Meeting the Man Who Originally BUILT and Owned Our Abandoned Speedway in the 70's!!

Cleetus McFarland
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Meet Gene Tharpe, the man who originally built Desoto Speedway! Today he gives us a tour and talks about the track's history!
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Comments 80
Cleetus McFarland
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sublimegreen440 ttv
You should make a whole playlist of freedom factory videos
Lex Riordan
Lex Riordan 24 days ago
Buy dis cuna root
719LifeStyle 26 days ago
@Cleetusmacfarland when you guys do RMRW this year in southern colorado hit me up i can get you a cab tride in of the big trains at work
Bruce Burnout
Bruce Burnout 26 days ago
Late model superstock cars ! 15s or better.
Bruce Burnout
Bruce Burnout 26 days ago
Oh ya !
Scottius Nevious
You should make some covered slabs and rent em out for cheap daily once everything is running.
kctyphoon 2 days ago
Was so happy when i saw the giant ‘Q’ billboard.. till i realized it was for a lawyer... #WWG1WGA !
JakeC 115
JakeC 115 3 days ago
what happened to the motocross track?
Ryan Parlee
Ryan Parlee 4 days ago
Hey Cleetus, you need to get a lapel mic for videos like this so you can hear people better. You're holding the camera and we can hear you perfectly, but with the wind you can hardly hear Gene.
JT's All Outdoors
Now this was an epic video, loved to hear the history behind this track! You have something very special here.
Ivan Cmiel
Ivan Cmiel 5 days ago
Dab on them haters
Garage Gear Clothing
Its always awesome to get the back story and history to places like this. Great video!
Deosarran Bally
Deosarran Bally 9 days ago
Wheres pit lane?
Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett 10 days ago
this guy wants to hangout with yall and its awesome
Brayden Stratchko
Brayden Stratchko 16 days ago
andrew moisant
andrew moisant 16 days ago
The old man should be COO for FF. Hopefully you offered this to him off camera! He would treat your baby like a grand child!
Andrew Hagler
Andrew Hagler 16 days ago
A someone who does heavy civil construction every day, those plans are bad ass. Don't seem them like that anymore for sure
RebelRob34 17 days ago
Watch a lot of your vids, this might be my favorite. Just shocked you didn't take him for a ride around in Neighbor.
Cooper Thorne
Cooper Thorne 19 days ago
I keep forgetting I live like half an hour from this place😂
Boyd Phelps
Boyd Phelps 21 day ago
I appreciate all the progress on the Freedom Factory, but man have I been craving some rips on Leroy. Leroy! Leroy! Leroy!
307_Six.Seven 22 days ago
480 volts.... stick your finger in there.... No... dont stick your finger in it
The Lawn Care Nut
The Lawn Care Nut 22 days ago
Awesome tour! Good to see you guys honoring the history of your track, love it!
Lindsay Green
Lindsay Green 23 days ago
I hope you have your entity set up. He may be letigoius
pecopete3 23 days ago
Keifer 23 days ago
Hi talking about the track history will make the track live longer and the history go on longer. It'd be awesome to see this track 1 day be used for NASCAR when you gotta sale it later down the road in the future. Love how it got cleaned fast
Lester Shisler
Lester Shisler 24 days ago
A great video and It's really cool to see the original owner talk about the history. Give this man a lifetime pass and let him drive the pace car!
elijah F
elijah F 24 days ago
Reopen the motorcross track!!
Synyster Goose
Synyster Goose 24 days ago
Had a few broken noses in his day.
EweToobUsername 24 days ago
You guys need to get those plans preserved. Both framed, but also scanned.
Jake Lantz
Jake Lantz 24 days ago
Please let Iracing scan the Freedom Factory!
Jeremy B
Jeremy B 24 days ago
The old guy really NOSE his stuff
Postal Patriot556
Postal Patriot556 24 days ago
Let this man participate in the track. Sounds to me he didn’t want to sell it in the first place. Not only is he an asset but you’d make his day.
Tired of the Tyranny
That’s soooo bad ass being able to bring something back to life for the new generations!!
damien ferguson
damien ferguson 25 days ago
Mmmm 12 seconds? Really?
