Meek Mill Gets Into Shouting Match With Ex Nicki Minaj's Husband | TMZ

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Meek Mill took a walk down memory lane that almost ended in blows -- running into his ex, Nicki Minaj, and her husband, Kenneth Petty ... and they weren't happy to see each other.


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Comments 80
Maurice Walker
Maurice Walker 5 days ago
Meek doing justice reform he needs someone to remind him he can't get into no troubles let the girl go about her business
Dew War
Dew War 6 days ago
All while safari is living his best life
Kea Knight
Kea Knight 6 days ago
Who seen the meme of loius stealing during this argument 😂😂😂😂
alex nifong
alex nifong 27 days ago
I honestly feel like Meek cant fight and would get handled
Celine Martin
Celine Martin Month ago
Who's here after Ken PETTYphile didn't register as a sex offender hahaha
Rap Lion Of The Jungle
Theres some hysterical chick screaming bithc my man this that in a Nicki voice
Cain Cain
Cain Cain Month ago
Tay Dwight
Tay Dwight Month ago
All I wanted was to see Nicki do her finger point while saying “don’t walk over here slow unless you wanna get shot bitch”
Yar D Blah
Yar D Blah Month ago
We're never gonna find bigfoot with camera men like this..
Curtly Nedd
Curtly Nedd Month ago
In 2020 is Petty vs Iwer George in Trinidad and Tobago
zSuede Month ago
Where tf meek’s boys at
Mikala Kitchin
Mikala Kitchin Month ago
This is probably so fake honestly
Geno Banx
Geno Banx Month ago
People need to stop recording these whack ass ill-composed shots. It's like watching The Blair Witch Project. LOL!
Celtics fan #MambaOut RIP A True Legend
Nicki Minaj Talking about meek mill s****** his pants and was scared I think the cameraman shitted his pants and was scared smh Shaling and kept moving the camera away from the action!
1.Philly Queen
1.Philly Queen Month ago
Meek move on
Jake Yatta
Jake Yatta Month ago
When the husband meets the ex-boyfriend.
spiros botos
spiros botos Month ago
No class.
Bill Bixby
Bill Bixby Month ago
So embarrassing smh when the last time you’ve seen rock bands country singers act this way? Smh pathetic
I'm sea sick
Danie Baby
Danie Baby Month ago
whoever recorded this needs their recording privileges taken away. this is straight trash. lol we need a good cameraman
Samuraisahsah Month ago
Seems so contrived for promo...why tf were they even in the same store at the same time...coincidence? With how big each of their entourage’s are??? Gtfoh!!
Robby science
Robby science Month ago
Where is the Harvey Weinstein update
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Month ago
I want to get in a screaming match with the camera man
Ariah Trac
Ariah Trac Month ago
Mrs petty know he dont got a buss down without nicki
Suave Petro
Suave Petro Month ago
They’re saying Meek said @ 0:28 “she ain’t talking to you no more” what does that mean? 😬 has she been secretly Calling meek? 😳
Elliott Ness
Elliott Ness Month ago
Niggas can't get along in any setting, entertainment, church, churches chicken, the club, the trap, Beverly Hills etc...
Prince Yahada
Prince Yahada Month ago
Thats a different Nicki from the Cardi altercation..she was pro active this day🗣💨
Marcus Maxwell
Marcus Maxwell Month ago
Every black person represents every other black person when we out in the public’s eye whether you wanna believe it or not. So with that being said these mfs be out here embarrassing us 🤦🏾‍♂️
Vanessa Whitney
Vanessa Whitney Month ago
Got a whole husband and we really arguing ..y’all still smashing
Lola Ready
Lola Ready Month ago
Nicki is a troublemaker and has a big mouth
Deepdarkcocoa Month ago
It must've been the camera man first day. Done have me a damn headache.😒
Jess Raw
Jess Raw Month ago
Meek is just hurt!! Rotflll!! He beef with everybody that get with Nicki. Didn’t he pull some pussass shit on Safarie!? Pipe down Meek! Everybody just trying to live their life. 🤣🤣
Dd Nn
Dd Nn Month ago
That floor scene looked so good. Nice floor...best video of a floor yet..ever Floor wins lifetime achievement award Congrats floor...u famous
Amber Danielle
Amber Danielle Month ago
Isn’t this just East coast love tho?
