Mean Tweets - Music Edition #5

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Music fans can be very passionate. Some love to express their enthusiasm and lack of it and from time to time we like to shine a spotlight on the unpleasant things people post on social media and tonight, we’ve done it again in an all music edition of #MeanTweets featuring: Gwen Stefani, The Chainsmokers, Tyga, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Jason Mraz, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, Dua Lipa, The Strokes, Pink, Elvis Costello, ScHoolboyQ, G-Eazy, Luke Combs, Korn, Nickelback and more.
Mean Tweets - Music Edition 5

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Comments 100
Neta 16 hours ago
Everyone who hates Imagine Dragons, you must have a sad life🙄
Araya1231 20 hours ago
it's not wrong about halsey
Zion Ramos
Zion Ramos Day ago
jeffs1000 Day ago
Jimmy Kimmel -- exploiter of women. Using them as objects by watching them jump on trampolines. metoo!
sexylexy80 Day ago
i clicked coz the thumbnail looks nothing like Gwen stefani
limpnjen 2 days ago
Korn was genuinely hurt, lol.
Anish अनिश्
Dua Lipa is too cute. but also too slutty
Almicar Vargas
Almicar Vargas 3 days ago
Miley Cyrus is my Smelly Pirate Hooker lol I've been crushing on her since I was a teen.
Debra Wilson
Debra Wilson 3 days ago
1:33. “sure am” 💀💀
Dana van der Looy
i want hollywood undead in here that will be so funny!!!
Brady Amer
Brady Amer 4 days ago
Walace Nogueira
Walace Nogueira 5 days ago
Botox's destroyed Gwens face...
King Of Hell 02848
I happen to love Nickleback
King Of Hell 02848
+Kyhec exactly
Kyhec 3 days ago
Of course you do you're the King of Hell
Fiore Deste
Fiore Deste 6 days ago
1:13 lmao I still can't believe they got together for this
Snuffy Grunt
Snuffy Grunt 6 days ago
How about Gwen & Pink in a Snuffy sandwich while ya'll rest of you watch my freak...
Mike Rithjin
Mike Rithjin 6 days ago
“What do we say to the god of aging” Gwen Stefani: “Not today”
AdamTPersonette 7 days ago
I gained respect for Nickleback after their response
The Seeker
The Seeker 7 days ago
How dualipa looked at the camera after.
Punky Bitch
Punky Bitch 7 days ago
The Halsey one is true
Rommel the Cat
Rommel the Cat 7 days ago
This bit has always sucked. Kimmel is a no talent hack.
The Blue Morpho
The Blue Morpho 7 days ago
P!nk is adorable.
Ariel TheMermaid
Ariel TheMermaid 8 days ago
Gwen Stefani bad af 😩
jersey boiii Channel
Damn Gwen Stefani is that baby
David Noble
David Noble 8 days ago
I like pink a lot, great character
Tatsh 9 days ago
I came when Dua Lipa said blow job, man she's so hot!
sibbidy 3 days ago
Drewski Lodge
Drewski Lodge 9 days ago
Why do Miley Cyrus have a Adams Apple though?
J Shepard
J Shepard 9 days ago
1:54 Somebody got Miley just right.
JxBANE 9 days ago
How is Gwen getting younger
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 9 days ago
At least Nickelback are good sports.
Anthony Garrido
Anthony Garrido 10 days ago
the KoRn one was ice cold,the beasts of Bakersfield are wicked awesome.
Bryan Stahl
Bryan Stahl 11 days ago
I love P!NK so so much 💕
Edward Raymond
Edward Raymond 11 days ago
Pls make football/soccer edition I want zlatan's reaction
AJ John
AJ John 11 days ago
Foo Fighters Metallica Guns N Roses Next time!
Raquel Constantino
Live 11 days ago
Tbh I thought Gwen Stefani was Ellie Goulding for a minute
bLuE rOyAlTy.
bLuE rOyAlTy. 11 days ago
Wait G eazy and Halsey on the same show was this before or after?
harry callahan
harry callahan 11 days ago
The Nickel Back guys seem alright. Too bad their music sucks.
TheBlackCardinal 12 days ago
0:38 - lmao, luv Halsey tho 😍 1:40 - like G-Easy too
Jasmine !
Jasmine ! 13 days ago
i bet Julian Casablancas wrote that strokes one
Potato Mag
Potato Mag 13 days ago
That’s not Gwen who is that how many plastic surgery did she have ????
big boy
big boy 14 days ago
Halsey without hear??? never saw that!
Jose Padilla
Jose Padilla 15 days ago
White meat is not cooked enough. should i burn it#
gp 15 days ago
HAHAH how dare you say that about the strokes!
George Isaak
George Isaak 15 days ago
Gwen Stefani "don't speak" baby girl !!!! Haters will be haters , your fan club is yours forever and you look gorgeous !!!!
