Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott being iconic for 10 minutes straight

Wise Alzy
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So I don't know about you, but I am absolutely in love with our new iconic duo - Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. I absolutely adore them and so I thought I'd make this video. I am making no profit from this video, all rights go to the owners of the clips used in this vid - I own nothing, this is just all for fun and entertainment purposes only.
A couple of the clips used in this video are from a video called "Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud Cute and Funny Moments Part 2" and this video is by Sweet Disposition (I've even given credit in vid :D). Their videos are amazing, so go check them out! A whole new world is not mine, nor is the crosswalk video - so credit to James Cordon for the vid, and the rightful owners of the song too.
Song: ruvid.net/video/video-atc8RAtl-Ms.html
Video: ruvid.net/video/video-sJepiyvx-0s.html
Again, this video is just a bit of fun, and it is for entertainment purposes only. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this magic carpet ride ;)


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Jun 5, 2019




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Comments 80
Esther Mizrahi
Esther Mizrahi 12 hours ago
my dad is eyption witch makes me part eygption
Jddanam Jddanam
Jddanam Jddanam 3 days ago
nice couple
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 3 days ago
5:30 the cutest thing I've ever seen 😍
Imogen Fell
Imogen Fell 6 days ago
4:14 I was wearing headphones rip my ears 😂
Tamara Al-Bayat
Tamara Al-Bayat 7 days ago
Title: Naomi Scott and mena massoud being iconic for 10 minutes The video is only 9:15 lol
asy13 7
asy13 7 9 days ago
Naomi reminds me of an older version Millie Bobby Brown
Christian Hertrich
Christian Hertrich 17 days ago
Elaine Cristina
Elaine Cristina 23 days ago
Salome Lohezic
Salome Lohezic 28 days ago
Naomi c’est mon actrice préférée en plus j’adore son film lemonade mouth
Sush mitha
Sush mitha Month ago
Sush mitha
Sush mitha Month ago
Aly Geyer
Aly Geyer Month ago
this is my new favorite video on youtube
aladdinsmagic_ Month ago
when it zooms in on their faces or bodies i laugh out loud 💀
iiPusheenx Month ago
I wish that Naomi would marry mena but she married to someone else
Light Dreams
Light Dreams Month ago
Yo I ship them but Naomi is married and she and her husband are pretty cute also Mena and Naomi could be like really close siblings or best friends... They’re cute tho...
Amazing Millenials
Only in 2019 she is shinning .. men disney to overpower for miley cyrus .. idk why her voice is amazing but in term of lyric music only speecles can amazed me
Victorious Türkiye
Mena: final answer... Mena: *thinks a lot* Mena: 37. Naomi: 95. Mena: whAT
Lorena Vaduva
Lorena Vaduva Month ago
8:40 imagine if someone would just go trough them...i know it was red
Marcela Abrahao
Marcela Abrahao Month ago
#MENAOMI...😍😍😍😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️... I love you: Menaomi.
• • • ItzLauren • • •
Isn't Naomi married?
Victorious Türkiye
• • • ItzLauren • • •
7:31 did she say that or did the person who was editing the vid just wrote that as a joke?
• • • ItzLauren • • •
@Wise Alzy Isn't she married? Lol.
Wise Alzy
Wise Alzy Month ago
She actually said it :)
Isha Pawar
Isha Pawar Month ago
I have a new crush and that is the guy that grew up in an Egyptian household
GamerKishy Month ago
They got Chemistry that's why i ship them hardcore but Naomi is a married woman.... *But still shipping them* *lav ya!*
V. Raja
V. Raja 2 months ago
Ngl I'm watching 2:46 for 1 hour now and I still can't stop laughing
Victorious Türkiye
Naomi's laugh 😂😂😂
Rohan Kurani
Rohan Kurani 2 months ago
8:38 get rejected 😢
Rohan Kurani
Rohan Kurani 2 months ago
Ayad Abed because the actor reached out to hold Mena’s hand and he didn’t notice
Joudy Hany
Joudy Hany 2 months ago
3:22 "Za Bolice car.."😂❤️
Azi Manzari
Azi Manzari 2 months ago
I think she has more fun time with mena than her husband
B Kay
B Kay 2 months ago
At 6:00 if i was one of guys at the cars id get out of it immedeatly and take a pitcure with mena,will,naomi and james!😂
B Kay
B Kay 2 months ago
Nobody: Mena:I grew up in an egyptian household!
Nelson Dendomo
Nelson Dendomo 2 months ago
7:30 "Yeah baby, MUAH! Love you." Naomi is defenitely warmer to him the him to her, Too bad she's married😭
naima ABASS
naima ABASS 2 months ago
Add a pi
tayton blackwell
tayton blackwell 2 months ago
Beatryz Rodrigues
Beatryz Rodrigues 2 months ago
In the end, the Mena say "Tchau!" Omg, the soung it's Brazilian 😂 9:14
Roberta Mansur
Roberta Mansur 2 months ago
5:07 she sings with him and I think it’s cute af 😍
aaliyah 2 months ago
no one: naomi and mena: rebuNŽÄŁ
Trisha Hira
Trisha Hira 2 months ago
She can’t kiss him so she pecks her nose on his cheek😂😍😍
