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Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign.
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Sep 5, 2018

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Comments 7 136
Terab Ali
Terab Ali Day ago
Why do Americans give dishes weird names. Steak nelly, chicken Murphy. 🤔
ImJustKyle Day ago
My mom is a better cook like if your mom is a better cook
Mat Gaou
Mat Gaou Day ago
Gotta be honest here, that title made me laugh my ass off
Noel Fowell
Noel Fowell Day ago
Forget the food lexi looks lovely
SRT 99
SRT 99 2 days ago
Lexy is amazing
Edward Del Mar
Edward Del Mar 2 days ago
Is it weird that I watch this when Im angry to calm myself down
Trojan Trees
Trojan Trees Day ago
Edward Del Mar
Edward Del Mar 2 days ago
Is it weird that I watch this when Im angry to calm myself down
Trojan Trees
Trojan Trees Day ago
Edward Del Mar
Edward Del Mar 2 days ago
Is it weird that I watch this when Im angry to calm myself down
Trojan Trees
Trojan Trees Day ago
Little bit
MarkyTheGamer 2 days ago
Who the fuck is nino?
Diana Okinda
Diana Okinda 2 days ago
Gordon should be sick by now,... Is he indestructible?
Ben W
Ben W 2 days ago
Gordon defo tapped that !
Kholi Jacob
Kholi Jacob 2 days ago
why is the servers always... always snitching about the restaurant to ramsay in every episodes??
Moné Simone
Moné Simone 2 days ago
The daughter who first greeted Gordon is adooooooorable
Prince of random
Prince of random 2 days ago
Im sure the food was not the only thing he ate that night Lexi
Morgan Mackay
Morgan Mackay 2 days ago
Man can be so proud of how his children turned out
Tangle Productions
sub to pewdiepie
sub to pewdiepie 3 days ago
*aNyThInG tHaT i MaKe He'S gOnNa LiEk*
Na Zdrowie
Na Zdrowie 3 days ago
I confirm, Lexi the waitress is GLAMOROUS
SPAM118PEBS 2 days ago
She'd get it up the shit pipe.
Qewtex 3 days ago
Tbh i would eat all of it. Prolly because i would eat anything
Ricardo Caro Z
Ricardo Caro Z 3 days ago
daughter is hot
Chris Ehab
Chris Ehab 3 days ago
What’s next ninoo
ollie lysaght
ollie lysaght 3 days ago
The thumbnail looks like the food they give you in resident evil biohazard
Blacc daddy
Blacc daddy 3 days ago
Gordon has super smell😂
Vin xcxcxcxc
Vin xcxcxcxc 3 days ago
Maybe the girl has B O thats why she cant smell it
Bloodhound A&GV
Bloodhound A&GV 3 days ago
Gordon: gets served water Gordon: it's burnt
Morph 3 days ago
The guy at 5:43 has a pretty good philosophy there
SenorCrazylegs 3 days ago
3:36 Good lord, if you put that lady on a snowy background you'd lose her forever.
SirLangsalot 3 days ago
Lexi is such a hunny.
Boss Frog
Boss Frog 3 days ago
Omg she is so gorgeous
stella anderson
stella anderson 3 days ago
The daughter said Gordon was being “so critical” but he wasn’t saying extremely mean or cruel things, he was just being honest
Veyful 3 days ago
Steak is literally black - "No way I overcooked it"
Yean Liew
Yean Liew 4 days ago
"The atmosphere, the ambience or the service" This prick is blaming his own children?
Dean Anthony
Dean Anthony 4 days ago
shes a 10. She. 😂
Tridib Ganguly
Tridib Ganguly 4 days ago
Give this guy some lamb sauce
Tristan Day Zee
Tristan Day Zee 4 days ago
I dare you to name something identifiable on that thumbnail
Bognar Bence
Bognar Bence 3 days ago
The Kitchen Nightmares logo
Gi Spec
Gi Spec 4 days ago
Did it smell tuna 😉
P T 4 days ago
0:15 damn she hungry
El Patricko
El Patricko 5 days ago
"Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign."
Omae wa Mou Shindeiru
I want to taste not the food but lexi is good
Kalgeriax 101
Kalgeriax 101 5 days ago
I wish Gordon JUst cook at front them, And show what's Professionals DOES... From it, they will know, the differences between their food and True Pro Chef.
C —
C — 5 days ago
Times new roman in blue and red and comic sans in black on the same menu.
