Meanwhile in RUSSIA FAIL/WIN Compilation

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Comments 80
SCP- 049
SCP- 049 2 hours ago
*1941* German soldier: Guys I think we all are gonna freeze to death in here! Russians: 5:45
Kacper_Gaming 3 hours ago
Russian meme or hard bass
Jesse Jacques
Jesse Jacques 4 hours ago
1:00 early demo for black ops one : “Jump! Mason! Jump” “ Go! Mason! Go!” “Your turn come on! Step eight freedom! “ For you mason not for me!” “Reznov!!”
Russians are like scientists because there mentality is "why the fuck not?"
swankest 11 hours ago
jak miło zaczyna się ten odc
Skin Esports
Skin Esports 14 hours ago
5:33 song name ??
Sygg K Nielsen
8:42 Here we have Yvgeny and his environmentally friendly Blyat Chariot. Just chillin' n' cruisin'...
Sygg K Nielsen
These Slavskis... Watch as they get wasted, cause total disasters, get their animals wasted, party with vagrants and midgets and hookers right out in streets, leap around and spazz out like maniacs, run around committing irrational crimes, fall on their asses, having slapping or headbutting contests, pass out in the snow, show total disregard for safety regulations (where these MIGHT exist), and sometimes amaze us with feats of strength or improvised engineering....
Chips the Cat
1:05 Fast & furious: Russian edition
KenanEA_SVR Day ago
2:13 is TURKEY!!! XD and 4:12 and 8:58
Hrušky Day ago
2:57 song please
Heineken Please
2:20 anyone knows the track name?
Desislava Veselinova
2:06 хахахаха
Starwolfy Day ago
what is the music name a 2:59 ?
Эй русские вы где её?
Andrei Asecas
me and the boys after the quarantine 2:22
Nicolo 2524
Nicolo 2524 Day ago
Gta Online = Russian
Ömer Türk
Ömer Türk Day ago
2:15 turkish man
Flying Fish
Flying Fish Day ago
Russia exists to convince invading aliens that earth is not a good mark.
Ottoman Ram.
Ottoman Ram. 2 days ago
6:00 LMAO
uan Rivera
uan Rivera 2 days ago
I wonder what puttin have to say about this 🤔🤔 👍🤣🤣🤣
P.M. 2 days ago
Is like a town of clowns
Claudia Jerca
Claudia Jerca 2 days ago
Me when im hyped 2:56
LifeofKayra 2 days ago
4.20 this man turkish
Jakob Sellner
Jakob Sellner 2 days ago
Communism murdered this Country.
Mad Tunes
Mad Tunes 2 days ago
Not communism, but corruption and mafia in government.
American Pichu
American Pichu 3 days ago
*С У К А Б Л Я А В*
MoustacheCloud 3 days ago
"It seems we are in a river." "Yes, I think you are right."
Povalsi Gaming
Povalsi Gaming 3 days ago
2:13 turkish
xMokonzie x
xMokonzie x 3 days ago
1:06 фальшивка бля. fake
Alvin Mairov
Alvin Mairov 3 days ago
I think next gta should be in Russia. The county itself is crazy place, and now just imagine it being gta
KUBB A 3 days ago
2:57 ??
Brayden Fogle
Brayden Fogle 4 days ago
anyone else hear ablahblahblaaa
Pedro Manuel Rodríguez Doñas
El del minuto 1:29 me mato 🤣🤣
Alberto Gentile
Alberto Gentile 4 days ago
Song at 4:12 ?