tumovadomi 3 months ago
I’m really upset how everyone saying I’m crying because Naomi is married I’m mad that she is married. Omg wake up! Let them be happy yes these two are an adorable but c’mon
Maria A
Maria A 3 months ago
Me: Naomi and Mena please be boyfriend and girlfriend. Also me: let me see what the comment think about Naomi and Mena. Comment: ...... Naomi is married.......... Me: what what what what what... And suddenly started to feel bad 😞 and crying for no reason
Maria A
Maria A 3 months ago
Why do Naomi have to be married 😭
Lily Emma Lindsay
Lily Emma Lindsay 3 months ago
Mena has a cute personality. I'm more of a fan of Mena than Naomi.
uhm 3 months ago
when you realize Naomi is married : Mena : FRICK.
hydro child
hydro child 4 months ago
Mena: I switch the p with the b, that's an Egyptian thing to do. Me: He grew up in an Egyptian household lol
Ainnurul Shahmin
Ainnurul Shahmin 4 months ago
i love them both
* sseabreeze *
* sseabreeze * 4 months ago
Someone needs to meet mEnA or nAoMi and say “so are you gonna date or something” or something along the lines of that.
simon van groningen
simon van groningen 4 months ago
I tink Naomis husband is like so jealous of mena. I am jealous of Naomi...............
simon van groningen
simon van groningen 4 months ago
At the time 4:20 his face is like the funniest thing i have ever seen😂🤣😅😆
KC Diaz
KC Diaz 4 months ago
rafunzel not rabunzel 🤣
tae tata
tae tata 4 months ago
5:30 - 5:36 i’ve never seen anything so adorable whdjsnjs-
K ZM 4 months ago
They will be the perfect sisters
YOOO Happy
YOOO Happy 4 months ago
3:28 I keep dying at that part I didn’t get it at first then when I watched it a second time I can’t get over it 😂😂
Miri Aslam
Miri Aslam 4 months ago
Nobody: Me at every single interview: i GrEw Up In aN eGyPtIaN hOuSeHoLd
Eriquo Playz
Eriquo Playz 5 months ago
Is it just me or naomi keeps on touching mena’s .... accidentally? 😂😂
Honey Grace
Honey Grace 5 months ago
They are so cute together 💕❤️
Seun 5 months ago
Naomi looks most amazing with her hair parted down the middle, just like in the movie.
Zainab Haider
Zainab Haider 5 months ago
MAKE MORE OF THESE PLEASE XD Or make one compilation of Mena saying "i GrEw Up iN aN eGyPtiAn HoUsEhOlD, i do not know this" 😂
Crystal Ice Fox
Crystal Ice Fox 5 months ago
Nobody: Mena:I GrEw uP iN aN eGyPtiAn HoUsEhOLd
DINESH KUMAR 5 months ago
😂 😂 Ooh idk that
Júlia Perrud
Júlia Perrud 5 months ago
I keep imagining Naomi being the little girl she was in Lemonade Mouth and forget that she is a grown married woman now :")
Silk Belle Harper
Silk Belle Harper 5 months ago
is it just me or does naomi and millie bobby brown sort of look alike?
Hypnotic Poison
Hypnotic Poison 6 months ago
I just love how Run is playing and everyone scurries out the way and then there's James taking his time and blowing kisses around and then of course there's Will trying his best to get him out of the way, I just cracked up! 😂
DesiAshley🌺 6 months ago
I love that bit that they do in 6:57
fessells ahmed
fessells ahmed 6 months ago
She was a great Princess I admit but no need to kiss him in the film. They do have chemistry without touch.
char 6 months ago
naomi speaking in an indian accent>>>
hani 6 months ago
"cuz hes like duhhh" SKDJNDHKAMNBHCDUJ
frost bitten
frost bitten 6 months ago
Guys is it just me or she kinda looks like abella danger?
MissMuna 6 months ago
5:10 im melting
Aurora Luz
Aurora Luz 6 months ago
I ship them SO HARD
Forsaken Asaza
Forsaken Asaza 6 months ago
Imagine being the husband of Naomi, would you be mad seeing her spending much time laughing around another man ?
Soma SK
Soma SK 6 months ago
Mina loves blaming egyptian people for every wrong word he says 😂😂😂😂
Isabela Kodaira
Isabela Kodaira 6 months ago
Aí Love you
Iranpour.M _ Esf novin chess شطرنج نوین
Choosing this couple for Aladdin's movie was the best choice. Seeing the name of the character (Masoud) and his face because i,m Masoud too and I remember my juniors and demons ... I was energetic and bold as well as a lover ... I am happy to congratulate him on this film with Jasmine and congratulate them ..thanks
Los juguetes de Anto y agus
No entiendo nada
¡Poxa'h utilities!
¡Poxa'h utilities! 7 months ago
Não entendi 10 palavras mas eu amo kkkkk 🌚😍
Sky omg GAMING
Sky omg GAMING 7 months ago
kim sunghae
kim sunghae 7 months ago
5:30 momento en el q me quedo sin aire de la risa
IT'S JEIJEI 7 months ago
I wish to be a part of Aladdin so much
Heba Mahmoud
Heba Mahmoud 7 months ago
عمرو دياب مصطفى قمر عادل إمام الله عليك ي فخر مصر 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Arya Stark
Arya Stark 7 months ago
I'm putting a thumbs down for that annoying, nearly 15 second intro.
david Ashton
david Ashton 7 months ago
I wish Naomi and mena were married
Hana M
Hana M 7 months ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Mena: *I GREW UP IN AN EGYPTIAN HOUSEHOLD*
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