Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future | Raffaello D'Andrea

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When you hear the word "drone," you probably think of something either very useful or very scary. But could they have aesthetic value? Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D'Andrea develops flying machines, and his latest projects are pushing the boundaries of autonomous flight - from a flying wing that can hover and recover from disturbance to an eight-propeller craft that's ambivalent to orientation ... to a swarm of tiny coordinated micro-quadcopters. Prepare to be dazzled by a dreamy, swirling array of flying machines as they dance like fireflies above the TED stage.
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Comments 100
PantsofVance 13 hours ago
8:15 Big whoop, I have that in Ghost Recon
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 16 hours ago
Christ, this man does with millions of dollars of research what Michael reeves does with a few hundred bucks and a RUvid channel.
big bang
big bang 18 hours ago
As well as not subscribe is my channel ruvid.net/show-UCQAFHcwjQuHUpfiWLxFBKVw?app=desktop
Sim in the sky
Sim in the sky 3 days ago
Those machines i see flying underneath chesnas here..i have pictures of these pulse sending death rays..sorry..not a good sign
Mark Nokalt
Mark Nokalt 3 days ago
06:45 Is that Linus Torvalds? :o
Alien Grey
Alien Grey 3 days ago
Hey, satanic 'fly' is it the IMP proof?
Peter Theis
Peter Theis 3 days ago
All interesting advances -- but the ethical implications (military/corporate abuse, environmental impact, who gets to control these and how, etc) are hardly ever addressed. Notice that was not discussed here, either. Things like "smart dust" and super tiny drones are extremely concerning.
MrMarquis10009 3 days ago
8:34 what your here for
Hoàng Thượng
Hoàng Thượng 3 days ago
May-be in the future we haves UFO for life.....ahhahahahah......
Caviar com Farofa
Rob Rage
Rob Rage 4 days ago
This ain't your Grandma's drones...autonomous...what me worry ? Next up... killer robots and the audience is their objective...just for fun.
William Lobach
William Lobach 4 days ago
This trailer for the next season of Black Mirror looks great!
Amira Sedeek
Amira Sedeek 4 days ago
Important developments in science and technology
Amira Sedeek
Amira Sedeek 4 days ago
Talk about a future fact
escalation protocol
*published 2016* ...
GreenPathsChan 4 days ago
//ifabouttocollide -//C:dont
Jan Arve Dyrnes
Jan Arve Dyrnes 4 days ago
There is hope for survival of the west after all!
George Chapman
George Chapman 5 days ago
Lol fly those little suckers by a campground full of tenters, the'll think the misquitoes gonna carry them away. Hey put bug zappers on them to get rid of misquitoes.
Alec Cap
Alec Cap 5 days ago
This is old stuff
Campaigner 5 days ago
Abra kadabra (I want to reach out and grab you - not really, but such is your name)Are you saying that the recovered alien craft in Area 51 used propellers of some sort? Maybe Area (Studio) 54 in NYC in the 70's? With a little help from the esteemed scientific duo brainchild that was Jagger/Warhol?To be serious now, from everything I've read, it would seem that aliens in their space crafts somehow propel to or beyond the speed of light. Or perhaps, travel inter dimensionally. This all sounds like technology that dwarfs the screw propeller invented by Czech-Austrian inventor Josef Ressel in 1826. No?
Ashay Shirwadkar
Ashay Shirwadkar 5 days ago
Is Linus Torvalds LAUGHING and CLAPING at 6:46? I thought he will laugh and clap only when Nvidia stop making chips.
Keith Hammond
Keith Hammond 5 days ago
6:46 is that you Linus?
Ant Ville
Ant Ville 6 days ago
Check this video out you might not like this little killers ! ruvid.net/video/video-DK6IGG5zRU8.html
Abra kadabra
Abra kadabra 6 days ago
This technology is taken from reverse engineering alien flying saucer at area 51. Believe me, I'm an ex-area 51 engineer.
Myth Buster
Myth Buster 6 days ago
The last part was no where closed to UFO! And was it for to covering the UFO theory?
Paul Kojack
Paul Kojack 6 days ago
- The Wright brothers have left the game
TiagoTiago 6 days ago
Very ballsy to demo those big prop experimental crafts so close to the audience without any barriers....
Konjengbam Nongdamba
Great educational vedeo.
BEST PRODUCT 6 days ago
Wow, excellent.... Thank you....
TEDxUniversityofPretoria here
Ryan Mader
Ryan Mader 7 days ago
i can see "firework shows" happening with those little drones
tek Taloy
tek Taloy 8 days ago
this is future you are joking us
jenky1044 8 days ago
The machine at 7:38 and the ones at 8:38 explains a few UFO sightings. Thank you.
