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Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign.
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Sep 5, 2018




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Comments 80
heretichunter74 4 hours ago
Why ask Gordon to come if all you’re going to do is fight him? 🤔
Max Stockwell
Max Stockwell 2 days ago
@ 2:30 comic sans ? wow
Kimchi 1234
Kimchi 1234 2 days ago
Did I just hear the ending go ‘ For the finale it’s going to be... NINO!!!!!’
MrTom28 4 days ago
"My customers love it and no one complains" said by the owner of a restaurant that is on tv because it has no customers (who have evidently complained by not returning)
Bruno Cardin
Bruno Cardin 4 days ago
The only thing close to 9 that chef has produced is his daughter.
Ursula Kur
Ursula Kur 5 days ago
The pretty daughters should be on the menu. The owner is an arrogant ass and we feel sorry for his family.
Farrell Bain
Farrell Bain 6 days ago
Ah yes the master
Chilly Evening
Chilly Evening 6 days ago
If you hear "Master of ______" in hell's kitchen, then you better expect something of the opposite.
FREEZE! FBI! 6 days ago
5:40 that analogy was spot on.
Jean P
Jean P 7 days ago
I want to know the name of Gordon's perfume now
Taldeer43 8 days ago
everytime one of these morons says, "the foods not the problem here"... Me: "Well obviously you're delusional!"
Calvin Tan
Calvin Tan 9 days ago
"do you smell that?" "Yes , thats what the rock is cooking."
Ryzerr 12 days ago
Ramsay: Feel like I’ve got a barbecue in my mouth Americans: HEELLLL YEAAHHH PARDNER
Rron Bytyqi
Rron Bytyqi 13 days ago
I feel like the show its kinda scripted cuz no one would be that confident at his food to say its a 9
# reltih floda #
# reltih floda # 13 days ago
I want Gordon's cologne.
Jiloy YT
Jiloy YT 13 days ago
Because it get *Grilled*
dasmysteryman12 14 days ago
3:01 "Chef Ramsey will like the food here." Every chef in every Kitchen Nightmares episode ever
LetsPlayFan81 14 days ago
2:17 WTF. The carpet is so dirty it has a crust on it. It literally is worse than a floor of an average service station.
Floating F
Floating F 16 days ago
If Mike burns everything he cooks there is probable cause to believe that he is actually Seymour Skinner in disguise.
Rodrigo Chemin
Rodrigo Chemin 17 days ago
owner+cook+stubborn = disaster
AJ MG 17 days ago
for a stubborn owner he aged beautifully... or maybe he wasnt that old... idk
Jill Darragh
Jill Darragh 18 days ago
"The master of the grill"
Jill Darragh
Jill Darragh 18 days ago
Why did the 2th sister small Gordon
Mr Starman
Mr Starman 19 days ago
Dirty grill that's why the stake is bad
3one 20 days ago
H1Z1: King of the kill.❌ Master of the grill.✅
Garpu Geming
Garpu Geming 20 days ago
Me: that linguini looks good Gordon: gross Me:gross
James Royle
James Royle 20 days ago
Shes a rood little bitch. "Why would he wanna meet Yoou". I mean the ONLY reason he spoke to YOU is because you was there so you should actually shit up. Don't go to work in a restaurant dressed that way.
Anthrax Laced Sunglasses
Man hope that server dude didn’t get the big spat out on the plate
Chris Norris
Chris Norris 21 day ago
The girl in the beginning is friggin cute.
Snowyy H.
Snowyy H. 23 days ago
Britney Spears is Gordon's server omg
Alvie Mar Eguia
Alvie Mar Eguia 23 days ago
The only thing that he made perfect is his daughters,,,
james murry
james murry 24 days ago
I got a Gordon Ramsay ad on Gordon Ramsay's show
Sevla Gaming
Sevla Gaming 25 days ago
Using comic sans in the menu isn't a good sign 😂😂😂😂
Josh Cuthbert
Josh Cuthbert 26 days ago
Lexi is one tasty looking fox
Sumukh 28 days ago
Owner's daughters should sit in front to attract more customers. Modern problem requires modern solution 🤷‍♂️
ferociousgumby 29 days ago
"The shrimps are like rubba"
ferociousgumby 29 days ago
"You're in the good part" (not a good sign)
ferociousgumby 29 days ago
1:21 why is the wall behind Chef Ramsay covered in giant bugs?
Goabnb94 Month ago
"I would rate my food a high 9's out of 10" So why is Ramsay there then? I only seen one restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares where the quality of food was not the issue, and I highly doubt you're going to be the second.
John Michael Lebumfacil
The last customer was the one that died in there.
Stephen Tierney
Stephen Tierney Month ago
The old lady eating at that table didn't even look up when Gordon was at the light
jay Aych are
jay Aych are Month ago
i cant afford to be up all nights with the shits .
Dimitris Tsekeris
Every chef in this show: "I've never had a complaint" Yes. Cause typically people say nothing and they just never come back.
