Max Kellerman agrees with Kendrick Perkins: 'Kyrie Irving is a bad leader' | First Take

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Kendrick Perkins on Kyrie Irving: ruvid.net/video/video-SIzXcccE4mQ.html
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams weigh in on Kendrick Perkins calling Brooklyn Nets PG Kyrie Irving’s leadership position in the National Basketball Players Association “the blind leading the blind.”
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Feb 19, 2020




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Comments 80
Lawrence Kyle Pelayo
There's a diffrence between a leader and the best player
Jackson Rees
Jackson Rees Month ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice shoot🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:04 💜🔥💃 👇👇👇👇💯
Snicky G
Snicky G 2 months ago
Kyrie Irving is NOT a leader period!
olioxen 2 months ago
Kyrie about to step down from NBPA so fast, just like when he quit on Cavs and Celtics, Nets better trade him soon
Nowitzki Nation-5
Nowitzki Nation-5 2 months ago
So basically max is calling kyrie dumb
VisiualProwess 2 months ago
Kyrie is from NJ. Not NYC
VisiualProwess 2 months ago
This woman is so much of a pleasure to watch than Molly. I wish she was always on FT
Writehse 2 months ago
And to think this man went to duke
Hope Everlasting
Hope Everlasting 2 months ago
Ahhh now the truth comes to light ! Everyone thought LBJ was the problem 😆😆
Raul Miranda
Raul Miranda 3 months ago
When people confuse I can play with being intelligent or wise...
Zeafer Jones
Zeafer Jones 3 months ago
The weird thing is I think Kyrie fit better with Lebron than D-Wade did. However with Jason Tatum it was a complete nightmare and Jason Tatum isn't that bad.
Khairul Kafee
Khairul Kafee 3 months ago
If kyrie is such a bad leader, then why tf would the NBA choose him to VP🤔🤔. Just comes to show you how much the media hates kyrie!
Ramone Smith
Ramone Smith 3 months ago
I love max today. He's on point with this one...
mike prince
mike prince 3 months ago
Neither is his teammate kd they will never win a chip
Paul Balderas
Paul Balderas 3 months ago
Hes a basket case a cancer..hes the most overrated player in the nba..he destroys teams i wouldn't want no part of him
Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor 3 months ago
Why stephen a. dressed like huey p. newton 😭
Bear Archambault
Bear Archambault 3 months ago
I feel bad for Chris Paul. Gotta put up with Kyrie as your second in charge.
Tim Vyfvinkel
Tim Vyfvinkel 3 months ago
Bad leader, and bad teammate
StupidNub 3 months ago
Kyrie most skilled ever? what about defense?
mac man
mac man 3 months ago
I agree with max
Rob Brown
Rob Brown 3 months ago
He’s right 💯
Dr. C
Dr. C 3 months ago
You are all so hating on black athletes of foreign decent. What a shame!!!! Stop this black on black hate!!!!
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 3 months ago
they don't hate his race, they hate his leadership skills
Venthos 3 months ago
Life is better without molly
Lgf04 LGF04
Lgf04 LGF04 3 months ago
When he did the skip to my lou for the game winning shot attempt...im like this mans ego is off the charts
Jimmy O'Neal
Jimmy O'Neal 3 months ago
Kyrie is the remedial kid who only got through high school because the teachers were very lenient with his grades, since he was great at basketball.
Kyrie Ganza
Kyrie Ganza 3 months ago
Perkins is a id**t, ,
LEX GRAHAM 3 months ago
David Ifidon
David Ifidon 3 months ago
Ouch, that hurt and they weren't even taking about me.
Val Munnings
Val Munnings 3 months ago
Perkins shut da fuq up
Daniel Lin
Daniel Lin 3 months ago
I absolutely hate it when people say he’s a top 3 PG in the league. He’s far from it. He only has a game that looks good and appeals to fans. But his game is not conducive to winning. He’s a great scorer, he’s not a great point guard, and that automatically gives him negative points on being a leader.
