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FaZe Clan
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From 2010 to ∞ - Here is a look into where it all started with the man who has been around from the beginning. #FaZeUp
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Comments 80
valentino mottura
valentino mottura 6 hours ago
Eso es chipa che Gil
Bin’s Stories
Bin’s Stories 6 hours ago
I hate cheese bread but since Tommy’s mom is offering I would have to like it
XPSYCHOGMRX 7 hours ago
Temperrr you a freaking G man keep those positive vibes up man you straight up a legend if you think about it you are one of the pioneers of esports gaming
Doulgun -
Doulgun - 16 hours ago
FaZe Resistance gang
Marvin Jimenez
Marvin Jimenez 17 hours ago
When you realize temperrr used to live 35 minutes away from you🤯
Colm Power
Colm Power Day ago
I rlly wanna join FaZe
Strigan Day ago
Who is the real owner of Faze clan, like the big boss of all???
Diego Campos
Diego Campos 2 days ago
Fuck so did I came to this country at 7 I’m 22 now. Cheers brother
S 2 days ago
What has life become? OpTic turned into Buzzfeed, FaZe forgot their owner? LOL
kota dixon
kota dixon 4 days ago
i was trolling him on the yung pinch Twitch concert and it was so funny. he got so mad
Miriam A
Miriam A 5 days ago
I want this man to ruin my LIFE with his fine ass.
☆ GFXJake ☆
☆ GFXJake ☆ 6 days ago
Is there actually anyone that dislikes Temperrr? He’s always been the most mature and genuine guy, dudes literally never switched on anyone. What a legend.
mario duenas
mario duenas 7 days ago
all the old heads feeling old 😂😂when has to be re-introduced 😂😂😂
Henricky_7 _
Henricky_7 _ 7 days ago
🇧🇷Brazil ✊🏽
fear God
fear God 10 days ago
Lord Jesus pls lighten my heart and spirit and renew it
fear God
fear God 10 days ago
Jesus the way repent seek him don't blaspheme Jesus or the holy Ghost
jtrs 10 days ago
That jacket is actually so fire
matte SVENNE
matte SVENNE 10 days ago
what is that cracking noise in the background
Pluto 11 days ago
okay but is no one gonna talk about the trees 😳. they are so beautiful
DENIS.GAMING PRO 12 days ago
2020- meet faze temperr 2017-faze (with temmperr)vs sidemen crossbar challenge
Boah -_-
Boah -_- 12 days ago
I legit thought he was from middle east
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos 12 days ago
he looks like ederson w the manchester city jersey
Yate Yate
Yate Yate 11 days ago
Matheus Santos he actually does
Jake Minton
Jake Minton 13 days ago
Lol he called the sniper on his moms shirt an intervention when it was an L96A1 and then he said it's the same as his tattoo but they were 2 different snipers 😂 idk if anyone noticed
Anises 14 days ago
Imagine u watch the video without knowing tommy 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Averie Lyon
Averie Lyon 14 days ago
omg the chains messed the audio so bad how did they not see that
Ewan R
Ewan R 14 days ago
From the UK mate 😂 that had me dead, big love from the UK ❤
II KIlla II Trickshot
Lol imagine not knowing this guy stole FazeClan by changing the password on the 3 owners OG of faze
Phlipe Renato Feitosa Furtado
Pão de queijooo
44 Paranoia
44 Paranoia 15 days ago
SO thats where the Temperrr shot was created in MW2. Respects for all the awesome videos throughout the years
Verenise Fernandez
Verenise Fernandez 15 days ago
Wtf do yall niggas do this so late
Slam HaXor
Slam HaXor 15 days ago
I’ve known Faze since y’all were only recruiting people who knew how to trick shot for those who don’t know this guy is the OG leader the one who created FaZe
Beneath_Comicz G
Beneath_Comicz G 15 days ago
brazil gang were you at
jwala pahadi
jwala pahadi 16 days ago
Love ❤️
Unkown Fnk
Unkown Fnk 16 days ago
Bastee OG
Bastee OG 16 days ago
Man I remember the 100k vid «A day in the life of FaZe Temperrr» dis shit brough me some good memories
TitanZ-Reaper 16 days ago
Faze Sensei
Just Hateful
Just Hateful 16 days ago
Meet FaZe Clipz
Misha K Music
Misha K Music 16 days ago
hold up isnt that Ricegums house
Downscale 11 days ago
It’s the clout house. Faze and ricegum lived there before but faze have moved out now
DefSweater 16 days ago
man i love listening to the queen
5x19Ptown reeper gang
he owns faze he created it . for yall who didnt know
Nick Marsh
Nick Marsh 17 days ago
we all know temp
GR8 17 days ago
How do I join Faze
Soarific 17 days ago
The different colours on the trees are so beautiful, just wow.