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern 16 days ago
The Korn and Nickleback ones weren't mean. They were valid critiques
Audrey BlueRose
Audrey BlueRose 16 days ago
Most of these peeps don't seem to have much of a sense of humour. ^_-
Pritish Subudhi
Pritish Subudhi 17 days ago
That was truth about dua lipa
Sneltyr 19 days ago
Whats goin on with Gwen Stefani’s lips?
Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller 19 days ago
Ellen D
Ellen D 20 days ago
Shaunicus 20 days ago
Nickelback by far had the best responce
Lombe Lombe
Lombe Lombe 21 day ago
I love this
L!M3 21 day ago
I mean I defend everyone except for Jason Derulo, dang he autotunes to much!
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton 23 days ago
didn't know gwen stefani was such a botox addict...wow
Soorya S
Soorya S 24 days ago
Bring EMINEM!!!
matty mc
matty mc 25 days ago
Gwen needs a squrtin
esmere00 ahboh
esmere00 ahboh 25 days ago
Gwen Stefani is a queen
Laniakea -000-
Laniakea -000- 25 days ago
2:00 I love Korn 😄
Celeste Gamarra Venegas
alguien no le gusta Korn? Jajaja opd
Celeste Gamarra Venegas
enserio alguien insulto a the strokes? Jajajaa
Trevino Lacie
Trevino Lacie 26 days ago
Spawnet 26 days ago
Майли Сайрус, ну до чего же ужасна.
Megha Sethi
Megha Sethi 28 days ago
Love pink!
zach murphy
zach murphy Month ago
Wtf wrong with p!nk eyes??
Kiwi Baby
Kiwi Baby Month ago
Miley just mad cuz she knows it's TRUE lmao dumb hoe
BadGamer Month ago
It’s truly uncanny how Gwen Stefani went from looking like the talented, pretty Tori Spelling to the white power Kim Kardashian.
Peaceful Brooke
Peaceful Brooke Month ago
0:38 that was hilarious
DDRUTOU Month ago
Wow....Halsey's was spot on!!!! I couldn't have described it better myself
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Month ago
The person that commented on Miley Cyrus should've added that she can't sing and is overrated.
Weston Pike
Weston Pike Month ago
Is anyone else really sick of the hooked ads?
Hailey The Nerd
Hailey The Nerd Month ago
On today’s edition of mean tweets: nickelback sucks
Hailey The Nerd
Hailey The Nerd Month ago
SHE SAID ( .) (. ) 👄 Thank you
xFellazz Month ago
Tyga lowkey wanna look like travis scott.
Alyssa Graves
Alyssa Graves Month ago
Is it just me or did dua lipa lowkey look a little turned on by that tweet lmao
AwesoMESS Month ago
Am I the only one who doesn't know what Gwen Stefanie looks like? Like her appearance drastically changes every time
Michael G. Scott
I'm suddenly, strangely, and inexplicably drawn to Dua Lipa after this video. Her expression, describing it... It's so hard. *That's what she said.*
The rest of Nickleback after Chad makes that comment :') Their faces are priceless!
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali Month ago
Luke Combs was kinda accurate.
Juliette Month ago
Snowblind 00
Snowblind 00 Month ago
Lesson learned: Nickelback sucks.
Jose Rios
Jose Rios Month ago
Bring some new NBA tweets those were funny af
Ayden Dize
Ayden Dize Month ago
Korn is like the best in my opinion
Bianca Perez
Bianca Perez Month ago
game of thrones edition???
Kompa Tevez
Kompa Tevez Month ago
2:00 4/5 of koRn present.
Anna Park
Anna Park Month ago
I love nickelback
Nada Elmarasy
Nada Elmarasy Month ago
1:04 why
malik bonneau
malik bonneau Month ago
Nick Nunes
Nick Nunes Month ago
Why does everyone hate Nickelback so much?
Larry Clark
Larry Clark Month ago
schoolboy q funny asf
keira Xx
keira Xx Month ago
Why do people hate nickelback so much? I like them, they have some great songs!💗
Anyone haitin on KoRn is gonna get fkin crusified
Haikal Mujahid
Haikal Mujahid Month ago
The pink one 😂😂😂😂😂
Aiden Allen
Aiden Allen Month ago
Is that Korn member on the left the master that used to own Tyrion on GoT?
Kenlea Freesmeyer
The one that Luke Bryan read was really mean! I'm positive that i love Luke Bryan music!
Grand Imperius
Grand Imperius Month ago
:51 it's hank hill! hey bobbay!
Wyatt Sciacca
Wyatt Sciacca Month ago
2:03 this guy is askin for trouble
sameer supernova
1:05 dua lipa
Jason Brewer
Jason Brewer Month ago
The fact that Miley flicks that person off just makes me laugh. I mean, that was rude but true
Maha Chowdhury
Maha Chowdhury Month ago
Need one with BTS💜
Just Another Person
Imagine Dragons is not bad.
Justin Lang
Justin Lang Month ago
This more people roasting celebrities no offense
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