McCarthy on impeachment: This isn't politics, this is a nightmare

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House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Democrats are appeasing the most socialist wing of their party with the Trump impeachment.
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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 2 846
gail handschuh
gail handschuh 12 days ago
President Trump Hassan dome nothing but improve life for Americans, There is no crime committed yet the Democrats refuse to accept that. It’s a shame that these Democrats will most likely return to DC after the elections in November 2020. I have to wonder why there is no way that these DO NOTHINGS can’t be dismissed from Congress FOREVER.
Pappy 13 days ago
anyone who supports Trump but does not vote because : " so many are going to vote for him that missing my vote won't matter " . . . ARE DEAD WRONG !! even if you believe the above statement , GO VOTE FOR TRUMP . every vote NOT cast for Trump by his supporters IS A VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS ! IF YOU WANT TRUMP , GO VOTE FOR HIM !!
Lynda Auwi
Lynda Auwi 16 days ago
God bless McCarthy!! The next speaker of the house!
Mario Caguimbal
Mario Caguimbal Month ago
Lying Schumer can't stop lying.
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat Month ago
@ Trump dinner with Lev Parnas who he says he doesn't know...BS
Pappy 13 days ago
@Jack Sprat . . . so i guess YOU remember every insignificant little troll you ever met ? doubtful . was it a personal dinner or a 500-1000 seat conference like thing ? probably the latter . but you go ahead and soak your pillow every night because " ORANGE MAN BAD " . rotflmfaooooo
We know u took russian money dummy
Michael Law
Michael Law Month ago
All my life I voted for Democrats but how can I support those that endorse this naked political chicanery, this is shameful. Schiff on fairness? The very definition of what is an oxymoron! He's a choir boy version of old Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy whom Eisenhower disliked because he was a first class demagogue, Schiff is a 2nd class demagogue. These times wasting dollar wasting proceedings to me contrasting one between "Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft" with leanings toward Gesellschaft and identity politics the Dems new favorite party game, whereas Trump's defense will lean towards an Americanized version of Gemeinschaft in borrowing Max Weber's terminology. Pelosi's parlor game is now the traveling circus, what a piece of work she is with non-stop political games, nonstop party games, and not a lick of work on the business of the people. This impeachment nonsense is nothing more than a power grab if they get away with it, and they wont! Beat Trump in the next election if you can, otherwise drop this nonsense and do a day's work for a change. The HOUSE has spent millions of the pubic monies for partisan gain because the field of their candidates are eating and devouring each other with hateful; detestable; abominable: IDENTITY POLITICS and PURITY TESTS. Identity politics is only destructive. Be a force for betterment instead of driving people into tribes on race, gender, etc. Those manufactured issues and do not matter at all. The stuff of College professors that live in gated ivory towers with tenure.
Virginia Olguin
Virginia Olguin Month ago
Get rid of this Democrats.
Elizabeth Santos
Schumer, Nadler and Schiff are broken old wasted recorder. Old farts like Nancy Pelosi, Waters and other democratics. There’s no other impeachment because they will be impeach or military tribunal for treason. 😆
Elizabeth Santos
Hakim Jeffries go back to your country impeachment from God is coming to you and Waters.
HE IS TRUTH Month ago
‪If I saw such glaring hypocrisy on the part of republicans, I would be embarrassed and ashamed of my party, but that’s just me‬
shawn jones
shawn jones Month ago
so sick of it honey yes so sad, Trump 2020
United States Government Resources Authority
If they are continuing to try and obstruct him from working and always looking for something to hold him accountable to even if he is doing nothing wrong IS THIS NOT WORKPLACE HARRASSMENT? OR CAN SOMEONE ARTICULATE IT IN A GREATER SENSE ON PRESIDENTIAL LEVELS
Edwin Zakrzewski Jr
The American people are sick of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi the liars and corrupt democrats The national disgrace is Chuck Schumer
Elron Month ago
Demorats are sooooo ugly. They have no souls.
cesar imbert
cesar imbert Month ago
Why don you play the actual video, not your voice, but Chuck himself.
Trudy Hines
Trudy Hines Month ago
Chuck seams to like rapist like Clinton ,and pedophiles
andrew domenitz
andrew domenitz Month ago
If this impeachment is the new normal then we are done with having presidents.
Todd Cross
Todd Cross Month ago
Dems have done nothing for 3 years. Drug prices still outrageous. California is a mess. Dems keep wasting time because they can't get over losing in 2016. Schumer and Pelosi need to be thrown out of office. And Schifft is a pencil neck.
Vivencio Madelo
Vivencio Madelo Month ago
The best way to respond to Democrats or Maxine waters rhetoric to keep impeaching President Trump. So it is time for the American Patriots (voters) to impeach Democrats Congress people buy voting them out. On November 2020 election- the only proper way of impeaching some one like the squad.
C P Month ago
It’s personal He has exposed Congress for what they are Swamp rats The Clintons Bushs Obama Pelosi Nadler Schiff all of them
Whitney Scott
Whitney Scott Month ago
You 3 sound dum smh
alex donato
alex donato Month ago
New York is tired too. We need a change.
Lees706 Month ago
Maxine Waters has been calling for the Impeachment of President Trump since the day he came down the escalator at Trump Tower. She refused to go to the swearing in of the President. She has done nothing in 30 years to help her district. Wake up people in Oakland California! Vote this witch out of office. I am not a hateful person . But if anyone deserves to get a terminal illness it’s Maxine Waters
Lees706 Month ago
Every American must vote straight Republican to end the madness!
funitude Month ago
This is serious business, dress appropriately lady. To much chest skin for the situation. You look unprofessional.
