Memes that’ll ruin your childhood

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Jul 13, 2018




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Comments 80
Archie Dela Cruz
Archie Dela Cruz 6 days ago
Comedy gold baby
goji 75
goji 75 6 days ago
0:10 how
Thanos bean
Thanos bean 9 days ago
I was 9 when I went to nova scotia I saw crab traps, thats when I realized the krusty krab was a crab trap. I was also watching the second spongebob movie at the same time.
Athul Chandran
Athul Chandran 22 days ago
For me everything was cool and all except the last one, cuz Jasmine knows the tiger ever since it was a cub and about flying carpet she doesn't have much experience or know how it works. So she asked is it safe... And she knows the pet tiger pretty well, so there's no reason for her to be afraid of him
DearFriendDenis13 24 days ago
0:58 *wtf I just saw*
you can smell my anus
¡Ay Carly!
Maki and RJ's World
My dignity!!
GD BlackStabber
GD BlackStabber Month ago
0:29 fuck you disney logic!!!
Paxton s
Paxton s Month ago
0:14 lol, wrong, goofy is a cow
Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud Month ago
0:12 you'd actually be surprised to find out that Goofy is actually a cow like Clarabelle
Raging Ethal
Raging Ethal Month ago
This make my childhood complete
Pushan T
Pushan T Month ago
These are too dank for me.
Xeon Core
Xeon Core Month ago
Well the flintstones is actually mostly what would happen if the Cold War actually happened. So Christmas was there just not in before gods way.
sherwanne jnlouis
I wish he would tell me what crabypaties are made of.
ThatPianistGirl Month ago
Wat is the music name
Henry Scharff
Henry Scharff Month ago
0:31 there's even a movie where he fucks her
Dharini Srivatsan
Actually goofy is a cow. But it still doesn't make sense
Pitch_wolfie •w•
The phone turned black and the batteries low omg I thought my phone died
ColossalEtrex80 Month ago
2:45 didn’t expect that
XxxJim_ the_ ReaperxxX
3:33 Honestly, this won't work for me. She won't answer me anymore.
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton Month ago
Ok i Have something to tell Its my shower thoughts If the dinosaurs were first in earth, How about The paradise ,Adam and Eve?
Miss Niku
Miss Niku Month ago
My childhood is ruined, my life is ruined, I'm scared, wtf Phineas and Ferb, just why, I need to bleach my eyes with holy water now, help
Miss Niku
Miss Niku Month ago
This did worse than ruin my childhood-
Idiot Noah
Idiot Noah Month ago
2:04 I am Polish and when I did learn English I was told I had an American accent-
Divine Gxd
Divine Gxd Month ago
first 9 seconds actually got me laughing (WOW)
nurin khairina.
nurin khairina. Month ago
Ducky :3
Ducky :3 Month ago
0:43, wait an minute- *wHat iS aN tRaP*
Jazmin Jaz
Jazmin Jaz Month ago
Phineas and ferb = Doritos and cheeto
I'm just gonna ruin also a moana. Father : :o a ChILD Mother: wut will name her? Father MOANa Mother:ok Me watching the movie: wha-
Caz Month ago
0:58 i feel like that would be weird looking even as a kid-
w0rm.0n.a.string YT
0:11 bdsm.
Rimi Banik
Rimi Banik Month ago
Please make your videos some slow....
Alicia Fleming
Alicia Fleming Month ago
Cinderella, she must have really small feet. But the prince can't remember her face and the only why to find her is with a shoe??
Rexi Unicorn
Rexi Unicorn Month ago
It's going so fast, I can't even look at it.
King Jake
King Jake Month ago
Ok u no wat ... someone kill me now
King Jake
King Jake Month ago
For some dumb reason I started shouting and swearing at the video after he said the zazu thing
ItsCloverYT Month ago
Isn't your childhood already ruined?
Live For Christ
Live For Christ Month ago
2:14 which movie
Maria Tereza Souza Lacerda
0:37 0-0
edo tensei 21
edo tensei 21 Month ago
My childhood ruin not because of the video but because of his voice😫 why can’t there be normal voice meme actoersss whhyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭🥺😞
Serious duck A
Serious duck A Month ago
I’m too young I’m still a kid
Mirazam Abdullaev
Fuckkkk! I can't pause!!! Why can't you hold those fucking bloody meme pictures a little bit longer!!! I'm using my phone, I don't have that magic "space" button
CatiCactus Plant
0:35 uhhh.....
