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Kitchen Nightmares
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Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign.
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Sep 5, 2018

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Comments 6 346
Cledus Centus
Cledus Centus 53 minutes ago
“ i cant afford to be up all night with the shits”
Parallel Drippy
Parallel Drippy 11 hours ago
My food is the best in the world! Ramsay: this food is gross and bland Him: Surprised pikachu face
Steve Silvas
Steve Silvas 17 hours ago
Wow the Daughters Are The Best Thing At This So Called Restaurant
wei lim
wei lim 17 hours ago
More like master of the burn
MelNaturalle Day ago
The daughters are beautiful
SkywallGuttz 2 days ago
2:55 - Who does that in front of a camera?????????
Stephany Redfield
"Master of the Grill. " my ass Bruh. 😂 he's the burn master.
Erick Gaudreault
Erick Gaudreault 2 days ago
Lexi is breathtakingly beautiful!
J. 2 days ago
There was nothing I'd rather do then cook for a living, but I can't because of my excessive sweating.
Monday Morning
Monday Morning 2 days ago
Lexi wanted Gordon to smell her salmon handbag.
hasarutoe tensakey
It stinks i would have left
Lucian David
Lucian David 2 days ago
Ok, anyone who’s ever seen this show knows they will get criticized. It’s like they don’t have a clue. And the owner does have the slightest clue. I’m sort of thinking all this is staged.
Dragon Leader
Dragon Leader 2 days ago
Why can’t the people in the back mind their own business...!
Ankledoodle 2 days ago
“I’m telling you, I’m good at this” PROCEEDS TO SERVE A BURNT STEAK
Elmer Baez
Elmer Baez 2 days ago
Egi is the worst business partner to have.
Soup Boy
Soup Boy 3 days ago
"Is that a piece of steak, or charcoal?!" "That is a piece of steak." I've lost all faith in humanity.
fmj bruh
fmj bruh 3 days ago
Lexi has curves. Lexi hot asf
Dylan Lörik
Dylan Lörik 3 days ago
“For the Finale its gonna be NINOOOOOO”
Måkî Hêñdërsøñ
Thats Sad
Dakera tarampampam
This is a weird shot 2:34
Book Tarte
Book Tarte 3 days ago
Can you guys put the names of the episodes when you post?
Cael Fielding
Cael Fielding 3 days ago
Hee hee Gordon made a pee pee joke
julius vaigauskas
kitchen nightmares are like x factor, where all of your contestants are delusional
ItzRally7 3 days ago
_For the finale it is _*_NINOOOO_*
Manny Gomez
Manny Gomez 3 days ago
Anyone else notice the guy shoving the food in his life at 2:59 😂
Wepional AJ
Wepional AJ 3 days ago
“mid rare?” “yes pleas-“ *proceeds to get a piece of coal*
Jacko Jew Jr R
Jacko Jew Jr R 3 days ago
Took me a while to find out nino
lemon lime
lemon lime 3 days ago
Well I mean I love steak and that actually looks pretty good I mean I would eat that and I like burnt steak so...
Kayla Andre
Kayla Andre 3 days ago
Did anyone else notice him eat the food at 2:57
Charlie Acanfora
Charlie Acanfora 3 days ago
“ I know what my costumers like” My guy you need to have costumers first
R W 2 days ago
LOL right?!
No Chill
No Chill 4 days ago
I will never understand these chefs/managers? They call Chef Ramsey for help, he comes and helps tells them what is wrong directly, but then the chefs says something like "my food is good, what does he know?"
Fredrich Oshunrinde
Ok guys q the comments about the daughters, fck the food!!!!!
