Meet the UMAMI MASTER of Thai Food! | Northern Thai Food - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mark Wiens
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During my recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I met up with my friend Hanuman Aspler, who is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Thai food history and science.
I’ve known Khun Hanuman for many years, originally in Bangkok. But a few years ago, he bought a plot of land in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and started developing it. I had been following his progress and he had even explained to me about what he had to do - turning a swampland into liveable conditions, and building a traditional, yet clean with a few modern amenities, Thai home on the site.
Introducing - Three Trees Doi Saket! A project, their home, and now, a Thai immersive cooking class - easily the most in depth and authentic Thai cooking class, likely in the world. Hanuman is not only a cook, but he’s a walking encyclopedia of Thai history, the stories behind each Thai dish, and a scientist who known how to break down each dish and ingredients and tell you why it’s included and what it does for the dish. It’s always an honor to hang out with Hanuman, and cook and eat, because I come away with so much more knowledge.
Today we cooked Khanom jeen nam ngiaw (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว), what is one of the most popular Northern Thai food. It’s one of the dishes that if you ask someone from Northern Thailand what is a dish they crave or miss (if they are living in Bangkok), they would likely mention khanom jeen nam ngiaw (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว).
Khanom jeen nam ngiaw (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว) is a Northern Thai, yet Shan style, curry eaten with soft rice noodles. We gathered all the ingredients for the Thai curry paste, and pounded them all.
One of the most interesting lessons in this Thai cooking class today in Chiang Mai was about umami. Tomatoes are one of the few naturally filled fruits with umami. So he used a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, and even fired some tomatoes to give the dish a dimension of umami. Other unique ingredients in khanom jeen nam ngiaw (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว) are cotton tree flowers (ดอกงิ้ว) and fermented soybeans (ถั่วเน่า tua now).
I’ve had plenty of bowls of northern Thai food khanom jeen nam ngiaw (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว) in Chiang Mai, but this was the most complex, richest, and most in depth flavorful bowl of the dish I’ve ever had. And the umami was maxxed out, the tomatoes blew my taste buds in all directions.
Huge thank you to Khun Hanuman and Khun Ton for their kindness and hospitality.
Thai Cooking Class at Three Trees Doi Saket - When you’re in Chiang Mai, get in touch with Hanuman goo.gl/WnWBRk for the most authentic and immersive Thai cooking class in Thailand.
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Jan 2, 2019

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Comments 2 627
Cj Brown
Cj Brown 3 days ago
It seems that Joel is fitting in nicely, he actually seems actually more of a true "foodie," he is interested in ingredients, pays attention and is respectful in taking a back set to the host and guests. It seems that Marks likes to eat (and drown his food in hot sauce-which ruins the true flavors, LOL) whereas Joel seems as if he would enjoy cooking. About this video...it honestly seemed as if the food was just okay.
dinosaur jr
dinosaur jr 3 days ago
he reminds me of David Thompson
merwyn vincent
merwyn vincent 8 days ago
I always tell this why do u have that guy Joel in ur videos? This is surely one of the reasons. 10:31 that guy orders without MSG, what a douchebag!!!!!🤦‍♂️
Thetalkativemonk She’s gone
I wonder what inspired Hanuman to have that name, cause in India that name has a lot of value, and the ones who follow Hinduism.
imaghostya 12 days ago
I love how cooks can express themselves through food. What a beautiful dish, with an awesome view. You da hanuMAN!!!
FW Poon
FW Poon 13 days ago
Hey Mark!! Have you ever met Jon Jandai? He is another farmer, that is based in Chiang Mai. He did a few videos back a few years ago, that demonstrate how he was able to use his property to create an environmentally sustainable, and economically sustaining system. Wish you can seek him out and make a video/interview with him.
Sunskat 13 days ago
So hungry now...
