Meanwhile... Super Gonorrhea

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It's a bird... It's a plane... It's super gonorrhea!
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21 фев 2019




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Комментарии 1 442
Depcom 5 дней назад
LMAO! That Super Gonorrhoea picture looks like trumps hairdo.
Alberto M. Garcia
Alberto M. Garcia 6 дней назад
Sorry but the tequila train is old news. I had done it like 10 years ago with good tequila, Herradura not the worse Tequila ever.
niospartan 7 дней назад
The 79 year old that took an 86 year olds seat was the Senate being uncivil to each other.
Solariis TrippleEight
Solariis TrippleEight 7 дней назад
this guy is a damned molloch, too bad dave is gone. its called 2 mile island fool
faaacker 11 дней назад
Using a celebrity's picture to sell products is illegal but they will let her get away with it. Now imagine the outrage if a boy use the bikini picture of a woman.
Louie C. Macias
Louie C. Macias 11 дней назад
Open up the clinic😏
Topper Harley
Topper Harley 11 дней назад
Condoms people, CONDOMS
Sarah Nyb
Sarah Nyb 12 дней назад
Little do you know girl scouts 😈
Anthony Marquez
Anthony Marquez 12 дней назад
The Adventures Of Frilbo
The Adventures Of Frilbo 12 дней назад
Super gonnorhea finally made its way into the marvel heroes collection and has been confirmed as the strongest character developed even taking over the no. 1 spot and will be releasing after 2020 elections as it will make the economy of u.s flowing with money ...Xp
King Nobody
King Nobody 12 дней назад
here in Canada we face many dangers, but none so great as the dreaded Bingo Granny. These super-predators have no conscience, no empathy... Now we can talk about how they got that way but first we MUST bring them to heel.
gaby's blog
gaby's blog 12 дней назад
I'm in Guadalajara!!
Christiana Murray
Christiana Murray 14 дней назад
It's not just the clap, it's the applause
DarkLord75253 14 дней назад
So is no one questioning why there were buckets of uranium just sitting around for decades? ....buckets ... of uranium.
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man 14 дней назад
Do I get a chancre with that Super Gonorrhea? Or does that only come with the Super Syphilis?
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man 14 дней назад
Bingo Brawl at the OK Corral and rest home! "10-4 big buddy, sending in the SWAT team."
Deena James
Deena James 18 дней назад
People actually find this sh*t funny?
andeace23 19 дней назад
Now this is the Colbert I remember. Keep doing stuff like this!
Dancing With Nature
Dancing With Nature 21 день назад
The Adrenalized Artist
The Adrenalized Artist 21 день назад
Now that Girl Scout’s mom is a genius :)
Katya Vinogradova
Katya Vinogradova 22 дня назад
I love how they circled back to Super Gonorrhea. Really pushing for that July 2019 release date.
Nightstone 22 дня назад
Super Gonorrhea: New and Improved STD Formula. Guaranteed to obliterate your crotch.
Alex Aziaklo
Alex Aziaklo 22 дня назад
Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good...
Valerie Tang
Valerie Tang 22 дня назад
Dear super amazing person reading this, I hope you have a super awesome day! If you don’t think you did, just remember that there's always something to be happy about. It’s the simplest things that can easily make us happy. Be friendly, nice and help each other out. If you are feeling sad or down , remember that there's always hope. Even if all the doors are closed there's still a window. You are awesome, and you are amazing. You are loved and someone cares about you. Be happy, laugh, smile! Suicide is NEVER the answer. Fact is I'm terrified by how easily someone could take their own life. Please stay, there's HOPE! You are smart, beautiful, handsome, wayyyy stronger than you think. Someone loves and cares about you. You're worth it, you're good enough, you're not a failure, you're not a piece of trash. Believe in yourself!! I know some people don't like this and will hate, but i just want more people to be happy and to spread more positive energy. I'm not doing this for myself, I just wanna spread the joy to everyone. Maybe I did make some grammar mistakes and spelled something wrong, but I’m just a kid. I’m writing this cuz i wanna make everyone happy:)
Hayley Warner
Hayley Warner 22 дня назад
Dislikes are from social justice warriors getting offended by the std-girl scouts bit.
Cade hall
Cade hall 22 дня назад
I was 100000
Jeremy 22 дня назад
That seems more worrisome than funny.
Kachigga 22 дня назад
My pee pee hurts
Pamela Borst
Pamela Borst 22 дня назад
Love them to me they are all beautiful and there babies are even more natural ! Kris is a beautiful woman !
Isaiah Wince
Isaiah Wince 22 дня назад
Hey, look, they finally stopped making fun of Donald Trump.