Gino Lorenzo
Gino Lorenzo 4 days ago
The hostess is wonderful
RaceDude57 4 days ago
Every episode Chef: He will love the food Gordon: [cue British accent] That’s dreadful
kosys 5 days ago
Also you just have to walk in take a look around and smell the musk and mold to know you are not going to eat there. One does not need Gordon to know your about to have shit experience. So as a customer if you take a seat, then that's on you not the shit cooking you knew would be shit. The fact that this place has been around for 15 years speaks more about the shit pallet of the customers than it does the shit food.
kosys 5 days ago
You can tell these shows are only about drama. If I was Gordon and the owner said that to me after I just told him what I think about his food, I would just get up and leave and just let the business fail out of existence which would benefit all involved. That wouldn't bow well for ratings though now will it. These restaurant are not worth saving. You cannot help someone who does not want to help themselves, it is just wasted energy. So why bother if not for the drama. Now I know why I never watch these shows.
K 2 days ago
I think he genuinely cares about the people he's helping and about food not being an absolute fucking mess
James Sturdevant
James Sturdevant 5 days ago
This man is not the real chef mike
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 5 days ago
I should be studying for my exam, but I can’t stop watching these clips. Haha
K 2 days ago
You only got Juan shot Juan opportunity.. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime you betta..
David Keyser
David Keyser 6 days ago
"I can't afford to be up all night with the shits" 😂😂 how am I suppose to study when Gordan is so entertaining
All movies Clips
All movies Clips 6 days ago
He have a gorgeous daughters
João Costa
João Costa 6 days ago
Well at least microwaved ☺
King Darthrog
King Darthrog 6 days ago
ah ramsay, he'll save your restaurant but fuck your daughter
Stevie Puglia
Stevie Puglia 6 days ago
Steak: *is black* Chef: “there is no way I overcooked that steak”
Stan Torren
Stan Torren 3 days ago
me: Oh shit here we go again
Jaspboy 7 days ago
The steak is burned from the outside and raw from the inside.
Kvd Jr
Kvd Jr 7 days ago
I think the waitress of Gordon’s I think the name is Louie , looks like the waitress from the cafe in avengers 1 during the attack who praises cap
pumpkinsdontcry 7 days ago
So we just gonna ignore the fact that chef Ramsey looks like John C Reilly and Ellen Degeneres had a kid.
NumberJ42 7 days ago
RIP that steak
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer 7 days ago
I though that was dog sh*t in the thumbnail
Jelly 7 days ago
Every kitchen nightmares episode Owners: Gordon Ramsey help, nobody will come eat our food Gordon: the food isn’t good Owners: :O
No Chill
No Chill 4 days ago
It's actually Owner: nah it's not the food, it must be customers.
Esther DiMaggio
Esther DiMaggio 7 days ago
Pro Tip, restaurant owners: People will still come to your restaurant in droves if your food is 9/10 but your service and decor sucks.
Gizziiusa 7 days ago
That carpet is ALIVE. I'd be very careful walking on that stuff. it could eat you for dinner.
Martin Magee
Martin Magee 8 days ago
Gordan would love to shag the gorgoues girl....mmmmmmm
sara arifee
sara arifee 8 days ago
"I call it a hot mess" I love that lady
Frank Santore
Frank Santore 8 days ago
Why do all these restaurant owners think that Gordon will love their food?
Toe Job
Toe Job 8 days ago
Chef Ramsey
Jared Dill
Jared Dill 9 days ago
Its always 'not the food' till it is.. Lol
Jared Dill
Jared Dill 9 days ago
I been cooking like 15 years. A cook who says "grilled lettuce? Cant go wrong" all cocly like is beyond ignorance..
Steven Campos
Steven Campos 9 days ago
The only thing Mike needs to do is give me his daughter's number
oh long johnson
oh long johnson 9 days ago
As with all of Ramsays visits to failing restaurants the food is never ever the problem .
