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Filmmaker and author, Elisabeth Thieriot, embarks on an epic journey of discovery to dispel the myths about "the December 21st 2012 end of the world" conspiracy theories surrounding Aztec and Mayan Calendars.
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Mar 12, 2019




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Timeline - World History Documentaries
Use code 'timeline' and enjoy 3 months of History Hit for $3 bit.ly/TimelineWatchMore
sun ray
sun ray 2 days ago
sun ray
sun ray 2 days ago
Delip Chauhan
Delip Chauhan 3 hours ago
Sir the Mayan, Aztec & Mexico r 1& the same go & see red indian of America they had real good nature loving life? America has lost the ? So old think ?
Larry Rickmann
Larry Rickmann 14 hours ago
Jennifer Piper
This was a good video, even though it was heavy with subtitles. BUT, the commercial rate was ABSURD! Every few minutes is overwhelming the video content.
Babee Bee
Babee Bee Day ago
It is 2012 until 9/11/2020 it will then be 2013 by Adams calendar. It is the beginning of sorrows i.e. purification and the great awakening to evil lies cheating killing. A seperation of toxic and non-toxic being accounted for. Accountability. Everyone has to contribute to the balance - pray your good out weighs the bad and you closed the chapter with those you have done wrong. Saturn clause will come back through to give or take and the process will continue. The shift is upon us.
John Holeman
John Holeman 5 days ago
ABU EL PICASO 7 days ago
It would of been way better without her chiming in every two minutes
Elfrida Clark
Elfrida Clark 7 days ago
The word for this year is wake up i would like to add stand up
Elfrida Clark
Elfrida Clark 7 days ago
Some people say it was read wrong and the date was twenty twenty three but it is not the end as a lot was missing due to being broken
Thomas Brode
Thomas Brode 8 days ago
Even the the rotation of the wobble of the axis around which the Earth is spinning is Phi: (Phix2-1)^2=5. 5x2-1^2=81. 81x2-1^2=25.921. The length of the Great Year.
Youtuber 11 days ago
Too many commercials 👎🏼👎🏼
Maria Vera
Maria Vera 12 days ago
What a beautiful documentary...and yes ...being billingual brings a greater understanding..or better yet..deeper! :)
Mca5517d Mca5517d
Mca5517d Mca5517d 17 days ago
The Universe began 13 billion years ago. The Mayans actually showed this on their Calandar Wheel.
The Way
The Way 17 days ago
Its because they use Ethiopian calender and coronavirus the solar eclipse in ethiopia
anunaki 18 days ago
"Pee?" Not "pie?"
BERN VLOG 21 day ago
Awaken my Masters
Real Talk with Maria
I just want to know what it has to say about 2020
Vishnave Maharaja
Vishnave Maharaja 22 days ago
Because of the Gregorian-Calendar; the date was wrong. The real date is 6-21 2002. In 2 days, a full solar eclipse on the solstice. All the seals have been opened and the world is suppose to end (again). I don't buy into the; end of the world: Christian, ongoing conspiracy. The world will go back to Source, after Kali-Yuga. It lasts 8,400,00 yrs, and we are only 5000,00 yrs, into Kali-Yuga.
634k 22 days ago
Mos u frikso o Rrot kari se sbohet gje!!
Donald Hale
Donald Hale 22 days ago
We are not in a goldie locks zone, other planets in our solar system have water and intelligent life
KumoRocks 22 days ago
omg, a good chunk of this is math and calendars. BORING!!!!. WERES THE GOOD STUFF?
Stargate Keeper
Stargate Keeper 22 days ago
We are in APOCALYPTIC times indeed... Have you heard of the Coptic ancient calendar? At this very moment Ethiopia is in 2012 while the rest of the world is in 2020, why? Because they follow THE ORIGINAL ANCIENT COPTIC CALENDER... THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, THE LIFTING OF THE VEIL, WHAT IS HIDDEN WILL COME TO LIGHT👁👁👁
Aurora and Chandra
Aurora and Chandra 23 days ago
june 21st 2020....the new 2012
Christophe Harvey
Christophe Harvey 23 days ago
So much of the events bring an end of time stories do not understand that it marks end of an era. In June of 2012 a solar event as described by the Maya. A solar flare passed through a point in space where earth was a week earlier. If this flare hit the earth the top 40 miles of the crust would have been sterilised. Not even bacteria would have survived. However it did touch the van Allen belt. This altered more than people realise. It will lead to events that will kill 53 out of 56 people. A time of accentence.
