Massive Back to School Tech Haul! (30 Minute Challenge)

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Arie and I are at it again, going toe-to-toe to find the best tech (smartphones, speakers, laptops, etc) and tech deals for college students at Best Buy. Thanks so much to Best Buy for sponsoring this video.Check them out for all of the latest tech - bby.me/UrAvgConsumer
Who do you think won? Make sure to click the poll and vote! Follow Arie at @UrAvgGF and me @UrAvgConsumer on IG!
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Jun 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Satan Day ago
How are you gonna forget a laptop/computer in a back to school haul Jud? *My laptop is why i carry a bag in the first place* Edit: You even got an Oculus Quest, we don't need VR, We need something to type our papers on. Sorry Jud, Ari outperformed you easily on this one
Burrito Bunny
Burrito Bunny 4 days ago
The moment arie picked up the s10, she won
Jailbreak Pro
Jailbreak Pro 13 days ago
Rian West
Rian West 13 days ago
Only 100 bucks
Orlando Brooks
Orlando Brooks 18 days ago
Ari won! It is a simple question of need vs want. "need" wins all day everyday... Sorry Jud
Stephen Madeira
Stephen Madeira 20 days ago
It's a tie..cute couple quest.
Dev Lin
Dev Lin 25 days ago
I'm watching in a S10 and that thing doesn't have a good battery life.
Wealthy 28 days ago
2019: Back to school tech haul 2020: back to quarantine tech haul
Kay Gerber
Kay Gerber 28 days ago
5:48 Jud be actin like a child😂 "I don't need your budget! I'm gonna return it." 😂
Kay Gerber
Kay Gerber 28 days ago
1:17 yess John Mayer. Ahh I freakin love him. He's just the best😃😅
akther farhana
akther farhana Month ago
What happens to the PC
Real Rider
Real Rider Month ago
When I got admission in the college, first I choose a tech bag over my old schoolbag then I bought some new gadgets i.e a smartphone & also a tablet, a headphone, a Bluetooth speaker, a Powerbank, external HDD and a new sports bicycle, of course, which was not a tech, within almost 1000$.
Muhd Zul zaki
Muhd Zul zaki Month ago
went talk about practicallity .... women judge never lose hahaha
Abdur Rahman M.
Abdur Rahman M. Month ago
3:00 That timing was perfect
inderjeet matharoo
8:35 jbl boombox portable .... is that thing is portable ?
YME BMX Month ago
Yup college students with 8 roommates can Obviously Afford 16 iPads and 29 phones for them selfs.
Gangana Perera
Gangana Perera Month ago
Arie got it yall
Cormac Sweeney
Cormac Sweeney Month ago
Ethan Munroe
Ethan Munroe Month ago
Back to mansion school haul
What kind of laptop is this ? I know it’s asus but what’s the full name
Mackenzie Miller
I like it
Asha H V
Asha H V Month ago
Ary wins
Nico Radeschi
Nico Radeschi Month ago
I think jud won but that s10 tho oh😯😬
LittleRush94 2 months ago
i would absolutely kill this challenge... 2 grand?? man i have everything in mind already
Eevee 124
Eevee 124 2 months ago
Back to school but the budget is higher than any student could afford
Dr. Toxic
Dr. Toxic 2 months ago
What’s funny is that I’m seeing jud show all of his things and I’m like oh yeah I want that, then I realize, when am I gonna need oculus if I’m busy in college but it’s still funny, lolol
OK BOOMER 2 months ago
If a mouse goes outside does it become a rat and if a rat goes inside does it become a mouse
Dylan O’Neal
Dylan O’Neal 2 months ago
At a 9:00 what is that song
Deckstro 2 months ago
Just get an insurance and break your leg and then you can afford this
joseph nimsara
joseph nimsara 2 months ago
hey sir J im a new comer for your channel . and im a student .and very interesting video and as well as most below people talk about budget but they must know that you are try to give best gadgets for students .so very very happy about this video and please do a another video like this to students
joseph nimsara
joseph nimsara 2 months ago
in 2020
Jitesh Choudhary
Jitesh Choudhary 2 months ago
jud was just shopping for himself
Parth Srivastava
Parth Srivastava 2 months ago
The only one video Jud loses. So,no head starts for arie next time
alla fine moriremo tutti
Studies have shown that the yellow film or filter actually doesn't protect you from blue light and there is blue light in almost every form of regular light
Eddie Kimani
Eddie Kimani 2 months ago
When you suddenly realise that air pods pro are the same amount of money as a freaking tv 😂😂😂
Ahmad Nawaz
Ahmad Nawaz 3 months ago
arie won
rahim boulfekhar
rahim boulfekhar 3 months ago
I'd say the note 10 instead of the s10 because u could take notes
Najmi Izzat
Najmi Izzat 3 months ago
do you really need all of these to study?
