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Ingrid Nilsen
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Ending my Pride series with a very special guest... my girlfriend Erica! She'll be answering some of your LGBTQ+ questions and we'll also be talking about how we met, coming out, PDA, our experience as a queer couple and more!
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Jun 28, 2019




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Comments 100
Anniloves21 Year ago
You two are super cute together. I hope that there will be a day where loving whoever you want is possible. Love is Love
Ann Fredriksson
I am so glad I have followed you for Years in Grid and I have been waiting for this moment when you're gonna find her Congratulations You are so worth it
Trish F
Trish F Year ago
You two are so happy! Thanks for sharing!
jpjulz Year ago
How beautiful, Ingrid! Your happiness is so contagious. You've come a long way to get to this point in your life, so happy for you! :)
Jessie Hogge
Jessie Hogge Year ago
beautiful couple! I'm sorry about Erica's mom.
M W Year ago
So cute it hurts!
Menna Gabal
Menna Gabal Year ago
Freddy Thornton
what wonderful people you two are ❤️
Alicia Strom
Alicia Strom Year ago
I’m not gay but I’d love to see a video on gay history and important people and influencers in it. You mention how important and influential they are to you both but none of the stories you refer to.
Julia King
Julia King Year ago
Highly recommend Gentleman Jack on BBC, its about the life of Anne Lister!
SonyaScorpios Year ago
So beautiful, felt so much love through out the whole video. Thank you for this
kb Year ago
Ughh im from india! And it makes me so sad that people asked you guys those kinda questions! And gave you looks, im so sorry!! But don't worry guys! Its getting better!!
Sam Year ago
you guys are so wholesome, i wish you many many more years of this gentleness with each other.
Jess Elle
Jess Elle Year ago
This is so pure 🙌🏻 congratulations
Imke Salz
Imke Salz Year ago
This is literally a perfect story
lotta järvi
lotta järvi Year ago
I loved this video, thank you to both of you
beautyoffreedom x
I love how you have stayed the same from day 1 ingrid. The beautiful bond you both have is amazing. I remember watching your coming out video and it made so much sense to me that i was actually Bi and not straight or even like labels. I could be the real me. Its so important for people to be able to be them its just sad people need to "come out" instead of just being the real them. Erika has a great heart
Tina Mar
Tina Mar Year ago
Erica you are a lucky lady!!👍🌈
Lovely Sarah
Lovely Sarah Year ago
u make the most beautiful couple xxx ❤️❤️
Biankita 8
Biankita 8 Year ago
I couldn't stop smiling the whole video
KIM aka TheHelpfulAssistant
My husband and I were considered "not compatible" either yet we have been happily married almost 30 yrs. Thanks for sharing your story.
Hannah Andrus
Hannah Andrus Year ago
If you ever thought you didn't want BIG city life any more ptown is gorgeousssss
672 Year ago
Aquarius and taurus are your sun signs but in relationships it’s better to look at your moon and venus signs. Those are probably very compatible for you.
Lexia Pfeil
Lexia Pfeil Year ago
ItsJust Emily
ItsJust Emily Year ago
I’m so happy for you two! You guys look like one of those perfect couples!!
superwomae Year ago
Um, I love Erica!
Sophia B.
Sophia B. Year ago
I LOVED this
Elle T
Elle T Year ago
Compare those moon + Venus signs too not those sun signs bbys ☺️😉 lol this was a wonderful video 🖤🖤🖤
Marta Ferreira Pires
I've been subscribed since 2013. What a journey! Such a great video, you two look so happy together! ☺️
TrulyElaine Year ago
I am so happy for you,Ingrid. I am so happy you came to India. You should have done a meet & greet. I would have loved to meet you in person. I’m sad to hear you guys couldn’t really tell people around that you are a couple while your time in India. PDA is not something you see much around in India even between husband and wife. So long way to go there not just for LGBTQ. I hope you two had a good time in India nonetheless.
Michelle Morera
Love you since 2011! ❤️
Lauren Year ago
I love the way Erica looks at Ingrid!!
Zoey Arielle
Zoey Arielle Year ago
This is so powerful. Thank you two for sharing your beautiful souls 😊❤️🙏🏼
Libia Ramirez
Libia Ramirez Year ago
By the way, that zodiac sign análisys i think you must not see the compatibility on your sun sign, you must do it on your moon sign
alwayzjello Year ago
Kathleenlights and her husband are aquarius and taurus.
