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We're over here, but meanwhile in Russia...
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Comments 80
2:08 Oww!!! That must have HURT!! 5:48 - 6:12 . 24 seconds! In sub zero water! Just for a measly shrimp.
Neo2266 2 days ago
this is a very shit compilation
Floor pissing cat
Floor pissing cat
In Russia the bears don’t chase you, you chase the bears
vodka Volvo
vodka Volvo 4 days ago
Kanav Dhawan
Kanav Dhawan 5 days ago
10:15 blyat
Rihui He
Rihui He 6 days ago
Meanwhile in russia... There are 10 people on a motorcycle
Boo Man
Boo Man 6 days ago
Vodka Nation asses.
アニスキ 10 days ago
kids bullying wild boar... what a unique scene
Audio Production/Music Production Course
In Asia you eat animals, torture bears. You even boil dogs alive. So shut up you piece of shiiiet
Nel Øggy
Nel Øggy 10 days ago
Everybody : Scared of Russian Russian:
our rights first
our rights first 8 days ago
Nel Øggy, Tell that to the people fighting in Ukraine, they volunteered to fight Russia.
# Russian Bears
This is why I wanna go to Russia it’s so interesting well the people I love their language
Oleg Trushin
Oleg Trushin 22 hours ago
Приезжай. У нас весело.
Oreo the CookieAnimator
MrLong 3006
MrLong 3006 11 days ago
0:27 is the most metal thing I’ve ever seen.
MTC Productions
MTC Productions 12 days ago
0:26 Doof wagon from Fury Road but with budget cuts
Horom TW Сара Хом
А вдруг он вас батюшка утянет)))
Ins3cur3 D3m0n
Ins3cur3 D3m0n 13 days ago
Everything is better in russia
Stalker 44
Stalker 44 14 days ago
Amerikanskis: OMG Sharks invaded a tornado! Russians: 02:18
JulianTheDoggo 14 days ago
So this is what my Russian grandparents did.
Audio Production/Music Production Course
On youtube there is a video where Chinese girl eat a turtle alive.
51kOm 17 days ago
"Это сибирь" - и всё в мусоре летающем, свиноты...
Fred Muromov
Fred Muromov 18 days ago
4:20 Если мы сдохнем я тебя люблю !)))
Game_maniac 18 days ago
in russia... nothin is sane.
Max Geier
Max Geier 18 days ago
Russia - The real life GTA Server
Big Mike Perdomo
Big Mike Perdomo 20 days ago
Has anyone seen the Machine?
NOLORI ONICA 15 days ago
i get u bro :)
Dawid Ciężadlik
When i watch this i have a feeling that in Russian is everything.
Lady Buzzkiller
Lady Buzzkiller 22 days ago
Парень, некоторые из этих клипов сумасшедшие, хе-хе. Интересно, люди все еще так делают? 😂 hehee
Апостол Сербович
Конечно. Вот щас карантин, так мы с балконов прыгаем, чтобы в магазин сходить, а потом обратно залезаем. Все потому что у каждой квартиры Путин стоит.
CherryGum_D 24 days ago
In mOthErlAnd you don’t need a radio There is always Vasia playing on the roof of ether your house,or your car,or he just sits on your head and plays his stupid violin which everyone just wants to shove up his ass DAMN IT VASIA
Mr. Kekac
Mr. Kekac 26 days ago
02:30 is he Jotaro?
Kinda Tim
Kinda Tim 3 days ago
You approach me, shark?
2005Crazer 28 days ago
95 процентов роликов происходят среди какой-то серости, грязи, срача и т.п. Даже мужик под сигналку танцует возле ямы на дороге. Обидно за нашу страну...
Владыка Элронд
А людям похеру, они веселятся.
lovelykitty9 9
lovelykitty9 9 Month ago
Ummmmm i cant understand but i love russian culture
Audio Production/Music Production Course
Try to understand China. They torture animals and create Coronaviruses.
Roman Frost
Roman Frost Month ago
0:26 . Ого. Вот это приятно слушать, а не это говно с "хит-парадов" из всяких приор и других тазов
Roman Frost
Roman Frost 2 days ago
@Galbrender БлинЮ к сожалению, не подскажу. Эта мелодия в стиле Хард-Рок. Это очень вероятно, что импровизация или собственного сочинения они играют)
Galbrender 4 days ago
Может знаешь название ?
Besni69 Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-JtrrV41-Bkg.html wtf?
Светлана Князева
6:57 мишка-выпускник из центра спасения медвежат Пажетнова. Они такие бирки на уши крепят перед тем, как выпустить на волю.
