Meek Mill - 1942 Flows (Official Video)

Meek Mill
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Director: Spike Jordan
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
Production Company: TreNative
Coordinator, Video Content: Austin Gomez
Associate Dir., Video Admin: Lily Thrall
Assistant, Video Admin: Jenesis Alonso Lopez
Assistant, Video Production: Trevor Joseph Newton
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Apr 9, 2018




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Comments 80
marc elmore
marc elmore 4 hours ago
F1 for riding smh fuk the system
Lakin Kingston
I kno you got another hit like this in you bro gon head and drop it
Raw D
Raw D Day ago
Meek went off
Cali onabeat
Cali onabeat Day ago
We ain't going nowhere but to the bank
Erick Ogendo
Erick Ogendo Day ago
Mob love from Kenya, this track is too big for Africa Bro..
Bill majale
Bill majale Day ago
Men..meek mill..i love this song...bring more to the table homie..more love from africa kenya🇰🇪
GodsNation 2 days ago
Follow me on spotify n get to enjoy some good music. open.spotify.com/artist/2BSGdWUQycRUSvwojCsymt?si=iUJp0DFyTj2qsYXlWCLvFA
shoon868 teev
shoon868 teev 3 days ago
I gave my mother 10000 at least 1000 times do DAT math on it......DAT shit deep homie
Bread Winner
Bread Winner 3 days ago
Meek milly for PRESIDENT
Kenny Thabang
Kenny Thabang 3 days ago
Black lives matter😭😭
Danai Masiko
Danai Masiko 4 days ago
Dream chaser catching all my goals
Robocop officiel
Robocop officiel 4 days ago
Best song
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 5 days ago
Game is tight. Wish meek would do what he says and teach the young kids coming up, like choosing the right words not gunen them. Working out to this in beast mode, but can't play nightmares in front of my son because he says" if you ain't about that murder game that p$$y N7
wjz powell
wjz powell 5 days ago
My nigga real one love u my favorite rapper 👍🙏💪🏾😃
Son509 of God
Son509 of God 5 days ago
Who just find out like me that's priceless song, BLM✊🏿✊🏾✊🏼✊2020
siyanda Sithole
siyanda Sithole 5 days ago
1 of my everrr dae morning grind hitts.😎👹👹
Zeeshan Mehar
Zeeshan Mehar 6 days ago
Anyone listening to this legendary song in quarantine I am sure meek never got any kinda help from authentic views com......
donrafski 3 days ago
I'm still here this is my Motivation
Ahsan Hayat
Ahsan Hayat 6 days ago
i m here
Rehman Ali
Rehman Ali 6 days ago
i m here
Juan Pacheco
Juan Pacheco 6 days ago
Yo its Flicks
Yo its Flicks 6 days ago
Favorite song ever
Yasser Malik
Yasser Malik 6 days ago
fred oyoo
fred oyoo 6 days ago
My teacher used to tell me I'll loose ,I now have a mansion
Jonnell Timmons
Jonnell Timmons 6 days ago
Trying a few things for your mind to 888888feet 7AM a few years back in time 7777feet a lot more 6AM and more money will come in the 6th year and will not go out now if u want
Jonnell Timmons
Jonnell Timmons 6 days ago
You suck
SB7 Pranks
SB7 Pranks 6 days ago
Fuck akademik
jimmy cafez
jimmy cafez 7 days ago
When you see me out don't ask me bout no Nicky. Nicky still dissing and ratting on you till date 2020
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy 7 days ago
Did they tell you about the prayers though lol
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy 7 days ago
Be the example!!!!
Mike Angelo
Mike Angelo 7 days ago
Weak mill kid first words is gonna be gooba🤣
Kenesha Newby
Kenesha Newby 8 days ago
🗣 song personal 💯💪🏾🤞🏾
Nate Gerome
Nate Gerome 8 days ago
Rasheem Barrett
Rasheem Barrett 8 days ago
2020 anyone 😌🙏
Dequan Spencer
Dequan Spencer 8 days ago
I am one of the few who slept on Meek Mill when he came into the game, but he started winning me over with the Dream Chasers mix tapes.
TOS KING 8 days ago
Still bumping to this 2020
Dynamic Ki
Dynamic Ki 9 days ago
Everything he said in them first lines still apply today smh
Larry Batchelor
Larry Batchelor 10 days ago
Louvres Summit
Louvres Summit 10 days ago
Bless you, baby! You didn't deserve to be held in a cage!
