Meanwhile... Do Cats Know Their Names?

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Meanwhile... researchers have concluded whether cats are aware of their given names.
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Apr 17, 2019




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Comments 80
dancepiglover Month ago
I've described that being a cat owner is like being in an abusive relationship.
MaskedMarvyl 2 months ago
"One ball bounce house". Best unintentional flub ever.....
Add E
Add E 2 months ago
Meanwhile... Stephen Forgets How To Read
Aztec Warrior
Aztec Warrior 2 months ago
I love cats
miriam 3 months ago
Hematoge does not SECRETLY contain blood. It was written on the wrapper from the start. And it's still popular, and not only in Russia. I'm from Estonia and it's my favourite candy bar since I was little
Cindy 3 months ago
My 🐈🐈🐈each know their name & each other's names. I sing the BINGO song spelling out each of their 5 letter names & they know which is theirs. Plus I spell SNACK (special can fd treat at night), FOOD (dry fd), H2O, DINNERTIME, OUTSIDE (they go to door) & they know what each means. I do I LUV U in sign & they know. Animals r smarter than u think. A hurt or trapped wild animal knows ur trying to help them. I had a orphaned red tail hawk grow up in my backyard for mths, never bothered birds or the neighbors 100 cats (darn it). It would sit on fence & pose for pics then one day it left but would come back occasionally to say hi human mom. It was so cool!
celticwolff 3 months ago
When he first said the estimated worth of the porn collection I thought maybe it would be mint issues of early Playboy magazines or stuff from the 1800s. Then he gave the details.
S Kxoxo
S Kxoxo 4 months ago
My cat always responds to her name but she responds a lot faster to the sound of her cat treat bag
felicity4711 4 months ago
Hey! Cats are nice! 🐱
abtheflagman 4 months ago
Of course cats know their name. When I call for my cat he comes every time of course he wants to eat he knows his name ha
Bazz Bro
Bazz Bro 4 months ago
Blood pancakes r delicious he should try some
Audrey Muzingo
Audrey Muzingo 4 months ago
My cat SIGNS the full sentence "Turn on the tub faucet so I can get my face wet" by touching the faucet and then wiping her face, while looking at me pleadingly (meowing first if I'm not already looking at her). She doesn't specifcally want to get her face wet, but she likes to drink the water and her face happens to get wet. She made up the sentence herself and I understood it, so it stuck. Cats are extremely intelligent, but they have ears, tails, smells and other non-verbal ways of communicating with each other, so we don't interpret them as "smart" like us. Feral cats don't ever meow except mothers and kittens to one another. But housecats learn from humans that we need to HEAR verbal requests like 'pet me' or 'let me outside' or in a case like my cat, sign language works. I bottle raised her so she's even more human-oriented than average housecats.
Buffy Bell
Buffy Bell 4 months ago
Yes cats know their names. Mine do. And their nicknames and their special “call signs” which means that they are to “check in”. They come when called and respond to their names
Debra Blasus
Debra Blasus 4 months ago
I think so. Even thou i adopted my cat at 4 yrs. old she knows name Ciara.🐱
Rocio Monserrátt
Rocio Monserrátt 4 months ago
Cats dgaf.
Alicia Stonebraker
Alicia Stonebraker 4 months ago
Both of my cats know their names. We dont use the words here kitty kitty
Bradley Holdom
Bradley Holdom 4 months ago
I'm pretty sure my cat knows that when I say "Diddles!", I mean "get the fuck over here for scratchy time!"
Nancy P
Nancy P 4 months ago
Hilarious, my kitties are j..... but I love them
Nancy P
Nancy P 4 months ago
My cats do know their names.
Jared DeMarzo
Jared DeMarzo 4 months ago
Is Stephen high?
david williams
david williams 4 months ago
Hahahaha hahahaha
Shays my Name
Shays my Name 4 months ago
My cat Sadie comes running from the yard to our balcony when called, she comes whenever I call her name like she's my toddler lol of course they know! Unless they don't like u then they ignore u or pretend they are deaf like my neighbors cat...they both hate her, it's ok... We all do 😻😹😹😹😹😹😼
Juman B
Juman B 4 months ago
I like this segment because it’s Trump free.
