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Hammond is in the dunes of Abu Dhabi to drive a new six wheeled machine from Mercedes Benz - the G63 6x6. Originally developed for the Australian military, it's now available civilians - as long as you have over half a million dollars to spend! Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
Want to see more Mercedes off-road goodness? Check out this best-of Mercedes-Benz compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-oozvOIje5Rg.html
Clip taken from series 21 episode 4.
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Nov 16, 2014




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Comments 100
Top Gear
Top Gear 2 months ago
Want to see more Mercedes off-road goodness? Check out this best-of Mercedes-Benz compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-oozvOIje5Rg.html
Suri Stern
Suri Stern 6 days ago
How much does it cost
Jonny Danger
Jonny Danger 24 days ago
Bring back the old crew
josh V.
josh V. 27 days ago
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin Month ago
Nah, not without Hammond,Clarkson and May.
y sopheaktra
y sopheaktra Month ago
Samuel Wu
Samuel Wu 3 hours ago
Love it!
The Turtle
The Turtle 10 hours ago
RIP electric car fans.
Cedric Hor
Cedric Hor 15 hours ago
When top gear forgot to edit the jeep
Tyson Ark
Tyson Ark 19 hours ago
To see him doing this things to destroy the 6x6 is hurting my heart
Akotski1338 Day ago
lmao he looked like a child next to that car
Gabriel Beer
Gabriel Beer Day ago
1:44 40%+30%+40%=110#
Trans girl Activist
3:53 :o
M J 3 days ago
A normal car in Germany
Omar Al Machayekh
he was in yas waterworld
Kaio Esteves
Kaio Esteves 3 days ago
Aint no body watch this!
Tilman Söllner
Tilman Söllner 4 days ago
Holy shit, Mercedes cars are crazy
Daphne White
Daphne White 5 days ago
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight 5 days ago
This is Germany. Quality over quantity!
matin ahmed
matin ahmed 3 days ago
Teutonic Knight depends, here in North America the Japanese do quality AND quantity. The ‘German’ cars here are designed to fall apart quickly. For that reason 85% of Canadians who want German just lease.
R L 6 days ago
What the hell? So many wheels? 6:36 wired its a double wheel am i right?
Leslie Lesso
Leslie Lesso 6 days ago
1:02 what is it?
Philippp Krauthahn
Germany Car Mercedes I Love this
Angus Uchiha
Angus Uchiha 6 days ago
That thing at the end there is so big, only a giant could drive it.
fresh bread with tasty Marmelade
Imagine buying a cheap china ripoff and the 6 wheeler "mercedes" is only front wheel drive 😂
a 7 days ago
3:05 THAT must've really hurted
Sashank Lamborghini
Did you guys went to Sarah desert in Africa
EthanPlayzYT 500
EthanPlayzYT 500 8 days ago
Pls pin my comment
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla 8 days ago
If only Nazi's had it
M J 3 days ago
Nazis dead sice 1944
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla 8 days ago
If only Nazi's had it
Reismaus 9 days ago
'''Much Safer Place To be.. Desert''
Scan Tol
Scan Tol 9 days ago
Help me
Superman 11 days ago
His face have some similarities to Hugh Jackman 🤔
Ghost Mohamed
Ghost Mohamed 12 days ago
I always thought hammond was very short then I found jeremy and james are tall making him look short
kosmosleha 12 days ago
7:54 I want this one :)))
samija nk
samija nk 13 days ago
Steven Allen
Steven Allen 17 days ago
So cutee
martin prisc
martin prisc 17 days ago
I don't think the question here is how cool the 6x6 is, it's "how insane IS Richard Hammond?"
Flowki 17 days ago
Editor: How much do you want me to rotate the footage to make it look steeper? Director: yes
Gengar 18 days ago
The G63 AMG is my favorite car of all time, *but damn isn't this monster cool as hell.*
GREY WATER 18 days ago
I am gonna buy only, if you promise to supply free lifetime gas with this.
SenpaiKelz 19 days ago
яаяад кек
яаяад кек 20 days ago
I was expecting Hitler at the end but oh well
Car Crashes Moments
see my channel too. enjoy
Alien from Area- 51
This car is perfect for Indian roads
MagicDevilGamer 22 days ago
7:25 this is what Hammond sees when Jeremy and James are next to him
Yuri Lakhtionov
Yuri Lakhtionov 23 days ago
I couldn’t place myself behind the wheel of a GW it is so tight... but Richard is comfortable )))
mimi shamsiah ramly
how did you got in the desert how
The Peculiar Indian
Did i saw a Movie? Wow!!!
Remyjin Pilariza
Remyjin Pilariza 23 days ago
Your srlsy just almost cryed
*babes18.ru?v=DrUVMdkb4_k* 0:53
Jimmy Smit
Jimmy Smit 24 days ago
does any one else know what jeremy clakson did to the producer. i mean i know i just am wondering if anyone else does. he punched Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon in the face.
KRITHICK 24 days ago
generic username
generic username 24 days ago
3:40 Nice 28° camera offset. That slope is likely less than 30° which even Hammond's pink Vitara could manage.
nagamani penmethsa
nagamani penmethsa 24 days ago
Don't take risk for us
Manman Manly
Manman Manly 24 days ago
I love how he ran over all the kids in the pool
Jérémy Bouchez
Jérémy Bouchez 25 days ago
One day or another, that kind of bullshit promoting pollution, fossil fuels, luxury and waste of natural ressources will end and that will be a good thing for Earth.