Autumn Nelson
Autumn Nelson Year ago
Awe Ingrid!!! 💕💜
Rochile Year ago
i've been subscribed to you for years but for some reason this is the video that finally showed up in my sub box I LOVE this top on you with this lipstick color combo! it was so refreshing to see the communication and compatibility between you two. honestly, it's such a special relationship and im happy that you're in a good place together. you touched on so many important topics for the queer community and it is all meaningful exposure that you've using your platform for.
Becky O'Mara
Becky O'Mara Year ago
Meaghan Feiertag
Get you a life partner that looks at you how they look at each other ❤️
ss28 Year ago
So adorable 💕
Ashley M
Ashley M Year ago
The respect you two both have for each other and how highly you speak of each other is very admirable! Beautiful couple.
Renee Overstreet
I can literally see the love through the screen 😭 omg so cute
aseaofstars Year ago
oh wow i thought ilene and ingrid were a couple. but congrats
Holly Bronwyn
Holly Bronwyn Year ago
*... beautiful couple.* Wishing you ALL Good Things.*
Mad Year ago
soo happy for you and the person you have become Ingrid
Luciwho1 Year ago
I've always had a gay friend. Since I was 10, younger but she hadn't come out as a 7yr old yet...lol. Im so pleased it's getting easier to be ourselves : )
KajalPandey Year ago
I love that you shared the values of your relationship, I feel it's what truly matters in terms of a successful and fulfilling relationship. Thank you both for being such a positive example of love and partnership!
Kelly Ruth
Kelly Ruth Year ago
This is so sweet you two seem really happy!
kayley everitt
The way you both look at each other is magic!! So beautiful!
shea Year ago
The way she looks at you!!
Strikketerapi Year ago
so much love for (and in) this video!
Jane Bockman
Jane Bockman Year ago
Just posted a vlog at the LGBTQ+ pride parade in NYC!! Any small youtubers looking to support one another? :)) btw, love you Ingrid!!
Jill N
Jill N Year ago
I love Erica! She seems so down to earth and really good for Ingrid.
Jessie Randall
Loved every second of this! You two have great chemistry and speak very intelligently together.
Júlia Mota
Júlia Mota Year ago
This video exhales love and admiration. It's easy to tell how much you love and respect each other and how beautiful you experience life together.. . Loved it!
Naeira K
Naeira K Year ago
Does ingrid have scandinavian roots? never seen her channel before
Lydia C
Lydia C Year ago
I really enjoyed your video. I don't have the words to even begin to tell you how proud and excited that I am for you two. I look forward to future videos and watching your relationship grow.
Jennifer C
Jennifer C Year ago
Thank you for introducing Erica to us, Ingrid! 😊She seems like a genuinely lovely person and you two make a cute couple! ❤️Happy Pride Month to you two! 🏳️‍🌈
Allie Conzola
Allie Conzola Year ago
rayne1120 Year ago
You both look so genuinely happy together! Wish you ladies many, many more years of happy :D
BurnItUpp2009 Year ago
You two are sooo cuteee! 💙💚💛💜🧡
I just got tearyeyed over the story at antique shop! Y'all are a great match 💜
Mathilde Hasselstrøm
Aaaaaaaa you guy are so cute!!!
Taylor Year ago
Tea Wetyšková
Awww what a lovely couple you are ♥ I am so happy for you.
Oda Punkt
Oda Punkt Year ago
the way she looks at you
Thank you for this video. You two look at each with so much love!
sannecr Year ago
Great, nuanced and thoughtful video, Ingrid! I have been following you for about 8 years now and have loved seeing you grow so much.
Sofis World
Sofis World Year ago
She looks at you in a very loving way
Hi guys, what a lovely video and I just wanted to say I think you are a great couple, very compatible. I'm not in the LGBTQ+ community myself but still wish everyone who is a happy pride month. My parents gave me space and freedom to explore my preferences by telling me from age four that they would be okay with it if I were to love another woman, to not be afraid to share my feelings with them and to know that they would not be judgemental. My uncle had been in the LGBTQ community since way before it was a community and they watched him stuggle. They were not sure if preferences were in the genes (nobody did in those days) and they wanted me not to have to go through the same struggles. Expecially considering they were babyboomers who came from very unaccepting backgrounds I have always apprectiated their accepting attitude even though they were still uncomfortable with the idea at the same time. They taught me that love is love irrespective of gender. I am still gratefull that they did and fully agree.