Khairul Mizan
Khairul Mizan Month ago
How in the world phineas n ferb parents pay the goddamn bill
zakia ashraf
zakia ashraf Month ago
You just literally burned them 😂😂😂😂😂
zakia ashraf
zakia ashraf Month ago
You just literally burned them 😂😂😂😂😂
zakia ashraf
zakia ashraf Month ago
You just literally burned them 😂😂😂😂😂
Zahra Month ago
2:47 No ..thats just a type of pant ..
Nemhat Haokip
Nemhat Haokip Month ago
So fast
Letter Doggo
Letter Doggo 2 months ago
2:44 That hurt me bad
Alaina Leete
Alaina Leete 2 months ago
I searched up “Is goofy a dog or a cow?” Because ya know, If goofys a dog and dating a cow that’s a bit weird. NOPE. GOOFYS A FUCKING COW. HES A COW. I QUIT LIFE. Search up “is goofy a dog or cow?” HES. A. COW.
Moon아이 2 months ago
0:11 goofy is a cow, double ruined childhood.
Benjamin Lees
Benjamin Lees 2 months ago
There's no time to see wtf the meme is
Miss JayJokerFan2035Harley
Moana's dad literally said I'll keep ocean away from the ocean Because Moana means ocean bruh.
Chan Kit Ying
Chan Kit Ying 2 months ago
2:48 he have a thicc leg
Hrishikesh Hrishikesh
Basically he is trying to find logic behind those cartoon characters.
Avery Andrews
Avery Andrews 2 months ago
2:47 just
שרלילה 2 months ago
Dude, make the video a bit faster, those pictures are on screen so long it gets boring 😤
ЯеνеяseGod 2 months ago
How would it be if the ikea dictator gulag time was in a disney movie?
Marissa Scootaloo's kid Loves Error Sans
3:45 yeah no, I don't get that
Sean Spahr
Sean Spahr 2 months ago
He isn't shaved. He just can't grow a beard.
Sonia Thakore
Sonia Thakore 2 months ago
Can you just appreciate the efforts made by Disney for children instead of making silly memes outof it!!? These are stories and are made by imagination so it's all imagined. How innovative and amazing imaginations are used in all the stories and everybody just loves it. So.. instead of finding flaws in it look at the good side of it.
Justus Halonen
Justus Halonen 2 months ago
And 2:47
Justus Halonen
Justus Halonen 2 months ago
What the hell 2:15
Lachtan Český
Lachtan Český 2 months ago
2:12 No jó, Pepek námořník - Hodil do sebe konzervu špenátu a už zo valil
Greg Cuber
Greg Cuber 2 months ago
Don't you need a childhood first
simone De luna
simone De luna 2 months ago
i lost at this part 3:39
TA - 07DG - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)
Aladdin pants are really really REALLY losse, they don't make up the size of his actual legs Later in the movie when he's wearing the rich clothing you can see his actual legs Whoever made that logic fact has no logic.
Lonxley_ boi
Lonxley_ boi 2 months ago
My life is a lie
Athrixx 2 months ago
2:46 one of the only memes in the world that genuinely made me laugh
Seok Jinnie
Seok Jinnie 2 months ago
*Can you find the memes?*
Klotilda Premtaj
Klotilda Premtaj 2 months ago
Disney: r/woooooooosh
Rehan090208 2 months ago
On the description it says pg😳😳
ZWRulez 2 months ago
Cinderella with logic: Prince: She left her glass slipper! I’ll find the one who- *glass slipper disappears cause Cinderella was barefoot before the spell* Prince: Dammit.
Sophahang Lim
Sophahang Lim 2 months ago
This just reminds me how stupid I was as a child 'til now 😂
the grim reaper is cool
0:30 Nekromantik confirmed
I sleep in da b u f f
Help... 3:00
Who else thought that the thumbnail said: HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE SHAVED
Wyatt Jamison
Wyatt Jamison 2 months ago
2:47 He just has baggy pants
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