Men’s Deodorant Smell Test

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I want to be in this person’s armpit.
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Sexy Shorty
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Jul 10, 2015

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Comments 3 056
Nicko Lalli
Nicko Lalli 8 days ago
Old spice for me always
Afro Ahmed
Afro Ahmed 13 days ago
old spice still the best though, it's a man's deodorant
Tonmay Acharjee
Tonmay Acharjee 15 days ago
Who is the thumbnail girl?
nam man
nam man 16 days ago
That woman with the english accent sounds angelic. I keep rewatching the video just to hear her say she's a "cheap person". It just sounds so pleasing to my ears 😅 (i'm not being sarcastic or mean. It just happened that those are the words she said)
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa 21 day ago
I use women's antiperspirant
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa 21 day ago
Oldspice hurts my armpits
Cloude Kreame Gacha
Ah, where am I?
Bean Flicker
Bean Flicker Month ago
my local dollar tree sells speed stick for 99 cents
Dale Bass
Dale Bass Month ago
Why did the gay dude look at another gay dude and say "girl smell that" he just misinterpreted his gender how rude of him
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Month ago
1:48 "I'm really torn" yeah I bet you are sweeetttiiee
guardian bravo
guardian bravo Month ago
Axe Dry Dark Temptation is for real men sorry for those who did not pick it they don't know what a real deoderant is 🤙
MakeGooder Month ago
TheUltimateHaxxor 21
There is no men in this video, only two gays.
Michael Nowak
Michael Nowak Month ago
They chose the wrong old spice scent, should've got with the captian
Aiden Sundara
Aiden Sundara Month ago
I’m only watching this for the sake of puberty body odor
Akash Akks
Akash Akks Month ago
What the hell.. I wear old spice and I thought women would like it 😔😔...
capsitan Month ago
Why did they need the overtly gay men to be part of this???
colin 2 months ago
I smell some gay ass motherfuckers up in here
Mehuzael Dazel
Mehuzael Dazel 2 months ago
I though old spice would win since it was masculine ass faak
LIFE TALES 2 months ago
Aur kya chall rah hey??? "hamare yaha to fogg chal Raha heyyy!!!"
Teen titans Raven forever 99773
This is weird why i am I watching this
J. Kingsmith
J. Kingsmith 2 months ago
Problem is Gillette accused men of toxic masculinity. Not the wisest ad campaign
Yamaha Guy
Yamaha Guy 2 months ago
The original old spice smells to me like bug spray but I like it
Gyancarlo 2 months ago
"if my boyfriend was wearing this..." I KNEW HE WAS GAY HIS ACCENT 😂
Th3fried Onion
Th3fried Onion 2 months ago
Those guys were gay?
atMoonie 2 months ago
Old spice and Irish spring smell godlike
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 2 months ago
No Dove Men + Care? Every online review has this brand as one of the top10 recommended with Every Man Jack.
Joshua Ingram
Joshua Ingram 2 months ago
My favorite is Degree
《Captain Cinos》
《Captain Cinos》 3 months ago
I like the gay dudes
Alex 77
Alex 77 3 months ago
Checkout tireo on RUvid
Blitz 3 months ago
My deodorant smells like vanilla
stupid thicc
stupid thicc 3 months ago
ok but i need more of the guy
General Biscuits
General Biscuits 3 months ago
I use Degree
Taylor Knight
Taylor Knight 4 months ago
How about testing cruelty free deodorants?
Binyamin A
Binyamin A 4 months ago
Sidomites disgust me
troy .g !!
troy .g !! 4 months ago
0:25 when yo gurl wants your hoodie
Francisco Quiroz
Francisco Quiroz 4 months ago
This is kinda like FBE huh?
Harry Dickenson
Harry Dickenson 4 months ago
Axe is 4 teens, just saying.
Harry Dickenson
Harry Dickenson 4 months ago
Thanks could use a shower, cause I STINK
gta man
gta man 4 months ago
axe,old spice
OMGWTFLOL 5 months ago
Favourite part of the video - 0:51
Jasmeen Ahamed
Jasmeen Ahamed 5 months ago
nivea deodorant beats all
ToXiCbOi69Xd 5 months ago
why is there boys :/
11H8 5 months ago
Where the Old Spice at?
Tamara Horvàth
Tamara Horvàth 5 months ago
my favorite deodorant is old spice
ItsYourDestiny 123
ItsYourDestiny 123 6 months ago
I don’t like axe I think old spice is better and that’s what I use I use the figi and aqua every things I smell good 😂😂
blue waters
blue waters 6 months ago
I was hoping to see some armpits
Haliezza 7 months ago
I broke up with my axe.
