Mega Pokemon Battle Royale (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning) ☄️ Collab With @Lockstin & Gnoggin

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We're running the simulation again! This time it's.. A Mega Pokemon Battle Royale!! Who will win?? Be sure to watch Lockstin's analysis here: ruvid.net/video/video-cNla5PEJFeI.html

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Writing by Lockstin
Animation, Additional Coloring, Sound Design, Writing, Voice of Gallade by Jeremey Chinshue
Background Art & Coloring by Edgar Nielsen
Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) as Red
Agent J voiced by TTSDemo James
Music Used:
Pokemon Black & White - Battle! Elite Four (CPS-2 Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade
Coffin Dance Meme Song (FREE Midi File, Stems & Ableton File) By DixonBeats ruvid.net/video/video-tG9MJeuhQQg.html (I applied the Goldeneye 64 Soundfont to the Midi)
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - Team Aqua/Magma Grunt Battle (Genesis Version) By MyNewSoundtrack
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Contest Victory Midi (Pokemon Emerald Soundfont)
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Jubilife City [Daytime] (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade
Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello ruvid.net/video/video-WSDSCWLkaXE.html
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© TERMINALMONTAGE LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 100
SurfinSamurott 15 days ago
Wouldn’t it be funny if the next Terminalmontage Pokémon video was 1 billion lions vs. one of every Pokémon?
Nadine Brown
Nadine Brown 36 minutes ago
Lions would be goin like brrrrrrr
Lukas Martinez
Lukas Martinez 14 hours ago
@Bryce Mayhem sableye, he confirmed this elsewhere
Jonathan Rhodes
Jonathan Rhodes 17 hours ago
@TerminalMontage What is Alakazam's Sound Effect??????? PLEASE
Some Random Duck I Guess
Contrary to popular belief, one Machamp wouldn't be able to fight them all unless they were glued together. They would be attacking Machamp from all sides. He'd be able to put up a good fight, but he wouldn't be able to win alone. This is a better solution: We have all of the flying types fly each pokemon into the air. Then we have all of the water types flood the landscape. After that, we have all of the electric types electrocute the water. After that, we have every pokemon that can use earthquake us it. Chasms will open and many lions will fall in. After that, we have all of the fire types flood the area with lava. This should do a couple of things: A: Burn any living lions, B: Bury their corpses in cobblestone, and C: repair the broken landscape. By then, all of the lions should now be dead. Now we have all of the grass types come and re-grow all of the plant life around the area that was destroyed. By then, the number of lions should either be 0 or very low. Now we have the fighting types finish off the remaining lions. Problem solved.
Shitpost Meme Central
@TerminalMontage prove it then
Ayesha Nalla
Ayesha Nalla 18 minutes ago
Is that heracrosss at 6:22
Mattia Scolamiero
Mattia Scolamiero 28 minutes ago
Mega gallade playing yu-gi-oh when is mega-evolved
D Y C E 54 minutes ago
where was Groudon and Kryogre >_____>
Sky 9125
Sky 9125 Hour ago
*if mega wobuffet exist Lucario: ah sh*t here we go again
XxNoobSlayerxX 2 hours ago
You take a already strong flying-snake and slap a stone on it and you get "fix this crap"
Codyiguess 2 hours ago
The blastoise hydro pump was easily the funniest joke I've ever seen
You should do Gigantamax/Dynamax battle royal!!
Adan Anton
Adan Anton 3 hours ago
You can doo G max battle royal plz
Meghana Hegde
Meghana Hegde 4 hours ago
3:55 squirtle sqaud coffin dance lol
alex simin
alex simin 5 hours ago
Ello its me Pico
Un usuario normal de youtube
Oc chavales emmm vamos a reaccionar wowo
Nich Iim
Nich Iim 6 hours ago
Lol I love the gen 2 hyper beam sound effect
Melyna [Fermé]
Melyna [Fermé] 7 hours ago
Next : starter battle royale ?
