Massive Explosive Chain Reaction at 200,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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This video contains 4 absolutely massive explosions using a variety of explosive equipment such as shock tube, det cord, shaped charges and avalanchers.
It was performed safely under the supervision of explosives experts. Additionally, Dan has training as an EOD in the British Army.
Big thanks to Vision Research for the use of their current top of the range Phantom cameras. Check out their new website! - www.phantomhighspeed.com
as well as The School Of Mines in Colorado for the use of their facility. - www.mines.edu
Sound design by James Rogers - simply sonic studios
Massive Explosive Chain Reaction at 200,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys
Filmed with the Phantom v2640 and v2512


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Jul 31, 2018




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Comments 80
Vinz Miller
Vinz Miller 12 hours ago
Terteeth 🤣😂🤣
Ritesh Gorkhali
Also: The front fell off.
marcel151 Day ago
I got peak "penetration capability", too.
Ash Y
Ash Y 2 days ago
I turned my headphones way down for the explosion but the sound of the audio just clipping out also hurt lmao
9:29 the flash!?
palisgal lal
palisgal lal 3 days ago
How bout sum explosive laser or plasma
Ashton Needler
Ashton Needler 3 days ago
today were gonna set a nuke off in dans hands and film it! ready dan?
Carlos Zockt
Carlos Zockt 4 days ago
I typed in people react to „the chain“ by fleetwood mac, got this video instead and i‘m happy about it nice one guys!
George Ferraez
George Ferraez 4 days ago
When the toilet exploded all I said was taco bell
Joe Vu
Joe Vu 5 days ago
Killer Queen bites the dust
What the FFFlux!
What the FFFlux! 5 days ago
When that det-cored that was rap up on the mannequin was detonating. It looked like a little flash running round it.
Ivan Horne
Ivan Horne 5 days ago
Bloody good!.............how about some more?
karaty lerner group
What was that , at 04:44 Like small speaker ???
JF Des Semodio
JF Des Semodio 7 days ago
Colourblind 546
Colourblind 546 8 days ago
5:18 that looked like a fireball
Augmund Fireweave
i know this video is a couple years old, but i really love it when these videos get that perfect mix of edutainment, where it actually teaches you something neat, and you get to see something awesome at the same time.
Fishy Boi
Fishy Boi 8 days ago
Did anyone notice the green/yellow fire at 10:39
snail123O 9 days ago
How many cameras do you have? Jesus...
frasmix 9 days ago
- Dad what we gonna do this summer - I have a plan son , I will slow motion a nuclear weapon it's will be very fun 😜😂
Sabine W
Sabine W 9 days ago
13:10 "It looks like what you fill a bean bag with, except they explode." Glorious!
Hot Rod Animation's
I see the shockwave
Captainf 102
Captainf 102 9 days ago
ThatDutchGuy 10 days ago
That most have been the most wicked curry ever m8, mad xD.
Andres Orozco
Andres Orozco 10 days ago
3:53 Slow mo guys: this is a shape charge Me, a long time slow mo guys fan but now have watched MHA: haha bakugo go brrrrrrr
Danny J
Danny J 10 days ago
For some reason after seeing the toilet explode, I felt like watching The Terminator. So I'm gonna watch The Terminator. Thanks Slow Mo Guys!
fam Nielsen
fam Nielsen 10 days ago
That light thing littarily looked like a mini flash ant just crawling on her body!!
Mines116 10 days ago
The last explosion was so loud that it sounded like it was a regular video in my headphones, full volume, at a distance.
Ilu 11 days ago
Sponsored by Samsung
fabio sunspot
fabio sunspot 11 days ago
It's like a plasma but it's not because plasma is created at higher temperatures...
Linkmon99 11 days ago
nuke in 4k200,000fps PLS
DJ Barlovich
DJ Barlovich 11 days ago
5:13 I watched that over and over and over again
The Last Hitman
The Last Hitman 11 days ago
Let's Go Sit Here And Talk About *Killer Queen Bite The Dust*
Michelle 12 days ago
When they say there's a loud sound ahead, they weren't kidding.