Kayla Washington
Kayla Washington 15 days ago
5:10 Micah nooooooo hahaha Ying swooped in quick though
Daltona Talukder
Daltona Talukder 16 days ago
Joe is ur vdoman??
sakura smile
sakura smile 16 days ago
I live in Chiangmai Thailand and love Nam Nguan Noodle.
S N 20 days ago
Hanuman is amezing
Somsong Sudabut
Somsong Sudabut 22 days ago
mortal orphan
mortal orphan 23 days ago
This is my fam's fave.
billytheweasel 24 days ago
Isaan wife - reporting for duty! She cooks Italian amazingly well too. Unreal.
UNlEasHeD YnAzdi
UNlEasHeD YnAzdi 26 days ago
master so good humble hes a legend
Across The World
Across The World 28 days ago
Mark I love what you do but I think u should give more respect on Jo and he should also be featured in your every video if he is there
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L Month ago
Ok your friend is boring and a lil stiff lol I meant the one you visited his house
super chop
super chop Month ago
Mark you my boy, but please loose the side kick he gets on my nerve
Wendy Taylor
Wendy Taylor Month ago
Mounika Borra
Mounika Borra Month ago
I love Joel. He is a very positive guy, just like mark.
Jeff Carlo Rapesa
how can you eat a piece of Chili HAHAHA! i love you man
Ke-Hwan Kim
Ke-Hwan Kim Month ago
What an amazing chef Hanuman is!! And we all love Joel, it's easy to see he is a great guy, just like Mark. And of course we all love Ying and Micah, too!!
noynoy ajero
noynoy ajero Month ago
Thank you for sharing this great videos mark. I really love your travels . Especially that you brought your family with you. Thats just so amazing. I told my husband to subscribe to your channel too. I just love all your videos. God bless to you and ying and micah. Keep it up. 👍👍👍👍👍
LIeb Lee
LIeb Lee Month ago
Hanuman speaking Thai is amazing 👍👍👍
LIeb Lee
LIeb Lee Month ago
Oh my god Your friends property and home is amazing!!!!!! Is he married lol
Mikołaj Stawowy
This just left me awestruck. So much passion, such an amazing attitude towards the food, the craft, people. Hanuman's summary at 21:21, absolutely wholesome. This video just made my day so much better!
Heather Leigh
Heather Leigh Month ago
Literally Drooling
nida_r Month ago
He wasted so much ginger.... but the dish looks bomb!
Jaga Kanchi
Jaga Kanchi Month ago
Ohh God what a tidy kitchen he has.He is a master in cooking.Not only given the attention for cooking but also to keep the premises clean and tidy.Hats off you sir.
missy mason
missy mason Month ago
Thawatchai Khamkhuean
ดีใจมากครับติดตามทั้งสองท่านเสิร์ชหาชื่อเชฟหนุมาเจอของคุณ Mark Wiens ขึ้นมาด้วยดีใจมากครับ
New Devil
New Devil Month ago
so cool
Eros Cylla
Eros Cylla Month ago
amazing this chef is.. he can rationalize everything in the menu. A walking encyclopedia of Thai Cousin indeed. Thai is one of my favorite and I am learning few menus already. You are very lucky Mark for knowing and having such wonderful people.
JEE SEBA Month ago
Uplod canadaian food
songbyrd0001 2 months ago
Such a gift to be in Hanuman's kitchen and journey through the making of the dish. Mark you are so fortunate to have this experience. Blessing to you, Ying, Micah and Joel.
Christine Daigle
Christine Daigle 2 months ago
Absolutely loved this video..My mouth was watering..Thank You
Sayyed Farh
Sayyed Farh 2 months ago
Woww what a beautyfull place.... 👌👌👌👌
เอก อังสนา
Annah Smith
Annah Smith 2 months ago
Where's the video if them eating them blue food
Tamara Slime
Tamara Slime 2 months ago
I love me some ghost pepper
Hani Hani
Hani Hani 2 months ago
Miss Amani
Miss Amani 2 months ago
#16:45 wth!! 🤣😂😅😂🤣☺️😅😂🤣 that’s just a pile of Nonsense.... the look #joel has on his face is priceless....