MarleeSky 4 months ago
Awe it’s cute to see Stephen discombobulated like this. He couldn’t read for shit lol
Linda Golden
Linda Golden 5 months ago
🙀 intestinal case of comedy 🤪
MN Irwin
MN Irwin 5 months ago
They know. They just don't give a shit.
Ephilema Young
Ephilema Young 5 months ago
My cat comes every time she is called by her preferred name which can't be written but is pronounced like a large paper bag being opened
Ganiscol 5 months ago
Cat knows *YOUR* name and cat also knows where you live. 👀 That and the question "Do I have enough of the right cat food in house?" should be your only concerns.
Bradley Lambie
Bradley Lambie 5 months ago
20 years ago, computers still weren't a serious thing. Playboy was still raking in that money.
blub blubbedi
blub blubbedi 5 months ago
well every soviet knew that this bar contains blood
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 5 months ago
Stewart/Colbert 2020
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 5 months ago
Oh, boooo... with that much porn, there’s bound to be some crack in there...?
jeaniebird 5 months ago
Cats are assholes. (I love my assholes, sofa king much!)
sam gate
sam gate 5 months ago
When did people stop thinking that cats responded to their own name. Most cat owner always know they could but they are more like men and only chose too when it suits them. Males will only hear what they want when they want - cats will only respond to what they want when they want.
beatrix the great
beatrix the great 5 months ago
The value of the porn goes down the more worn out and stained the pages are.
Henry R.
Henry R. 5 months ago
Jay Cutler post-retirement burn!
Aubergine Machine
Aubergine Machine 5 months ago
Science stamp!
Flapkatt 5 months ago
My cats have their own email accounts. But I have to paws every time I try to log on to my own. You can reach them at snottycats.com. They do not tolerate stupidity, so please have your ID and PIN ready before you log in. snottycats.com is a dog-free environment but birds and other small prey are welcome.
Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living
Skip the intro by clicking 0:32
Chad MacDonald
Chad MacDonald 5 months ago
I’ll take 5 Science Stamps
Amira The Great
Amira The Great 5 months ago
2:23 Jokes like these are so cute. 🤗
Mary Wright
Mary Wright 5 months ago
Ask Charlie Sheen about pornography and crack
Lakshmi1118 5 months ago
Oh my hemotogen!
Rev. Kaelene Lord
Rev. Kaelene Lord 5 months ago
If they're house cats, they know their names. Mine even have conversations with me. I try hard not to laugh When they ask me to play with them, buns high in the air, then they do the twizzle ( see Dick Van Dyke show) with their tushes looking like their back tires being held by a super hero and you could swear they were about to explode, and I couldn't hold the laugh anymore. Cats are really funny. They also know if I say the word 'twump!'... Run for the frigging door!
TotallyNotARobot 5 months ago
Stephen Colbert Has A Stroke Live
NightRunner417 5 months ago
My cat always responded to his name. I just always found it more efficient to tap my fingernails on a can of tuna. It's the difference between getting him to look at me and getting him to actually get off his ass to come over. Did I think he was a jerk because of this? Nooooo, of course not. I thought he was a jerk because he'd miss his litterbox by at times, 20 feet or more, he for some reason needed to cough up his hairballs on the bed, and he positively shredded some of my furniture. Bigger fish to fry, you might say.
Samuel Foresta
Samuel Foresta 6 months ago
I already know my cat knows it's name
Per Keyser
Per Keyser 6 months ago
Hah! Twelve boxes? That's not a porn collection.... that's a starter kit for cheap people.
novice Price
novice Price 6 months ago
I have 7 cats, and every one answers to thier name. My maxxy Katt. Will come running from anywhere in my house.
multitudeofidols 6 months ago
It's amazing that people are grossed out by the thought of food with cow's blood, but don't bat an eye about food being parts of the actual cow.
Lady snake84
Lady snake84 6 months ago
Finally, candy for vampires!
Wintry 6 months ago
fav meanwhile segment of them all
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 7 months ago
Do humans know what the fuk? Ancients egiptians knew better. Stiff Coldbear
Cherula Famana
Cherula Famana 7 months ago
The cutest jerks, ever!
Sayak Das
Sayak Das 7 months ago
My condolences towards the man whose porn stash is destroyed.
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro 7 months ago
Mine does but only because it's a sound I make whenever I talk to him, so I think that's how he relates it to himself.
