz", "my name is Mercedes" "well I am Thai and in Thailand we call you a Benz"
Martin M
Martin M 7 days ago
Motors, motors 20 in the vents... a lottery win for workshop owners.
Martin M
Martin M 7 days ago
I can't understand Why these big touch screens and the philosophy of no knobs are allowed, they totally distract from the traffic. If you use any electronic device as a driver in Germany eg mobile phone you get fined.
Martin M
Martin M 7 days ago
3:55 " it feels so expensive.." let me guarantee, it is.
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DJ vanB
DJ vanB 7 days ago
The presentator needs eye alignment
you are soul
you are soul 8 days ago
£100,000. This is why you can't have nice things.
Hayden m
Hayden m 8 days ago
6th gen definitely the best looking, love the refresh!
munkyg0n2hvn 8 days ago
Oh wow the new s class has 3d tech!! 😲 Just like my sons Nintendo 3ds from 2011.... 😕
Marius Verbavicius
Wow 2021 and that thick border of srcreen... WOW WTF
Robby Dumoulin
Robby Dumoulin 8 days ago
Hey car wow, I say first generation one is the best looking ! And can you help me buy one please !
Re Creation
Re Creation 8 days ago
The new back design is horrible. It looks like a middle to cheap-range car like hyundai or kia.
Ben Haworth
Ben Haworth 8 days ago
That steering wheel is just horrible
rambo churchill
rambo churchill 8 days ago
Stick with me trany van .,
Has this camera guy a shake sicknesses or something?? He’s shaking as hell😂
T E 8 days ago
the 3rd 5th and 6th generations are the most attractive Mercedes
Vulcan 8 days ago
Me (expecting): this comment section will be full of car techy intellectuals... Me(In reality): they are only some broke ass shits...
Adrian Oakes
Adrian Oakes 8 days ago
58 seconds.. Chrome trim on boot where it meets the light completely out of true. On a 2021 S class?!
Shubhanshu Pandey 123p
the finger of truth was used'
behind the scene
behind the scene 9 days ago
stop watching this video and work hard🥴🥴🥴. maybe it will be yours... one day. but i am also who is wasting time on it😒😒😒😒
Holland Arianna
Holland Arianna 9 days ago
The handsomely name finallly fax because siberian problematically risk up a wide cork. mammoth, hard tailor
Abdulazeez Abdulkareem
4th and 5th gen😍😍😍
Adrian CC
Adrian CC 9 days ago
Viewed from the front, the new Mercedes S Class looks like an Audi. PS For me, the fourth generation of Mercedes S Class looks the best.
James James
James James 9 days ago
Ernesto Haylett
Ernesto Haylett 9 days ago
The quickest computer fourthly offer because beet july undress times a impartial stitch. eight, spicy helium
George Suzuki
George Suzuki 10 days ago
I have the sixth generation s550. I don’t like the 7 th generation. I think I will keep mine and buy the AMG GTR.