Coach inthefight
Coach inthefight 24 days ago
You guys are great at making videos. But you have no idea how this calendar Works. You're not giving us anything but fancy videos and stuff. Ain't nothing in here to tell us how this calendar actually works.
Rocio Romero
Rocio Romero 24 days ago
El calendario de la foto es el calendario Azteca, no maya!!!!!
kitty mae
kitty mae 25 days ago
i just dont understand why they loved nature but performed mass human sacrifice. (i know it was the norm for the vast majority of ancient civilisations)
Ramonn1 iron
Ramonn1 iron 27 days ago
Just to make this topic more exciting i will add that Mayan people living in Antarctica now.Difference is they understand english so watch your language.You never know they might end their winter break and show up anywhere anytime.also can somebody tell me the who knows the exact date and winning numbers of the end of the world and lottery .🎰😎😎😎
James Collins
James Collins 28 days ago
Who is here during the 2020 quarantine??
Katan Akuma
Katan Akuma 12 days ago
That's as *Pathetic* a comment as, "I'm first to post a comment!". Well done. ..you're clearly a genius.
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones 17 days ago
No One
No One 21 day ago
You know tomorrow is the actual mayan doomsday
Biruk Belayneh
Biruk Belayneh 24 days ago
Me cause its 2012 in ethiopia😆😆😆
Myles 28 days ago
LOL now they claim it was wrong & here in 2020 June it ends next week on 21st. All these flat earth, fake moon landing, world ending, religions is real BS conspiracies drive people nuts.
Hugo 28 days ago
whos claiming what are the claims
SmolSquishyTaeil 28 days ago
It's unfortunate the long Aztec knowledge is lost due the Spaniards destroy it. I have a past life memory, they claim there was only 5 Aztec warrior types when there were 13, one including the dragon elite ppl miss interpret for a flower when it's a dragon. I remember that cus I was a princess maybe
Hugo 28 days ago
you were a princess in your dreams
How come so many here are racists. So now whites are jealous of your Chinese African and Indians superiority. All you own people killed themselves and others in continius wars like everybody else. And you are stil racist as if normal white folks had more to say than you. You might be slightly dumber obviusly i quess. Because you are racists.
Michal Dobrzynski
2021 not 2012
Madison Lopez
Madison Lopez Month ago
Guys I just want to let you know that the Mayans didn't use the Gregorian Calendar like we do now. The Gregorian Calendar was made by Pope Gregory in the 1400's and the Mayans were secluded from other civilizations and was across the ocean from Rome/Italy. There is no possible way that the real year of 2012 was eight years ago, but in fact, this year is 2012. Since when Pope Gregory was creating his new calendar, eight years was lost and therefore the Gregorian Calendar is eight years behind. The Ethiopians are one of the oldest cultures that keeps the real Ancient calendar alive. So when it was 2012 on the Gregorian Calendar, it was actually 2004 in the ancient calendar and in Ethiopia. Now that it is 2020 on the Gregorian Calendar, it is now actually 2012 on the ancient calendar.
Darius Kang
Darius Kang Month ago
Nobody claimed that the Mayans mentioned '2012'. People correlated the Mayan Long Count calendar with Gregorian calendar and found that 2012 was the year when one Long Count cycle ended and the next started.
Qino Qino
Qino Qino Month ago
TO ALL WHO MAKE THESE VIDEOS and YOU WANT ME TO PASS THEM On please turn up volume please or I will Not be telling people to Watch
Darius Kang
Darius Kang Month ago
This video is a combination of 5% archeology, 47% pseudo-science and 48% new age nonsense. It is not worth telling anyone to watch it.
KumoRocks Month ago
FFS the golden spiral is BS and they didnt have technology 100000 years ago ........THIS DUDES MATH SUCKS
Nicholas The Watchman
Get REAL answers, not fake answers. Read the Bible. God bless.
Wessel Month ago
These native peoples words, all have already been proven by quatum physics! Mind that, These people know more than all the scientists together... Which is of course logical since they existed for at least 3000 years, where as science just 200 years, BUT STILL ITS ALL LIKE, NO ITS JUST A BUNCH OF WOO WOO, WAKE UP people, IF YOU ARE INTERRESTED IN GEOPHYSICAL DISASTERS COMING UP? Go watch this CIA certificied covered up information: ruvid.net/video/video-B_zfMyzXqfI.html
Wessel Month ago
Check out the link!, Its important you begin to realise what is about to happen. We need to wake up like our indigenous brothers and sisters
glasses B
glasses B Month ago
Muchas Gracias. Thank you so much for the presentation. I would like to learn a new language, perhaps that the Mayan's spoke. Maths was a language that appeared to transverse the millenia, however, the language of arts and crafts within this ancient culture could perhaps also assist in spiritual enlightenment and the healing of past wrongs amongst us all. I really enjoyed the concept of spreading love and positivity of abundance globally. Again, gracias, viva para siempre.