Chorly Smith
Chorly Smith 5 days ago
Well I mean he was a master at something. Burning the grilled food
b allndalll poorman
She's a feek
Francisco Farro
Francisco Farro 5 days ago
Take a shot every time Gordon says "wow"
Francisco Farro
Francisco Farro 5 days ago
Damn, I'm in love with Lexi
Thịnh Đặng
Thịnh Đặng 5 days ago
Shes so cute and pretty!
Sachiwaru Bizu
Sachiwaru Bizu 5 days ago
lexi is beautiful.
Stegosaurus 5 days ago
Why does every KN episode have a peng waitress
chirag 4125
chirag 4125 6 days ago
Bird was killed for that, just don't waste the food for your drama. Atleast respect the soul.
Lusty Classy Cat
Lusty Classy Cat 6 days ago
Daughter: dad, chef Ramsay wants to meet you. Dad: * cocky expression *
Lusty Classy Cat
Lusty Classy Cat 6 days ago
Mmm... Lexi 😻
Samuel Mahomet
Samuel Mahomet 6 days ago
Most comments are about: - the owner's daughters - NINOOO!!
Shawon Ahmed
Shawon Ahmed 6 days ago
Why not clean this restaurant ...
Warren Anderson
Warren Anderson 6 days ago
For the finally it's gonna be NINOOOOOOOOO
Aj Warner
Aj Warner 7 days ago
She's lowkey flirting with him😂😭
GNR4LIFE 6 days ago
Aj Warner And she looks like she’s wearing an engagement/wedding ring
cp 1992
cp 1992 7 days ago
Fuck me the food is chard more than a 1960s Vietnamese village.
#Xero# 7 days ago
For the finale it's gonna be *NINOOO* !!!
Pilkie101 7 days ago
The smell is off a fat alcoholic passed out behind the couch who shit all over himself in his sleep.
Sir Tinley-Knot
Sir Tinley-Knot 7 days ago
"Can you smell that?" "No I can just smell you" "Great, mind if I smell you now?"
Razz0r ric
Razz0r ric 7 days ago
MASTER of the grill ......... burns steak 🤣
Vincenzo Lanzalone
8:35 And for the finale Is gonna be... NINO!!!
will kemp
will kemp 7 days ago
Looooool did Ramsey spit out the steak and make the manager eat it off his plate
Malina 123
Malina 123 8 days ago
The food looks disgusting, I would never have eaten that. The. Chicken looked slimy🤮
Ajay Murugasu
Ajay Murugasu 8 days ago
It's not burnt its caramelized
S4K4MOTO 8 days ago
"Chef Ramsay believes the food is bad. What he knows?"
Harun H
Harun H 8 days ago
Chef MIKE , the microwave 😂
Lily Gallagher
Lily Gallagher 8 days ago
its *w o t e r y*
BigBoyNow 8 days ago
That stake is just how I like it...to each there own
Jan Berkemeier
Jan Berkemeier 8 days ago
"Tastes like there's a barbeque in my mouth" You say that like it's a bad thing, Gordon
Daniel Z
Daniel Z 8 days ago
"I call it a hot joke"
AquaWatermelons 9 days ago
The thumbnail does genuinely look like something dead.
Auxify Tactical
Auxify Tactical 9 days ago
It isn’t the food It’s the atmosphere Me : *insert meme*
Nadia Malik
Nadia Malik 9 days ago
Chef: "I don't know what he's talking about but I'm a professional chef."
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 9 days ago
The only thing I like in this video is her daughter she is beautiful
Izzy Grooves
Izzy Grooves 9 days ago
the music kinda slapped in this episode ngl
Izzy Grooves
Izzy Grooves 9 days ago
mike's hair is truly iconic
J Field
J Field 9 days ago
Gordon: spits out food Gordon (to manager): here come and taste this
Sir Tinley-Knot
Sir Tinley-Knot 7 days ago
yeah I actually nearly puked a little bit at that....
Delores M
Delores M 9 days ago
Maybe Ramsey exaggerates the food quality for the sake of the show.
Jaden Bhatti
Jaden Bhatti 9 days ago
Resturant: Makes crap food Gordan: I'm about to end this whole mans career
Sir Tinley-Knot
Sir Tinley-Knot 7 days ago
1. The meme wasn't funny in the first place 2. You made it worse not better 3. It's on literally every video on RUvid 4. You didn't even get it right ffs
" Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign. " I had a feeling that comic-sans would be would be mentioned! Anyone else? 😂😂
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