Massive 10,000 Calorie English Breakfast Challenge

Matt Stonie
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Lots of my fans across the pond have been asking me to attempt their countries well known Giant Breakfast Challenges. With no future plans to the UK, I did the best I could, by doing it bigger. ;)
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Oct 22, 2014




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Comments 36 649
Yukimar Leene
Yukimar Leene 3 hours ago
Me encanta verlo comer uwu
Vendashi 6 hours ago
Morgan....morgan....tell me what scouter says about his calories lvl......IT'S OVER 9,000 xDDD
YO LO 6 hours ago
Might wanna check Mang Inasal bro 😂👌
Temper 12 hours ago
Matt stonie: finishes grand Big Mac meal in under a minute Me: hasn’t even taken two bites of my sandwich
Baron Grossberg
Baron Grossberg 16 hours ago
This guy must have world record time in the bathroom
Koby Mauricio
Koby Mauricio 18 hours ago
Matt: I’m probably gonna take an hour to finish this Also Matt: *Finishes it in less than a half hour
WoolyBullyThe 19 hours ago
good video but chose the wrong beans - Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce www.worldmarket.com/category/food-and-drink/international-favorites/english-food.do?template=PLA&plfsku=340072&&mrkgcl=660&mrkgadid=3367755439&camp=ppc%3AGoogle%3APLA%2BMerkle_Shopping_PLA_Bestseller%7CConsumables%2BConsumables&product_id=340072&creative=408494933921&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CjwKCAiAgqDxBRBTEiwA59eENyX7qMBGlNolA39rgJ8UXpZQHQ6sZMLEkpFdhr_3AF0oZw2LFre9fBoCV5gQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
gabriel lima
gabriel lima 19 hours ago
Auguen BR
abie suma
abie suma 20 hours ago
Sidrah Zubair
Sidrah Zubair 21 hour ago
Imagine the 💩 he takes 🤢🤮🤮🤮 bet he clogs the toilets a million times
Zaz Day ago
The 10K Plate That You Just Ate. (It rhymes)
Merge plane Enthusiast
1:26 it’s FRENCH TOAST YOU TWAT not many people have it with their breakfast and NO ONE HAS CHIPS with their breakfast
Mert Bahadır ARSLAN
And sooooooooooooooooooooooo VERY HARD!!!!!!!
Giannis Westbrook
Gordon Ramsay: u fuckin donkey
Giannis Westbrook
All burnt
Kasim Dada
Kasim Dada Day ago
His got 35m views thts lots of money dude
Bilegsaikhan Gurbazar
abie suma
abie suma Day ago
bread,beans,tomato,egg,french fries,mushroom,saucege.patty.mcdonald's hash brown,butter bread
aka Brxdley
aka Brxdley Day ago
the meal every kid had in 90s tv show but just take a piece of toast
Rosalinda Sandoval
Can you send me some tali’s please 503 timberline Drive
go n
go n Day ago
one day he will eat the bananas after
Fraylin Diaz
Fraylin Diaz Day ago
What we eat in a day he eats in 30min
ahh no hash browns
The AniMatrion
The AniMatrion 2 days ago
How the hell does Matt make like 4 eggs and still get the yoke perfect it just shows how bad of a cook I am
Liz Hutton
Liz Hutton 2 days ago
I promise you I am English and we DO NOT have those weird as looking beans for breakfast or chips
Kiran R
Kiran R 2 days ago
U eat so much and y dont u become fat?
CryoStrafe 2 days ago
I appreciate what he does and its not my business to say anything about it but it does worry me sometimes when i see him eat burnt stuff.
AlexGwapings Gamer
He should make a channel where if he doesn't complete his challenge/fails to eat his meal he should donate it to children
Serious 19 hours ago
Donate cold leftovers to kids?? Itd ve better if he didnt finish it, donate the amount of calories in money to kids and charity
Joseph Nanez
Joseph Nanez 2 days ago
I wonder how much money he spends on food
Ajit Repal
Ajit Repal 2 days ago
Why he do this to food ??
FunnyFox YT
FunnyFox YT 2 days ago
I live in the 🇬🇧
incredible_destiny sigurdsson
He should try to eat a 32 inch pizza as fast as possible Like it up so he’ll do it
behvan_lol 3 days ago
Matt Stonie must get so many stomach aches
Ace in the hole
Ace in the hole 3 days ago
Me thinking half way through: Hey Matt, U K? 🤣😂
MidnightStorm 3 days ago
This is what he has for breakfast
wang Lama
wang Lama 3 days ago
Got no single penny of idea how this asshole digest so much food
QUÓC KHÁNH 3 days ago
That's good
flash back
flash back 3 days ago
I like your hair style😁😁
Alif Aiman
Alif Aiman 3 days ago
7.14 what the sound is this
Sarah Birchmeier
Sarah Birchmeier 3 days ago
2:45 *le epic stab*
VelocityNR 3 days ago
I’m still bamboozled by how he put the beans on a plate, microwaves them, and then he pours them out of the can on to the tray
RathXD 3 days ago
i wonder what his doctor says to him when he gets a check up
Avi Jacobs
Avi Jacobs 3 days ago
Your going to be fat
jerome b
jerome b 3 days ago
He can't b human must b a alien or something god dam stonie bou can eat
Duitser !
Duitser ! 4 days ago
You eat as much as my hole family in a week😂
Jo Ilgunas
Jo Ilgunas 4 days ago
we dont eat chips with a full english, or omelettes, blood pudding is what its called, not blood sausage, we dont normally have that specific type of bacon, fried bread isnt too common and we dont use that much butter for just 2 slices, that would be enough butter for more than 2 people to have it, and we dont put a whole slice of butter on every piece of toast decent challenge tho
Faze Cday
Faze Cday 4 days ago
Matt stonie eating with a fork
Do what you must, I have already won
I've eaten a full English that size. With 5 other friends.
Zaynab Rahman
Zaynab Rahman 4 days ago
And I'm over here eatin Coco pops 😔
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 4 days ago
6:45 you don’t need to make the belt loose, you NEED JOEY’S THANKSGIVING PANTS!!
Godfrey Bagon
Godfrey Bagon 4 days ago
It can litteraly kill you dude so much fat and carbs WTH 😂😂😂
khatifah nur
khatifah nur 4 days ago
Lawan tanboykun from indonesia
Pat Durkin
Pat Durkin 4 days ago
I've seen this video a few times. I just realized he dubbed the bacon crunch over scenes of him eating the non crunchy toast
coby krz
coby krz 4 days ago
The one question I ask myself while watching his videos is, wheres the parental supervision?
So Simple
So Simple 5 days ago
He finished his food faster than the time where my math class ends.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 5 days ago
Brits don't eat chips with a full English
Ties Versteeg
Ties Versteeg 5 days ago
But there are way more things in this breakfast than in the real english breakfast. Like the egg with cheese, french fries, bread soaked in butter.
라루기 5 days ago
Pressing a stopwatch while the food remains in your mouth is a fake record. Most of your records are fake.
WearYourHelmet 7 hours ago
But the fact that he actually eat all of his food and not just clickbait is epic
Sunt Vloagher zdreanto
Stonie house america or anglia
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