Zaion Mathias
Zaion Mathias 10 hours ago
Lamb 627
Lamb 627 10 hours ago
I don't get this video, like whats a mega pokemon? Why does the video randomly cut from a rayquaza stopping an asteroid to a trainer getting their memory erased? You've made some weird stuff but this is just nonsense.
aot fan
aot fan 10 hours ago
Please make video on ultra beast
brian jefferson
brian jefferson 10 hours ago
1:23 so were NOT gonna talk about karen absol?
eltioloquitofinal2 10 hours ago
´pon FNF
Phi Long Nguyễn
Phi Long Nguyễn 10 hours ago
Mega onix
Mark Recluta
Mark Recluta 11 hours ago
This is awesome!!! 😂
Cristian Godinez
Cristian Godinez 11 hours ago
Tus vídeos son de otro planeta son los más graciosos y !Geniales! Del multiverso
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero 11 hours ago
What if... Gigantamax battle royale
Logic Dinosaur
Logic Dinosaur 12 hours ago
Huh...no wonder Mega Evolution was never implemented in future games. Most Pokémon were hurt by it, and I guess trainers didn’t want to hurt their Pokémon
PrinceOPancakes 12 hours ago
oh wait I have to do the death thing again
PrinceOPancakes 12 hours ago
Give me a while im lazy
Tania Teresa Trigo Claure
6:13 again stich
Hiram Molina
Hiram Molina 12 hours ago
6:56 i swear i had a card like this but the language was reversed, I went to check it but i guess i traded it for some cards i think
Ninebreaker 14 hours ago
Man, when put into perspective like this, it mostly comes down to a popularity contest with Gamefreak, doesn't it?
Kyle jackson
Kyle jackson 14 hours ago
No one realizes the guys in the suits with that flashy stick was actually a men in black reference
GamingFanactic911 14 hours ago
GamingFanactic911 14 hours ago
That Stitch voice😅😅😂😂
eevee9122 14 hours ago
0:27 beatle
BOMBOM 10EZ 15 hours ago
Man, something about Friday night funkin would be awesome
The Phat Skunk
The Phat Skunk 15 hours ago
Ocarina of time part 2???? My meme glands are moistest
Octo 647
Octo 647 15 hours ago
I have a feeling people are gonna be asking for Gigantamax Pokémon battle royal...
Noelle Foreman
Noelle Foreman 16 hours ago
Taha Taha
Taha Taha 16 hours ago
mega gliale has committed snow
Whalord 16 hours ago
Tamanakio 16 hours ago
5:01 amogus
A Z V D O 16 hours ago
Agora só falta o battle-royale das versões Shiny
Jonathan Rhodes
Jonathan Rhodes 17 hours ago
Justice Alistair
Justice Alistair 17 hours ago
6:56 Audino activates itsSpell Card!😂😂😂
Morochos Valero
Morochos Valero 17 hours ago
Pls something about mortal kombat pls
faze pickle
faze pickle 18 hours ago
2:11 Ash be like hey pokemon want some candy
Blake Tinsley
Blake Tinsley 18 hours ago
I want to see link do a divine beast
Lil Monkey Man
Lil Monkey Man 19 hours ago
Yo let’s go
cdqf 19 hours ago
I love how "Oscar" the baby kangaskhan only T-poses against mega gengar
Evan Rodriguez
Evan Rodriguez 20 hours ago
F por Óscar
David Baldeon
David Baldeon 21 hour ago
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, is interesant game for your parodies :)
Ashihaki Asaoko
Ashihaki Asaoko 22 hours ago
So hilarious~ but I gotta to give my love for mawile, though it did nothing.
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
this is fucking awesome yo
Carlos Cazaña
es obvio que el comportamiento de sabaleye es el mismo que el de stich de lilo y stich, incluso su voz es la misma
Hilton Frank
Hilton Frank Day ago
Here is a idea that just came up "Something about super mario kart"
Hardy Irwanto
the zappy thing salamence chased was manectric.