Trr Tell
Trr Tell 9 days ago
On a side note a charcoal steak is ok it gives flavour and holds flavour but that steak met no fucking flame 🔥 honestly you don’t skillet a steak that’s fucking retardant (retarded )
M-A-G-A 9 days ago
delusion is strong in these videos
John Rife
John Rife 9 days ago
That girl fine as hell
She’s gorgeous personality over physicality
binrasclatladen 10 days ago
The food surely isn’t a 10 but his daughters definitely a 10. ❤️👌
Xashed 10 days ago
His daughter is cute 🤩😂
Kyle Patrick Hall
Kyle Patrick Hall 11 days ago
Me? Why me? Um cause you're the owner
sweetsatin24 11 days ago
Gordon said he's not with the shits 😂
Vlad Vovrychko
Vlad Vovrychko 11 days ago
He is a master of grilling (everything to hell)
Ryan Smart
Ryan Smart 11 days ago
“I can’t afford to be up all night with the shits” had me dying 😂😂😂😂
Edgar Lara
Edgar Lara 11 days ago
8:35 for the finale its going to be NINO!
ShawnDRuth 11 days ago
More like shrimp sauce with pasta, than pasta with shrimp sauce. If he was as good as he thinks he is, he would not be in financial troubles. I am no chef, but I can tell that was burnt. There was a way in hell you burnt that steak. What customers?
silence me
silence me 11 days ago
Bone apple tea!
Bk2GenesisCoupe 11 days ago
0:58 Why does she tell the dad “Follow me” like he doesn’t know his own restaurant???
Jumpman056 12 days ago
I respect that dude for calling Ramsay the Einstein of Food
Allheart8705 12 days ago
His daughters can get it
Follow mathieumcgowan on Insta
The only high 9 I saw was that baddy Lexi
Dave Richards
Dave Richards 12 days ago
That lamp has to be a safety violation
Rosita Kulikauskiene
corvs 13 days ago
Young Jesus
Young Jesus 13 days ago
That girl with the dress...damn😍
Dev Sri Akash Pattayil
To everyone searching for lexis at It’s @jitterbug525
Dev Sri Akash Pattayil
@Follow mathieumcgowan on Insta 🤛
Follow mathieumcgowan on Insta
Dev Sri Akash Pattayil you are a real one brother
AFarhan official channel
I like the girl waiter. She's so cute. Is she a single lady ?
Christian Shammami
Christian Shammami 12 days ago
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne 13 days ago
If someone says "I made it, so it has to be good," buckle the fuck up.
jojolafrite90 14 days ago
The daughter is beautiful.
James Jackson
James Jackson 14 days ago
I'm eating right now as I watch this, and let me tell you. I can't even swallow 😷 but I'd smash the daughter 🍆💦
Crazy Decepticon
Crazy Decepticon 15 days ago
The cook served Gordon there shit.
The Black Swordsman
Nino would've cleaned that whole restaurant
Harlynn2194 15 days ago
I know when Gordon gives the waiters or waitresses a taste of the food they absolutely DREAD it😂😂😂😂 like just look at their faces
Look at my suit
Look at my suit 15 days ago
Watching someone pour sauce on top of dry pasta just kills me
-Kat but I'm not human-
I swear at 5:33 or 5:34 he said oof lmao
FULL RETARD 16 days ago
Funny how Lexi seems to think her name ends with an S and everyone else disagrees.
D V 16 days ago
Now gordon complains about "identity" is this fine dining? .....remember the episode where the guy jokes about the chicken wings and orange shorts and fine dining? what now gordon?
robert 16 days ago
The daughters are better looking than that dreadful restaurant furniture, and the food.
Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson 16 days ago
It ALL looked GROSS
Gabriel Mercado
Gabriel Mercado 17 days ago
SW Reality
SW Reality 17 days ago
I...did he just eat out of the pan...as someone who works in a restaurant my manager would have k i l l e d us. At least the waitresses understand it's a mess
GamerFreak 3110
GamerFreak 3110 17 days ago
How would you rate your food. The upper nine. Ramsey says wow but really thinks fuck me if that's the case why am i here.
H e c t o r
H e c t o r 17 days ago
his daughter tho 👀👀
Super Slovak
Super Slovak 17 days ago
The editing at the end always has me rolling. *For the finale its gona be NINOOO*
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