Carl Rice
Carl Rice 3 months ago
Kyrie hasnt gave much evidence that hes a smart guy.
Oakland Legendary
Oakland Legendary 3 months ago
Kyrie is fr New Jersey stop saying he is from ny
Angel Tarango
Angel Tarango 3 months ago
So glad molly is not on haha
ThatBo03 3 months ago
The vibe is so different with Ros. Everyone seems more relaxed.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 3 months ago
The NBA is incompetent
george cintron
george cintron 3 months ago
Max is the worse
Corey Denis
Corey Denis 3 months ago
I swear the ones call kyrie a bad leader could never lead so you have to break down someone else and kendrick perkins is a clown
SENGU BENITEZ.240 3 months ago
B J 3 months ago
Bring in a leadership position doesn’t make you a leader!!!
agrey832 3 months ago
I would also like to add that I wholeheartedly agree with Max Kellerman's viewpoint on this 💯
agrey832 3 months ago
I've been saying that for YEARS!! Kyrie is a scorer, not a *Leader* Smh
wham1984 castro
wham1984 castro 3 months ago
Just like I said He complained in Cleveland he wasn’t the man Now he complains about having no help in Boston AND Brooklyn!! Not a good teammate I guarantee
Justine Levin
Justine Levin 3 months ago
Max went for the JUGULAR 😂😂😂😂
John Bodnar
John Bodnar 3 months ago
Kyrie is an assho...
Hai Lin
Hai Lin 3 months ago
This comment section 💯
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson 3 months ago
Max you're no Einstein, you act like you have a genius IQ ,you talk sports, not science physics, I believe Kyrie did go to school, so he has some knowledge, remember you can't judge a book by the cover, you have to actually read it, to my knowledge max ,you're not a professional Therapist like Dr. Phil, fall back when questioning someone's intellect,
Cracaphat 3 months ago
Stephen A is just an NBA player people pleaser. Staying on a star player's good side is his no. 1 goal,whilst throwing in token criticism.
Chris G
Chris G 3 months ago
“Kendrick Pertchins” 😂
sixgang 6
sixgang 6 3 months ago
I said this for a minute about Kyrie I feel the same way about KD both them dudes nice but not proven team leaders I think them two linking up BK is only gud on paper
rxcoupe 3 months ago
Jay Williams is so annoying, cringey little beta
jack 3 months ago
this is fine and all but no teammate of kyries has ever said that he was a bad teammate or bad leader or anything like that. all assumed by the media lmao. not even a kyrie fan tho this is just facts
Omar Q
Omar Q 3 months ago
Oh i get it. Kobe's gone so Max is redirecting his hate to Kyrie.
Bernard Hepburn
Bernard Hepburn 3 months ago
Kobe Bryant was the most skilled NBA player ever!!
Go_Hard_Nard 3 months ago
Kyrie is the Aaron Rodgers of the NBA
TedM 3 months ago
"kendrick perchins"
Jordan Sharpe
Jordan Sharpe 3 months ago
Well that’s already proven he can’t lead a team with the talent this man has the most ungraudable player I ever seen he moves defenders open up no matter how tight he’s going to have to prove people wrong that he can lead people say steph is better cause steph lead that’s what makes you a all time great you have to lead with kyrie s skill an he still has a ring unlike ai but he hasn’t proved his leadership at all to go down as an all time great although his skill set can easily make him one if he retires an does not lead a team to a ring where he’s the first option on a winning team I can’t make him that high on the list
Shay Pathare
Shay Pathare 3 months ago
NBA media so SCARED to say the truth about what is obvious. Thank Goodness for Perkins who's not afraid. SAS and especially Jay Wlliams have No credibility as they have repeatedly supported their Buddy Kyrie...so sad.