Pete Montigny
Pete Montigny 25 days ago
Does he still have the car he raced on this track? Where is it? Great thumb pic!
Chad Mills
Chad Mills 25 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-FwcPZY1P8RQ.html How cool would it be to see that again!
DV Omni
DV Omni 25 days ago
What a lucky find. To have the original builder out to tell stories. Awesome!!!🇺🇸
Speedy's Garage
Speedy's Garage 25 days ago
Cool seeing some of the history of the place. I had to go look up Tom Stimus, LOL his commercials are on RUvid.
Kahunas Garage and Tiki Racing
Cleetus: They’re all 480v? Stick your finger in that. . . . . . Gene: Don’t stick your finger in that. . .
FatBoyzRacing317 26 days ago
I thought he was BSing about the low 12 second laps... then I looked up a video of some winged sprinters running around the track and wow... about 12 mississippi laps so damn he was like spot on.
GeoFitz4 26 days ago
This is really cool to see you guys getting the Desoto Speedway refurbed. It's been a long time since I had been out there, but it was always a fun experience. I especially loved the New Year's Eve fun events they'd do there.
Andrew Marquez
Andrew Marquez 26 days ago
You can barely hear the guy hes just mumbling
Bruce Burnout
Bruce Burnout 26 days ago
Cox Chevelle was a huge sponsor . There used to be a Corvette pase car sponsorship deal.
Bruce Burnout
Bruce Burnout 26 days ago
Just saying.
Jordan Odom
Jordan Odom 26 days ago
Wow.. bruh this is super dope
Edward Brodie
Edward Brodie 26 days ago
That man needs a lifetime membership to the Freedom factory
What’s Up Mini Truck!!
Lovin this. We will be in the area Thanksgiving week hope something is happening and we can come visit you!!
pontiac411 27 days ago
Cool vid! Love me some history.
pontiac411 27 days ago
Core sample was what I was thinking.
pontiac411 27 days ago
Gene is Cleetus, only older and shorter...
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 27 days ago
Frame the prints
AbsoluteUnit 27 days ago
This is the coolest thing I’ve seen a RUvidr do, can’t wait to see what y’all make of it
K Bakes
K Bakes 27 days ago
it looks hot af! if I was him, I would make you drive me around ina tricked out golfcart
Ben Renner
Ben Renner 27 days ago
I love what you're doing with desoto! I love local history like this being saved!
J.D. Mack
J.D. Mack 27 days ago
Turn 1 David Steele memorial corner
MrControversy 27 days ago
why wasnt he in neighbor dammit! hahah show him whats up now!
ck17350 27 days ago
So we never got to find out what he raced back in the 70's. I'd love to know what cars he got to be behind the wheel of.
DundaBluebone 27 days ago
all those old drawings should be framed and spread about the interiors of the facility.
Blaine Fairchild
Blaine Fairchild 27 days ago
@cleetus McFarland absolutely love what you guys are doing with the freedom factory, saving tracks is whats going to keep racing alive. I don't know if you have seen @S1apSh0es video about trying to save one of the original NASCAR tracks in north Wikesboro, North Carolina. what he's doing requires no money, just a lot of people that love racing.. and you guys have a lot of people that fallow you that love racing... just look up #SavetheSpeedway on youtube, Facebook, and twitter.. and see what its about. I have no affiliation with any of this. just love racing history and trying to make a difference. P.S. I'm a fellow Floridian (30 min from Daytona speedway) and going to be at the first public event you guys have at the freedom factory!!!
TOASTED TUBER 27 days ago
Hey I am taking classes on that type of stuff from the drawings it's called drafting
Mike McElligott
Mike McElligott 27 days ago
Here’s some of what he brought...... ruvid.net/video/video-FwcPZY1P8RQ.html
Steven Yurko
Steven Yurko 27 days ago
This was like when mr. Deeds took the chick back to her "childhood home" in winchestertonfieldville iowa... lol I was waiting for him to say that's whe re e Dr. Pepper sat in the VIP section. Lol
Conservative1976 27 days ago
Historical knowledge is irreplaceable. Great video.