Jovani1x 17 days ago
I’m from Massachusetts and I never heard of HaverHill Massachusetts
LouiePace 18 days ago
2:50 “the queen”
Andrew 18 days ago
OGANALCAVITY 69 18 days ago
How did he go right outside my apartment and I didn't even know for 4 weeks (O_o)??
Faayce 18 days ago
Only ogs remember Cody
Lymar Arisme
Lymar Arisme 18 days ago
Welcome Faze Temperrr
Squakie 19 days ago
Temperrr always gives a chill vibe 😎
Gyni 19 days ago
why didnt tommy bring the homie to la :l
Alfred Balisi
Alfred Balisi 19 days ago
meet not introduce
Armonj Berwari
Armonj Berwari 19 days ago
Meet faze rain is about to be lit
Susi Grön
Susi Grön 20 days ago
Faze Teqqo need also do a Video like this! 😊
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman 20 days ago
That Nissan is horrible
Mky.98x 21 day ago
Temperrr is such a cool dude. Would be stoked to speak with him
Mky.98x 21 day ago
Temperrr is the only dude in faze that didn’t switch up. Still the 2011 temperrr
Audioze 21 day ago
Who is temperrr
Abstract 21 day ago
comparing faze to the beatles..... wtf is wrong with people
Dame 21 day ago
I remember when FaZe had less than 100k subs.. good ole mw2 days.. y’all have come a longgg way
Adriano Lowery
Adriano Lowery 21 day ago
If u want Illcams back like this
Patrick Barthold
Patrick Barthold 21 day ago
He’s not lying about that those cheese bread it slaps lmao Brazilian are crazy with those little snacks if you’re from mass ya know
WolfGangKnight 22 days ago
You can Thomas's chains hitting the mic and its getting to me
XShadowx XB3eastx
XShadowx XB3eastx 22 days ago
We knew him already
Adrian Rocks
Adrian Rocks 22 days ago
bruh this man has been in faze for 10 years now. It feels like yesterday doesn't it temperrr?
Basicc 22 days ago
Temperrr’s story has been probably the most humbling I’ve seen in all the FaZe members. He’s by far one of my favorites because I know his personality and character hasn’t changed even through all this
Koldex Bot
Koldex Bot 22 days ago
i wanna be in faze but i am not famous and i cant get my content out, dont have the equipment+ every day my grandma jells at me for being on my pc for more than an hour. Not possible.
Alif Husain
Alif Husain 23 days ago
Tht mic sound so annoying ... Faze down
oDanii - PS3
oDanii - PS3 23 days ago
I still live in Haverhill and I remember when I met you and banks at the Rockingham mall.. you guys are awesome, hope to see you again tommy!
Loe 23 days ago
Temperrr is a not a person, he is a vibe..
TheOGMello 24 days ago
Bring Fakie back! lmaoo
Victor Szalo
Victor Szalo 24 days ago
Brasil porra , mais um cria nosso pro mundo!
Jackary 24 days ago
did temper just say “the queen”
Alejandro Guzman
Alejandro Guzman 24 days ago
Imagine not knowing Temperrr but knowing FaZe Clan
Cvldy 25 days ago
Thought we met this nigga already
Erk 25 days ago
Naw son. Show your FreshAngel days. Lol
chillmane 25 days ago
The fact they had to upload this is sad. I use to watch this dudes vlogs back when he was still in high school and when everyone was still trick shotting. RIP old times. Love you temperrr
Swedish Fish
Swedish Fish 8 days ago
chillmane honestly same, I can’t believe they sold out to fortnite like when they played mw2 they absolutely ruled RUvid
Gloribel Perez
Gloribel Perez 25 days ago
Is temperrr spanish or from a spanish country Plz if u know can u reply
fart 25 days ago
have you ever heard of Google?
Op toppers Leader
Op toppers Leader 25 days ago
Faze suck join op toppers my clan meet the menbers
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