Melanie Martinez - Soap

queen C
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I cut the bath part sorry
and guys btw people keep saying that I stole her video.
the video is already on her channel ' Melanie Martinez ' .
I just took it and I split the 2 videos ( soap and training wheels )
bc most of the people want soap without training wheels or training wheels without soap AND some people cant watch those 2 music videos from her channel bc I guess they blocked it from their country or something.
so im just trying to help:(
and im not the only one who posted soap so stop attacking me
n yeah its not my video. I love her & I don't mean anything else.
double feature link: ruvid.net/video/video-OKY57T5mvLY.html

thank you for watching.


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Nov 18, 2015




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Comments 80
Caitlyn Scarberry
Caitlyn Scarberry 28 minutes ago
Nobody: Not a soul: Mm's eyes in the end:👁️👁️
-Vanily&Milky- :3
Johnny Johnny Yes papa? NOT PAPA IT’S MELANIE GENIUS
Yo cro que se copio
Rosie :3
Rosie :3 4 hours ago
I just realized Melanie has the London look xD
Růžena Točíková
I loved you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kelly Tran
Kelly Tran 8 hours ago
Why y’all being mean to her ? :((( I’m not trying to be rude to :((
goh Ian playz
goh Ian playz 13 hours ago
So nice
Wea Ranzanera
Wea Ranzanera 15 hours ago
Let’s all be honest, *y’all came for ** 2:07 *
JoepPlayzz 20 hours ago
2:05 intro sugar
h a p p y d r u g
h a p p y d r u g 23 hours ago
Guys shut up no one is comparing Billie with Melanie. They are both amazing and don’t say Billie is Overrated because she isn’t and Melanie is Underrated but that’s no reason to hate Billie okay they both accomplished fame unlike all of you. And Billie even likes Melanie so stfu
Hxneybee Sugar
Omg. She made this by herself I can’t
Vhsvlr Day ago
Am I the only one that had no idea this was Melanie until today? The first time I listened to it was several years ago when all I listened to was edgy nightcore. 😂
Jan Maliszewski
Nora Cooper
Nora Cooper Day ago
it should be i think i just remembered something i guess i left the faucet running
Paloma Liz
Paloma Liz Day ago
Amo ela não enredo Inglês mas amo ela😍😆
Olivia Mitchell
the only artist I like being weird is Lady Gaga😂
Teresa Harper
So much
Teresa Harper
I love it
3:42 that part take me to another world ❣❣❣
Silvana Tijera
Buenardoooo buenardo buenardo
Laei Tamino
Laei Tamino Day ago
Is this Melanie or a fan? This is amazing! Love it!
Helena Martins
Ahhhhh, nostalgic musically days
the boy is sooo handsome omg T-T
Gigi Escabusa
How they hate Melanie’s Hair. But they love Billie Ellish’s Weird low voice
Mariam Carter
She did this all by herself if you didn't know since she was rejected by her own company
Who loves her better wash my mouth with soap this is how many ppl love love Melanie 👇🏻
Cherrywolf Day ago
*ThRoW a ToAsTeR in BaThTub* Me:oh thats black Melanie
Berry baskets
Ive been trying to find this on her channel but I cant find it did it get deleted?
Sirwin Garcia
Melanie is the best❤❤❤
Halo It's Shimmertail
What's the moral of this story?🤔
HeyyItzTrish 2 days ago
Fun Fact: She made this MV herself because they didn't want her to make an MV for this.
Lpskaela Playz
Lpskaela Playz 2 days ago
I guess I better wash my mouth out with soap the flu has left the chat
Sage Smith
Sage Smith 2 days ago
I better wash my mouth out with soap Coronavirus left the chat
Kariannette Rodriguez
Nice pink and black hair Melanie Martinez I like Soap and wheels on the bus from you. Best singer in the world you are
Oliwia Sacha
Oliwia Sacha 2 days ago
