Meanwhile... The New 007 Is A Black Woman

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Meanwhile... the 25th Bond film is going to be filled with firsts.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 9 912
Dr Deadbeat
Dr Deadbeat 4 hours ago
Those seals in the audience are well trained
TankLord 6 hours ago
Imagine my Ancestors get out of Slavery only to have big compaines do shit like this
James Whittingham
James Whittingham 21 hour ago
Maybe Shaft should be a white, ginger haired pan sexual paraplegic?
CelticLegend87 22 hours ago
Its not empowering. Black people have plenty of actors, athletes, artists to look up to and be represented by. Liberals are acting like we live in the 40s. Its just pandering for the sake of virtue
Sam Finoh
Sam Finoh Day ago
Hah goodbye 007 after this film I won’t be tuning in
SuccessMenu Day ago
"popcorn dropping moment" yea cuz they dropped their popcorn and left the theater moment
Peremalfait Day ago
She'll be facing off against super villain Dick Galore.
Kan Xi
Kan Xi 2 days ago
The classic intro: “My name is Bond, James Bond.” Have to be changed to… …? Oprah Bond?
Matthew Barrick
Matthew Barrick 3 days ago
This is stupid
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 3 days ago
Never say never again. Oooops Just did.
S B 3 days ago
Time for an asian Captain America and he is gay.
Rasmus 3 days ago
Stephen.... shut up please...
bala 8787
bala 8787 3 days ago
The next: •Hercules should be skinny midget •Black panther should be fat chinese guy •Wonderwoman should be Arabic & fully covered •Captain America should be a black transgendered woman
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da 4 days ago
Longbeachgriffy predicted this
Mitch Huber
Mitch Huber 4 days ago
yay james bond is dead now. say goodbye to another great movie series
Pc Z
Pc Z 4 days ago
007 has always been a swave man that shoots and swave with women. Next thing you know where gonna have a gay man that's 007 who has weird sex scenes with man on man action. I will not support this movie in anyway
Zest 4 days ago
Ian fleming just moved in his grave.Its that moment when the makers of James bond decided to puke on their fans.I am sorry to say this but I am going to give this movie a pass.
Manny Ribera
Manny Ribera 4 days ago
Last James Bond film for me then.
inkats 4 days ago
I always knew that God is a black female! So sad to see the demise of the white man after all he has contributed to the world in art, music, engineering, technology and 95% of creativity and invention. Very pleased to be 80 and not have to suffer this crazy politically correct world for too much longer
John Cooper - Art of Social
The next James Bond should be Oprah Winfrey. If you disagree you’re an alt right, neo Nazi.
"Beautiful" lolllllllllllllllllllloll
Devin Harp
Devin Harp 4 days ago
Thats like making agent 47 a bald headed albino
Александр Держерук
Daniel Craig should be a new detective Shaft
Александр Держерук
ahh another Feminator
Lamont Cranston INC.
Colbert and the neutered soyboys
brown 5 days ago
will female bond 00 will be succesful than male version 007 , unless there should two version franchise investor will be even more but how for female bond 00 will be different from male vesion 007 , if they color with some shades and sometimes it happens demarket also take places either they should shape separate ideas of separate operation to bring female version instead to show case female bond series with joint assoicate with male version it rather turn more disaster
brown 5 days ago
super powers - with great responsiblity and then battle and destroying human made environment and upbringing the forest this turning tto be greatest jokes of busienss but still how for they try to bring stories and how for bond film showing new beginning of new female bond as lead , then that should be separate from male bond vs female bond , only they show case evry female bond film can be taking internship and separate franchise would occupy whopping business as just one such fan or just like franchise making over each bond films and theirefforts of bringing more commercial level mission impossible vs james bond 007 male version vs bond 00 female version
brown 5 days ago
saving planet incurring cost each planet is turning debt to other planet and world economy turns in to inflation this much stupidity when they make so much to bring together with battle and destroy so that creative minds of business show anything on saving earth but not saving the humans country to country exist world war, global issue related to epidemics , related to treatment and services as a job , related to development thus so many country busienss run by few member who decide the factor and fate of business , second the most is to lure most to run inflation , then what do we left in each country just change the name of country naming as developed state so that they can pull to bring new method of debt by each country this is practiced every budgets so it is known thamasha
brown 5 days ago
franchise are highlighted due to commercial push more on actions , and internship female bond can be an act , but it does not suits to entire story , i still do not understand may be franchise can look for female bond track separating from male bond vs female bond instead giving up a edge on saying female bond also the new start of franchise to bring female bond start up company and male bond film franchise are parent company
Captain Autism
Captain Autism 5 days ago
Mr Bean plays in terminator as the lead deathbot
Steve Kain
Steve Kain 5 days ago
Would Stephen Colbert be that excited if CBS wants to replace him with a black female host for no apparent reason?
Makaveli St8 ballin
Damn lashana isn’t even pretty wtf...looks like a dude
MrE 5 days ago
Colbert couldn't be funnier than a brick even if he tried.
Teddy Kurniawan
Teddy Kurniawan 5 days ago
Toxic feminists destroy everything
mandersj 7 days ago
The is definitely trolling
Karpacjanos 7 days ago
They couldn`t pick more ugly woman omg.... she looks like puke.
Vive Intimite
Vive Intimite 7 days ago
As a black male... I hate this. As bad as a black clone in Star Wars. Just do a new story with a black female lead... If you see a market for it that is.
Color Coded
Color Coded 8 days ago
“Bond women” Hmmmm! Bible comes to mind???
Color Coded
Color Coded 8 days ago
The jealousy is real on Bw! Just read the comments below! The Panther movie would not have been a success without Bw. Bw are most talented actors on the planet and are the best! Change is good! 😫😢bunch of whiny Salty Bytches below!
Kurteous100 8 days ago
James Bond is a white British man, how about making a new series if you want a black British woman, or are they saying that idea is not strong enough on its own, therefore, it has to piggyback on what already is?
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