Britt Hill-Noprodonwant
+victoryhorseman And why stop there? What if what we think of as disembodied evil spirits and demonic possession is just the unincorporated future self of each and every person alive today? If what appears to be some kind of fit, or what looks like a midlife crisis, or a person not acting like themselves, unusual decisions/health/behavior/communiation...what if even a person who appears to be spiritually possessed is experiencing the anger of their own frustrated future consciousness, coming from their own future, trying to communicate to them something they're about to do that they shouldn't or something they're not doing that they should? I mean, really, if you could actually go back to a time in your past to try to tell yourself something, to change your own mind about a course of action or some dumb decision or maybe the lack of any decision - wouldn't you attempt it? At least, you know, just once? Ok, two times. Only twice, then smoke a cigar... So maybe we have that ability, that particular type of technology in our near-future somewhere. Could it be that all we're doing right now, and maybe all we've been doing for the last hundred years more or less, is fucking with ourselves?? Like... almost literally. Because, think about it: How could something foreign or unnatural, or otherwise strange to us, and to our own nature, slip into our bodies and minds without us noticing? And if we noticed, which we almost certainly would, we would not allow it and we would shove the thing right out. But if it was the consciousness of each individual, of own future self....well, that may be a different story altogether, might it not?!? Under those circumstances, we might allow it. Or perhaps, under those circumstances, there is no choice... (no peace💘)
victoryhorseman 5 days ago
Either that or what we think of as UFOs are actually humans from the future and this is the natural continuation of technology albeit a low tech version
Britt Hill-Noprodonwant
Yes, indeed. And probably the very reason they were made and displayed for us. To create doubt. Bu-ko doubt, always room for more, cuz there's never too much of it in this world. If there were no room for doubt, there'd be no room for me...! (no peace💘)
Team Unlayao
Team Unlayao 8 days ago
Now this explains those dancing lights and light formations I saw over the mountains when I was a kid
Willz 9 days ago
Hate to the be the guy doing his TED talk after this
Keith Mundy
Keith Mundy 9 days ago
THE IMPACT FEATURE WAS NOT SHOWN .. TINY DRONES CAN AS WELL CARRY AN EXPLOSIVE EDGE WHEN NEEDED! DESTROYING THE CONTENTS OF WHAT IT HIT'S! OF THIS I AM SURE!📖 And the sky filled with locust so thick they blocked out the sun.. but 🔜 After.. They'll see THE SON! √ ✝️
Виктор Ерошенко
This is BS technology. Future technology is not based on propeller blades, fucking controlled sciene. Future transportation is based on sielent and safe untigravity tecnology. RUvid so persistent promoting this mind control video, I repeat, this clumsy drons a piece of obsolete crap, not future technology!!!
Виктор Ерошенко
This is not future! Just distraction from real technology!
Dani 6 days ago
for sure!!! couldnt have said it better
SuperVillian SVWorld
Alien technology
Jason Hanmer
Jason Hanmer 9 days ago
Why do we progress in this field, to these machines weaponised will be the end of human kind as we know it, mark my words this will become fact, these things weaponised is the end,
William Earl
William Earl 9 days ago
Unfortunately you are correct, it's just the way it is.
prince49 9 days ago
ducting nuts
Robert Nagy
Robert Nagy 10 days ago
China is aware of the West's development of militarized AI drones (no matter what is stated publicly). They will have no problem matching and exceeding their lethal capabilities, but at a production scale & cost efficiency the West cannot match. These will be used to control dissent in their own country as well as being low-cost offensive WMD's targeting their adversaries. This is why you don't hear signals from other advanced civilizations out there. Because this is how civilizations extinguish themselves.
Stefania Smanio
Stefania Smanio 10 days ago
Amazing!!!! Are there any gyroscope inside? What about the software to let the whole ensemble of mini-drones fly together? Is there a central independent unit? Is it possible to have simple technical information for school use? Secondary school. Thank you!
Wade Howlett
Wade Howlett 10 days ago
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 11 days ago
Dan L
Dan L 11 days ago
I can see the accidents happening with this thing.
Peter Cernjavski
Peter Cernjavski 12 days ago
Ok, these toys, but the future is anti gravity flying machines. You should at least mention to awake people for the anti-gravity technology that is being kept secret.
colin george
colin george 12 days ago
As soon as these "Drones" become commercially viable the powers that be have stepped in to limit its use by us poor folk. Woe betide us common folk be allowed to fly without somebody being able to make money off us. The hobbys success has become its own demise. Sad times.🥶🥶🥶
colin george
colin george 9 days ago
+Jessie Janson really? You need to educate yourself and wake up to the biast bullshit you are listening to from msm.
