Maul - Hatred

Darth Porg
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Maul - Hatred
*SPOILER WARNINGS* for The Clone Wars and Son of Dathomir comic.

Hello there! This is a tribute to old master Maul.
I wanted to do something new this time and this was a good opportunity to try new editing style. Hope you enjoy:)

Secession Studios - The immortalist

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2020)
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir (2014)
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018)
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

Subtitle Contributions:
Italian by Fabrizio Nicolai

Thank you so much for your help!
I also want to thanks other subscribers who submit subtitles prior to CC removal.

I do not own any of the footage or song used in this video.
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Jun 22, 2020




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Comments 11 478
Z Zs
Z Zs 39 minutes ago
Imagine, an alternative timeline. Where it was Maul who killed Obi-one at their last meeting. Where it was Maul who took Luke under his wing, to make him his apprentice, and use him to kill Sidious, Vader, and overthrow the empire.
Sponge 7 hours ago
shut up please
bly 12 hours ago
Biggy brain man
Biggy brain man 15 hours ago
Get this man a hug
Owen White
Owen White 16 hours ago
I do not except Rebels as canon, maul is still alive👍
terrence blacksmith
Had no clue what I was watching but the build up for the end was fucking perfect 👌🏽
Wxtherz Day ago
I hope there’s a darth maul show!
AD - 07ZZ 777071 Ingleborough PS
“It was I who languished for years thinking of nothing but you. Nothing but this moment.” Probably one of my favourite quotes from Maul because I love basically every single one of them
Kenny Hall
Kenny Hall Day ago
Goddamn this edit is so good, even on like my 50th replay I still get chills from that fight cut. Great job.
Cody Buckler
Cody Buckler 2 days ago
damn the way it ends though
soytryhard😎 2 days ago
I feel like standing up and running around in the living room.
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 2 days ago
I love how Maul's final encounter with Obi-Wan wasn't a big fight like they had before, but rather this silent, focused confrontation where Maul has finally found peace. Obi-Wan's wisdom and compassion in this scene is for me what proves he is a true master. I can't imagine a better ending to Maul's pursuit of Obi-Wan. Incredibly well written characters, both of them.
NoName 2 days ago
The best edit i have ever seen for any character
TheCbrollins 2 days ago
i hate that im just seeing this now, this is really good!!!!
Ben U
Ben U 2 days ago
Maul has been and probably always will be my favorite star wars character since I first watched Phantom Menace. Idk why
Skylines 2 days ago
Maul should have his own movie or show, idc if its animated or live action if dave filoni is involved it will be a masterpiece
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson 2 days ago
The fact that he said "he will avenge us" is a testament that maul never wanted to be a sith but when every emotion inside him fell short of his rage and hatred there was no other road for him to choose but in the end he still wanted to see the fall of Palpatine
Illiden ian jr
Illiden ian jr 3 days ago
This is a masterpiece ....
General grievous
General grievous 3 days ago
God this is so well put together.
felix4321ful 3 days ago
Kenobi.... KENOBI!!!!!
O2 will
O2 will 3 days ago
I love how I watch this 100 times but I only thought I watched it twice
kronk donkus
kronk donkus 3 days ago
maul definitely needs his own series or sumn man
Kakakshi 3 days ago
Maul whould body kylo ren in a fight
darthvader 4 days ago
But maul had the high ground and still loses his legs
John C
John C 4 days ago
Best amv ever
simp hunt580
simp hunt580 4 days ago
When maul was saying “he lives” was he referring to kanan saving the day or kenobi
John Holland
John Holland 2 days ago
Nikhil Sekhar
Nikhil Sekhar 4 days ago
I enjoyed this more than the entire Disney SW trilogy combined....