Me Me
Me Me Month ago
Ignorance....wonder why they look at us like they do...Smh
JCNOAOU Month ago
Wtf was da cameraman doing.... focus man focus
Maddie Sonidera Oficial
It’s funny how nicki Minaj starts fights and arguments but she never seems too finish them 😂😂😂 what a clown
Mochalattethatbish 2523
@BJC he approached her attempting to apologize for the ish he has done to her and that's how the argument popped off. I don't know why y’all so quick to wanna try and say Nicki and her husband approached him.
Support Month ago
why can people never film like wtf
VGE CHUCK Month ago
Lmao NO COMMITMENT why you even push record !😂 Cameraman looking like he trying to pull out on a Saturday night!
main chillin
main chillin Month ago
To be honest is starting to seem like Nicki Minaj is all about starting drama and putting niggas against each other
Carlosqmcg Month ago
Point the camera at the action, use zoom, use focus, keep the camera still. Simple stuff its not hard at all.
Controversial Mann
Nicki got bad taste in men
Indigenous Muur
Indigenous Muur Month ago
Grown ass men arguing like females obviously meek didn’t want da fade end of discussion let it go💯
Ass Man
Ass Man Month ago
I came here to see dave the cameraman's crafty work.
Nandini Singh
Nandini Singh Month ago
That's why I don't wanna date that many guys.
Sick Soundz
Sick Soundz Month ago
It's a man's job to protect his woman so she feels safe not look like a weak bitch
B16SAF Month ago
Mate you was better off not filming at all and just record the voice, we can't see shit anyway. Lool
Josimite 313
Josimite 313 Month ago
Why would TMZ even by that footage...that was terrible
RAIDER GAINZ x Month ago
These are the people trying to lead prison reform? And y'all wonder why were so fucked up. Looking to the wrong people for leadership.
I am milan
I am milan Month ago
What bum-ass store was this?
Shamika Edwards
Shamika Edwards Month ago
DaBaby would NEVER
Ken 1990
Ken 1990 Month ago
TMZ, hope you didn't pay for this clip because the camera man or woman.... is TRASH.
Godbody Twofoe
Godbody Twofoe Month ago
Yeah worst camera man 😩😩😩
Junior Orldel
Junior Orldel Month ago
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Ahmir Watson
Ahmir Watson Month ago
Meek is such a lame 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Abasha Cisse
Abasha Cisse Month ago
They are so Immature!!
Albert Paniagua
Albert Paniagua Month ago
She really toxic
beebee Month ago
Somebody beat up nicki please
C S Month ago
Fam can you frame this shit up? At least turn it landscape
Barzz J3tson McVay
Every camera man ready to wip this on azz 👀🍿
1k Month ago
Umbuko DaJuko
Umbuko DaJuko Month ago
Why the hell do you even record if you’re not going to keep the camera straight
bigjayking24 Month ago
You had 1 Job bruh. 1 job. But I guess looking at the ground and peoples toes was more appealing and interesting to your Weirdo ass. Lol. SMH!
MadeInTejas Month ago
Why is that everyone that records these videos have arthritis?
TheeWatcherz Channel
I told meek i wouldnt trust Nikki
sheishiphop Month ago
Nikki Minaj is washed...
Joshua Tamir Personal
How tf you in the back holding a camera like you scared tf
Morley Arnold
Morley Arnold Month ago
Camera man....you had one job!
Hightimes365 Month ago
All I hear is Nicki. But where was this energy when Cardi was on her head?
Sick Soundz
Sick Soundz Month ago
She's tryna get her new man killed and hes down for it cause he doesn't wanna look weak to her
Knock Hello
Knock Hello Month ago
So they really beefin over her loool
Glow Up
Glow Up Month ago
Weak azz video
Blocksource Duna
Pointless ass video😑
Techbit Month ago
Nicki Minaj: What do you want for your birthday baby? Petty: A Fendi purse will do boo. btw hold this purse while I check this man Meek.
BobbyBigallo Month ago
That dudes gonna catch a philly beat down. 🤐
bam3108 Month ago
"Seen my ex the other day and she was f***ing hit"
beau5488 Month ago
Let me introduce you to the most SCARED cameraman of 2020z
Mental Wealth
Mental Wealth Month ago
We have do better we’re kings smh
lbc562boi Month ago
Bruh meek trying to keep out of trouble fam
Blaze Mega
Blaze Mega Month ago
Was the camera guy having a seizure?
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