Men’s Deodorant Smell Test

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I want to be in this person’s armpit.
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Sexy Shorty
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Jul 10, 2015




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Comments 3 090
Bakgethi Remote
Bakgethi Remote 11 hours ago
old spice # 1
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 18 days ago
I spray my dog with old spice cos he's old n spicy AYOH
Logility Ability
Logility Ability 20 days ago
Why is everybody hating on axe
Ashton Viola
Ashton Viola 22 days ago
They didn’t chose any good smells
NO CLOUT Month ago
Who else uses Gillette ??? That’s where it’s at 😂
Boom_Shakalaka 2625
Women's perfume/deodorant/body spray scents: Lavender love, Rose Garden Men's perfume/deodorant/body spray scent: AMERICAN GUNPOWDER, GRENADE MASSACRE, SHOCKER
Dee Prest
Dee Prest Month ago
Why does this exist
oscar sanchez
oscar sanchez Month ago
I’m sorry but that Gillette version has been discontinued 😭.... it was the best smelling deodorant
I use dove it's similar to Gillette because both have Unilever as their parent company
Angelo Month ago
This one smells international
Weston Ross
Weston Ross Month ago
Man dove men is the stuff
Kacper Music Channel
Old Spice WolfThorn, Nothing Else.
Kronenkind Der King
ITS Not for all 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sofie Chon
Sofie Chon Month ago
are they all gay
Hoo Shi
Hoo Shi Month ago
Do u apply deodorants on wet underarms or dry?
BrandonFleming Month ago
I have used Old Spice and Degree. Old Spice Blast Off works great though
DoomGamer12 2 months ago
Old spice Danger Zone is 🅱 E S T
Johnathan Roan
Johnathan Roan 2 months ago
Damn nobody chose old spice
FBI 2 months ago
Try old spice deep sea it smells good
Marc A.
Marc A. 2 months ago
Men have skin too.
LTK_ Nicko
LTK_ Nicko 3 months ago
Old spice for me always
Afro Ahmed
Afro Ahmed 3 months ago
old spice still the best though, it's a man's deodorant
Tonmay Acharjee
Tonmay Acharjee 3 months ago
Who is the thumbnail girl?
nam man
nam man 3 months ago
That woman with the english accent sounds angelic. I keep rewatching the video just to hear her say she's a "cheap person". It just sounds so pleasing to my ears 😅 (i'm not being sarcastic or mean. It just happened that those are the words she said)
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa 3 months ago
I use women's antiperspirant
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa 3 months ago
Oldspice hurts my armpits
Cloude Kreame Gacha
Cloude Kreame Gacha 4 months ago
Ah, where am I?
Bean Flicker
Bean Flicker 4 months ago
my local dollar tree sells speed stick for 99 cents
Dale Bass
Dale Bass 4 months ago
Why did the gay dude look at another gay dude and say "girl smell that" he just misinterpreted his gender how rude of him
bad brain
bad brain 4 months ago
1:48 "I'm really torn" yeah I bet you are sweeetttiiee
guardian bravo
guardian bravo 4 months ago
Axe Dry Dark Temptation is for real men sorry for those who did not pick it they don't know what a real deoderant is 🤙
MakeGooder 4 months ago
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez 4 months ago
There is no men in this video, only two gays.
Michael Nowak
Michael Nowak 4 months ago
They chose the wrong old spice scent, should've got with the captian
Aiden Sundara
Aiden Sundara 4 months ago
I’m only watching this for the sake of puberty body odor
Akash Akks
Akash Akks 4 months ago
What the hell.. I wear old spice and I thought women would like it 😔😔...
capsitan 5 months ago
Why did they need the overtly gay men to be part of this???
colin 5 months ago
I smell some gay ass motherfuckers up in here
Mehuzael Dazel
Mehuzael Dazel 5 months ago
I though old spice would win since it was masculine ass faak
LIFE TALES 5 months ago
Aur kya chall rah hey??? "hamare yaha to fogg chal Raha heyyy!!!"
Teen titans Raven forever 99773
This is weird why i am I watching this
J. Kingsmith
J. Kingsmith 5 months ago
Problem is Gillette accused men of toxic masculinity. Not the wisest ad campaign
Yamaha Guy17
Yamaha Guy17 5 months ago
The original old spice smells to me like bug spray but I like it
Giancarlo 5 months ago
"if my boyfriend was wearing this..." I KNEW HE WAS GAY HIS ACCENT 😂
Giancarlo 2 months ago
Dear Marcus stop crying yea u delicate 0 brain cell queer
Dear Marcus
Dear Marcus 2 months ago
Oh grow up.
ツOnion 5 months ago
Those guys were gay?
atMoonie 5 months ago
Old spice and Irish spring smell godlike
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 5 months ago
No Dove Men + Care? Every online review has this brand as one of the top10 recommended with Every Man Jack.
Joshua Ingram
Joshua Ingram 6 months ago
My favorite is Degree
《Captain Cinos》
《Captain Cinos》 6 months ago
I like the gay dudes
Alex 77
Alex 77 6 months ago
Checkout tireo on RUvid
Blitz-Brawl Stars
Blitz-Brawl Stars 6 months ago
My deodorant smells like vanilla
stupid thicc
stupid thicc 6 months ago
ok but i need more of the guy
General Biscuits
General Biscuits 6 months ago
I use Degree
Taylor Knight
Taylor Knight 7 months ago
How about testing cruelty free deodorants?
Binyamin A
Binyamin A 7 months ago
Sidomites disgust me
Francisco Quiroz
Francisco Quiroz 7 months ago
This is kinda like FBE huh?
Harry Dickenson
Harry Dickenson 7 months ago
Axe is 4 teens, just saying.
Harry Dickenson
Harry Dickenson 7 months ago
Thanks could use a shower, cause I STINK
gta man
gta man 8 months ago
axe,old spice
OMGWTFLOL 8 months ago
Favourite part of the video - 0:51
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