Graphik Dezigns
Graphik Dezigns 3 months ago
Imagine Max in an elevator and then Kyrie walks in...
Khwezi Ziqubu
Khwezi Ziqubu 3 months ago
For context, Max is nearly 20 years older.
John Solly583
John Solly583 3 months ago
Celtics performed a little better without kyrie??? LMAO
Dannii Diego
Dannii Diego 3 months ago
Kellerman is a savage
fonz112 Goss
fonz112 Goss 3 months ago
KD is over rated, and he needed the Wariors to get a championship. They didn't need him. Kyrie was Robbin to Lebron and could help the NETS but the problem is KD is overrated!!!!!
VladJimir Pierre
VladJimir Pierre 3 months ago
Ros >>>>>>> Molly
Muhammad Kazmi
Muhammad Kazmi 3 months ago
Leave the man alone holy
Dbz Lover
Dbz Lover 3 months ago
I think Kyrie is a smart guy but also nice guy, and that conflicts with his judgement.
Patrick Egan
Patrick Egan 3 months ago
Kyrie isn't a leader. He said he'd stay in Boston. Lie. Not that we want him anyway. He is an okay player but he can't even tough it out through injuries or put the team on your back. In the words of Shaq man up and put some icy hot on it lol
Hazardman 3 months ago
All the people that disagree would follow Kyrie right off a cliff. This dude never show leadership qualities, so how does he get Leadership position in NBPA as vp?
k6halid Mohamed
k6halid Mohamed 3 months ago
I just want to hear Stephen a smith. Input on every sports topic from hear on out... 🤣🤣🤣 he the voice
Harrold English
Harrold English 3 months ago
They must not allowed kenrick perkins to comment because he is not a good nba player...
medschool2626 3 months ago
Kyrie: "I want my own team" Kyrie: "Wow, I finally get it. LeBron put up with a lot" Kyrie: "I'm teaming up with KD" Translation: "This is harder than I thought. Time to be #2 again"
Mister Christopher
Mister Christopher 2 months ago
Basically, if we was trying to build people up, there would be none of these questions. If someone is sucking and they know it, encourage them to train harder. Tell them that's the only way it'll come. Train, train, train.
DThaMaestro 3 months ago
Michael Bay
Michael Bay 3 months ago
AnhTan Nguyen
AnhTan Nguyen 3 months ago
Max: Kylie is the most skilled guy Me: 👎 Max: Kobe is brilliant Me: 👍
Just Timm
Just Timm 3 months ago
Perk started off a good tv personality, but now he comes across as to judgmental; especially being a former player. He needs to fall back off Kyrie. Just because you have something to say you don't always have to say it.
André Antunes
André Antunes 3 months ago
What's the world come to that a guy who believes the earth is flat is considered an "intellectual", jesus...
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 3 months ago
As a heat fan I'm so excited he went to Brooklyn because he's very toxic
El Negro
El Negro 3 months ago
espn: kyrie is a bad leader The world: Duh!!
They call me Bam Bam
Should’ve stayed with lebron
Jaamal 6
Jaamal 6 3 months ago
This probably the best take Max ever had
roger johnson
roger johnson 3 months ago
Kyrie is wise in his own eyes.
roger johnson
roger johnson 3 months ago
roger johnson
roger johnson 3 months ago
Let me just add my two cents. Kyrie is a chemistry killer on and off the court. He uses the media as his platform to criticize his teammates. That is not leadership wisdom. Moreover he has been injured most of his NBA career. He is very fragile and an injury waiting to happen. First he left Cleveland to lead his own team. However he threw his new teammates under the bus. He said he was staying in Boston, but afterwards was run out of town. Now he is doing the same thing in Bklyn, by using the media to criticize his teammates. How does he expect his teammates to respond to his antics? He alienates his teammates wherever he goes. He just got to Bklyn and is now rubbing his teammates the wrong way. His antics are not profitable going forward. He seems to be a cancer on a team.
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