Space Stuff
Space Stuff 25 days ago
Hammond: "Ooh god that's big" Clarkson: "No, you're just that small"
BassDropper991 25 days ago
As a German im very proud what mercedes built there. German engineering at its best 👍👍👌
Lepiigor TV
Lepiigor TV 26 days ago
I Would have writtend, the test of a monster.
Cherif Mosta
Cherif Mosta 26 days ago
Aamir Husain
Aamir Husain 26 days ago
He looks like Huge Jackman
BADA BING 26 days ago
Oh god if I had money to waste
9 ASLAN 27 days ago
Laith ayoob
Laith ayoob 27 days ago
Imagine driving this in the desert before 1000 years ago
Tejas Sharma
Tejas Sharma 27 days ago
6:55 reminded me of the EXCELLENT
Lai YongCheng
Lai YongCheng 27 days ago
so cool
Илгор Холиков
сергей безруков за рулем?
Gulsher khan
Gulsher khan 28 days ago
Cynical 28 days ago
The car was initially meant to be created for the australian military, however, AMG went a bit crazy and made some for the public. How good is that!
They call me Don Juan
Its sad that they have stopped producing it, cuz now its so expencive
Elderpo 132
Elderpo 132 28 days ago
that water park is actually called Yas water world and i can see it from my house
TBoy205 9 hours ago
Billie 3 days ago
@Mo Aatif it is a beautiful chance to have life conditions like that.
Mo Aatif
Mo Aatif 3 days ago
@Billie no bro,even I live there and we are residents. Though we might not rich ,we can enjoy seeing these cars live
Billie 11 days ago
So youre the rich boi of petrol king
Víctor Gonzalo Cristóbal
Should have use a helmet tho.
Ben Sharp
Ben Sharp 28 days ago
(In the future) Introducing the Mercedes G63 AMG 8x8!
Andigo99 28 days ago
nice camera trick
Alessandro Dantuma
Alessandro Dantuma 28 days ago
dude... are ya out ya bloody mind? driving dawn a hill with a 6by6 monster haha damn rude but coolest car ever build
Troy Childress
Troy Childress 28 days ago
It has a twin turbo desel engene (get this fact from forza hiring 4 top gear horizon special) and who voiced it
meep 1478
meep 1478 28 days ago
Just a reminder, this car is 6 years old.
Peter Anthony
Peter Anthony 29 days ago
Jeep fanboys worst nightmare
igor kuznezov
igor kuznezov 29 days ago
Я люблю эту тачку ❤️. Нет ляма 😥
Wendy Foo
Wendy Foo 29 days ago
MTB Thiccness
MTB Thiccness 29 days ago
good ol ohlins suspension! THE KINGS. best mtb shocks i've ever had.
Murza Muhammad
Murza Muhammad Month ago
زبر دست الله منرا لاحیق بیبند که یک روز همین قیسم مرسیدیزجیب داشته باشم امین
pippo spano
pippo spano Month ago
Comedy is the entire point of Top Gear. Cars, only an afterthought .
Ethan Philbert
Ethan Philbert Month ago
that's how I be on Forza in my 6x6
badninja1971 Month ago
6:55 Clarkson’s idea for the “Excellent”. 😂😂😂
2 subscribers with no video
I am just going to buy this do use the Lamborghini for a step up
sheep herder
sheep herder Month ago
𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗮𝘂𝗱𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲: 𝘧𝘪𝘭𝘵𝘩𝘺 𝘰𝘪𝘭 𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘩 𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘣𝘴
Thewarf321 Month ago
anyone know the song at 2:11
Zul fa
Zul fa Month ago
MERCEDEZ made jerman. Very good
Маркиз Карабас
Хороший газик
Brody Veitch
Brody Veitch Month ago
Just looks like a 79 series landcruser
Kertész Kristóf
Arvind D
Arvind D Month ago
This would be zombie apocalypse vehicle
slowbros Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-lboKW7Q3eck.html subscribe as pleas
मुझे कार्टून
Ahmed Maghreb
Ahmed Maghreb Month ago
Kuldip Singh
Kuldip Singh Month ago
MO .Downhill
MO .Downhill Month ago
It can't be ridden in our mountains in Kurdistan, we have a really rocky mountains which needs a very big tires, the tires which I see are not suitable for such a place!
marco carroni
marco carroni Month ago
È si... è fondamentale e molto utile questo Cassone di Jeep...🤔..!
古濱圭亮 Month ago
Elijah Sellers
Elijah Sellers Month ago
If I got a Mercedes, this is what it would be.
slowbros Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-lboKW7Q3eck.html subscribe as pleas
D Johnston Hope
D Johnston Hope Month ago
not a pussy car like it
Seth Maluleke
Seth Maluleke Month ago
Did he just say " he is cocooned in luxury "...🔥🔥👌🏾 now I want that car
No copyright background music ( hip-hop , rap ) ruvid.net/video/video-pC-xVXdPODU.html
-Lord Shaxx-
-Lord Shaxx- Month ago
Song at 2:06?
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