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Welcome to Meme Awards, your #1 source for memes on RUvid. Fresh, hand-selected, uploaded daily. Volume 486.
Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - Memes that’ll have you in shambles.
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Jul 13, 2019

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Comments 3 981
Not Scary
Not Scary 15 hours ago
6:35 is from the office
Spider Va
Spider Va 3 days ago
1:56 IVE BEEN E X P O S E D Who else?
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 3 days ago
6:35 the reason she was sober is because she has a baby Isn’t it ;)
Beyblade Guy
Beyblade Guy 3 days ago
the amount of comments that don't say howdy angers me 0:45
BreeStake Bobba
BreeStake Bobba 3 days ago
4:11 i couldnt sleep cuz of the fact that Bob's hand align with the 2nd picture
Ayden geist
Ayden geist 3 days ago
My dad spanked me 15 times for crying when I got stung by a yellowjacket #featureme
TechnoBoy54321 4 days ago
13:06 Alex and will from Sheath and Knife: i.imgflip.com/2gnnjh.jpg?a433992
RedBamboo 4 days ago
Anything:exist State of California:C A N C E R
Lindsay Hudgeons
Lindsay Hudgeons 5 days ago
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 5 days ago
8:15 Jesus fuck He's Satan.
Osama bin Saggin
Osama bin Saggin 5 days ago
Nigga whom the fucc buys halo 4 in 2019. Lemme say it again, lil nigga bought halo fuckin 4 in the year 2019. The 2nd millennium since god fucked his kid over because we were wack
Dizzy Kitty
Dizzy Kitty 5 days ago
6:00 at first I was like "what does this mean* Also me: *fuking fortnite*
Sirius Black Gamer
2:27 not true. wither, wither skeleton, ender dragon.
Franco Torrealba Marcano
Gaia's Guardian
Gaia's Guardian 7 days ago
@14:39 Are we really not going to talk about how the guy in the top left looks like a Minecraft villiager?
Jones from96
Jones from96 8 days ago
3:07 Stephen be rollin' in his grave...
Space monkiz
Space monkiz 8 days ago
Ranibow spimkle
Lukex33 9 days ago
19:24 That's how you get into shrooms
Human Person
Human Person 9 days ago
6:38 I just watched that episode of The Office lmao
Super Spongebob Lennon
My gf: i bet he is thinking about other girls Me: if Britain bought mario would his name be changed to mark🤔 #memeawards #featureme
Will ll-//
Will ll-// 15 days ago
Hey there, if you're reading this, please don't free the ducks bread, it hurts them and contamines the river/lake they live in. Instead try with seedless grapes cut un half. Thanks
Angel the tiny human man thing
9:46 does anyone know what that video is
NICMOS_ SPACE 16 days ago
4:20 mitohondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Ryota Kawajiri
Ryota Kawajiri 16 days ago
Teacher: [About to draw diagram.] Me: Your next line is 'Ok, I'm no artist'! Am I right? Teacher: Ok, I'm no artist -- WAIT, WHAT?! #MemeAwards #FeatureMe
Ryota Kawajiri
Ryota Kawajiri 16 days ago
Teacher: [About to draw diagram.] Me: Your next line is 'Ok, I'm no artist'! Am I right? Teacher: Ok, I'm no artist-- WHAT?! #MemeAwards #FeatureMe
Ryota Kawajiri
Ryota Kawajiri 16 days ago
5:50 I have only one thing to say to you. [Il Vento D'oro intensifies] Kono Kawajiri Ryota niwa yume ga aru.
Aidan koch
Aidan koch 17 days ago
2:27, he forgot about wither skeletons, but, still... DAS RACIST
VPDK BANDAVA 17 days ago
Nilla Waffer
Nilla Waffer 17 days ago
I really heard the Ziggy's
The real game
The real game 17 days ago
What is wrong with me it’s 1 am and I’m eating tortilla wraps
cristopher wong
cristopher wong 18 days ago
MINECRAFT NEVER DIES Because it literally have single player, multiplayer, co-op, and offline play with wired link.
favor's world
favor's world 18 days ago
They're more than two genders (yes I'm pan) 5:47
Reagan Co
Reagan Co 18 days ago
These time traveler memes is getting lazy
That One YouTuber
That One YouTuber 18 days ago
Bad news boys we aren't getting Shrek 5 ever because DreamWorks got the rights to Shrek and is going to reboot the franchise
Logan paul
Logan paul 18 days ago
The story at 6:20 was what happened at Jim and pam’s wedding on the office
Landon Pflum
Landon Pflum 18 days ago
6:29 the office
Aries Gamer11223
Aries Gamer11223 18 days ago
7:13 explain this to me
Horrified Beetle431
15:52 is from the movie fury.😞
Diego Mascote
Diego Mascote 19 days ago
18:13 Villager news
A Unstoppable
A Unstoppable 19 days ago
Cowbelly: only black mob in the game steals (picture: enderman) Wither skeleton: I guess I was in the dark, my bad Ender dragon: *throws purple fire bomb*
benji pureco
benji pureco 19 days ago
2:27 is a lie there is the wither skeleton the wither and the ender dragon
Caleb Koeller
Caleb Koeller 19 days ago
has this channel always been called cowbelly studios?