1MightyR 22 дня назад
Y am i even watching this? Ugh?
Davids Donuts
Davids Donuts 22 дня назад
Donya P
Donya P 22 дня назад
Super Dupa Gonarreah THIS old news, 2007 saw the overuse of THIS due to the abuse and underuse of antibiotics. Lord what's next?Supergonnagetoutchea! DAMN!
Lorena Cabrera Vera
Lorena Cabrera Vera 22 дня назад
Trump detox= MEANWHILE
Ronald Petrin
Ronald Petrin 22 дня назад
It all started in Washington...
Grape Pig
Grape Pig 22 дня назад
Feels good to only have one sex partner ever. I can't imagine the need to test shit on an off
Paul Lytle
Paul Lytle 22 дня назад
And we also have super staph
The Cosmic Wolf
The Cosmic Wolf 22 дня назад
Just in case some of you didn't get the 'Super Gonorrhoea is the thing that will beat Thanos' funny moment, it's because Captain Marvel's disgusting ass is supposed to be the strongest avenger, and because it is almost factual now that she will be the one that defeats him. So, as such, with her overrated, 'super' powered body, she and Thanos make 'mad' titan love anddd BOOM! ;}
Jo King
Jo King 23 дня назад
It's spelled wrong in the thumbnail.
misium 23 дня назад
I call BS on the uranium story. Uranium is not that radioactive. What exactly was the exposure to the visitors? I would be more worried if I was an employee...
And nowit'sme
And nowit'sme 23 дня назад
And now i feel left out .. i just get regular Gonorrhea..never super..time to drink more tequila and date a 85 year old lady..
Pappo Slappo
Pappo Slappo 23 дня назад
SubScribe to PewDiePie unsubscribe from T series
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII 23 дня назад
DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention
You have rabies that is all
Tom Reynolds
Tom Reynolds 23 дня назад
Can you imagine if Fallon did something like this, create a NEW bit instead of the same tired hashtags and the other same exact bits he does on the same days week after week...he might get better ratings...
Everettel 23 дня назад
Antibiotics is in all the meats and doctors are over-prescribing, soon over population problem will be solved.
Auriam 23 дня назад
I think we all know a Rick.
theldun1 23 дня назад
hmm.. that uranium was disposed of at a local mine... looks like the evidence was destroyed .. cause I'm sure the workers could easily have a lawsuit.
ShroudedWolf51 23 дня назад
Who would *want* to drink Jose Cuervo?
Dante The Giant
Dante The Giant 23 дня назад
This is dry and insensitive. This is comming from a kickstarter crap fan.
Shawnee Longbow
Shawnee Longbow 23 дня назад
John died on that Thanos shit. 😄
Orion6699 23 дня назад
There are strains of HIV that are drug resistant as well... scary as that shit becomes more common.
Cardnyl music
Cardnyl music 23 дня назад
Finally, an STD that can make me a superhero Non of that other bulls**t
T Borisenko
T Borisenko 23 дня назад
As if I needed another reason to skip that date... 😉
carschmn 23 дня назад
I’m more concerned about the employees having to work next to the buckets of uranium.
Ni'Shara Thomas
Ni'Shara Thomas 23 дня назад
Sounds like a rejected super villian.
mount rushmore
mount rushmore 23 дня назад
RatedR4Rad Gaming
RatedR4Rad Gaming 23 дня назад
“You’re not Gonorrhea! You’re not! You’ve changed, you’ve become something else!” “That’s right. I am Super Gonorrhea.” (Good job to anyone who gets the reference)
Armando Morales
Armando Morales 23 дня назад
Wow he really needs Trump to come out of his mouth constantly, bc that was boring af.....
TheKandyCinema 23 дня назад
I'd rather have Super Gonorrhea than watch an episode of Stephen Colbert.
modman484 23 дня назад
I’m guessing the paint was made from yellow cake
canessa johnson
canessa johnson 23 дня назад
Trying to say "gonorrhea and girl scouts" made me wince.
Peaces 23 дня назад
its fun deleting ones own comments after people reply to them, English was written by drunks, if you are good at kissing drunk guys ass, than english is the choice for you! its all about respecting old racist white dudes way of saying things, lets be honest, the way they talked was disgusting and discarding it would be no shame.
Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn 23 дня назад
I am super surprised and super happy that the Colbert Team got the picture of the right bacteria. Many people just use the pics of random bacteria. Also popping unprescribed antibiotics and not completing a course are reasons for superbugs. As are untreated effluents from drug factories, bad quality drugs, using too many antibiotics on animals while rearing them and the courses being prescribed being unnecessarily long.