Mel TC
Mel TC 2 months ago
Looks wonderful, I wish Ying could have been a part of the day in the kitchen and sharing the end result fellowship
movinghornet 2 months ago
Love joel
bud barker
bud barker 2 months ago
Ok this guy is way too happy....calm down bro!
Austin Family Adventures
been watching you from the very beginning! 4 million subs.... man what a journey - loved the ride so far!
Aba Ifeoma
Aba Ifeoma 2 months ago
Micah!! (hearts)
terrell glover sr.
terrell glover sr. 2 months ago
Wars should be settled with great food.
Fortune Tours
Fortune Tours 2 months ago
Hi .. I am a fan of you.. I am also planning for a vlog for my website fortunetours.in . Can you please give me some suggestions?
huk bb3
huk bb3 2 months ago
that place is beutiful so as the house
naruephon champathong
Courtney Grootboom
Courtney Grootboom 2 months ago
"I can smell it , thats awesome wow!" Really joel 😒😩
Reno Ghaffur
Reno Ghaffur 2 months ago
I think I just saw msg . . .
Zak Fuji
Zak Fuji 3 months ago
That dude said msg and not fresh ingredients smh
ricky wippy
ricky wippy 3 months ago
Brian Huff
Brian Huff 3 months ago
such a great video!!
HILA KRAKOWER 3 months ago
so jealous you had a day with him!! so talented.
Don Dobbs
Don Dobbs 3 months ago
Amazing. My Thai gal watched this with me with her jaw hanging open. She makes really good Khanom jeen nam ngiaw,but nothing like this.We've picked those flowers up right under the trees a few times to make hers.I may try introducing at least the flame roasted tomatoes to her next batch.
mortal orphan
mortal orphan 3 months ago
Seriously high end Kanom Jeen 👏
Elroy Anderson
Elroy Anderson 3 months ago
I would so love to try spices. I'm not brave to venture out. Too bad for me.
Lyn Niedo
Lyn Niedo 3 months ago
Mark, how can i order your shirt? I wanna have one as a souvinir
Ivar Losna
Ivar Losna 3 months ago
Shouldn't be watching this while at work, all I have for lunch is microwave pasta.
Buranasom Pamchaikhin
my mouth is watering, I cant wait to visit Northern Thailand.
Pathompong Leklaem
Pathompong Leklaem 3 months ago
Nes Jos
Nes Jos 3 months ago
Not a big fan of the curry
Tony P
Tony P 3 months ago
What a beautiful place to build a house on, Thai people are so humble and friendly
Rabia Anjum
Rabia Anjum 3 months ago
Chicken feet was bothering me.
Nutrition 3 months ago
Torture anyone with the wait when they are hungry and in the end, serve them raw tomatoes and chilies in layers (for that matter any food) :), and would go crazy eating and appreciating the flavors each bite will have. So when you want to appreciate any food, the first requirement is hunger.
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coeur femme
coeur femme 3 months ago
Download Monese and my referral code REGIN284 and you. win 5 dollars . Thank you in advance
Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan 3 months ago
Don’t tell Honeybun🤫
Tommy Alvarez
Tommy Alvarez 3 months ago
Fuvk joel his reaction are fake
Sans 3 months ago
Always a great sign when the kitchen is squeaky clean.
Soraya Channel
Soraya Channel 3 months ago
Mark, you ruined my diet day 😂
Roberto Vergara Sr.
Roberto Vergara Sr. 3 months ago
MSG ??? forget it, research what MSG is. BS cooking. Even stone and sand will taste good mix with MSG.
Ana Khamkeomany
Ana Khamkeomany 3 months ago
Does this taste like the Lao khao poon or khao soy?
aashiqui2 tum hi ho
aashiqui2 tum hi ho 3 months ago
Bangkok,Thailand or Chiangmai is a such great place to visit or holiday.Im preety sure most of u will like Thailand more than what u see in youtube.Greetings and regard from Malaysia
Margaret Arross
Margaret Arross 3 months ago
What a BEAUTIFUL place.