Laura B
Laura B Year ago
You're so inspiring, and I loved meeting your incredible girlfriend too. You two are great together and I wish you the best. I imagined what it was in India... It must have been really hard...
Ines Witherspoon
Total couple goals - the way you look at each other, the evident respect for each other....just lovely to see and hear 😊
Anna Sophie Dame
Hi Ingrid and Erica, absolutely loved watching your video, your answers and getting to know you better. I personally find #pridemonth so important and the way you encourage others and talk about your journey in this video is truly inspiring. Thank you both for being brave, being role models and for using your platform as a place to spread positivity and openness. Sending a big hug all the way from Germany!
Magdalena Półtorak
OMG! We can all see the way you two are watching each other.
redbluemonday Year ago
She seems so nice, I would want to be friends with her immediately if I met her
sarahh567 Year ago
I absolutely love this video. From what I can see, you have a really healthy relationship and independence inside your relationship, where you allow each other to do the things you want to and grow together. What a great way to end your pride series. All the best to both of you :)
cameron&trey Year ago
Omg Ingrid!!!!! I’m so happy for you two!!! 💜💜💜
Holly Clifford
It’s so nice to see you both so so happy and in love 😍 so happy for you both x
Queen Bea
Queen Bea Year ago
Erica is so adorable I am dying fangirling over y'all as a couple lol
sasscam Year ago
I haven't even finished the video yet and I just have say, Erica is so well spoken! And the way to guys stare at each other is the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Year ago
I don't know if I've seen two people who are more in love. Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart with us
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Year ago
"they don't know that i love face masks" lol love this
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Year ago
literally the sweetest thing i've seen in a long time. love to see this beautiful couple
meghanrai Year ago
You guys seem like such a respectful couple with a really healthy relationship from what I can see!!! Been a subscriber since before your coming out video, and so glad to see you with someone who clearly makes you so happy :)
Happy Cat Happy Life
This was a great video Ingrid. I may be straight - but I totally embrace love among humans of any sex/race/religion. I'm proud to see the world changing day by day and embracing the differences in each other. Also - I can see why you love Erica. She is a beautiful soul. Her personality draws you to her...I hope we will see her in future videos - but I admire and understand your keeping your private life private. I hope your video inspires others to embrace their individuality and love themselves just the way they are.
Ferchis Mena
Ferchis Mena Year ago
Thank you for opening up❤️
Cathleen Cash
Cathleen Cash Year ago
Beautiful couple ❤️
Matthew Bull
Matthew Bull Year ago
Always a wonderful sight to see new love x you two look as happy as how my husband and I are
Katie Wells
Katie Wells Year ago
Loved meeting Erica and hearing your story! 💕
Olivia Dunbar-Miller
More videos with Erica I love her already 💗
I loved this Ingrid and Erica ❤️❤️
Jen Murray
Jen Murray Year ago
I used to watch you a lot when I was young (like 2010) and you were a huge influence over my sense of style and helped me find a love for beauty and makeup. It’s so amazing to return to your videos and find that you are still such a role model for me. Glad you found happiness.
Diana R
Diana R Year ago
Erica is so frickin cool, her voice is very calming to listen to. Definitely one of those people I’d never get sick of hearing speak. I’m so happy for you two, you look so in love and it’s just the most heartwarming thing in the world ahh 🥰🥰
Janet Jung
Janet Jung Year ago
You guys are such an amazing couple!! So happy that you both found each other!
Take Care Mama
Oh my word! So glad Erica was comfortable with this! So great to meet her - you both are so great 💕
Gabriela G
Gabriela G Year ago
oh so much love!!!
t Year ago
I've been around since you were first on youtube and I'm so happy to see you look well and truely happy - you're glowing, it's beautiful! You two are so sweet together!
bella rose
bella rose Year ago
ingrid you look gorgeous!!💛
Yentl Fokkens
Yentl Fokkens Year ago
You look so happy! 😍😍😍
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