Meanwhile... Look Up At The Super Blood Wolf Moon

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Sometimes it's nice to check in on the news stories that won't make it into Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire: 2010s Edition.'
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Jan 12, 2019

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Comments 1 170
sur-taka Day ago
how does a secret divorce work? dont they live in the same house or anything?
Adhunik Manav
Adhunik Manav 4 days ago
Place of purchase responds, "Please don't"...... I'm ded!
nash sanadiki
nash sanadiki 11 days ago
100% customer satisfaction guaranteed or your money back should never apply to condoms. I never wanna state that my condoms were "funky" or "rotten"
It's A Mclovin
It's A Mclovin 5 months ago
Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Meyer are the only ones I don't watch.
Blind Man Bert
Blind Man Bert 6 months ago
At 0:55, Stephen Colbert makes a common mistake regarding the reference to a lunar eclipse as a “Blood Moon”. • Yes… this full moon was a supermoon, meaning the Moon was within 90% of perigee, when it is closest to Earth. This happens once roughly every 28 days and is only relatively rare when it coincides with a full moon and quite rare when that full moon is also when a lunar eclipse occurs. A supermoon is closer and marginally larger in angular diameter, but it is more noticeably much brighter. • Yes… Indians referred to the January moon as the Wolf Moon for the reasons Stephen stated. • But no, a Blood Moon isn’t called that just because total lunar eclipses appear to be pink, orange or red. The term “Blood Moon” isn’t one astronomers use, but something coined as an Internet meme to refer to a tetrad of lunar eclipses occurring consecutively in the eighteen year Saros cycle (this lunar eclipse was #27 of 73.[2] It’s an unfortunate term because “blood” suggests red, and so too the Pink Moon which is simply the first full moon occurring every April is sometimes mistaken as a term for a lunar eclipse for similar reasons. SEE [1] facebook.com/events/519421478566870/permalink/527758337733184/ SOURCE [2] eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2019Jan21T.pdf
Karen Hartman
Karen Hartman 6 months ago
Jambo to Nairobi. 💕💕💕
Koks Me
Koks Me 6 months ago
Love your shows!!!!!
Melissa Samms
Melissa Samms 6 months ago
Ye need non-latex condoms, then.
William Dunlap
William Dunlap 6 months ago
You still haven't apologized to Tulsi Gabbard for disrespecting here for no real reason, or rather for being human like the rest of us. Apparently you were born perfect and didn't need to grow like ordinary people.
Sydnius Alminia
Sydnius Alminia 6 months ago
Holy shit. This is the first colbert clip in years that didn't have something to do with Trump in the title that I've seen in my feed
Scion of Madness
Scion of Madness 6 months ago
I love how much fun Stephen has with this segment. I chuckle all the way through.
s21972012145525 6 months ago
Nice move SA...Islam granted divorce to women in a beneficial way, even though it is highly not recommended. Just making a food out of an issue that Islam actual did good things on
Hcdoitsu Smith
Hcdoitsu Smith 6 months ago
A red letter day for Saudi women. Here it's a joke. And it was a good joke too. But how much and what did they have to do to get it? That's the story.
C-Wow 6 months ago
I've flown frontier before. They were chill. I'd do it again.
Cheryl Mendenhall
Cheryl Mendenhall 6 months ago
Thanks for the laughs!! 😂😂
RandomAccessMisery 6 months ago
5:24 this smells like capitalism
MG Wray
MG Wray 6 months ago
@ 1:50. That is a very graphic graphic.
Jon A
Jon A 6 months ago
Meanwhile...if you disliked this LS clip, your sense of humor is probably comparable to a week old dog turd
Kenneth Geisler
Kenneth Geisler 6 months ago
How cartels will laugh at the wall. The Zapata Flyboard Air Designed to be flown without pilot training.
digitaldj44 6 months ago
How did I end up on this leftist crap? Bye!
GarlicIsGood 6 months ago
Trump 2020
Surgeon Vault
Surgeon Vault 6 months ago
schrodingers cat
schrodingers cat 6 months ago
Jake Tapper is completely safe. Wolf only thirst for the blood of innocents.
Flajelo 6 months ago
why American movies don't have native Americans on them?
Fake name Fake name
Fake name Fake name 6 months ago
I’m confused
corbeau 6 months ago
moon moon
Surgeon Vault
Surgeon Vault 6 months ago
Ace Marshall
Ace Marshall 6 months ago
Hey S.C. does your Mom still lead you around by your right ear?