Dr Perpetuum
Dr Perpetuum 7 months ago
0:30 It's because the alternative is listening about Trump, no wonder everyone can't wait
Ivy 7 months ago
We're ahead if the curve. Every year we get a bounce house for our kids parties but really we get it for the adults 😂
herman greenstein
herman greenstein 7 months ago
Keep those bounce houses clean! No stickies in there!
cindy hatch
cindy hatch 8 months ago
My cats not only know their names but each knows their name when I spell it! Piper, Kenze, & Bella. Plus they know what dinnertime, snack & food is when I spell it Bella plays fetch with wadded up paper (I wake up often w/ paper balls in bed), Piper does high 5.'s & shakes, & Kenze's talent is being mom's luvbug
Kevin. Glore
Kevin. Glore 8 months ago
OH Haha sweet vindacation,all the people and perhaps all the Pisces of the puzzle is finally coming together this just might actually be the thing after all.
just me
just me 8 months ago
Of course cats know their names. They're just ignoring you.
Animo et Prudentia
Animo et Prudentia 8 months ago
Yes, it's true. My cats (2 siblings) know their names (+ a few other words). The female is also telepathic. Seriously. Kinda freaky.
Mario M
Mario M 8 months ago
Yes they do! I tested it out with my 12 cats.
Fernando Castillo
Fernando Castillo 8 months ago
Cats aren’t jerks. They’re just plain smart and we don’t like it because we feel that we can’t control them. Cats are like men especially when our significant other is calling us to do something. I’m not saying, I pretend I didn’t hear my name, all I’m saying is that most times I don’t hear it.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 8 months ago
My childhood cat knew her name!!! 😭😭😭😭
Annie Warbux
Annie Warbux 8 months ago
Cats know their names and commands. When I taught the dog to get in the "basement" on command the cat picked up on it. All I had to say was "basement" and they both darted down.
Audrey Muzingo
Audrey Muzingo 8 months ago
When it comes to animals' ability to learn the meaning of human speech, smart dogs are the absolute best, but all cats are better than stupid dogs. It's people who take a long time (if ever) to figure out how cats' minds work, but once you do, you can teach them all kinds of tricks. Mine roll over, fetch (and bring the object back immediately), of course come to their names, and my bottle-raised girl made up her own sign language for "Please turn on the tub faucet" (she sits on the edge and meows for me to look at her, then she wipes her face with her paw, because she gets her face wet when she drinks).
Rafeek Rafeek
Rafeek Rafeek 8 months ago
You don't tell people facts about cats you convince them to adopt a cat and they figure it out the hard way !
valhoff3 8 months ago
Dealing with too much tRump lately, Stephen?
Jaque Marro
Jaque Marro 8 months ago
Yes they do their names. I use to let mine out to play outside. Then there was this one time I couldn’t find him, so I called out his name and he came running to me. 🥰
Mr 8 months ago
My cats always respond to their names. My dog is the one that isn’t responding especially when she is outside.
A U 8 months ago
2:05 are you taking (mentioning) in your mouth something what i think it is , some thing hard and soft at the same time , ohh no
A U 8 months ago
1:21 what do you mean , someone like Rihana maybe , yeah , she a dangerous women , could crash my wedding
hargow4u 8 months ago
I like how he pronounced Kristin Cavallari's name wrong
Lynn Perry
Lynn Perry 8 months ago
love that intro word salad!
Tinthia Clemant
Tinthia Clemant 8 months ago
Wedding bouncy castles lead to dungeons of despair for divorce.
Alena Verhalen
Alena Verhalen 8 months ago
Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ all these people booing at the blood candy when most probably eat meat...
Eugene Bennett
Eugene Bennett 9 months ago
His intro to Meanwhile is incredibly genius & hilarious asf
Anjalena 9 months ago
They wasted money on that unnecessary study? There are millions of people out there who live and work with cats. Cats live 16-20 yrs. Each has a different personality. And they, like dogs, can learn a limited vocabulary of human words. They respond to much more than just their names. Otherwise how would people make a living at training them for movies and such? They could have done a poll of cat owners and people who work with cats professionally. (Source: Myself. I've had 12 cats over a 22 yr period. I've spent those years studying cats as much as poss.)
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