Jessie Janson
Jessie Janson 9 days ago
Oh please. If people wernt getting them sucked into plane engines invading airports or spying on people with them that never would have even happened or at least if the govt was doing something funky, it would have been obvious.
Threelly AI
Threelly AI 13 days ago
Jungle conclusions.... chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
Sheila olfieWay
Sheila olfieWay 13 days ago
I'm offended by whose in the audience. the light shows of tomorrow :P
wraith502 14 days ago
Do you even Tiny Whoop bro? 😁😁
ramesh boricha
ramesh boricha 15 days ago
Great great
Drizzt 15 days ago
The guy with red shirt on 03:03 got his mind blown.
jenna triorik
jenna triorik 8 days ago
Or he was having cardiac arrest
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal 15 days ago
Nemo Niente
Nemo Niente 11 days ago
...obviously... the military applications are scary at best...
El Licenciado
El Licenciado 15 days ago
This guy 3:03 lol
carl fxi
carl fxi 15 days ago
Woooah I don't like the idea of these with guns on
Giorgio Girardi
Giorgio Girardi 16 days ago
So, nano AI versions of this will help humans clean the planet and cure diseases?
Noery Black
Noery Black 16 days ago
Wow..thats amazing... Ted can change the word with his amazing fying machines.. Thats must be the prototype of UFOS.. The future flying machines ..Great idea n what a great job..Bravo Ted n His Teams.
Юта Лунева
Мой ученик выдвинул гипотезу , что если не арендовать рекламные площади , то цветными , летающими электронными бабочками можно сосредоточить открытку поздравление на стене дома .Затем убрать , после прочтения адресата. Мальчику в 2014 было 6 лет.Второй ребёнок придумал летающего пожарного.ТРИЗ.
Buchi Okosi
Buchi Okosi 16 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen the future is here
eM Cee
eM Cee 16 days ago
I'm always secretly hoping that someone in the crowd has really horrible gas during the presentation and it smells so bad people start to get up and leave.
Stephen K
Stephen K 16 days ago
I thought they were about to spell a word with them there at the end. This is truly amazing. Yet today I can't get a decent quadcopter for less than a grand it seems.
wraith502 14 days ago
And then those same consumers will realize that they can build a custom drone with all the same bells and whistles as DJI for half the cost and have better craftsmanship.
DanielJ 16 days ago
That's another interesting debate. How the consumer mindset over time has been manipulated to justify spending 1000 US $ / UK £ on ultimately a glorified toy. DJI set that high bar with the first couple of Phantoms. Then once the consumer happily parted with those huge sums of cash, DJI doubled the purchase price for later models. Clever marketing. 👍🤔
I should study but i'm here
Another Angry NPC
Another Angry NPC 17 days ago
Man I love drones
Robert Amie
Robert Amie 17 days ago
This was an absolute great presentation. I have an idea about using Mercury as an anti Gravity in a closed environment reverse engineering craft for lift and redirection. The craft can be given any grid directing the craft in the direction you want to go at what ever distant and speed. The system would become positively negative charged or positively positive charged for flight. The craft would become zero in weight that would able the craft to move at or near the speed of light. The proportion system for the controlling of Hg charges for lift and movement will have to be tested.
Su Nguyen
Su Nguyen 17 days ago
You want killer drones? Cause that's how you get killer drones.
David Razack
David Razack 16 days ago
Nope Sue,we want killer drones when we have suicide bombers, terrorists for such naughty bits?
Rooster HAX
Rooster HAX 18 days ago
Linus at 6:45, look how happy he is!
Myrrhe Nazare
Myrrhe Nazare 18 days ago
Ignorant's fools are clapping.
JS Mariani
JS Mariani 18 days ago
If these things are going to become ubiquitous, I want to see his quiet drone demo.
Alpha Pictures
Alpha Pictures 19 days ago
Later: And this is the flying version of the AR-15
werewolf435 2 days ago
So the national pastime of Americans everywhere: mass shootings, especially of the school variety, can be performed more quickly, safely, and aesthetically. Truly the future is now! *massive applause from the audience*
Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee 19 days ago
They need to fly some of these above Area 51 and watch the outside people freak out !!! I know I would.
