Meet My New Girlfriend..

FaZe Blaze
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Carrington is my bae 😍
Sorry for the break on RUvid, was much needed- will be posting regularly again. Thank you & love you all!

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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 4 019
Preston 14 hours ago
How does it feel to have Jarvis's sloppy seconds😂
Anthonythegodd XD
Anthonythegodd XD 16 hours ago
Mind of Rez in the back round tho ahaha
ItsKristupas 16 hours ago
keybord and mouse
abdullah babar
1:33 mind of Rez in the back
GCX Jorpok
GCX Jorpok Day ago
lucas u steal jarvis ex girlfriend
Cian Coleman
Cian Coleman Day ago
3:20 that voice do
DDBm Hallo
DDBm Hallo Day ago
Daniel Simpson
Ur so fucking cringey
aka Xqntacy
aka Xqntacy 2 days ago
My birthday is in August 19
MBB_ Yoge
MBB_ Yoge 2 days ago
1v1 me
Tropical Wyth
Tropical Wyth 2 days ago
Blaze wtf at if u want someone at "least" say or something damn
Rosalinda Castro
Rosalinda Castro 2 days ago
I want to join
Ethan Ramos
Ethan Ramos 3 days ago
Jarvis was her ex
Daniel Moncivaiz
Daniel Moncivaiz 3 days ago
Back window 0:53 you can see them vaping
Daniel Moncivaiz
Daniel Moncivaiz 3 days ago
At :53 in the back window you can see them vaping like if you saw
zina ekmalian
zina ekmalian 4 days ago
Blaze is dating Jarvis ex blaze I dateing ur ex Jarvis wich
The Fortnite Beast 123
Can I join faze clan
Stacey Winkle
Stacey Winkle 4 days ago
BJ Balke
BJ Balke 4 days ago
Ha he told him if you want do a video together and told him to make the sign that’s says new recirt
R0wan 4 days ago
Meet my new golddigger
RubiksRascal 5 days ago
she got that glossy finish in the thumbnail
0 Nako
0 Nako 5 days ago
That shit cute
VOLTAGE NPK 5 days ago
I'm forever alone
devil clips
devil clips 5 days ago
69k likes thats what there gonna do
Nathan Mory
Nathan Mory 5 days ago
show her boobs more they are sexy
lloser llama123
lloser llama123 5 days ago
That's javis ex girlfriend
Rhonda Thompson
Rhonda Thompson 5 days ago
jordy Espinoza
jordy Espinoza 5 days ago
jarvis \
vaida jesshop
vaida jesshop 6 days ago
That singing be like
Peter Vagg
Peter Vagg 6 days ago
Faze Blaze:Jarvis I'm dating your ex girlfriend Jarvis: *beats him up* On fortnite
Morph. YT
Morph. YT 6 days ago
Idk if I should ask out my crush now
Toxic Snipers Tom
1:32 mind of rez in back
QT_ REF 7 days ago
lucas is 23 no way
sadaha111 Imanislam
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer 7 days ago
Next vid after recruitment part I got kicked from faze 😩
TOXIQ qwest
TOXIQ qwest 8 days ago
Gold digger
xLETHALxTACTIX 8 days ago
She's a good singer
JayGottemHands 8 days ago
Messed up u fucking ur bros ex’s
Don't sub to me
Don't sub to me 8 days ago
I love mito😂😂😂😂
Amazingyassin Amazingyassin
She’s a big gold digger
Billy Torrance
Billy Torrance 8 days ago
David Kebede
David Kebede 9 days ago
Blaze: Im dating Carrington Frazier: THATS INSANE BRO BUT JARVIS SMASHED FIRST
Jay Coronado
Jay Coronado 9 days ago
Yo jarvis left over fuck out of here blaze ur better then that
Cacaisgood 1
Cacaisgood 1 9 days ago
August 19 is my birthday lol
my dadleftme12 years ago
November 14 is my birthday 🎉
miz 18
miz 18 9 days ago
If anyone in faze gets a fit girl there clearly wid them for the money😂no girl wants a boy who smashes fortnite
miz 18
miz 18 8 days ago
PulseVibezz74 he won’t ever see ur comment bro so no need try date him😁🤣
miz 18
miz 18 8 days ago
PulseVibezz74 think we can both agree he don’t lad cmon😂😂😂
PulseVibezz74 8 days ago
Yeah but blaze still got the looks tho
Avy Kiel
Avy Kiel 10 days ago
Jarvis Jarvis jarvis
Brennen Nelson
Brennen Nelson 10 days ago
Hey Jarvis i kinda got ur ex
J T 10 days ago
lol gold digger
slimer boy 2536
slimer boy 2536 10 days ago
adamn503 10 days ago
Jason Deegan
Jason Deegan 11 days ago
Are you better than Jarvis
Lucas Panos
Lucas Panos 11 days ago
When is your birthday mine is on September 23
Jabez lee
Jabez lee 11 days ago
my birthday is this day too!!
Gerald Sarmiento
Gerald Sarmiento 11 days ago
1:05 (hint hint tefu)
Kristopher Summers
Kristopher Summers 12 days ago
jarvis be like. you fucking my girl
Eclipse K
Eclipse K 12 days ago
Lucas come on bro Jarvis smashed before you
Lord of Basketball
Lord of Basketball 12 days ago
Lord of Basketball
Lord of Basketball 12 days ago
Good digger
Men Fish
Men Fish 12 days ago
Dood Jarvis dated her
The Ace
The Ace 12 days ago
Lucus is mr steal ya girl Also kay THatTs INsAne BrO Also jarvis I dont care she sucks at fortnite
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