Christian Atkinson
Christian Atkinson 8 months ago
Axe Peace and Axe Dark Temptation, Axe Peace smell good But Axe Phoenix smells nasty and there's nothing wrong with speed stick the only bad thing about it is it doesn't last long speed stick is good for teens and preteens
Karbonite Kyla
Karbonite Kyla 8 months ago
Axe makes exes xD
Extrest -Fortnite and Random Shit
I use old spice timber
Gabriel Ma
Gabriel Ma 8 months ago
I use old spice swagger gel it smells really good
Christopher Darell
Christopher Darell 8 months ago
Real man use Old spice Bearglove
rayjinflo 8 months ago
Nuka Break!
Dorian Drives
Dorian Drives 9 months ago
I hate being poor
Fermin Amaya
Fermin Amaya 9 months ago
Sponsored by Gillette
Kenny 9 months ago
I hate axe smell its too strong of a smell. I’d prefer old spice fiji.
Matthew M
Matthew M 9 months ago
Degree is the lowkey winner
Tives 9 months ago
How are those guys considered straight women reviewing men’s deodorant
Jeremaih Rivera
Jeremaih Rivera 9 months ago
Old spice pure sport that won smells wonerfull
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo 9 months ago
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo 9 months ago
getting subs from just commenting is hard
old spice swagger is 👌
browndd 9 months ago
Old Spice is obviously the best smelling deodorant around. It's the very definition of manly smell. When a woman thinks of a suave sophisticated gentleman this is what she smells. If it was good enough for your dad it's good enough for you.
Rick C.
Rick C. 9 months ago
Crushing hard on Michelle.
MC/ TNSS 10 months ago
I usually use Speed Stick (Irish Spring Edition) it has that good scent
Mr. Night Sky
Mr. Night Sky 10 months ago
jammy doger
jammy doger 10 months ago
always old spice
Deepanshu Singh
Deepanshu Singh 10 months ago
I don't want gay men to get attracted to me
Deepanshu Singh
Deepanshu Singh 9 months ago
@JoeJVM4tT I smoke weed and marijuana, fucked your mom in Havana, that MILF was Lit, she blows nerds of Alabama.
JoeJVM4tT 9 months ago
*B o b s a n d V a g a n a*
Sydney Brede
Sydney Brede 10 months ago
I like old spice
danger stranger
danger stranger 10 months ago
I wear Gillette. It's classic but not over powering like AXE and old spice. They are more marketed to teens and 20 year olds. I smell like b/o and powder when I wear degree. Speed stick just dosnt work.
Cepha 10 months ago
my favourite deodrant is old spice wolfthorn. Smells like candy
Cepha 10 months ago
lol in England, degree is sure and AXE is LYNX
WarLord 3033
WarLord 3033 10 months ago
I have a degree
Sauree Akqzshn
Sauree Akqzshn 11 months ago
"Love💛 this comedy clip".🎇🎇🎇
W3RD0 11 months ago
"it spells like international" *what*
uwu 11 months ago
Lynx black night ftw
uwu 11 months ago
Basically UK version of Axe lol.
MaxDoesThings 11 months ago
Michelle that sat with her. A friend or girlfriend
The Goose
The Goose 11 months ago
This is literally just a video informing men on hat deodorant to buy
SKANDERBEG 11 months ago
who the pretty british girl
VOLC4NICxSP4RK 11 months ago
I use old spice pure sport and people think I always put on cologne which I rarely do. I dont even use a lot
Frans Van Zelst
Frans Van Zelst 11 months ago
MM wtf i dont have that in my country we just have spray
DangerNoodle 11 months ago
0:25-0:28 best part
shahril power
shahril power 11 months ago
the only deodorant which my gf like is Chanel Blue or Dior Sauvage deo stick
SKANDERBEG 11 months ago
Yeah that because thats those are great colognes
Micah Lugones
Micah Lugones Year ago
Why classic old spice? At least swagger. That’s the real classic.
PlastTomten Year ago
A buzzfeed video that is actually useful what happened Buzzfeed?
apoc bae
apoc bae Year ago
yoboi 19
yoboi 19 Year ago
Old spice is the best
Thinh Cao
Thinh Cao Year ago
Is that Sophie Turner ?
Julio Villalta
x Calypso
x Calypso Year ago
Lets be real here, axe was the best right?
[Krekz The Oner]
I use degree
Imperfect Hits
gillette is the best
Krish P
Krish P Year ago
good luck with getting cancer
Tebii Year ago
tehy should marry an indian they will be happy forever
Vamsshy Edara
Vamsshy Edara Year ago
Am I the only guy who doesnt use deodorant at all?
Sidshi Hatake
Sidshi Hatake Year ago
I'm buying Gillette
Puritania Year ago
faggit like gillette
Jhose Valle
Jhose Valle Year ago
I love you michael
Dmitriy Obidin
Why would you use deodorant and not antiperspirant?
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