Brenda Deszell
Brenda Deszell Month ago
Why do they worship many gods. There is only one God. Do they say these gods are not the God?
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson Month ago
Because to some people, different things are represented by different symbolic entities (what youre calling god, or gods). To them the many different aspects of life are each represented individually.
Xavier Lehnhoff
Xavier Lehnhoff Month ago
Well I like the Mayas. true ones about the universe. Sadly many people believe in NASA.
Crystal Google
Crystal Google Month ago
We're just gonna gloss over the fact that at 11:47 spoken Spanish to English text didn't translate abuelos 😂 ?
Martin Conta Gets Banned
maybe their calendar was given to them.... They dont seem smart enough to come up with it on their own.... These are people that are pulling peoples organs out at an alter to please the gods.... Not exactly what i think of when i think of intelligence...
julio cabreja
julio cabreja Month ago
Why every time Europeans find a Advance civilization, they tend to say they got help from the aliens?🤦🏻‍♂️ they don’t want to admit they did everything themself
Azzp. aka. Dubzy. Dubzy - production's
Wow. Absolutely amazing and look how happy they look the mian people. You can see true god happiness in there eyes . GOD IS REAL. now this virus what's clearly created by man evil men. Is been done to take us away from God and keep us dumb addicted to our devices it's part of there plan the evil cults who run this world that is hidden from us this virus breaks our spirit and and causes dis harmony amongst us and that's why there doing this to us with a lock down to break us down because they feed of negative energy . Pray for love because that's the only thing that truly exists. Amazing vidio. Then the gambling adverts on this video wreck the positive vibes the one thing god hates is gambling. But the video is amazing thank u 😆😇
German Surdey
German Surdey Month ago
t starts badly, when the speaker JULIUS CAESAR "EMPEROR " CAESAR WAS NEVER EMPEROR OF ROME ! THE FIRST EMPEROR WAS HIS ADOPTED SON, OCTAVIUS, WHO BECAME " AUGUSTUS" . Please,learn history before speaking or tell your speakers to learn it. This is deplorable ! If the rest of the video is also full of errors, I don't want to see it !
German Surdey
German Surdey Month ago
sorry, when the speaker CALLS Julius Caesar " Emperor" ! .....
Eli Fitzpatrick
Eli Fitzpatrick Month ago
The Ethiopian calendar says Deere 2020 is actually year 2012. Weird cuz the 400 year prophecy also ended the same month. Then the Corona virus was released. FYI Ethiopia was one of the only places that Europeans didn't colonize. I think it's funny that we compared our current calendar with the with the Mayan calendar expecting the years to line up. When a more accurate comparison would be the Ethiopian calendar.
Gichuru Maina
Gichuru Maina Month ago
We misinterpreted the end of the Mayan calendar to doomsday whereas it represented the end of an age, the age of Pisces and dawn to the era of the age of Aquarius to usher in the transition from iron age to bronze age of the Yuga Cycle.
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed Month ago
2012 is the last time prophesy we are in the time of trouble now!
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed Month ago
were in the last days
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez Month ago
Mayans and Aztecs were not the same. This title is confusing.
Danny Mcmindes
Danny Mcmindes Month ago
odd, minute approx 4.40 comments on the egyptian calendar being almost the same as the maya calendar. there are many similarities between many ancient from those little square purses in carvings throughout the world to astrological procession, mathematics, and how we relate to it. dont remember where i got it from but another quote, ref atlantis, is that they left clues to their existence throughout the world... wonder if this is part of that trail. fire creates earth, earth creates water, water creates air. we are about to finish the larger cycle of approx 24 to 26K years. wish i could be here to watch. egyptian mummies with cocaine? peppers and tomatoes found in other countries, sweet potatoes spread throughout the world. an old kiwi lady that can trace her ancestry to persia with stops in middle america, peru and maybe even easter island on the way... just odd.
rainwolf034 Month ago
I just wonder how all those murdered children fit in.
sexy sluty Dragon
1:39 back in 2010 I told my teacher this was a Aztec Calendar he corrected me and said It was mayan calendar... ten years to late
susanne ernst
susanne ernst Month ago
Honorato Palma
Honorato Palma Month ago
I hope one day those historians people stop asking just some random people about the their ancestors history; they dont know anything about it. Everything was destroyed by the Spaniards. As a Maya I know this because, I asked my grandmother and grandmother said that she asked her mom and her mom asked her mom and so on... and they don't know. Thise shamans or whatever they are, are nothing but phony. No credibility here whatsoever. Please historian man use your common sense.