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 4 days ago
1:19 , it's a daylight robbery!!!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 4 days ago
3:47 lmfao wtf
Anri Chilingaryan
Russians are Genius!!!!
tudor tudi
tudor tudi 4 days ago
Song name @ 0:39
GOrDoN ReMseY 4 days ago
4:57 you know its Russia when the dogs are drunk😂
Milf Hunter
Milf Hunter 5 days ago
7:28 👌
Lijo Lalu Korah
Lijo Lalu Korah 5 days ago
American entrepreneurs: we take risks and live on the edge. Russian old man: hold my vodka
Efe Scofield
Efe Scofield 5 days ago
02:24 not russian all of them turkish
Faseeh Ul hassan
Faseeh Ul hassan 5 days ago
Should the corona virus be scared of them or them scared of it
Forcolano Debyl
Forcolano Debyl 5 days ago
Foto osmannnn! jajajaja
Анна Фирсина
Стыдно и самой смешно
Iancu Alin
Iancu Alin 5 days ago
How can you not love Russia!😅
X AUTO 5 days ago
2:15 is turkey
Umut köse
Umut köse 5 days ago
2:13 they are turkish :):)
John Do
John Do 5 days ago
_人人人人人人人人人人人_ > DeeeeeeeeeeNN!!!!! <  ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄ Союз нерушимый республик свободных Сплотила навеки Великая Русь Да здравствует созданный волей народов Единый, могучий Советский Союз!
Actual Moron
Actual Moron 6 days ago
I love the spirit of these, Russia seems like such an interesting place to be
mexication 6 days ago
5:20 song!!?
Aviation Gaming1564
Them Russians am I right
Cody Ashford
Cody Ashford 6 days ago
The fox was like this is our food comrade
Communist Crusader
3:35 So guys, we did it.
Donieee 6 days ago
1:30 What's funny about this vid? Man just tells interviewer that he's not getting paid
Владимир Демиденко
privet moi Dryg
batty fatty
batty fatty 6 days ago
Does anyone have the song at 2:15 ? Please put a link
yasrib mubassir
yasrib mubassir 7 days ago
_IDAZNER _ 7 days ago
Привет из России
ihavenoob 7 days ago
2:50 what song?
Game Play Chanel
Game Play Chanel 7 days ago
Inspired by Hardware
Главное дверку в УАЗике закрыл)
Magomed Pliev
Magomed Pliev 7 days ago
Ору ))
Jovin Clinton
Jovin Clinton 7 days ago
3:28 😎 Tranlaste plz
Vedran Vedran
Vedran Vedran 8 days ago
Coalmine raver kicks ass
Dan 8 days ago
Эх.... родная Россия.... люблю её!
PinkME44BOT 8 days ago
0:19 ебать сука ебать
visit pickytop website
0:35 reason why aliens only visit America
Олег Мирончук
Я спиздил у бати бухло Отец: ,,Ах ты блядь такая а!!!"🤣🤣🤣
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 9 days ago
Best of the best
IhEaMcO _YuKi_
IhEaMcO _YuKi_ 5 days ago
@Jack Jack I wrote: I agree
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 6 days ago
@IhEaMcO _YuKi_ English please
IhEaMcO _YuKi_
IhEaMcO _YuKi_ 6 days ago
FEUDER 96 9 days ago
Hehe our country
Faisal Dakheelallah Alharthi
insurance has left the chat ...
Big Almighty Chōńkë
3:55 *Igor Igor look me slide with car*
EMIR Tetik
EMIR Tetik 10 days ago
2:20 Its Turkey
Emanuele Guerra
Emanuele Guerra 10 days ago
Treenoss 10 days ago
MrLong 3006
MrLong 3006 10 days ago
7:03 adapt, improvise, overcome.
Gula mutelimova
Gula mutelimova 10 days ago
Русских мужиков не победить! Russian men do not win!
Даун Дебил • 83 года назад
То, что ты написала, означает "Русские мужчины не выигрывают" Надо было написать "Russian men never lose" или что-то типо этого.
Bogdan Afanasev
Bogdan Afanasev 10 days ago
1:33 Мы веном!!!!! xDDD
Михаил Антоноевич Спорилов
Others : Damn Russia is Crazy place.. Me an Indonesian : *HOLD MY JAHE ANGET*
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