ProPlayer Playz
ProPlayer Playz 18 days ago
Just like the movie Pixels
Mike Trujillo Real Estate
Wow www.miketrujillo.realtor
ludo nguyen
ludo nguyen 19 days ago
nice spy and killing weapons for WW3 , congrate
lisa kalloo
lisa kalloo 19 days ago
Great ideas for an art project
Rene Van Oosterhout
Dave Green
Dave Green 20 days ago
I told you not to let them make paper airplanes and models when they were kids, but NO, you didn't listen! Now look at em!
Bryan Slankster
Bryan Slankster 20 days ago
Welcome to the end of humanity.
victoryhorseman 5 days ago
Youve been conditioned to cheer on your own demise, idiots.
Avery Hooper
Avery Hooper 8 days ago
Finally! <3
kimyoungmi 15 days ago
And the beginning of something better.
mrSmith smith
mrSmith smith 21 day ago
skynet Judgement Day
daniel 21 day ago
Little killers..hehe
Scientology Scientology
Fine continue clapping wait until it will be all over your house top the roof over checking your where about.clap while list you can .i will be here clapping for what God has done .Jesus bless
brodl1 21 day ago
No doubt our government friends have weaponised these toys long ago.
Crisis Management
Crisis Management 20 days ago
And now we'll discuss the location of your rebel base.
Bodē Ghost Productions
THIS IS SO AWESOME! It's like an Hi-tech "Fireworks-Like" potential. Meaning, what I viewed @ 8:35... 😉 Low level of sound... Minimized reactions to our Furry friends being terrified by the sounds of the current display of colored lights in the sky. Reusability. Actual views (via cameras) from the "Fire-Fly-Fireworks" (hmm. I love that name... 😉) perspective, if you will... 😉 Actually sounds sooo fun... An endless array of magnificent, wondrous applications come to mind with these marvelous flying machines but truly incredible applications I've described @ 8:35 - my goodness... Can you imagine, teaching Astronomy [OUTDOORS] at a favorite outdoor setting using this technology, programed "sky-ballet" choreographed precisely making up the constellations, watching them come to life right before our eyes making science and learning that much more exciting. I could go on for hours and I'm sorry for the rambling here but I really enjoyed this video and thank you to the entire team for making this feed available to us and for the wonderful explanations and demonstrations... Love & "Light" to you all. 💜 🍀 🎶.
Dustman 22 days ago
I love The future Wow
David Razack
David Razack 22 days ago
What though TED talks of light bending capability in the enemy's camp,or the quad-copter on off planet coordinants,minus impacting solar winds,planetary duststorms, temperature extremetories,vacuumus terrain & - though evolving & improving for stress management & yet achieve protocol how's communication blocks met up with..? However,are these items now not in lag against the military's tri-decade ahead & full logic yet classified projects? modestly speaking?
Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner 22 days ago
I hope it's just my age, but this all scares me. It's like Viktor Frankenstein combined with Captain Ahab. Scientists don't learn from history and keep up their single-minded pursuit of discovery and increasing the power of humans. He says it's hard to imagine their use. Not really. What are drones being used for now? Surveillance and secret wars. It's easy to imagine more drones equals more surveillance and more secret wars. I hope I'm way off base, but I fear that we're all on the Pequod now... what was Einstein's famous summation? " If only I known, I should have become a watchmaker."
Carlos DeNevier
Carlos DeNevier 22 days ago
loooool ... and you see 20 minutes of drones. get the f*** of.
Jay B
Jay B 22 days ago
Now I see where the UFOs coming from WoW
Van Narrow
Van Narrow 21 day ago
glad I looked at the comments. I was thinking the same thing...
Joffes 23 days ago
3:03 He like --> Ö
Tech Tech
Tech Tech 23 days ago
really nice speech and demonstration
Action Reflexion
Action Reflexion 24 days ago
need one for going shopping
Ethan Krauss
Ethan Krauss 24 days ago
If you click on the purple channel icon to the left, you can see 5 prototypes of an ion propelled aircraft lifting its power supply against gravity. It is a solid state drone with no propellers!
Cristoffer Lindström
Great work, love the small drones
Prism was_here
Prism was_here 25 days ago
i see potential for nanotech smoke & mirrors (lasers) drone swarms programed to project holographic manifestations. or emp devices...crowd control.
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 25 days ago
I'm not impressed. The only thing impresses me today is the expression of love unconditional for everyone. What this 🌎 needs now more than ever is love! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!! love!!!
bagun 25 days ago
So awesome!
Abhishek Anand
Abhishek Anand 25 days ago
3:04 awestruck
African queen
African queen 26 days ago
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 26 days ago
What brother patient your stolen NOW
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