Saint Just
Saint Just Month ago
Russians are very emotional nation: they will either kiss your hands - or just shoot you in the back of the head,at best once you sleep.
digimaks Month ago
You speak nonsense.
Saint Just
Saint Just Month ago
Russians are very emotional nation: they will either kiss your hands - or just shoot you in the back of the head,at best once you sleep.
Audio Production/Music Production Course
On youtube there is a Chinese girl who kills animals in front of a camera and it's allowed. I hate Chinese and I hate American RUvid owners! Russians are much better than them.
Grotty Allen
Grotty Allen Month ago
I’m from Russia These are everyday occurrences here
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Month ago
Grotty Allen nice
Grotty Allen
Grotty Allen Month ago
FH Purcell Yes especially in the army)
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Month ago
Are they actually though? (Not the exact stuff in the video, but the living in the moment and making the best of shitty situation even if it’s unorthodox)
Shrek Wes
Shrek Wes Month ago
can you believe that 30 years ago we feared russia
lllKRENDELLLlll Month ago
3:09 - 3:41 Look Western dudes, look. This is what cemeteries in Russia actually look like! Not like they show in your Hollywood movies. No bears of course ))
lllKRENDELLLlll 29 days ago
@Spiritual Beetle Then who is it - the Panda? *:D*
Spiritual Beetle
Spiritual Beetle 29 days ago
So is that not a bear
lllKRENDELLLlll Month ago
@Luna_ Raut as their own or like an european cemeteries
Luna_ Raut
Luna_ Raut Month ago
How do they show it in movies? I just don't watch Hollywood...
The incredible gondola
0:20 me: the lada is a powerful car 0:22 *oh*
The incredible gondola
Nikolay Finilov I said what I thought that’s why I put me: next to the lada is a powerful car
Nikolay Finilov
Nikolay Finilov Month ago
he said "f*cked me the Soviet auto industry")
TentandaOmnia Month ago
0:38 if you can't effort CD player.
Kinda Tim
Kinda Tim 3 days ago
@TentandaOmnia pff your well come XD XD XD
TentandaOmnia 3 days ago
@Kinda Tim Thanks. I can't afford English lessons
Kinda Tim
Kinda Tim 3 days ago
Afford* -_-
VaveSTRIKE Month ago
5:41 The Russians say: is it deep there? about 20 meters.
sion evans
sion evans Month ago
9:25 those trucks sum up the Russian spirit to me...bless you all....
sion evans
sion evans Month ago
Ahh beautiful nurse shark? 2:30
Leonid Aleksandrov
1:28 Dain Ironfoot's childhood )
EVZYL Month ago
I lived in Russia for three years! How I miss that country and the way the people can just shrug off whatever situation they're confronted with and ... just carry on without losing their sense of humour.
lovelykitty9 9
lovelykitty9 9 21 day ago
One of the reasons i love russian culture
Luís Pacheco
Luís Pacheco Month ago
Yes we see that. Everyttime a problem happens with cars either someone tries to kill another for some minor stupidity. Very friendly
RealmOfWonders Month ago
Russians have bigger balls than most Americans.
Lisa Chiappetti
Lisa Chiappetti Month ago
People always say that Canada isn't real but can we start saying that Russia isn't real?
Audio Production/Music Production Course
In Canada they sell bears to China where Chinese torture bears. Russia>Canada
David Donaghy
David Donaghy Month ago
Extra protein in that bread.
Steveo H
Steveo H Month ago
and at :28 looks like they are on a V-max...Legends!
Thirsty boi
Thirsty boi Month ago
Steveo H 0:28
Walter's Playground
Russia please invade Canada kthnx
phoenix rising
phoenix rising Month ago
Say what you bout the Russians but they Badass as fuck
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Month ago
Who was waiting for the pig to muck the kid
Colman Tieszen
Colman Tieszen Month ago
thats a huge pig only in russia tho
black opium
black opium Month ago
Russija Pravoslavna Zemlja putin katolik
Иван Донченко
Земле как бы пофиг на тех сказочных существ, которые придумывают люди, живущие на ней)
Данил Наугольнов
Земля то как раз языческая. так-то....
Wolfy Fenrir
Wolfy Fenrir Month ago
7:03 "-Runya, leave the Mishka (bear's name) alone. Misha was eating. Eat, Misha. Misha is handsome."
Uthark Runa
Uthark Runa 2 months ago
Lol, the car alarm and the raver
Густаво Безликий
4:50 "if we'll die i love you"
MusicGameMan 15 days ago
"I love you too" next
Nicholas Tracy
Nicholas Tracy 19 days ago
thank you slav man
smoog 2 months ago
Is there anyone normal in Russia?