Ravelan One
Ravelan One Month ago
Shiny objects! 🤣🤣🤣 Schumer is a pack rat! Sorry, that’s an insult to actual rats. 🐀
John Bradley
John Bradley Month ago
A "Disclaimer" should be shown at the bottom of the television screen when Democrats Schiff and Nadler are speaking that reads, "A politician can lie without consequences."
Kristina Hulbert
Thanks to them they won't need a disclaimer; it will just be assumed that all Democrats are liars.
Mark Hartman
Mark Hartman Month ago
Hey Maxine you too
Mark Hartman
Mark Hartman Month ago
Hey chuck can you release your financial info
Richard O'Keefe
Richard O'Keefe Month ago
So Congress hasn't been attending to normal business, and the country is flourishing. Are we looking at empirical evidence for "small government" here?
blackmagicalcat blackmagicalcat
Sick of this is not the word, its like total disgust and sadness for how far these crooks have gone, and how much lies they told, and how much hate they are manifesting, its just so blatant.
Tim Sears
Tim Sears Month ago
Sales numbers this wk look like crap thanks 2 this b.s. i hope it doesn't get worse 🐯
مسفر الصقور
Chuck is like Jenner and Mitch is like nicodemus! 🤣 just to show you how ridiculous this whole thing!
M Month ago
Is it Socialist to respect the Constitution, and not wanting foreign countries (who would no doubt want return favors) getting involved in our elections? Trump's transcript demonstrated quid pro quo. McConnell already said he won't be an impartial juror though, so they don't really care about upholding their oaths. But Republican voters will simply think whatever the GOP/Fox tells them to think and get distracted by fake scandals (Seth Rich, Hillary Uranium) while the GOP begin cutting Social Security and Medicare while giving the rich more and more tax cuts. The GOP is so blatantly corrupt and only care about the rich which is obvious if you look at WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DO WITH THEIR APPOINTED POWERS, no one who isnt a BIG business owner should be supporting them.
Debra Carey
Debra Carey Month ago
What do you mean by more evidence? There is no evidence to begin with. So I believe that you need to watch your words.
Chantel Ferris
Chantel Ferris Month ago
Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler = Erev Rav
peter hompot
peter hompot Month ago
Lol the Democrats have issued more subpoena’s than created and passed laws. What does that tell you about democrats trying to impeach Trump? It tells me they are haters and they can’t do their job and they should not get paid just like the rest of us if we don’t do our job.
Raymond Cook
Raymond Cook Month ago
Every Democrat presidential candidate, every Democrat voter and every Liberal Media HOPES we Deplorables believe 75% of Americans want President Trump removed from office on fabricated evidence. They want us so DISCOURAGED we do NOT get out and VOTE in November. Please friends, GET OUT and Vote in November. Google: Hillary Clinton interference in the 2016 presidential election Google: Democrat Says Don't Worry, if We Don't Get Trump This Time We'll Try It Again in 2020
Chona Figuerres
Chona Figuerres Month ago
Waters is another IDIOT and CLOWN.
ddesign63 Month ago
Old white haired, white men on the GOP side are the nightmare. Get real!
Nick Kelly
Nick Kelly Month ago
'Danger,' 'Despot,' 'Liars':, CNN gets honorable mention at Impeachment Trial today.
Excuse me -- but sane New Yorkers on Long Island are sick of the bogus articles and the waste of our tax dollars that should be spent on many other things other than elected career politicians sitting around with their thumb up their arse.
Cameron Kerr Bôcher
Just how many times do these subversive democrats have to openly subvert the rule of law in this country before we take that inevitable stand of calling it what it is; sedition.
Rafael Quinones
Rafael Quinones Month ago
Where's the fn audio?😡
Erica Espinosa
Erica Espinosa Month ago
FOX- Trump Communist State Run Tv channel. We lie to you everyday so you can think the President cares for Americans and is good. We make up stories to get you think Democrats and Republican Trump haters are the enemies when we really we side with Russians more than Democrats.
Kelly Cook
Kelly Cook Month ago
They still mad about the 2016 election...guess what demorats...we will elect him again!!! Trump 2020 😂😂😂
ed schneidmuller
I truly believe that Chuck Schumer is an evil man deep down in his soul.
The Mysterious History
Maxine needs to be put in the nut house extra padded cell as well mad cow
at the end of the day if the democrats fail at impeaching the president the should be on the hook to pay american's back the money they have wasted in this witch hunt
Jonathan Gems
Jonathan Gems Month ago
Schumer is a bottom-feeding creep.
Dianne Brown Wilder
Wow! Did not know she could smile. She and Brian, when together, look as if they are sucking on a lemon
Linda Finuliar
Linda Finuliar Month ago
I am sick of this impeachment I am practically throwing up!
outrider Month ago
how do these Dems have the gall to get in front of the American people and express these lies? They started yelling impeachment even before he was sworn in. It shows they are intent on getting him out of office regardless of guilt.
Dan Van Nuys
Dan Van Nuys Month ago
Kevin McCarthy, LOL.. Lame attempt at twisting the facts
Robert Coleman
Robert Coleman Month ago
California will go Republican with New York State, and Trump will win all 50 States. the democrats will be lucky to keep one seat in the house and senate after 2020 and 2022 they democrat socialist Party will be finished in America they have destroyed themselves Jackasses. they have destroyed the party of JFK my democrat party does not exist anymore that is why I left the party because of these Jackasses.
wingnut jack
wingnut jack Month ago
pelosi said obstruction of congress and abuse of power, it all boils down to she wanted to do what she pleases and trump called her on it
TWO WORDS [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ TERM LIMITS ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
V8flattop Gamer
V8flattop Gamer Month ago
I unfortunately am a New Yorker, words can not express how tired of this I am.
Loi Lieu
Loi Lieu Month ago
I can't take the demorat anymore I want to all of them out specially those demorat right now we need to get a concevertice demorat
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