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Old Spice Fresher Collection.
Don't think you need it?
Yeah you do. Because #MenHaveSkinToo.
Video by Chaz Smith: ruvid.net/u-chazsmith
Shop the Fresher Collection: bit.ly/OSFresherCollection
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Apr 23, 2019




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Comments 3 762
Mayo Man
Mayo Man 8 days ago
I’m so happy old spice took him up man
Rqxxs 10 days ago
2 things Imma need 1. The full version 2. The instrumental
R_i_p_current 12 days ago
i just bought like 100 things from walmart . spent $88. now i feel guilty for not buying old spice . this is how you engage customers
2NE1 pilots
2NE1 pilots 15 days ago
Y'all vine did something right
BrokenLifeCycle 19 days ago
I kept hearing this on Pandora, so I was like, ALRIGHT FINE. I'll look it up! I mean it's not like I already buy this stuff anyway. Great stuff.
Lilly Lou
Lilly Lou Month ago
I swear the fact that he is joking around and not afraid to make stupid faces makes him so attractive 😍😍😍😍
Taveion EX
Taveion EX Month ago
Does anyone know what Mario game this is from
I-Explode Month ago
0:15 lol
Maurice Rhodes
Maurice Rhodes Month ago
Damn, Old Spice killed it with this one..
Anonymous Month ago
New ringtone Set and done. Boom.
Vindictive Prophet
Where can I cop that Old Spice bag at tho🤔🤔
Kevin Peet
Kevin Peet Month ago
I've intentionally watched this 3 times This is the only time I've ever said that for an ad
YaBoyGalaxy1 Month ago
0:15 when you clap back on yo mom and she claps back 20x harder
Anthony Muse Jr.
Never clicked an AD so fast.
Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn Month ago
Best marketing I’ve ever seen a company do
J B Month ago
add to Apple Music Neowwwww!!!!!!
**Spilt Tea**
**Spilt Tea** Month ago
uuuuh....no! THE WIG!!!!!!😂😂😂😂
Zachary Warner
Zachary Warner Month ago
Old spice makes better videos and music the half of the rappers out right now..I litterally started using Old Spice again over Iridh Spring cuz this commercial 😂
Moses Barmonyallah
Johnathan Hunt
Johnathan Hunt Month ago
Old Spice makin the only enjoyable ads xD they know what they're doin hahaha
OOFC4LIFE YT Month ago
Men Have Skin To
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Month ago
Most company don’t know what kind of content people like. Except for old spice
im daboss!!!
im daboss!!! Month ago
So axe and the 3 thousand other men body wash companies don’t exist
NoVoid Month ago
Came back after hearing it on Spotify
TimotoSs ._.
TimotoSs ._. Month ago
This is the only add that I want to watch like a hundred times
Mr Lean
Mr Lean Month ago
We to see this on tv
Mr Lean
Mr Lean Month ago
Who actually bought old spice after seeing this because I did
Nusayba Yusuf
Nusayba Yusuf Month ago
They *actually* used the ad omg yyayayayaysyysyaayayshdbdjdbnjajsksksksjskksksjsjsjsjsjsjs
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown Month ago
I looooooooovvvveee this
RudeasxEbo !
RudeasxEbo ! Month ago
This is GENIUS❗😂😂😂😂😂😂
lonewolf 16
lonewolf 16 Month ago
Men have skin to! * Has a meme face * wha......
Emily Paris
Emily Paris Month ago
I love dis
CurlyHeadB I A N C A
this is the only add i actually come to watch😂
Chan Month ago
Yo I'm back after a whole 3 months (take notes other companies)
Natalie Clerjuste
This is like the 6th commercial I've watched from OS!!! I just can't!!!!
Wage War
Wage War Month ago
Can someone please tell me where I can get that old spice bag!?!?
Sheila Outside & Travel !!
Lol.. who the hell would have ever thought I would fall in love with commercials for men's body wash...lol.. The Times They Are A-Changin 😊👍
Trey GC
Trey GC Month ago
Why am I watching this at 5:43am
Lavender Sunday
Lavender Sunday Month ago
The boy that works at Target wears the new old spice..man he always smells good, so I bought some for my sons and they both were like I dont wear old spice. I'm like "well you do now!". Guess what ? They love it and that's all they wear now.
daceren 2 months ago
i bought old spice for all the men in my family so i could play this at our reunion while they got it XD
BlueDemon Gaming
BlueDemon Gaming 2 months ago
Did you see Taehyung's bag?
You have no idea that my grandma saw this, went on amazon, and i kid you not bought fifty two bottles for my grandpa. Wow
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa 2 months ago
I can't stop watching this video
FCB Comps
FCB Comps 2 months ago
Reply buttons: 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01
diamond axe
diamond axe 2 months ago
Bruh this is my favorite song on spotify, even if it is an ad
king_dripnessV 2 months ago
most likely number one old spice commerical if i were to buy old spice just know its only because of this video sh*t gotta love chaz smith lmfao
Nick Marion
Nick Marion 2 months ago
When the school is asking for you to be the DJ "YOU NEED SOME SPICE"
mobygaming 2 months ago
*what do yo mean bodywash i use bar sooup*
Laid2Rest 2 months ago
His music video for this is better
Chris Hinton
Chris Hinton 2 months ago
The best ad for old spice 😂😂
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 2 months ago
Yo dude dis remix dope as fire bro!!!!!!!!
Joseph Choi
Joseph Choi 2 months ago
pause anywhere in the video with his face in it and it can become a meme
mosh pit T.V
mosh pit T.V 2 months ago
0:14 .
Connor McPherson
Connor McPherson 2 months ago
Where did he get the backpack I want one
Master XB
Master XB 2 months ago
Body wash
Min Yoongi drinks water sExi1Y
I can’t believe that they made this into a real ad
Imma Shoe
Imma Shoe 2 months ago
Who else is here because of Spotify?
Depressed_unknown 2 months ago
Friend: *sees the video ur watching but u have headphones so it looks stupid* weird Me: *turns to friend* u need some spice Friend:what no Me: Me later with my friend: *y'all need some spice!*
OrDinKi 2 months ago
Love the ad in Pandora
Timbalena Mathis
Timbalena Mathis 2 months ago
Lit and cringe
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