Blueberryymuffin 6 months ago
I used to think cats always liked getting petted, all my cats were extra cuddly and loved getting pet. Meet my new cat, she is like all the cat horror stories combined. Even the art thing happens, my mom is a painter, I have to cover all the walls in my room cause she likes to scratch them. Especially the wall next to the scratching post, and it’s only ever at night and only when I’m laying down to fall asleep. She doesn’t drink from water bowls they are beneath her, she only drinks from the bathroom sink, and you have to let her drink until she says no more or else she will go after your walls more aggressively. You can’t pet her when she’s on you cause she will give you the death stare of doom. She only wants you to pet her in the mornings and only for about 10 seconds. She will sleep on you at night only if you are laying straight out on your back. If you wake her at anytime during the night she will scratch your walls. During the day she will scratch the glass of your cabinet and the doors make loud banging noises. She has 2 litter boxes one for poo one for pee, she will only poo at the entrance of the one box. She will only have one kind of food, any other and she will starve. She must have her food twice a day at 3AM and 3PM, before or after will not be excepted. She must eat before my other cat. Wrappers are the only toy she will except, without one she will find one by going in the trash bin. Boxes are beneath her. I can go back to bed at 3AM but must be out by 5 or else. I am her owner of choice, any other human will be promptly be put in their place by well timed hisses.
Abdulla Rifai
Abdulla Rifai 6 months ago
How many likes can this 🥚 get?
Barbara Brinkmeyer
Barbara Brinkmeyer 6 months ago
Meanwhile. My thoughts precisely!
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb 6 months ago
Steven is funny if you can get him off Trump talk
Mike Coffin
Mike Coffin 6 months ago
Nice insurance scam on the painting.
mlzanercik 6 months ago
(The Holy Spirit explained in the book of John): ***The Holy spirit is the third person of the Godhead who exercise the power of the Father and the Son in creation and redemption. Because the Holy Spirit is the power by which believers come to Christ and see with new eyes of faith, He is closer to us than we are to ourselves. Like the eyes of the body through which we see physical things, He is seldom in focus to be seen directly because He is the one through whom all else is seen in a new light. This explains why the relationship of the Father and the Son is more prominent in the Gospels, because it is through the eyes of the Holy Spirit that the Father-Son relationship is viewed. ***The Holy Spirit appears in the Gospel of John as the power by which Christians are brought to faith and helped to understand their walk with God: He brings a person to new birth: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit" (John 3:6); "It is the Spirit who gives life" (John 6:63); The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete, or Helper, whom Jesus promised to the disciples after His ascension. The Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are unified in ministering to believers (John 14:16)
Son of Jah
Son of Jah 6 months ago
He is coming..does He know you?
MajinCH33CKC14PPER 6 months ago
Stephan nearly lost his shit on the meanwhile segment
Mizu Astrum
Mizu Astrum 6 months ago
Meanwhile, Madison is grappling with the fact that not ev'ry issue can be settled by Committee.
Aura Wolf
Aura Wolf 6 months ago
Afron Prime
Afron Prime 6 months ago
Did he say MILF Ford. I did not know Ford and a mini van called that. 1:08
Nilda Suarez
Nilda Suarez 6 months ago
Padre Sergio Rezo por Ud. Desde La Paz___ Entre Rios____ Rca.__Argentina
John Millard
John Millard 6 months ago
Repent, believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.
TranceF0rm 6 months ago
He don't want em
Boisey 6 months ago
Came immediately to the comments for all the folks who remembered the first time Flight Attention happened. I was hoping it would be as funny this time around as well.
D R 6 months ago
Oh goodie; is this a segment where everything is taken out of contex, or just blatantly distorted, so we can all feel morally superior to something or body else? I haven't watched it; I'm just guessing.
Добрый Блоггер
Сделайте русские субтитры)
ausernamegoeshere 6 months ago
so i guess we are just supposed to ignore the blood libel
artofnick 6 months ago
That was a beautiful Maya mash array animation at the beginning. Looking at you vfx editor for Late Show!
Peggy Jenkinson
Peggy Jenkinson 6 months ago
No Way. I took a United flight from San Diego to Washington DC and ALL we got was a crunchy cookie. Long Flight 7 am.... I can do better at 7-11.
jmlkinc 6 months ago
"Come on Allen"
Matt Allen
Matt Allen 6 months ago
Colbert is funny when’s not talking politics
Earl Green
Earl Green 6 months ago
DISCIPLE TO APOSTLE Matthew 10:1-10 After a long time of internship, mentoring, and training, as it were, in preparation for what would come next, JESUS’ disciples became apostles. A disciple is one who follows, an apostle is one who is sent out. One is a student the other is a teacher, the first is a follower the other a leader, one follows the Master the other leads others to the Master - JESUS. But note here that even though we move from following to leading this transition is only a state of Holy Ghost maturity and not the student becoming the Master, because we always follow JESUS; we cannot outgrow GOD! Are you ready?
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