Mohammed Iqbal
Mohammed Iqbal 3 months ago
Ethan 1607
Ethan 1607 3 months ago
No wonder he keeps winning. You’re a cheater lmao😂😂 jokes
Rogue Panda
Rogue Panda 4 months ago
5:51 the edgy teen
Official_ Afangeffel
I swear I’ve wanted an oculus quest for the longest time😭
Saif Ali
Saif Ali 4 months ago
UAC: 2000 dollars? That is a decent budget Me: am I a joke to u
Mage Gaming
Mage Gaming 4 months ago
I want the oculus quest
Joe mama Ha got eeemmm
Bro when buying a TV I was like what the fuck because my name is Malcolm and she said Malcolm 2:52
Joe mama Ha got eeemmm
It’s like she’s talking to me
Ram Sridar
Ram Sridar 4 months ago
I love how they forgot a pen or pencil
Zachary Wicker
Zachary Wicker 4 months ago
4:45 - 4:52 Out of context am I right?
MrRedPandaz 4 months ago
I also had a gateway
Everyone has Their own shit
Who else wants to start a RUvid channel but doesn’t have the equipment or the skill to do it. And you also know it won’t go anywhere
Idk but hey
Idk but hey 4 months ago
Juds picks are what we want, Aries picks are what we need.
Random Dude
Random Dude 4 months ago
How’d ur fatass break a phone
Amen Biru
Amen Biru 4 months ago
Random Dude she said it was a shit phone
Sadi Rahman
Sadi Rahman 4 months ago
I'm sorry but can we just take a moment to appreciate how good they are as a couple? True love man👍💖
Sadi Rahman
Sadi Rahman 4 months ago
9:28 Arie coming out with dem cold ice shots man😂😂😂
J 4 months ago
laptop, s10, coffee machine and a tv..... if i had that my college life would've been luxurious
Tek Gung
Tek Gung 4 months ago
When Ur Average Consumer turns out to be rich as ****, but he tries to appeal to us broke fellows
zac salmon
zac salmon 4 months ago
I just be taking a tv to high school
zac salmon
zac salmon 4 months ago
Tv back to school wtf
Rajath Menon
Rajath Menon 4 months ago
Holy shit man do more giveaways woah!
Joshua Yuen
Joshua Yuen 4 months ago
Dam I would love that 4K tv
bhumi patel
bhumi patel 4 months ago
Alexander Dengel
Alexander Dengel 4 months ago
i would have picked him but he didn't show the backpack smh
Heather Lambrecht
Heather Lambrecht 4 months ago
most of them
Ashley Varone
Ashley Varone 5 months ago
Sponsored by Best Buy -
Alex Wizard300
Alex Wizard300 5 months ago
Aree should have picked the OnePlus 7 over the samsung
Kane 5 months ago
The poll doesn’t add up to 100%
Content Gremlin
Content Gremlin 5 months ago
If she would have had the s10+ she would win.(my opinion)
Toxiic Cookie
Toxiic Cookie 5 months ago
Yes Marie won
Oswaldo Arreguin
Oswaldo Arreguin 5 months ago
Yhea. Let me put a TV in a bag
robert dunn
robert dunn 5 months ago
Why on gods Green earth would you need V.R. (Oculus Rift ) in college.
chrissdevanoツ 6 months ago
Samsung S10 + JBL wireless earbuds + Toshiba 4K TV + Asus laptop would have been the best
chrissdevanoツ 6 months ago
12:15 Haha good one I’m broke help
Saarang Sivakumar
Saarang Sivakumar 6 months ago
after you saying that everyone votes for, we all voted for arie
Waisu thurai
Waisu thurai 6 months ago
Logitech g502
DM 6 months ago
I need that VR headset to watch Pornhub
sanaa shokry
sanaa shokry 6 months ago
I want the Samsung s10 plz because my phone Is broken and old plz
Aryan Daga
Aryan Daga 6 months ago
Jud won with the Oculus quest
Johannes_Mtb 6 months ago
Ari has everything we need.
Jose Guadalupe Galván Vázquez
We should fight the rich like we did in the old times.
mtas mas
mtas mas 6 months ago
30 = 7 and 7 = 700 - hella expensive
jed fleming
jed fleming 6 months ago
I though Marie’s name was ari and for a while I thought juds name was Jed cause it my name😂😂
Sahad Chowdhury
Sahad Chowdhury 6 months ago
All I need for college would be a MacBook Pro Apple Watch a phone and Bose headphones
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