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Welcome to Meme Awards, your #1 source for memes on RUvid. Fresh, hand-selected, uploaded daily. Volume 486.
Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - Memes that’ll have you in shambles.
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 3 957
Collin Films
Collin Films 5 days ago
2:00 The correct template is: You guys are getting paid?
Skippy DingleChalk
Skippy DingleChalk 14 days ago
This music reminds me of the summer time when i wasted the whole summer watching this indoors. I miss meme awards 😪
TheIlluminati / Gryffin 45
The *****saurus got me! XD
Clayton C
Clayton C 28 days ago
He’s a rapper?
I dropped my glasses
6:32 the office anyone
2:27 what about the nether skeleton’s
puggys223145 Mcglinn
I understood 2:02 by only listening to it
Thighhighsenpai Oof
Lmao the time traveler memes are so dumb
Lettucefarmer 92
2:26 only black mob **sad wither skeleton noises**
Njål Wallén
Njål Wallén Month ago
11:08 I still cannot get over the fact that there is actualy going to be a half life 3
I am Ded
I am Ded Month ago
6:38 This is a scene from The Office. Andy said he was going to do a banana split and his car keys went right through.
Life's manager
Life's manager Month ago
about the Japanese nukes... Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived both and died in 2010
Oof _Adri
Oof _Adri Month ago
6:37 is from the office, andy did that😂
SmolKoiJenni OwO
Minecraft's black mobs: Enderman:STEALS Wither Skeleton:DROPS HEAD Wither:SHOOTS Ender Dragon:PROTECC EGG
Madellen McKinstry
2:14 Exactly!
Cranaculas Month ago
I'm so tired that on the "I use the sheep to cook the sheep meme", that I hallucinated and saw the progress bar move and now I'm questioning my sanity."
Michał Mokwa
Michał Mokwa Month ago
2:27 Wither? Wither skeleton? Ender dragon? Enderman isn't only black mob in MC
Jacob Russell
Jacob Russell Month ago
0:31 Wait... no traces of HUMAN dna Confirmed Belle Delphine is an alien who escaped from area 51
1198cdx 18868690
The photo in 6:00 alone damn near made me cry 😢🙂 and cowbelly where did you get that image because I want to get it as well please
a filthy lizard person
13:43 get Nae Naed
Super K
Super K 2 months ago
4:07 They hands are aligned, just wanted you guys to know that
Aidan Robert PARK
Aidan Robert PARK 2 months ago
Isn't 6:36 a reference to the office (US) not the original but the best
Aidan Robert PARK
Aidan Robert PARK 2 months ago
So is 6:57
Djeto Entertainment
Djeto Entertainment 2 months ago
Time traveler: I'm your sather. Me: What's a sather Time traveler: Bye daddyson...
ArrowMaster273 2 months ago
2:01 You guys are getting paid?
THAT person
THAT person 2 months ago
1:46 I was so distracted laughing I fell off my skate board 🤷
Cosmetic of The whale
Do you think well outlive most animals or will everything die at once?
Deany Goode
Deany Goode 3 months ago
3:04 SIR CREDIT THE AUTHORS TEO AND COREY FOR THAT. Also that was a redraw and the dog was originally a Guinea pig. Read adventures of god on webtoon. Byeeeeeeeeeee
Mr. Monocle
Mr. Monocle 3 months ago
4:19 the Mitochodria is the powerhouse of the cell
Strange Pug
Strange Pug 4 months ago
2:27 Wither Skeleton: Am i a joke to you?
HELP LEMME GO ! 4 months ago
6 days till Area 51
Exoduss 1228
Exoduss 1228 4 months ago
I'M JUST GONNA IGNORE THE FACT THAT THUMBNAIL EVEN EXISTS!!!!!!!! *internal screaming intensifies*
Night Shade
Night Shade 4 months ago
The villager news meme would give me and my best friend a veterans account.
DONKEYGOBOOM 64 4 months ago
1:36 Andrew Bernard
Aliya Chivensko
Aliya Chivensko 4 months ago
Xtreme Warrior
Xtreme Warrior 4 months ago
5:01 boi
I Watch Iconic Vines
Those were Sandy’s nieces, uncultured swines
Killer Meme
Killer Meme 4 months ago
6:22 The Office flashbacks
Dean Butler
Dean Butler 4 months ago
9:46 sauce
Fortnut _
Fortnut _ 4 months ago
18:35 but she is a girl an a model at that
Jordan Turner
Jordan Turner 4 months ago
'only black mob is enderman' ender dragon: am i a joke to you? black horses: am i a joke to you? wither (sorta): am i a joke to you? wither skeleton: am i a joke to you? bat: am i a j- you get the idea. #MemeAwards #FeatureMe
Mr. Dab
Mr. Dab 4 months ago
15:11 why the fuck is it on 9% and not charged. (btw 24 hr time? bitch please..)
JA Gaming
JA Gaming 4 months ago
6:37 dude that's from the office be original
silver dragania [dragania cnl]
i would happily give death a warm embracing hug becouse i know it can be hard at times
kameron ndungu
kameron ndungu 4 months ago
Friski-Wiski 4 months ago
2:26 there are bats btw
That Gamer For Money
18:20 I concur
MichaelMatthew Garstka
4:42 same
Steven Westwood
Steven Westwood 4 months ago
#FunnyMemes #Featureme MEMME
•o• •o•
•o• •o• 4 months ago
4:15 Wait what character was he?- Me 1 sec later: SAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
AmericanIdiot 4 months ago
Lol why am I saying this.
Amber Howard
Amber Howard 4 months ago
I watch love and hip hop
Voidless 4 months ago
How old are you? the comments aren't even funny
crusader 2113
crusader 2113 4 months ago
2:27 and the wither skeleton stabs you
Anonomous 4 months ago
11:25 *hmm yes it’s almost as if two super powers were also helping the country hmmmmmmmmmmmmm*
Uber Nuggetz
Uber Nuggetz 4 months ago
Time Traveler: what are you watching? Me: Shrek forever after. Time Traveler: I hate that one! Not even in top hundred Shrek’s Me: (Shits pants) #FeatureMe #MemeAwards
Krayzbone Studios
Krayzbone Studios 5 months ago
6:35 is from the office
Lorenzo 5 months ago
1:56 IVE BEEN E X P O S E D Who else?
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 5 months ago
6:35 the reason she was sober is because she has a baby Isn’t it ;)
Beyblade Guy
Beyblade Guy 5 months ago
the amount of comments that don't say howdy angers me 0:45
BreeStake Bobba
BreeStake Bobba 5 months ago
4:11 i couldnt sleep cuz of the fact that Bob's hand align with the 2nd picture
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