Russell 13 days ago
Could have invited me to stand in middle .no pain death
Demon_Control er
Demon_Control er 13 days ago
oh nice dan was in the military
BVrnTToAsT 13 days ago
In the huge bomb you can see what appears to be a string that looks like a body
Mr Mentality and Terry
I could just imagine Dan's granddad saying 'I heard various explosions'
M M 14 days ago
3.9k dislikes because trumpers didnt like what you did to that wall
Elykson343 14 days ago
so no one gonna talk about the fact that Dan, Is in fact ex military and worked with explosives in said military. The same Dan that has Climbed into not 1, not 2, not 3, But 5 Giant condoms filled with water.
Bobo 14 days ago
14:40 is like the moment when there is something that you cant see coming to attack you and suddenly death
Schlaumau 15 days ago
This video blew up
Booster charge
A Lynx With Internet
If that lid on the toilet tank was indestructible it would probably be in space
Cczz121 15 days ago
Austin Floyd
Austin Floyd 15 days ago
Imagine if there was a shape charge cannon. That would be dope
Joshua Lange
Joshua Lange 15 days ago
"Some mannequins are gonna bite it," *Markiplier rejoices*
the guy ontop of me is dumb
Guys where the heck is the time stap?! Ive been looking everwhere in the videoSOMEONE TIMESTAMP MEE i want to relate🙁
Asry Andy
Asry Andy 16 days ago
Is it just me who thought that the red hat mannequin was....
csgo pro
csgo pro 16 days ago
these explosions in slowmo looks like a perfect source for making some awesome looking movie.
Rhoo Lands
Rhoo Lands 16 days ago
I could handle it in full vol
Logical Error In Your Life
No one: Dan: chuguchuguchuguchuguchuguchuguchuguchuguchugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugu.
Elvinza Nadif alodie
CurlyKoolKidd_YT 17 days ago
Mini nuke
jlucasound 17 days ago
OMG. This is the only channel I have seen that has Colin beat by around 3 million Subs. Wow.
Rebecca Tilus
Rebecca Tilus 17 days ago
2:31 lowkey looks like lava coming from a volcano.
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson 17 days ago
Schwido 18 days ago
See kids, this is why you need to get a degree. Jkjk, but seriously though
Castlers_ Junior
Castlers_ Junior 18 days ago
if the shape charge trabel at 10.000m per second why dont u shot a car with it like 9km away
Pedro Benedito
Pedro Benedito 18 days ago
Ah yes, like that old video from ISIS where they do the same with humans and film slow motion heads being blown off. Anybody seen those?
Kelvin Maina
Kelvin Maina 18 days ago
I googled "12 gauge catridge leaving muzzle in 4k" but couldn't find anything.
TechMantra 18 days ago
I think I literally just had a heart attack.
Sponge Man Ice Cone
In this episode, the Slow Mo Guys will be committing war crimes
snizer11 18 days ago
The barrel literally went up. it is really small but powerful explosives
KrunKMYMinD 19 days ago
They started making slow mo videos in their backyard. Now they're doing explosions. Next video will be on a nuclear explosion in slow mo.
Makini Thompson
Makini Thompson 19 days ago
1:43 me when I do #2
Ok thence my good sir
Fire a shape charge into the air?
Blaze Crafter
Blaze Crafter 19 days ago
A mini nuke
krishna pal
krishna pal 20 days ago
Osama's grand kids are watching this mouth wide-opened !
Jacob Earnhardt
Jacob Earnhardt 20 days ago
Congrats on 9 mil views!
disha chakraborty
disha chakraborty 20 days ago
should have taken the sound warning...
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton 20 days ago
The sheer force of that POS lifted the barrel up and smacked it down again :O
Duneblazer85 20 days ago
Best job ever
Alpis Poye
Alpis Poye 20 days ago
bman 94
bman 94 20 days ago
Lol boiled denim. Next time go to Rolla. Missouri university of science & technology. Fomerly know missouri school of mines. A lot of bang for the small town buck.
Otaku_Slayer 20 days ago
So he was in service
Eugene Swart
Eugene Swart 20 days ago
I've been following you guys for years and tgis is one of your top 10 videos.
Lawrence Sam Garcia
13:47 9:10 killer queen daisan no bakudan bites za dusto
iiMaksim 21 day ago
the shock-cord looked like a mini flash zipping around
Mr. White
Mr. White 21 day ago
3:01 My confidence after high school
Arwyn 18 days ago
Bro hahahahahaha same.
Popcorn Master
Popcorn Master 23 days ago
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