Megan Thee Stallion Is A Hot Girl With “Girls In The Hood” & “Savage” Performance | BET Awards 20

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Megan Thee Stallion performs her new track “Girls In The Hood” and turns up to “Savage” for the 2020 BET Awards!
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Jun 28, 2020




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Comments 60
Vania Williams
Great video. Did anyone see Keara Wilson or the twins Shayné and Zhané Stanley in the video.
no ma'am
no ma'am 2 days ago
did they shoot this on daybreak set???
Emily Iddings
Emily Iddings 2 days ago
Sampling paper boy.... love it!
Minerva Montes
Minerva Montes 3 days ago
dj jahleke dj jahleke lewis
Hey Megan Thee Staillon Savage Remix
Mike N
Mike N 4 days ago
Megan is fierce! Loved the whole performance!
Gwen Cleveland
Gwen Cleveland 4 days ago
Love how she sampled 2pac and Eazy-E this girl served!!❤
Michelle Dozier-Slaton
Megan, please go back to Carl Crawford.........he will protect you and nourish you. He has proven that. Please
Greg Hampton
Greg Hampton 5 days ago
Ok if this is what's leading the way in black Entertainment we have truly lost our way! You can't have a clear consious mind,wife,sister or daughter and not see that something is clearly wrong with this, we've sipped the poison for so long we have become immune ,Greg3g Grownfolksmusic 101 thankfully is the cure !
Alexus Cabell
Alexus Cabell 5 days ago
I love you
Kat Eyez
Kat Eyez 7 days ago
The only girl rapper with that energy🌹🔥
Kyaw Gyi
Kyaw Gyi 7 days ago
Rae Hughes
Rae Hughes 7 days ago
Boring !
latoya young
latoya young 8 days ago
Get into it y’all
Alex Murrel
Alex Murrel 8 days ago
Jade Sigler
Jade Sigler 8 days ago
I absolutely LOVE this performance. I’m so excited to watch her continue to grow and cultivate her craft 😄
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez 10 days ago
We're going to be infected by the hospitals on purpose
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez 10 days ago
End of the world racing for the cure
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker 10 days ago
I didnt even miss Beyonce
Jonathan Zara
Jonathan Zara 11 days ago
Said this will be the same as my first ever single entitled: "Natrapik Ka Ba? (Ang Tagal Mo Kasi)". Available worldwide starting August 6, 2020 in all music streaming platform. 😘 Here are the people who will not listen nor stream my single 🤔 👇
Mike mkgta
Mike mkgta 12 days ago
F bet the not for black people
sherita19 wiliams
sherita19 wiliams 12 days ago
I love some meagan
Hypatia Bent
Hypatia Bent 12 days ago
I miss the old school MC's
Marius Ionut
Marius Ionut 12 days ago
Crusin' down the street in my '64....
Kyle Chan
Kyle Chan 12 days ago
david guetta and nicki minaj vibes lol
Legion is Good
Legion is Good 12 days ago
The first beat reminded me of Boyz in the hood
FfunnyFfiend 13 days ago
Hate this generation's trending music
Treyplayz 12 days ago
Aitana Thomas-EL
Aitana Thomas-EL 13 days ago
She really hit the HEEL TOE!!!🥵
C S 14 days ago
Is this the dude that got shot in the foot by day star???
Alena 14 days ago
Playback not even a challenge these days
Dpeezy TV
Dpeezy TV 14 days ago
That beat go hard asf🥶🥶
The Teenage Weirdo
The Teenage Weirdo 14 days ago
I honestly think that our future generations music is gonna consist of Megan Lizzo Lil Nas X and I’m here for it they all need to drop albums to 😁
BeyMani 12 days ago
it's Megan, Lizzo, Lil Nas, Normani, Doja, Ava Max, Dua Lipa
Robby G
Robby G 14 days ago
This girl is a star...and im from the older gen.
LC do Cantão
LC do Cantão 15 days ago
LC Do Cantão MC
Borax Sopanic
Borax Sopanic 15 days ago
Garbage. Yes...musical taste should not be debated. I guess they think this is brilliant. Ha ha. The words are childish and I should feel guilty saying it. It's like picking on the weak.
kat v
kat v 15 days ago
Get it girl!!!!!!!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
JRH H 15 days ago
Meg pullin dat Rufrio look ; that’s one hot black girl,
Harry Mayer
Harry Mayer 15 days ago
If these woman did not show skin people would not watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chynna Wellington
Chynna Wellington 16 days ago
Who thumbs this down??? Cause she gave the BET Awards a upbeat feel because of the quarantine this was one of the lit 🔥 performances!!
k b
k b 17 days ago
Tyler Warfield
Tyler Warfield 17 days ago
😍😍I love u megan
love imani
love imani 17 days ago
She looking thicker in this video!
love imani
love imani 17 days ago
Is that Slick? In this video
Marcus Lambright
Marcus Lambright 17 days ago
These dancers forreal just hit the heel-toe in MadMax gear. OK, MTS is a real one for sure.
jxmxs 17 days ago
Caught my sister copying all the dances and she’s only 6
dumb bell
dumb bell 17 days ago
Shot in the foot, she won't be twirking for quite some time now!
dumb bell
dumb bell 10 days ago
@PhD InSelF you can't honestly call what she does dancing- no hate involved just realism...💯🤪
PhD InSelF
PhD InSelF 16 days ago
What twerking got to do with this vid⁉️ And I can assure you she on them crutches twerking as a hate💯😩
Katarina yu
Katarina yu 18 days ago
Not a word live... Todays music sucks
Renita Nez
Renita Nez 18 days ago
Where she do her MTV at
Laura Veney
Laura Veney 18 days ago
No different then little Kim or Foxy Brown
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 19 days ago
I think im gay lol fr
Maya Noctis
Maya Noctis 19 days ago
I like the original. Beyoncé on every damn thang lol
Amani Clarkson
Amani Clarkson 19 days ago
hi can you be my sister
cathy smith
cathy smith 19 days ago
100% TRASH!
nkeiru26 17 days ago
cathy smith : period 💯
God is An Awesome God He Reigns on Heaven and Earth
her face is a mixture of nicki and beyonce
Mike Cole
Mike Cole 20 days ago
She reminds me of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim! Megan is a beast!!
Jasmine lily
Jasmine lily 20 days ago
Isabella Souza
Isabella Souza 20 days ago
A voz dela é muito top
Kenny Fletcher
Kenny Fletcher 20 days ago
She Know She Rock That Thang 💯💕💖💞
Jay Murk777
Jay Murk777 20 days ago
Go girl go girl hot girl
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 20 days ago
Next videos