Dylan Moreira
Dylan Moreira 4 days ago
We need a Maul TV show on Disney+
Yakiv Kiy
Yakiv Kiy 4 days ago
Aaron Römer
Aaron Römer 4 days ago
the music video from i prevail - gasoline is the best story of hatred for me.
Random WhittyName
That final flashback series showing Kenobi remembering the fatal move from Maul to Quigon really got me. This was beautifully made, and is a testament to actual fans. Disney wouldn't be failing if you wrote and edited their /osik/ into such perfection.
Ted Scheett
Ted Scheett 5 days ago
Maul always has this pent up, pained sound to him. Like he really has to go to the bathroom.
Sven h
Sven h 5 days ago
This is so well done
Alijah Williams
Alijah Williams 5 days ago
I would think it would be cool if there was a general grievous tribute/fan threy because Vader is a cyborg and so is general grievous what you think would some tribute like that be cool
Mortem’s Soul
Mortem’s Soul 6 days ago
Sam did such a great job.
Apple da Man
Apple da Man 6 days ago
The fucking editing when the final duel between Kenobi and Maul happens is so insanely good. Fuck yeah.
ultimopena 6 days ago
I'm not even a fan of star wars and honestly find the movies BORING, but this was so well put together you made me care about a character from a lame series I dont even like, kudos.
Motion Paths
Motion Paths 4 days ago
Because clone wars tv series is billions time better than movies lol That's universal fact
ultimopena 5 days ago
@Darth Vader VERY good point
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 days ago
That's the power of fans my friend not some corporate cash grab but fans who care about a craft or a character.
Henry 6 days ago
Maul is my favorite character in Star Wars
planless yote
planless yote 6 days ago
Literally coming in my pants at this
Ares Peverell
Ares Peverell 7 days ago
The people that think that Rey had the saddest story are fools. Maul is truly my favourite character in star wars.
Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)
btw, Luke was never the chosen one. The story was always about Anakin. Anakin killed Palpatine, not Luke. Thus destroying the Sith. Until Disney decided that money was more important
Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)
I love Maul so much and now I'm about to start crying- WHY, DISNEY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL OFF SUCH A COMPELLING CHARACTER!? We can only hope that the director retcons this
Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)
Rest In Peace, Maul. Son of Dathomir. Lord of the Sith. Bringer of the Crimson Dawn. Killer of the Inquisitors of the Empire. Feeler of Pain, suffering, anger, fear, and a lust for vengeance. You may rest, now. You do not have to worry anymore about killing Kenobi. Because in the end, he was always your ally. You just never saw it. They all were. All but Palpatine.
Nathan P
Nathan P 8 days ago
I wonder if maul could have done something good if he ever learned to forgive, like became a Jedi or something
Kargat Vantis
Kargat Vantis 8 days ago
Прощай Мол... мне жаль что тебе была уготована судьба инструмента, когда ты верил что будешь чем-то большим.
Фархат Иреваньский
Он и должен был стать большим, по задумке Лукаса для новой трилогии он должен был стать главным злодеем, вместе со своей ученицей Дарт Талон.
Nveant Int
Nveant Int 9 days ago
Bro i never saw edits like this before. The Video that u created is so fucking awesome. I just can say "wow" and enjoy this incredible Video!
Zenitsu 9 days ago
3:55, оргазм ушей
King Dibble
King Dibble 9 days ago
Wow...this was done superbly well. Tears to my eyes. I am highly impressed and had no idea that Darth Maul's story had been drawn out so much.
Matt Green
Matt Green 9 days ago
This edit is so amazing 👌👌
Orin Piercy
Orin Piercy 9 days ago
THE VEX LORD - The One True Sith
Clone Wars single-handedly elevated Darth Maul from an interesting villain to one of the greatest in the entire franchise.
Cringe Boy
Cringe Boy 9 days ago
I have a feeling Dave Filoni will create a Mail series that takes place both before and after Solo: a Star Wars Story