Dimitris Tsekeris
I love this show's sarcasm. 4:19 "I'm a perfectionist." (Throws towel on the cooking tray)
Ian Rae
Ian Rae Month ago
“What’s that smell”? The most scripted line ever. As a fellow Scotsman, Gordon Ramsay disgusts me. A complete sell out. A world class chef who would rather take the American dollar for over dramatised shite like this, than actually make money from cooking. An absolute prick of a man!
Ian Rae
Ian Rae Month ago
Abbe M No chance. The guys a knob!
Abbe M
Abbe M Month ago
shut the fuck up.
Chronon Month ago
as someone thats basically only eaten at cheap restaraunts and ate frozen foods, these things look amazing lmfao
tcb268 Month ago
Sister number 2? No way.
PointOfViewUk Month ago
Man as much as I enjoy this show, the squelching sound effect with the food and the music are so damn goofy and bring the show down. Wish it was closer to what the British original used to be like
Landinius Maximus
Fucking hell.. I'm just a regular guy and I can cook a steak to near perfection every time.. hope Gordon was able to help them..
Hendrik Mok
Hendrik Mok Month ago
4:18 goddamn if u r a perfectionist then i am like 5 times of marie kondo
Jebediah Clang
Jebediah Clang Month ago
The neat people on the other table are so shocked with everything that happens :P
Oisin Cassidy
Oisin Cassidy Month ago
I swear I’ve seen the woman at the other table beside the man wearing the black shirt on What would you do, on that episode where the mom couldn’t afford a restaurant meal and she bought the meal for them
Aiden Collie
Aiden Collie Month ago
"the cooking isn't the problem, it's either the atmosphere or the service" oof, rather throw your daughters under the bus than face your own ego, damn man
よし Month ago
Episode ??
luxemn [GD and MC]
Chef : Im the Master Of The Grill Steak : you sure???
Comanche Scalper
2:57 ... wtf man.... thats disgusting, i have seen this a few times and never noticed. thats messed up.
Rhanuel Ryan Mina
0:29 Gordon: did somebody died here last night?? Server: *it's possible*
topolm Month ago
I'll eat the food for Alexis.
Andrey Galeazzi
Andrey Galeazzi Month ago
I watch these to see married Gordon flirt with young women.
Jesse Month ago
Is that Peepee on my menu ? ( 1:52 ) lmao this made my day
Akko Design and Gaming
Owner: it's probably the decor, it's like the waitresses fault and front of house. Once that's fixed things be Gucci. Gordan: I'm about to end this whole man's career
allgo noemo
allgo noemo Month ago
Bro these people do that well enough by themselves
Tyrant Month ago
The food may be horrible but Lexi is definitely a snack.
Patrick Cossack
Patrick Cossack Month ago
Maybe something edible in the restaurant really is a 9/10...
Jeewa Gaming
Jeewa Gaming Month ago
Wow. These ladies. Why no one is talking about them. Gorgeous ❤️
The Sundance Kid
Ramsay is hardcore flirting with Lexi that’s why he asks to meet her father
Patrick Cossack
Patrick Cossack Month ago
She seems like she's the only 9/10 thing in that restaurant. I wouldn't blame him.
LEV!ATHAN Month ago
Somehow RUvid knows that if there's a Chef Ramsay hating food vid dangled in front of my nose I'll click on it.
skylar the christian
The grill's daughters.
positive pete
positive pete Month ago
Lexi looks like the type of spring break chick that takes as much D as possible, has already had about 6 abortions and is working towards becoming an "actress"
DL V Month ago
"Chef Ramsey will like the food here." It's like he's never seen the show before.
pascallovic Month ago
"There's no way i overcooked that steak." Nobody said it was overcooked. It was burned from the outside.
Jacek yt
Jacek yt Month ago
I knew the first thing hes gonna say is ITS BLAND
Im-bored1169 *Flummy boi*
That food is so black it stole my bike!
Nabeel Akhter
Nabeel Akhter Month ago
I can't believe they dare to deny with Ramsey about the quality of the food.I mean even if legitimately cook amazing ,I would accept all the criticism and work on improving the food.
Wacky.F.R Month ago
Chef: all my food is Gordon Ramsay Gonna Like It Me: *IN YOUR DREAM*
Moyo Tafari
Moyo Tafari Month ago
The only thing I'd wanna eat in that restaurant is his daughters
Fodor kristóf
Fodor kristóf Month ago
I was hoping this would be about chef Mike
Shafayat Hossain
Shafayat Hossain 2 months ago
That Girl is hotter than the food
Solomon Low
Solomon Low 2 months ago
The server a bit like Britney spear style
Andrew Banks
Andrew Banks 2 months ago
dam i kinda like a bit of char on my steak....... guess i'm not a fine diner.
Carrii Music Official
Ey atleast he didn’t use a micorwave .
Reptilian 2 months ago
Lexi is as dumb as a doorknob
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