Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

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“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor
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Because you know I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass

#MeghanTrainor #AllAboutThatBass #Pop


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Jun 11, 2014




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Comments 100
Robloxian Cookie
Robloxian Cookie 8 minutes ago
Valentina Bajramovic
Valentina Bajramovic 30 minutes ago
yeobo Hour ago
I'm the recent
xxDiamond xx
xxDiamond xx Hour ago
omg it had been 3 years since I heard this song idk why but I am randomly listening to my childhood favorite songs
Demilsom Alencar
Miley Eunice Llorente
This song still bops tho🕺🕺
JN SILVA 3 hours ago
Gonçalo Vicente
Gonçalo Vicente 8 minutes ago
JN SILVA 3 hours ago
Duru Çetinkol
Duru Çetinkol 3 hours ago
Hi from 2020
Christian Lauren
Christian Lauren 3 hours ago
0:33 is that 3 nicki minaj? LOL
I'm Shay Qwq
I'm Shay Qwq 3 hours ago
As funny and colorful this looks this song actually teaches about self confidence-
Nana Games
Nana Games 3 hours ago
If your still watching this your a legend
Lxx gvl
Lxx gvl 3 hours ago
Perfect Meghan Trainor . Just make other people down to feel better 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Vina Silvestre
Vina Silvestre 4 hours ago
Beautiful music
ina Yakub
ina Yakub 4 hours ago
Bottom to the topppp
FLY TO THE SKY 5 hours ago
I think I saw her on netflix recently
Pizey 6 hours ago
This was 6 years ago? I felt like it was 10 years ago😂
Shalisa H
Shalisa H 7 hours ago
The fact that this commemt section is still active after 6 years makes me so happy :)
Eliana Ocampo
Eliana Ocampo 7 hours ago
Lowkey TooBreezy
Lowkey TooBreezy 8 hours ago
Back when the world had songs like this
Alana Sammer
Alana Sammer 9 hours ago
Y’all can roast me because I’m really young but I’ve been listening to this song since it came out and now I’m 13... I’ve just noticed how great the message in this sing is
Sofia 9 hours ago
Antes de bts esta canción era la que me subía el autoestima
Sabil 9 hours ago
Badabes badabes
Kayla Jaeger
Kayla Jaeger 10 hours ago
who you
who you 10 hours ago
My childhood 😺✌🏻✨
hailie glam
hailie glam 10 hours ago
Even my fav song thank you mehan for creating this song I am nine I loved this song since I was three I still do
*•LAZY WOLF•* [Star]
I miss this song so much I been finding this song for 5 years TnT
Smol bean Eri
Smol bean Eri 10 hours ago
I love how Diverse this is
Preetham Gangadhar
Preetham Gangadhar 10 hours ago
Slap the bass like now. Who all know what I mean hit the like
jess 10 hours ago
Feeling kinda shamed for being skinny.. anyone come here from doja’s juicy
Trinity W
Trinity W Hour ago
gain weight then lol
Rennata Garay
Rennata Garay 11 hours ago
what is the ejempl tas the momen 1- 48 is a insult touch the culo is a insuuuul reported what is the ejempl can see son
Iyannn n
Iyannn n 11 hours ago
Raudhia Putrinda
Raudhia Putrinda 11 hours ago
my childhood memories
Daniela Salinas
Daniela Salinas 11 hours ago
wow this brings old memories I wanna cry 8( love this song
Ricks David Grajo
Ricks David Grajo 11 hours ago
Yes you're still listening this, you're truly LEGEND.
Danilsa Salazar
Danilsa Salazar 11 hours ago
me finding out that DaniLeigh is in the music video
Budi Man
Budi Man 12 hours ago
T c
Daniel Pessoa
Daniel Pessoa 12 hours ago
planet zoo
Rose Nope
Rose Nope 12 hours ago
I swear this came out yesterday my mom is obsessed
Rose Nope
Rose Nope 12 hours ago
And my sis played the kid bop version and my sis said this is the kid bop version and she said IDC
RAFAEL SOUSA 14 hours ago
Timeless, highly motivational music, raising the self-esteem of a "cold" society with itself ... Excellent music 🎵🎶🎵 🇧🇷
The Power Within
The Power Within 14 hours ago
Ya, overweight people are way more beautiful than healthy people who take care of themselves...
Gisele Souza da Silva
(Kety Perry) full (álbum Smile) Com Todas As Novas músicas( Oficial) Canal( Kety Perry)😀 ruvid.net/group/OLAK5uy_l_Af8WOISt5XSUihSPKUbsCh-VJjP9fPI
Gisele Souza da Silva
(Kety Perry) full (álbum Smile) Com Todas As Novas músicas( Oficial) Canal( Kety Perry)😀 ruvid.net/group/OLAK5uy_l_Af8WOISt5XSUihSPKUbsCh-VJjP9fPI
Lori Brown
Lori Brown 16 hours ago
