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Today we’re talking about the complicated yet wonderful relationship between you and your mom.
Could you relate to these moms and their kids? Then be sure to share this video with your friends who could use a laugh today.
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 3 096
Belrose Pura Tome
Belrose Pura Tome 23 hours ago
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Day ago
I love my mom and dad😇
Sujana Ramprasad
moraima licon
I know how to mix and I'm 9
Lawrence Dsouza
Lona did you no your mom was calling you
Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis 2 days ago
i didnt relate. 1/10. i only gave the one because the guy at the beginning kind of cute. IM NOT GaY GUYS STOP BULLYING. i just think he has nice eyebrows
anuu anamica
anuu anamica 2 days ago
That is real true
Robloxian slime ASMR
This is grammy relatable
deyi shi
deyi shi 2 days ago
my parents do the same thing😭💘💔
wahajhussain 2 days ago
00.50 that is my mom like if you relate
Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Asif 3 days ago
Thank god I am married my mum is mysterious I will try Sri Divya you like this
Jamila Asube
Jamila Asube 3 days ago
Gencie Matone
Gencie Matone 3 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂it’s so funny 😂😂😂
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 3 days ago
So funny
Emily Battaglioli
malak bawab
malak bawab 3 days ago
If you like your family hit that like button 👍
Tara Tara
Tara Tara 3 days ago
LucyAndSean 3 days ago
100% of the comments:Leave a like if you love your mom 3%of the comments:Leave a like if you hate beggers 1% of the comments:This comment.
Nicolene Basson
Nicolene Basson 3 days ago
hiryanni zokifly LZ
Anitha Anitha
Anitha Anitha 3 days ago
So nice ..... From lndia
hassan vapputty59
itz wendy the gamer girl
Me and my big brother realate to the whole video
Tu Thai
Tu Thai 4 days ago
Addison Perkins
Addison Perkins 4 days ago
paul ryan veneracion
My mom keeps growing some ware with my Tita without me
Nives lol
Nives lol 4 days ago
Literary my parents call me 37 times
Farzana Kousar
Farzana Kousar 5 days ago
3:11 ME when I'm at home: watches tv Mom:WILL U SHUT THE VOLUME PLEAS MISSY???! me:⊙_⊙ Mom: Me:fine |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| next time Me:eats popcorn Mom:WILL U EAT QUITLY!? me: ok? ME when I'm not at home Mom:o my god when will my sweetie come home ???I'm so woried,I already miss her.... Me: -eats dinner with friends- My mom:-cries- I miss u! COME BACK.......... like if the same to u 👇 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||:
Julianna Montano
Julianna Montano 5 days ago
Cupcake is my POMERANIAN
Lily was very pretty when she was sleeping she is my fav in 123 go
SuperNana4567 5 days ago
HAPPY Halloween
Lydonlia Mcdermoth
That like my mom
Lulu AlKhudari
Lulu AlKhudari 5 days ago
Adinda Deantoro
Adinda Deantoro 5 days ago
anyone know what does the mother make?
Corkie Smith
Corkie Smith 5 days ago
Lmao they all have iphones
Eduardo Santana
Eduardo Santana 6 days ago
is that you actuall mom lana?
Lilly Gonowrie
Lilly Gonowrie 6 days ago
Lol29231213425 252elf
Corrina Johnson
Corrina Johnson 6 days ago
Mihaela Grigorie
Mihaela Grigorie 6 days ago
Gj czdfj Jddgjngin
Mihaela Grigorie
Mihaela Grigorie 6 days ago
Ceitidh Teevan
Ceitidh Teevan 6 days ago
Bri Faith
Bri Faith 7 days ago
what if she actually got stolen
georgianna carter
mommy Georgia Tyyfygfcfgcfhgdff
Catherine Luwigi
Catherine Luwigi 7 days ago
WOW this is so cool I love it
Itz Melody_Playz 123
Have you guys noticed the time in Lana's Phone at 3:03
Kayci Bettis
Kayci Bettis 8 days ago
I’m only 8
Kayci Bettis
Kayci Bettis 8 days ago
I’m stronger then Kevin
Am And Geo
Am And Geo 8 days ago
Lol 😂
Am And Geo
Am And Geo 8 days ago
I love how when she was sleeping her mum didn’t even notice that she still had makeup on
Emmie Gong
Emmie Gong 9 days ago
Juan Vega
Juan Vega 9 days ago
Abre tu mano
Juan Vega
Juan Vega 9 days ago
Puede un deseo
Sharon Holland
Sharon Holland 9 days ago
When Lana’s mom called Lana her mom thought she got trapped with a tape in her mouth but, she called her 20 times on her phone.🤣😂
Ali Raza
Ali Raza 9 days ago
Jean Pearl Climen Antonio Antonio
mom 99% me 2%
Navneet Kaur
Navneet Kaur 9 days ago
Solo Gamer
Solo Gamer 9 days ago
Cute unicorn lover
Cute unicorn lover 10 days ago
At 6:00 to 6:39 Her light was one until her mom turned it of lol
Devanshi Jadeja
Devanshi Jadeja 10 days ago
I love you’re video
Nicole Harrison
Nicole Harrison 10 days ago
Aria stihov xftr you 😃👍
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