SPACE. 10 days ago
Wow, this was amazing. Awesome job.
Moms Spaghetti
Moms Spaghetti 10 days ago
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh 10 days ago
awesome it was
aaron curry
aaron curry 10 days ago
Carlos Campos
Carlos Campos 10 days ago
Yep, I'm crying
slayden27 9 days ago
Reps For L
Reps For L 10 days ago
Darth Maul has been one of my favorite sith lords since episode 4. Such a bad ass saber duelist, he didn't need to rely on force powers or perhaps focused more on saber combat over leveling up force powers.
Joe Ray Berr
Joe Ray Berr 10 days ago
For some reason I remember the editing being different
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 10 days ago
One of the best sith, I can see him walking into one of LukeDoodlez beds in the morning.
Zephyr Scofield
Zephyr Scofield 10 days ago
Bro this editing is FIRE
Camp Bat
Camp Bat 10 days ago
EA: were doubling down on star wars games fans: so more games coming soon?! EA: 0:19
Richard Slater
Richard Slater 10 days ago
Pjoter 11 days ago
Who knows from which episode is the moment 4:06?
Chris For age
Chris For age 10 days ago
season 5, episode 16 The Lawless
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 11 days ago
Gotta say well done. This edit is amazing. You can clearly see that alot of work has been put in to this. All the similarities that you've so perfectly shown is what truly makes this great. You've earned yourself a sub
Syakir Al juicy
Syakir Al juicy 11 days ago
good video man 100/100
Michael Avila
Michael Avila 11 days ago
This is beautiful
Yeet SpaceAlpha
Yeet SpaceAlpha 11 days ago
It's crazy to think that technically speaking, Maul was the first sith to kill a Jedi in like a thousand years. And then Obi-Wan was the first Jedi to kill a Sith in a thousand years. The two of them are literally sole bonded
Yeet SpaceAlpha
Yeet SpaceAlpha 11 days ago
Then of course Anakin was the second person to kill both a Jedi and a sith directly after Obi-Wan and Maul
Vonn 11 days ago
Again. Darth Maul is clearly 10x the light saber fighter ob-wan could ever be in 1000 life times of training. you watch the way he fights. hes like jet lee where obiwan looks like somebody whos trained lightly for maybe 1 year, there is NO FUCKING WAY DARTH MAUL LOSES TO THAT PUSSY. the story line draws much hatred by perverting reality
Rexx 2 days ago
bro chill
Race10 FTW
Race10 FTW 11 days ago
Wow Kenobi has had so many people die in his arms
The Last Prime
The Last Prime 11 days ago
5:57 I love that very brief snippet.
tom beeby
tom beeby 11 days ago
Sam witwer what a legend, uneasy collage of the duel scenes was so call with the rebels ending
Cooper McCone
Cooper McCone 11 days ago
This whole clip was 10x better then the whole Disney trilogy
Huffle-Blood Prince
Yaron 5179
Yaron 5179 12 days ago
jarik amogus
Verse Rain
Verse Rain 12 days ago
This. Has. To. Be. The. Best. Edit. I’ve. Ever. Seen. This is why I love Star Wars
Tony Cardo
Tony Cardo 12 days ago
Maul been thru more than anybody
Alvin 12 days ago
I've always liked star wars in the most superficial way like a child, only ever liking it because of the lightsabers etc This video, however, inspired me to take a deep dive into the lore of everything. I don't know where to start but I'm gonna do my best to find out how.
Ethan Stevenson
Ethan Stevenson 12 days ago
Am I wrong for not liking that maul died in rebels? It had been spoiled for me that he died in the show and I really only watched rebels to see mauls story continue. A will admit that this is a decent way for his character to die because if anyone should kill maul I should be kenobi, but the whole episode was Ezra wandering around in the desert only for obi wan to tell him his quest was pointless. I also dislike the animation style immensely, the smoothed our character designs, the needle thin lightsabers, etc. maul and kenobi should have been the focus of the entire episode leading up to their confrontation. Maul was in the show far to little and I think his character deserved more screen time and to die either in the clone wars or a show with the same animations style or live action. Maul is truly my favorite villain ever and I just feel like the end of his story was restricted by the kiddie style of rebels. I just know they could have given him a way more powerful conclusion in clone wars if the show hadn’t been cancelled. He is such a well written, veteran character. I know they could have done better with his character outside if rebels.