Why is it we started out chunky and then all of a sudden all your videos show you skinny as a rail what’s up with that did you lose weight for you or did you lose weight for the people that said that you needed to lose weight because if you lost it for them it doesn’t matter if you lost it for yourself then Pratts to you if you lost it for a medical reason your props to you just asking
Adrien Kid
Adrien Kid 16 hours ago
Anyone else here at 2020?😂
Sophia Brunt
Sophia Brunt 17 hours ago
am I hallucinating or is that a young Kaycee rice? 2:28
wimper laje
wimper laje 17 hours ago
si algien habla dale un like
100K Subscribers Challenge with Content.
Just imagine how many people listening this song everyday, every minute, everysecond.
prettyluhalize 18 hours ago
2:58 yall know that one tiktok trend 😭😂?
Leidy verum
Leidy verum 19 hours ago
I love mucic the Meghan Trainor 😘😘😘😘🌷💖💘💘💐🌺💞💋💖💘❤🍀🍀
Blackchild 20 hours ago
This song brings back so many memories😭😭❤️❤️❤️
OfficiallyMairalynn 20 hours ago
Ok but is everyone gonna ignore the fact that those outfits are ADORABLEEEE :o
OfficiallyMairalynn 20 hours ago
I never understood this until i remembered it again
Help me for subscribe 20k with 4 videos challenge
Let's see how many views it gets in month of October 2020
LazyDaisy 21 hour ago
I remembered when my brother showed me this song when I was 5 and now I realized that thi song has swear words ;-;
yeah shore
yeah shore 21 hour ago
i completely forgot abt this song and i just remembered this song
Samantha Aguilar
Samantha Aguilar 22 hours ago
musicas de teclado
musicas de teclado 23 hours ago
Arianna Benoit
I love how it makes you feel better about being thiccer than others
It’Sarah Day ago
Claim ur “here before 3B views” ticket right here I make vidz💖
like si están aqui por que querían ver como le copiaron mis pastelitos
Alisha Fisher
meghan isn't fat.................................................... she's thicc with a C
Fun with Kayla Ramos
Who else was so surprised of how many views this had
Jaden Marsh
Jaden Marsh Day ago
Can we give a moment of silence for the people that searched up nanananana bass no trouble
Rodrigo party Pop
Me gusta la Canción
Arve Artic
Arve Artic Day ago
I can relate every single lyrics with my present life right now...Thank god I came back again to listen this🙏
grumpy cat
grumpy cat Day ago
Cause every inch of you is perfect from the Bright to the Win.
Camille Kloens
love this video clip
Water burger
Water burger Day ago
I always come back to see that man dance
Cap'n_L Day ago
This song and lips are moving helped establish some of my childhood friendships
Joey marks
Joey marks Day ago
davie 504 in a nutshell
Chibi Vlogs
Chibi Vlogs Day ago
Hamizah Di
Hamizah Di Day ago
I come back here after doing chemistry titration😬. Because titration is all about that 'base'
Tristan 2342
Tristan 2342 Day ago
No one: Me: were is the bass
Raisa Santos
Raisa Santos Day ago
Cygni Day ago
Just randomly remembered this from my mother's aerobic, spelt the title name as "badabes".
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Manicks Channel
This is garbage compared to the cover by Mehgen Trainor
Yareli Torres
this song raises my self-esteem a lot I love it ❤️😘
Hot Potato
Hot Potato Day ago
Anyone else notice how every girl in the video is skinny as heck 😂
1ik is a qt
1ik is a qt Day ago
This song was in my dream so I came back and listened to it :)
Sophia Eloá Miranda
Essa musica,sempre me deixa com a auto estima maior,e me dixa mais confiante sobre meu corpo,e tbm fez eu amar mais ele😊
Carolina Rios
6 years after and this song keep being amazing シఌ
Eli Jay
Eli Jay Day ago
Times seemed so simple when this came out.
MedSou Day ago
*someday someone will find this comment* . . 👇 *God bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.*
Suzette Wilson
Who hear dis in 2020??? 👇
akane tendo
akane tendo Day ago
my teenage self crying in bulimia. no jokes this song makes me cry of joy
Melissa R.
Melissa R. Day ago
Like if not did not come from TikTok :)
val chacal
val chacal Day ago
2 404 429 381 views in 2020 !!!
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali Day ago
Balnur Day ago
I was 14yo when the song was released and I used to think she was fat. That time really thin girls were popular. And after 6 years I realised that she isnt fat, she has an average weight and body and this song is really underrated its inestimable..
SamuraiC Day ago
This oddly wholesome
Gloob / غلووب
6 years later, If you're watching this you're a legend
soy Baljeet
soy Baljeet Day ago
Wtf 2.4b 🤨🤨🤨
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