Shiva's Chimera
Shiva's Chimera Month ago
Silly tree toon's.... Time is for kid's.
Tisha Iness
Tisha Iness 2 months ago
I love you guys 🤓👍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Jud Klann King of the Blackwater
One more time for the people in the back our host planet.
Michael Houston
Michael Houston 2 months ago
the Mayan guy looks a lot like El Chapo.
vato locos forever
John Holeman
John Holeman 2 months ago
Multiplication is more intriguing, I think. 1*2=2, 2*2=4, 4*4=16, 16*16=256, 256*256=65,538 (or bolean 8) etc.
deathwrench custom parts for hot rods, rat rods
It's so disappointing when pseudo science pollutes otherwise interesting ideas. Half the things they are calling spirals are not spirals. DNA, for example is a double helix... not a spiral. And they say that even galaxies are shaped like spirals... well, yes... a fraction of them are. But most are not. Just makes me lose interest is the rest of the documentary if they are so lazy and biased about these simple things. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Chad Miguez
Chad Miguez 2 months ago
Gregorian calendar is the closest. Mayans got close but no tobacco.
Chad Miguez
Chad Miguez 2 months ago
Gaia is cool but its all fake. Not real
Uriel Ramirez
Uriel Ramirez 2 months ago
We will travel at the speed of thought.
Cheri Trulove
Cheri Trulove 2 months ago
So I'm interested in human sacrifice. As intelligent as they were, why/what was the purpose ?
Honorato Palma
Honorato Palma Month ago
We don't know if that was true.
Patrick Porco
Patrick Porco 2 months ago
Some people will leave this earth others will be bound to it...as one abuelo put it ...if we don't do it right there will be no rescue...we will be stuck here
daylight living
daylight living 2 months ago
total krapp
Marc Duchamp
Marc Duchamp 2 months ago
Tikal was amazing. One needs to visit there at least once in their lives. So much still buried under the soil mounts
Sabrina Nascimento
Sabrina Nascimento 2 months ago
That’s what I thought. But nothing happened. Then I thought it was not the End. Then it is the beginning of the End. Maybe if we go further we will reach the Time when it will End.. If we would stop looking and just live . As if we have no calendar.
sTaVi69 2 months ago
Elisabeth nice 👌
Mary Pedersen
Mary Pedersen 2 months ago
Sumerians have nothing to do with the Mayan calendar. There are 13 moon's in our solar system, but today's calendar ignore's one. The Mayan calendar is exceptional. We need to abandon our worthless calendar of today, and go back to using the far superior calendar of the Maya ppl. I wish I had a sacred calendar. Is there anybody out there who could help me get one? I am anxious to abandon this dumb calendar we use.
parasu108 2 months ago
Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE.
Matthew McGonigal
Matthew McGonigal 2 months ago
To many damn commercials other than that ty
Fonce 2 months ago
Where did they find this balding pervert who spews nothing but lies? The Myan leaders told Cortez that their ancestors DID NOT BUILD the pyramids & that the race of antediluvian GIANTS who wondered the Earth before the 2nd Sun went dark built ALL the mesoamerican pyramids. This FACT comes right out of Cortez's ship's log!
Minute Repeater
Minute Repeater 2 months ago
It was never about "doomsday", the whole doomsday thing was a mainstream idea, its exactly the same way how mainstream treats Nostradamus his work. Everybody who knowns anything about the Maya´s knew it was about the end of an cycle and the beginning of a new one, this is just pathetic. This is also the reason why this garbage channel hasnt been snuffed out by RUvid.
walt spears
walt spears 2 months ago
No dought .the truth is setting us free .great vids thanx
André R. Boucher
André R. Boucher 2 months ago
An excellent presentation and understanding of history. Much respect for the research and presentation of this knowledge.
Harken, Oh Latter-Day Saints!
2012 was the year CERN found the God particle and on December 17-21st of that year CERN do some of the most intense experiments and had to shut down for two years afterwards. It was also the year I turned 42.
God Son
God Son 2 months ago
Your on point... This was the warning hand's down, there going to restart the machine also increasing the power. I guess people think the inventor of this was wrong by saying it could end the world or the universe... 2023, 2024, 2025 watch out.
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