R B 27 days ago
Y’all need to frame those plans and hand them in the office.
Ken Harding
Ken Harding 27 days ago
We were over from the UK in the very early eighties,and came to see 'Big Daddy' Don Garlits doing some demo runs here,great to see it come alive again.
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 27 days ago
There's bound to be some car clubs that do road racing that would be interested in running a event at yaws place . It has the setup for road racing from heck. Be good or be good at it God bless. Be safe
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 28 days ago
The key to your asphalt is just 40% of its thickness. The most important thing with .the hardness of the base it sits on is way more important than the thickness of the asphalt itself
Rob Alaniz
Rob Alaniz 28 days ago
What’s crazy is you have 1.9m subs and get 1m+ every vid.. most people have 1m subs and get only 100k views.. that just shows most of your subs are active and legit. HELL YEAH BROTHER!!
308looker 28 days ago
Y'all need to get round up as a sponsor
308looker 28 days ago
364 days younger than me
Dalton Newbold
Dalton Newbold 28 days ago
get the dale truck out there!!
Dalton Newbold
Dalton Newbold 27 days ago
@Ptao Tom i could argue differently, due to channel name is not a freedom factory its just the track in which they own.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 28 days ago
This Channel has Stolen The Australian RUvid Channel "The Skid Factory" Smoking Factory Animation..
Cooks Paint & Body
Cooks Paint & Body 28 days ago
The freedom factor is like Disneyland for me I dream of goin there one day
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 28 days ago
same here James, Drafting school grad. I remember running pencil drawn plans though the iodine to make blue prints.
Eric Devroy
Eric Devroy 28 days ago
If not a pace car driver, because it's a short track, let him wave the green flag to start the Freedom 500. Gotta do a big firework show at the end of the event of course. Drone footage, and multiple camera angles just like Nascar. Repaint all of the faded lines. This would be legendary.
Casey B Hargraves
Casey B Hargraves 28 days ago
I’d be curious to know how much it took to build the thing new in the 70’s. It would be really interesting to know the difference tween what it cost to build it... and what These guys got it for as an unused track for sale. Great video!!!
Shanelise 28 days ago
you guys should get gene to do the first lap out on your official opening
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 28 days ago
That’s pretty valuable info he gave you on the lights. Probably just saved you guys hours and hours of figuring out how to get them working. Enjoyed the video
Ted Lincoln
Ted Lincoln 28 days ago
Cleetus dude u got enough land bro to do a dirt track too with some jumps and ramps u could do a supertruck course and some races too ...... ruvid.net/video/video-JYdvcqAc-88.html
Anthony L
Anthony L 28 days ago
Who is disliking this? How can you???
Anthony L
Anthony L 28 days ago
@Ask to seduce Miss i think its awesome to have the original builder never mind the owner to tell you all of the history to the legacy these guys want to keep going.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 28 days ago
take pops around track for ride
Duane White
Duane White 28 days ago
Make sure you hold some. GP mini Cooper races
Grant Hosking
Grant Hosking 28 days ago
Cleetus is a dosser, did not thank or shake the hand of the man who went out of his way to help the spoilt brat and is smarter than Cleetus and his hillbilly possy😁👎🇦🇺💩
Steve O
Steve O 28 days ago
Cleetus. I love you like a brother. Your channel rocks. Your content is A+. But for the love of DONUTS get a windscreen for your camera. Lol. Cheers brotha.🍻
Alias SmithandJones
so cool that pops still had the plans after all these years
Deep hug
Deep hug 28 days ago
He needs a mic. Could nearly hear him when he turns his face away from you. But still good work
Paul Kyser
Paul Kyser 28 days ago
Wienermobiles for sale in CANADA.. RACEM!!! www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1489694153&siteLocale=en_CA&fbclid=IwAR3cZyZDUAJmzDL0mJu7308e3EcnItOp4hj92LgUex2bq3PuldDTd7Nz-oA
Deep hug
Deep hug 28 days ago
Hey look my buddies grandpa is youtube famous now! 😀
James G
James G 28 days ago
Need to start mic'ing up guests so we don't get blasted out when you speak and then barely can hear the other person.
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