I love you Melanie ❤️🥺
Iga Chan
Iga Chan 2 days ago
Ndhondt Channel
Ndhondt Channel 2 days ago
Melanie Martinez ♥️
Sayde Cristina Sanchez Garcia
Kiyana Askew
Kiyana Askew 2 days ago
😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 I am confused???
SlyLoser 3 days ago
Me: Guess I better wash my mind out with soap *_bubble noises intensify_*
BETHANY WOODS 3 days ago
I don't like Melanie but this song is good
Christian Lewand
Christian Lewand 3 days ago
Think of this literally. This random dude come to her house, without seeing anyone, and takes a bath???
Amirah Najwa
Amirah Najwa 3 days ago
i love her
Arnoldo Rodriguez
She said she regrets what she said then she said shouldn't have said the word love so she confessed to John I but regrets it
Arnoldo Rodriguez
All her music has a story and it's relatable thats why I love her music
Emilia Maton
Emilia Maton 3 days ago
love this song!
c l o u d y h e a v e n
Wig Snatched
Wig Snatched 3 days ago
Thank you tiktok
Cayden’s fun Videos
the video was 5 years ago
Uma Gamer Arco-Íris
O corona vírus se ia entrar na boca dela,acho que não vai mais entrar ,_, Só eu sou brasileira? ;-;
Aira joy Ochate
Aira joy Ochate 4 days ago
This is my fave YT celeb ever :D
April 4 days ago
Comment section: comparing Melanie and Billie Eyelash
Maflor Nonot
Maflor Nonot 4 days ago
Yeah bòooooooo
Maflor Nonot
Maflor Nonot 4 days ago
Soap is corona yeah😎
Maflor Nonot
Maflor Nonot 4 days ago
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 4 days ago
I'm just two comments in and people are already comparing to Billie PLEASE STOP! IT'S DISGUSTING
James Bradley
James Bradley 4 days ago
The songs are depressing just how I like it
winter warlock
winter warlock 4 days ago
LOVE her so much creepy but still soso good no amazing and if you're a hater go way not judging sorry but like you do you I guess stay safe God bless you all bye 😄
winter warlock
winter warlock 4 days ago
Purple Nature Fox
Her eyebrows today.
gacha you black name
So in this situation we have to wash our hands with * soap * h
Genesis Guerra
Genesis Guerra 4 days ago
Back in the days, when kids got in trouble they had to put soap in their mouth. So im guessing Melanie had to do it when she was in trouble
Janine Poburski
Janine Poburski 4 days ago
It's from the Movie "Nerve" 🤩
Helmut Budke
Helmut Budke 4 days ago
Schönes Lied
by AlvaZ
by AlvaZ 4 days ago
Nada que ver
S T O R M 4 days ago
kqvre 4 days ago
I remember this trend on musically
Ava Sophia Roman
Ava Sophia Roman 4 days ago
These are the amount of people who love Melanie
Toki Poki
Toki Poki 4 days ago
Who is the boy ? (Just wondering hihi)
sandro Jaiani
sandro Jaiani 4 days ago
czqrokn cae vmkjhjia\ v[pw;joiokv a;ercx z 55543`9 sj4 akiw zjnjlkiljv g2kuq2wwh
FadeDG 4 days ago
I bet she flosses with a mattress
Popcorn lover123
Popcorn lover123 4 days ago
Melanie:guess I better wash my mouth out with soap The guy:wtf
Idk games
Idk games 4 days ago
Just what we need
Francisca Ignacia Saavedra Valenzuela
Like si estabas buscando un comentario en español like si lo ves en la cuarentena
Vanessa Lopes
Vanessa Lopes 5 days ago
Me love melanie and k-11
bee Rii Saligumba
Ffnufcvut sniff sniff wow
Luis Antonio Flores
esta muy bonita la cancion
Mio -Chan
Mio -Chan 5 days ago
If u like her lyrics u are a true fan if u only like the video u are not a true fan
Kayla Wanamaker
Kayla Wanamaker 5 days ago
“Im tired of being careful” that’s my whole life-
Sandra Dominguez Weiss
I love her outfit and make up at the beginning
Dato Xarischirashvili
Itsme Eiei
Itsme Eiei 5 days ago
The bubbling sound makes this song unique, I like it.
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