General Grievous
General Grievous 9 days ago
Tbh i think the symbolism in the scene cancels that out and makes it the best scene in the whole of rebels, also it would be weird knowing maul would be alive during ANH, just doesn't seem right like he would have no purpose after kenobi died
Vortre 12 days ago
Bro I can't stop watching that scene where Maul and Kenobi have their last fight, the way you edited that, with all of the comparisons to the stances, and how he used the same move on Kenobi that he did on Qui Gon, was just so amazing.
Markis2bi4 12 days ago
That attack only destroyed his lightsaber, but what really killed Maul in the end?
Jason Menard
Jason Menard 12 days ago
This edit was so good, especially the ending with his death.
Vergil 12 days ago
Obi wan:you have nothing Maul: and what do you have? Obi wan:i have the high ground.
Frederik Jukema
Frederik Jukema 13 days ago
Mail saying “He will avenge us…” makes me wonder. Who is “us”? The Sith? The ones oppressed by Sidious? I love how he said it knowing Maul’s background. Let me know what you think
Kaschak 13 days ago
sTaR wArS iS fOr KiDs
General Grievous
General Grievous 9 days ago
I would just say it's treason then but that quote doesn't give that idiocy justice
Lord Beilish
Lord Beilish 13 days ago
Sith scum (c) Jedi Grievous
FarmPetL0L 13 days ago
Maul needs to have his own series, from the clones wars to the rebels.
Wolfe Boulware
Wolfe Boulware 13 days ago
Honestly mail should have killed obi wan and killed kid anakin but obi one had plot armor
I D K ? ? ?
I D K ? ? ? 13 days ago
6:23, this transition is sooo good, really nice edit.
Gerson Perez
Gerson Perez 13 days ago
What series is this? Clone wars ?
General Grievous
General Grievous 6 days ago
@Gerson Perez so yeah most is TCW i would say
Gerson Perez
Gerson Perez 6 days ago
@General Grievous thank you General
General Grievous
General Grievous 9 days ago
Mainly some of it mainly towards the end is rebels
Robert Douglass
Robert Douglass 13 days ago
"Evil is not born, it is taught." In all but one case, this is true. Sidious can easily be considered as a born-evil being...
A Commenter :)
A Commenter :) 13 days ago
This was amazing. Hats of to you, Darth. That was the best edit I have seen in my life. Bravo, bravo. 4:54 and onwards was just... beautiful. 6:12 particularly was the best ever. Thank you for this masterpiece.
Mrs Slav
Mrs Slav 13 days ago
He and ashoka could have bringed balance to the force, little bit of Light little but of dark, makes something special, i actually never believed maul was a sith or Just evil in general his live was Just tragedy, in Real life same as in star wars tragedy could bring person to the depths and everyone can imagine the depths that anyone can go through to Just..... stay alive.....
Donald Trumpy
Donald Trumpy 13 days ago
Republic: Syria Confederacy: Rebels Maul: ISIS
Nibba Gang
Nibba Gang 13 days ago
I love mauls story as he knew order 66 was coming and tried telling ahsoka to help him to stop it but even if they would suceed he would be too greedy to not take over the dark side himself so ahsoka could not let it happen
eleventh  doctor33
eleventh doctor33 13 days ago
And that look when he was being held by Obi Wan
eleventh  doctor33
eleventh doctor33 13 days ago
Darth maul deserved more than he got
thed t
thed t 13 days ago
does darth maul have red balls with tattoos
General Grievous
General Grievous 9 days ago
Yes, if you wanna know how i know don't ask, i just drank too much it was only a one night stand i promise
James Bacon
James Bacon 13 days ago
Maul is one of my favorite characters, and this was incredibly put together.
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