Mayor Marty Small Proclaims 'Breakfast Club Day' In Atlantic City

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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 204
Hypotheticals Are Pointless
I only knew about Atlantic City because of In Living Single lol
Versatile Muzik
Versatile Muzik 13 days ago
Black excellence. Love this
Doctagreedy 19 days ago
New Jersey wise guys gonna wack some people..
Power Moves!!!
Phillyhorse 20 days ago
The problem with Atlantic City is the room rates you can't go from $80-120 a night Sunday to Thursday then Friday and Saturday the rates go to $250-500 a night. When you can fly to Vegas and stay for 3 days for the same price as 2 nights in AC. The casinos killed the city with their cocky where else you going to go mentality now everybody has casinos they pocket running dry.
Observant One
Observant One 20 days ago
Connecticut casinos took that revenue. Now Delaware and Maryland and PA. Sports books omly
ArtisticDreams2U 20 days ago
Represent Mayor Small❤️So proud👏
ayitian1 20 days ago
Cool, I hate Atlantic County, but there’s a lot of wealthy people 🤫
StarrShine Preston
I rather imagine old boy #45 is sh*tting bricks in the White House for the right about now. Not only did he lose his casino in Atlantic City (Can you say BANKCRUPT, kids!?!) NOW
Kevin Skipper
Kevin Skipper 21 day ago
Why arebthe commerical breaks strategically placed amid the info that's most beneficial to black folk?
Power100 21 day ago
Black city can't even get black money and NJ already dealing with education drama. #CRAZY
KEITH DEVORE 21 day ago
Morena Moreno
Morena Moreno 21 day ago
Good for him for not playing into that gossip (Charla).
Irving M Colvin
Irving M Colvin 22 days ago
Doing good and getting better!! In that order!! #friendinthemotorcity🎙️
Ashley C
Ashley C 22 days ago
I moved to Vegas in 2016 after living in AC for 23 years. I would do anything to go back😭😭😭 lets go Marty!!! Please make my city beautiful again
Xavier Williams
Xavier Williams 22 days ago
I always wondered why Atlantic City is falling apart
Alvaro S
Alvaro S 23 days ago
AC has potential imo. But it is too far from NY/North NJ and Philly to have much of an economy beyond an entertainment area.
Rahmillz TheTitan
Rahmillz TheTitan 23 days ago
We need more black own businesses on the Ave and Pacific. Keep our dollars in the community and use it to build atlantic city we can be a smaller Atlanta. We the people have the power to create heaven on earth
Monad93 21 day ago
Rahmillz TheTitan Word 💯
exussupremebeing 23 days ago
Lamilton all grown up...
Sluggy . Kuumba Mohammed
He sounds like Dame Dash. If you don't look at him and just listen his voice sounds like Dame Dash. It's weird that C Tha God mentions his name as well.
Dani Anold
Dani Anold 23 days ago
Teach them , don't kick a man when he is down.
R.I.P Kobe
R.I.P Kobe 23 days ago
Eddie F with all that yelling lol shout out to KosmiC Kev.✊
Pinkrella Jones
Pinkrella Jones 23 days ago
Wildwood has been doing that for years under this Racist Mayor giving people a bus ticket and telling them to go to Atlantic City. And with Benedict Arnold coming on Tuesday it's the same thing
Blue Notez
Blue Notez 23 days ago
oh shit didnt expect this..shoutout marty n atlantic city
Drae Nation
Drae Nation 23 days ago
Is it just me, but it be the interviews i keep scrolling past that end up being the best ones sometimes. I dodged this joint for a minute like ion know bruh and its only 25 mins, prolly wont be that interesting. He seem like a cool mf though and putting in work. Staying grounded and showing love. Blessings
Manny Small
Manny Small 23 days ago
I'm 20mins from A.C. and everything he saying is real. I know so many people that lost jobs when the casinos shut down. They trying to rebuild it now, but you have a whole other side of the city that's straight gutta... it's crazy out there and dope came back like a hurricane. I pray A.C. get back to being the place to go. Marty throws the best parties hands down and is definitely all about the community. Hopefully he'll get what he's been fighting for..✌🏾
LADY D MS FREE 23 days ago
Good luck the entire system is TYRRANOUS and it doesn't start in Atlantic City. WAKE UP. prolly trying to be a smart city smdh. WELCOME TO THE LAND OF THE FEES AND THE HOMES OF THE SLAVES
Brad Leak
Brad Leak 23 days ago
My college homie.....Wishing him the best of luck.....