Kinda Tim
Kinda Tim 3 days ago
Most of the people. These pearls are exclusions from the rule.
smoog normal is boring
Thirsty boi
Thirsty boi Month ago
smoog we all normal in Russia to other Russians atleast
Наталия Гаврилина
@Alexey Titarenko You are impostor. No one russian'll make excuses
Alexey Titarenko
Sure no. Some video is show. But some is True)))
Never Cry12
Never Cry12 2 months ago
2:51 what a hell??? 🤣🤣🤣
I like it / do you?
Everybody gotta eat, so everybody gotta go work
Рус 28 days ago
@J Inh It's just a dog going home by bus : ))
J Inh
J Inh Month ago
What? It's just a...dog? Never seen a dog?😈
MAGA Aaron
MAGA Aaron 2 months ago
0:20 this guy in a russian dealership later that day: "I'd like a hubcap for my 'lada" then the guy at the desk says "sounds like a fair swap"
MAGA Aaron
MAGA Aaron 2 months ago
1:30 did someone say "hooogg riideer!"
Pixel gunner Inc
Pixel gunner Inc 29 days ago
Loran tyro Nabo
Loran tyro Nabo Month ago
Man What Is Your Clan
last call
last call 2 months ago
Can't get enough
Animesh singh Animesh singh
Russian is really cool dud😎
IhEaMcO _YuKi_
IhEaMcO _YuKi_ 3 days ago
Спасибо бротан😘
L Clark
L Clark 2 months ago
Russian trucks are superheroes.
CummingTonite 2 months ago
Song name at 2:52 ?
CummingTonite 2 months ago
@Илья К. thanks bro
Илья К.
Илья К. 2 months ago
@CummingTonite Мое открытие на Shazam: Influgrant - The Best Dance Music. www.shazam.com/track/482012986/the-best-dance-music
ianis marica
ianis marica 2 months ago
9:18 eminem is that u?
John Pembroke
John Pembroke 2 months ago
7:40 . What is that
John Pembroke
John Pembroke Month ago
@Wolfy Fenrir He IS the all seeing Boss after all
John Pembroke
John Pembroke Month ago
@Shelly Tuohy right before that, the Alien looking ring in the sky
Wolfy Fenrir
Wolfy Fenrir Month ago
One of the eyes of Putin
Shelly Tuohy
Shelly Tuohy 2 months ago
A burst water pipe ❤️
Daniel Häusser
Daniel Häusser 2 months ago
That guy's laugh at 5:05 😂😂😂
Виталий Набатов
как то буднично...
Elizabeth Brenner
Elizabeth Brenner 3 months ago
Onky Russia built High Quality trucks that can dive under water like the Kamaz Trucks
Kinda Tim
Kinda Tim 3 days ago
The thing is tgat they can drive underwater but are a complete shit at driving on the ground.
blackrabbit212 6 days ago
I want one!
Boston Chris
Boston Chris 3 months ago
That dude at the end stuck on those ice he was fucked
lie4liars 3 months ago
*_"SUPER RUSSIAN" _**_ 5:45 _**_ to _**_ 6:25 _**_ does not even shiver!!_*
The Man On The Mountain
In russia sharks don't eat you... They date you.
Wheeze Le Blyat
сука блять
сука блять
сука блять
его все подделка не комментируйте это
lovelykitty9 9
lovelykitty9 9 21 day ago
@Silas Li stereotype >:c
lovelykitty9 9
lovelykitty9 9 21 day ago
Cyka vse yeshche stereotip A FYCKING STEREOTYPE
Anton Yakubovskiy
Anton Yakubovskiy 3 months ago
Ледовая обстановка в норме
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming 3 months ago
9:03 Mudrunner ? :D
Milk • 56 years ago
Retro Gaming no s l a v runner
Shawn Miller
Shawn Miller 3 months ago
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 3 months ago
Who sent me “meanwhile in Russia?” That guy kicks his car and it falls apart! That’s funny!!
Angel Diez Ovelar
Angel Diez Ovelar 3 months ago
What again is your Job ? I'm dancing with Shark......😁
isrofi yusuf
isrofi yusuf 3 months ago
I mess king with people bye just talking Delaney Fin own place
isrofi yusuf
isrofi yusuf Month ago
Have a fiance's at the boats?
олег туваков
@Richard Gray Google translator is a terrible thing!
Richard Gray
Richard Gray 2 months ago
What language did you write your comment in? Definitely not English
speedmyster1 3 months ago
4.35 nice day at the sea side
Marco Gaudiosi
Marco Gaudiosi 12 days ago
Yep, death by lapidation.
Taylor Sweetova
Taylor Sweetova 3 months ago
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