Danae Robinson
Danae Robinson 10 days ago
ANESU CHIBANDA 10 days ago
who else is still listening to this in June - July 2020
Bobby Servantez
Bobby Servantez 11 days ago
He Go hard when he want to 💯💪
River Reign
River Reign 11 days ago
strong individual
ricardo thomas
ricardo thomas 11 days ago
Man this song always 🔥play it everyday
Sharita Haynes
Sharita Haynes 12 days ago
Cops still killing us June 2020 ( Black Lives Matter ) 🖤✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Moureen Ayoo
Moureen Ayoo 12 days ago
Mike 13 days ago
Garbage promoting lawlessness.... fake ass trash
Mike 13 days ago
This isn't music is garbage
Jordon Curtis
Jordon Curtis 13 days ago
Listening to this song in 2020 is REAL💯🙏🏿
Rafeale Simpson
Rafeale Simpson 3 hours ago
Omg!!! 💙🤞🏽
Mr Mindset LetEmKnow
Real shit
Lil Peso
Lil Peso Day ago
Spazzout Jay
Spazzout Jay 2 days ago
Tony Barker bake session?👀
Tony Barker
Tony Barker 2 days ago
Spazzout Jay has to a lot more levels pls fix the challenge
Blaine Reece
Blaine Reece 13 days ago
Lequan Jones
Lequan Jones 13 days ago
v werf
Montrel Hicks
Montrel Hicks 13 days ago
This really one of the greatest rap songs of all time 💯
SC DIOR ClIPS 13 days ago
Follow me jenz_ofz_verze
Hoodye Ethan
Hoodye Ethan 13 days ago
Cops still killing us 😩
Brandon Acklin
Brandon Acklin 13 days ago
I wanna invest
Adrian Ndoro
Adrian Ndoro 13 days ago
Cops still killing us ✊
trentbateman 13 days ago
Obama did shit for us 🔥
Weird Things
Weird Things 13 days ago
AMA play this song and rap to this beat when I get my first million...😭
Ronnie Gatling
Ronnie Gatling 14 days ago
Pure soul lifter is meek mills
Young Guu
Young Guu 14 days ago
Fwm y’all
Oghenekewaro James
Oghenekewaro James 14 days ago
Dream Chaser,Meek Mills My Favourite
JFinesse 14 days ago
I will never sell my soul✊🏿🔥
safair williams
safair williams 15 days ago
im from his block favrote rapper
Hussein Nasser
Hussein Nasser 15 days ago
''They told em pop mollies, I told em to be Kings''
Bradley Roberts
Bradley Roberts 15 days ago
Listen to 2020 vision - Potter payper if you still here
Johnsyn Michael
Johnsyn Michael 16 days ago
Joe Malecki
Joe Malecki 16 days ago
Meek looking Joey Merlino leaving court...
A-list Anthems
A-list Anthems 16 days ago
Hey Fam! Check out this hot new release! The second verse goes too hard! ruvid.net/video/video-sU9nGvfk8H8.html
Eden Urias
Eden Urias 16 days ago
1:09 🥱🥱
ebrima sembene
ebrima sembene 17 days ago
Meek speaks for real
Jack 17 days ago
1:27 you all know the background music
Mr DramaFree
Mr DramaFree 17 days ago
Meek ignore 69 he can never make a replay anthem like this remember all he has is Djwackadmics in it for the money 💵 lol nigga saw them bands and 69 has the 20+ white kid trollers 😒 we gotchu bro that TROLLZ record number for a week but ain’t got shit on this 🔥🙌🏽
NoName 18 days ago
This still hit till this day probably his best song
Joyce Dean
Joyce Dean 18 days ago
This is my song
Patrick Mccarthy
Patrick Mccarthy 19 days ago
This dude korny. I ride with winners six9
James Roberson
James Roberson 19 days ago
Meek mill cops not killing the world your devil beliver s is lowkey crips believe in the devil so that we living a holy war
thug8200 17 days ago
Cops been killing everyone learn your history SLAVE PATROL
One_broke_kid Sike_i’m_ballin’
He needs to drop an album
Ethereal_ Vivid
Ethereal_ Vivid 19 days ago
Ethereal_ Vivid
Ethereal_ Vivid 19 days ago
Started off poor with dreams of wanting more
Ahmed Diaby
Ahmed Diaby 19 days ago
My people don't worry anybody here hating this is not black
female incredible hulk
Cops stlii killing us rest rayshard Brookes
ZekeVlogs 20 days ago
Keturah Coatie
Keturah Coatie 20 days ago
2020 History repeating! This time around we not going!
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