John Kenneth Evangelista
Oh yes, there was a siege tank in the video. . .
La Team Husky
Where is Pikachu?
Chandra prakash Jaiswal
Kuch bhi hum pagal nahi hai
Jorge yael Romero Flores
Where is my greninja ash? and very good animation
MODGamer Day ago
You Guys can find Some New Pokemon Hacks Rom In My Channel Hope You Like Some Of Those.....
Bin Phúc
Bin Phúc Day ago
4:45 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shaggy Day ago
2:42 speed demon
Robert Isaac Gaw
since you keep showing digimon in your videos how about a digimon battle royale
John Ulryck Mercado
the next vid is gigantamax i think and i wish baby kangaskhan mega mawile and mega bannette dont die in it
mag azine
mag azine Day ago
When is ocarina of time part 2
Diamondispog Day ago
0:38 look it jellyfish in the background
shama sayyad
shama sayyad Day ago
2:12 ash kethum
Froakie Studios
Mega Aggron vs Mega Blastoise looked epic, I’d suppose aggron has to be one of the strongest in there
Joe Pannell
Joe Pannell Day ago
Yo you ever thought about doing a Something About for Resident Evil?
kkkhikari Day ago
what did i watch?
7:13 mega rayquaza mission: revenge. Done
TempestZ Day ago
Rtx Freddy
Rtx Freddy Day ago
1:06 Top 10 Barfing Cartoon Memes
alolan chanpion elio
now do protagonist Battle Royale
Eduardo Silva Gonçalves
2:43 Mario!
perla verdeja
Jaja eres muy grasioso
Jared Brannon
Do a dose not evolve battle
Jeremy DCamp
Jeremy DCamp Day ago
Ixcellent Day ago
All pokedex battle royale incoming maybe?
Laura Billingsley
where were groudon and kyogre? still a very funny video
Yeroc 90
Yeroc 90 Day ago
Can you guys please please make Ocarina of Time part 2 already Please 🥺🥺🥺
Dabbing Duck
Dabbing Duck Day ago
Alakazam eliminated gengar for breaking the laws of physics. Ghost types don’t affect normal. Heracross flung mewtwo in the air for breaking the laws of physics. Hitting dark type tyranitar with psychic.
George Wexler
I love rewatching this video ❤️
Jeroen Bruins
I love how you have all the overpowered megas winning, and then you have Audino, the big bag of exp.
Filipe Cristiano Caroba da silva
Ned help dymax batllen
Metlina Day ago
I swear That mega blastoise made a red alert 1 building construction sound when he deployed. At least part of it. I recognize that sound, I’ve heard it too many times
Christos Koukougiannis
I love how Blastoise takes out three canons and then shoots water from its head XD It's the little details
Rafa Buera
Rafa Buera Day ago
podrías aser uno de formas alternativa
amaan0523 Day ago
Not only can kirbo sense anything even if its moving at the speed of light, he can also sense when someone is looking at him through psychic powers.
WW2 Ended like: 3:45
turtonator boom
6:39 sableye: look at that Rayqaza: I DON'T CARE YOU DESTROYED MY CAKE!!!!!
Kfir dekel
Kfir dekel Day ago
arceus: yas! Regigigas: ah!
Callisto Jupiter
3:03 👀
Stephen Rhodes
OMG!! You know what this means?! The next video is going to be Gigantamax/Dynamax Battle Royal!! Whoop whoop!
Stephen Rhodes
alvin yakitori
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minion's, PLEASE 🙏
Kaelem Blevins
Can’t wait for ultra beast and prehistoric Pokémon battle royale 👁👁.
Ezekiel Andrews
The secret ending 😳😳😳
hello you can do an animation about Sonic Classic Heroes
secret unknown
secret unknown 2 days ago
No one : Literally no one Alakazam : being doctor strange
Jonathan Rhodes
Jonathan Rhodes 17 hours ago
What is Alakazam's Sound Effects??????/