Kristofer Paul
Kristofer Paul 23 дня назад
Radiation at the Grand Canyon's museum eh? Screw the visitors/tourists, they are probably just fine. What about the employees and staff? WTF!? I'd be hella pissed. They had better be compensated; Jesus Christ!
La Luna
La Luna 23 дня назад
People in the 1970s: *we're gonna have flying cars in the future!!* 2019: *SUPER GONORRHOEA BITCHES*
Hazard Rider
Hazard Rider 23 дня назад
Oh right, forgot SG was a thing
fuckyourfeelins2 !
fuckyourfeelins2 ! 23 дня назад
Super gonorrhea ?? Is his what the liberals and Democrats are being called now?? TRUMP 2020!!!
Karen Lee
Karen Lee 23 дня назад
A STD is nothing to laugh about and he's making a joke about it. It should be taken seriously all diseases should be taken seriously. Should not be making fun of stuff like this
Dalton Daugherty
Dalton Daugherty 23 дня назад
We should call it German gonorrhea
HENRY THE RC CAR 23 дня назад
Super gonorrhea, sounds like a fun time 😏
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah 23 дня назад
The staff at the museum. Oh no.
serenity4ever2010 23 дня назад
It's not just gonorrhoea, syphilis is on the rise for women.
Zac Lodro
Zac Lodro 23 дня назад
Good, those thots love it!
Beau Havercroft
Beau Havercroft 23 дня назад
From the Snap-enning to the Clap-enning.
E. D. O.
E. D. O. 23 дня назад
Who knew Stephen could actually be funny if he stopped talking about Trump for a second ...
Tanner Chuntoth
Tanner Chuntoth 23 дня назад
Doris peeled out on her scooter with my favorite blue pool noodle. I still have my Disney Princess floaties though.
DAVIDHTrainsimmer 24 дня назад
Your not funny
Voice crack
Voice crack 24 дня назад
Quagmire better be careful. This is the one thing he doesn't have.
Dr. Vishal Gupta
Dr. Vishal Gupta 24 дня назад
On a serious note, super gonorrhea isn't the first addition to Marvel universe... There are other super bugs too, but they aren't funny enough to make appearance in The Late Show. Like MRSA, see, how unfunny that sounds!!!
Careless' VOD Reviews
Careless' VOD Reviews 24 дня назад
Such a great opportunity to revisit Kareem Abdull-Jebotchulism.
Ogblazeup. Notone Blazeafew
Ogblazeup. Notone Blazeafew 24 дня назад
Stop laughing with white men
Kelly Stephenson
Kelly Stephenson 24 дня назад
In 50 years, people will be reminiscing about the '19 epidemic of super gonorrea
TCB * 24 дня назад
Wtf has this world come to??? Super diseases being created by biotechnology and laughed about on national television.
TCB * 24 дня назад
Wtf has this world come to??? Super diseases being created by biotechnology and laughed about on national television.
MainBlag Banner
MainBlag Banner 24 дня назад
_why the hell were there three paint buckets filled with uranium in the Grand Canyon tourist center?!_
Beach Where
Beach Where 24 дня назад
They still use laugh tracks?
Gusstavv's Stuff
Gusstavv's Stuff 24 дня назад
This is fake news!! The all-you-can-drink tequila train ALREADY exists since MANY YEARS ago. Just go to Guadalajara in Mexico and you'll find it's true
Sheri Donahue
Sheri Donahue 24 дня назад
Illuminated Crosshairs
Illuminated Crosshairs 24 дня назад
Meanwhile, super VD takes over the late night shows..😳😳😳🍆🍆🍆
Gacha Films
Gacha Films 24 дня назад
wait was this the dude who was in yt rewind? bruuuhhh thats nott hawt
Vlad Dracul
Vlad Dracul 24 дня назад
Anthony Domingo
Anthony Domingo 24 дня назад
Mother Nature always one ups us. Every time we cure something, or develop an antibiotic for something, Mother Nature comes at us with this shit.
vis vis
vis vis 24 дня назад
Hmm Yes i agree Super Gonorrhea =The Late Night Show 👌
Leanne Blake
Leanne Blake 24 дня назад
Yep , that is what happens if you don't practice Safe SEX. & Guess What The ? 2 million American have The Clap.
Orchid Braid
Orchid Braid 24 дня назад
No ads on this video? Gee, I wonder why. 😂
Cult Boy
Cult Boy 24 дня назад
Thanks, Obama.
kev lar
kev lar 24 дня назад
So is this what Bill Clinton has?
Verna Johnson
Verna Johnson 24 дня назад
Pretty sure uranium was mined somewhere nearby👍
hum ams
hum ams 24 дня назад
Thats why u need to wrap it
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya 24 дня назад
I'm in a shitter watching this 😆
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