Drip Squad
Drip Squad 23 days ago
So you should be developing and bringing the big stores like Gucci Louis Vuitton all of those big stores and put those on the boardwalk so that not only can you come and enjoy the casino but you can also come there and enjoy the beach and have a shopping experience
marhar101 20 days ago
LV is already in AC
Drip Squad
Drip Squad 22 days ago
Lol I know it's rough out there but I assumed they were cleaning it up
Ownage Doc
Ownage Doc 22 days ago
Drip Squad you’d get robbed after walking out those stores
Aww Skit
Aww Skit 23 days ago
This funny
Justin Cady
Justin Cady 23 days ago
Benjamin Wright
Benjamin Wright 24 days ago
Awesome Mr. Mayor... You all got this💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Kevin Haley
Kevin Haley 24 days ago
He look like a lighter mekhi phifer, mekhi of now
Pancake Papi
Pancake Papi 24 days ago
Damn,it looks like Styles P been eating too many Popeyes chicken Sandwiches Lately lol 🍽
Chris Whitaker
Chris Whitaker 24 days ago
He got on the Mic like a rapper
DropSixteenTV Tv
DropSixteenTV Tv 24 days ago
To build a whole city on entertainment was a bad decision. You got to get some other industries there.
FuckYouProbably 24 days ago
Comics Live
Comics Live 24 days ago
Atlantic City is an Monopoly..you dont know what you gonna get...lots of SHADY folk...theres immigrants ( black ones😏) with scarred kids from bullying, junkies here & there..but the PLACE CAN BE GREAT🤔..but will it ?
Shay Neal
Shay Neal 24 days ago
Excellent interview #MayorSmall #Evy #BreakfastClub #AtlanticCity
Jibril Builder
Jibril Builder 24 days ago
Congratulations DJ Envy!!
81115 24 days ago
Wow. The breakfast club got a plaque, and key and a day. Hot 97 cant say that.
Kingjames313 24 days ago
He sounds like a Philly bul
edward selva
edward selva 24 days ago
AC stand UP!!
Josh Evans
Josh Evans 24 days ago
What did the breakfast club do for ac to deserve being honored a day ? We don’t even get their station down here 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez 24 days ago
Im a Latino from Chicago. No where near Atlantic City. Never heard of this man before but i have tremendous respect for him. He is the type of leader that doesn't just talk. He helps the community he serves. We need more minorities like him.
jamie Henderson
jamie Henderson 24 days ago
DO A.C ❤❤
Marshay Emanuel
Marshay Emanuel 24 days ago
Damn Atlantic City plagued with crooks I was watching city confidential and the same thing happened in the 80’s or 90’s with corruption
Rilla Vibez
Rilla Vibez 24 days ago
Marty represented the city very well. He killed it
jill4481 19 days ago
We need him here in the capital..Trenton.😩
Cheese AKA Multi
Cheese AKA Multi 24 days ago
More fake shit
Keem Millz
Keem Millz 24 days ago
Charleston Tea
Charleston Tea 24 days ago
Come to Atlanta
Mally Scott
Mally Scott 24 days ago
We need a black economy
Mally Scott
Mally Scott 24 days ago
This dude refuses to say black.
Mac Ant
Mac Ant 24 days ago
Search up Mac Ant X Gang shit click subscribe to my channel please and thank you
Jesus Valdes
Jesus Valdes 24 days ago
Wow Atlantic City being put on the map let’s go! I was born and raised in AC very happy to see the information getting out.
Al 314
Al 314 24 days ago
Wow😯this is deep😶
Shoshot _973
Shoshot _973 24 days ago
Jersey all day
Larry Howlen
Larry Howlen 24 days ago
Respect big boy
KLC Costello
KLC Costello 24 days ago
They redeem themselves with this interview.
Larry Davidson
Larry Davidson 24 days ago
Do other cities get money from casinos or does it just go to the states?
47shift 24 days ago
He need to fight to legalize weed so Adults over 21 can stopped being fucked with and ticketed for having a lil bit of weed
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