Almighty Egglord
Almighty Egglord 19 days ago
Tienn Fontaine
Tienn Fontaine 19 days ago
1 and a half life
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 19 days ago
6:31 Andy from the office
Sitto 78
Sitto 78 19 days ago
9:46 Sauce?
Rose Singh
Rose Singh 19 days ago
is no one going to talk about how there is more than one black mob? the wither/wither skeleton? minecraft og’s like me do y’all agree???
papa stalin
papa stalin 20 days ago
Hitler gas bill was high
fitzgamer #999
fitzgamer #999 20 days ago
2:27 wither and wither skeleton: Am I a joke to you?
Frozen Wafflez
Frozen Wafflez 20 days ago
6:37 office reference?
Tek Smash
Tek Smash 19 days ago
Matthew Kern
Matthew Kern 20 days ago
1:27 yo
Dylan Chapman
Dylan Chapman 20 days ago
The microtchonderea is the power house of the cell#memeawared#featureme
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 21 day ago
Time traveller: There is Minecraft 6 Me: wait what
XboXeXplorer125 21 day ago
13:42 *ymca starts playing*
Stone Foxx02
Stone Foxx02 21 day ago
Time traveler: Who is that? *Points to photo* Me: Oh thats Hitler. He is dead today thank god. Time Traveler: So he isn't revived yet? Me: Say sike right now. #MemeAwards #FeatureMe
Stone Foxx02
Stone Foxx02 21 day ago
18:19 Thats my kind of beef. *Pulls out tenderizer,knife,and seasonings* Im hungry
Abyss_ Fishron
Abyss_ Fishron 21 day ago
wow a kurzsgesats meme look how far memes have come
Poopy Face
Poopy Face 21 day ago
I can’t tell if 6:36 is serious or not, that’s an episode plot from the office
Mr bendy and Oof boi
Edit: 5:52 I don’t wanna be a baby and be called baby self Call me by my fricking name and not my gender
Mr bendy and Oof boi
Meme:only black mob in minecraft Wither and wither skeleton:are u challenging me? #MemeAwards #featureme
rat 21 day ago
6:30 wowzers a office reference
Jonah Hunt
Jonah Hunt 21 day ago
petition to rename sleeping bags to sleeping sacs #MemeAwards #FeatureMe
Fungi G&P
Fungi G&P 21 day ago
glove enthusiast
glove enthusiast 21 day ago
2:28 spider? Wither Skeleton? Some cats? Bat? Enders Dragon? Squid?
Salt Gabe
Salt Gabe 21 day ago
golden toy Bonnie the dark gamer
18:13 give it to me now
Kathryn 21 day ago
2:25 ender dragon,wither, and wither skeleton : are we a joke to you?
5k subs whit no videos challenge
0:36 i can hear them, im 06
Adriana Is Crusty
Adriana Is Crusty 22 days ago
Is anyone else going to tell the dude at @6:36 that we have all watched The Office?
GirlyTMNTplayer Games
my friends giving me their pieces of fish: what do you think about religion? me loving fish and being a atheist: 14:46
*cool name here*
*cool name here* 22 days ago
6:36 I might be dumb but isn’t that from the office
Kidyom U.
Kidyom U. 22 days ago
What if cowbelly featured a comment on Daily Meme Dose #DailyMemeDose #FeatureMe
Chacharealsmooth 22 days ago
Mememan2002 22 days ago
Vincent Rhyne
Vincent Rhyne 23 days ago
8:06 all the damn time
Mitch Hein
Mitch Hein 23 days ago
2:28 wither skeloton: . . . wither: [villager noises] ender dragon: im actually white. i just felt like i had to say this and idk if magma blob coumts. spider: ="°-°"=
Thomas the panzerwafgen
No fucking anime cunt.
R4nd0m Uz3rn4m3
R4nd0m Uz3rn4m3 23 days ago
1:09 why's my neighbor on my sister?
Billy 23 days ago
The cigarette filter removal petition doesn't make much sense to me. It wouldn't be better for the environment to kill smokers faster. The two most common post mortem services are cremation and burial. If smokers died faster, it would cause more smoke to flood the air, as well as more extremely harmful chemicals in embalming fluids to be put into the Earth. In short, killing smokers faster would in turn create more pollution
SlyGuy5000 23 days ago
6:33 is from Jim and Pams wedding in the office us from Andy's pov
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