EmaLee Noggle
EmaLee Noggle 3 months ago
RayAquarius Ganymede
Yooooo Mark Wien you are by far my favorite food tourist of all time! I have been so inspired to go out and try different local foods just from watching you explore the world... a lot of it was rubbish; BUT STILL, i respect your courage, you're great man! Thank you for another awesome experience! Sincerely. ~~RayAquarius
抹小西 3 months ago
Is anyone consider joel is very handsome and kind? I like him! Thumbs down to rudeness👻
Angelica Lyly
Angelica Lyly 3 months ago
i adore mika and i love watching him his just a cute little baby
Tina Sena
Tina Sena 3 months ago
Joel tries to act like Mark way too much. I thought this was Mark's and his wife's show not the fake Joel. I unsubscribed don't want to see Joel I rather watch Mark and his family.
Nikki Rockz
Nikki Rockz 4 months ago
David Dabach
David Dabach 4 months ago
VK Travel & VLOG`S
VK Travel & VLOG`S 4 months ago
Hello Mark! I love your videos and try to watch each one. I can see with what passion you make the videos. Do the same, even if you're a bit jealous and always hungry when you eat. 😉🤣
Humaira Qudoos
Humaira Qudoos 4 months ago
Wow learn so much very informative vlogg
Mary L.
Mary L. 4 months ago
I am hooked on your channel Mark! Micah is all grown and Ying is always amazing @ taking care of Micah but Joel is a handsome addition to your vlogs and an extra attraction besides the food. He should have a chance to critique the food with you next time please!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
April Dayto
April Dayto 4 months ago
Because of this video, I now know what pad see-ew means. Thanks, Migration Mark!
e8ghtmileshigh1 4 months ago
Please do more videos with Hanuman
Fiu’s On Tour
Fiu’s On Tour 4 months ago
This was just such an awesome video 😍😍👏👏 I really enjoyed this one!! Thanks Mark, keep up the great work 👍🏻👏
Jose Ribeiro
Jose Ribeiro 4 months ago
We live in cities dreaming with places like this, knowing amazing people likes this but we dont have the guts to go and change our way of living. You make me wanto to change e live life to the full appreciating the little things that are there for free. Thank you sir
DRG 4 months ago
A wonderful video. Showing the whole process of the dish and the tasting of it, wow! Good one!
liquidmidnight1 4 months ago
The man more than the food carried my heart. He is living his dream for all of us. Regards.
Chris Juricich
Chris Juricich 4 months ago
A foreigner who is a master of Thai cuisine. It could happen, of course.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 2 months ago
That's because you're still a human with a brain even if it's on the other side of the world. You can do what another human can do as a human. You judge fish for what it can do, not put it on land and become disappointed.
Raj Hierodule
Raj Hierodule 4 months ago
Doesn’t a brass wok react with tomatoes? Mine does
ดอกฟ้า ราตรี
Wow !!..เก่งกว่าคนไทยอีกคับสุดยอด
Vicente Geradela
Vicente Geradela 4 months ago
how nice that Hanuman gets reaction from his audience mak and joel...just imagine if joel is not there..less input
Vicente Geradela
Vicente Geradela 4 months ago
That"s not it!! w`hen MARK is just sterting..JOEL is with him from the start already...and now that he already got nearly 4M views..Joel didnt change a thing still giving mark that stage..although i know he is too is a good foodreview..that's` for sure.
Vicente Geradela
Vicente Geradela 4 months ago
EXCUSE ME...FYI...JOEL is NOT copying MARK..for THOSE who have SMALL understanding...K THEY HAVE BOTH PASSIONS FOR FOOD IT'S JUST THAT THEY HAVE BEEN friends EVERSINCE That is why THEY HAVE IT THIS OSMOSIS "thing going alrready..for me i ilove it theylook TWINS in the expresion..sealing it..patent..
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