Massive 10,000 Calorie English Breakfast Challenge

Matt Stonie
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Lots of my fans across the pond have been asking me to attempt their countries well known Giant Breakfast Challenges. With no future plans to the UK, I did the best I could, by doing it bigger. ;)
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Oct 22, 2014




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Comments 60
Doubled Thread56
Tbh I’m only here to watch him make it
zoom 825l7
zoom 825l7 Hour ago
anybody else get this recommend 5 years later..
zoom 825l7
zoom 825l7 Hour ago
He almost burned everything
Christopher Korody
Christopher Korody 2 hours ago
Was that the terminator theme ?
Mahi vlogs
Mahi vlogs 3 hours ago
Bro... how come ur not fat🤦🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻
dwalsh Unknown
dwalsh Unknown 6 hours ago
Feel bad for the camera man that he can’t eat any food...
Charlie D
Charlie D 6 hours ago
Hashbrowns : ... NY pizza : am I a joke to you?
Laylla 10 hours ago
1:37 😂😂
Khaketla Nkhahle
Khaketla Nkhahle 10 hours ago
Suprised they didn’t use vegeta saying it’s over 9000
Lm Scale
Lm Scale 14 hours ago
I hope he checks the amount of salt on these things before he eat lol
Missy Mayes
Missy Mayes 14 hours ago
That looks really yummy! Well I mean I do like my bacon crispy but that may just be a bit on the overly crispy side 😊💕 Edit: during this video I realized how much you and your brother sound so much alike, your laugh is exactly the same and your voices are so similar, I bet you two have gotten mistaken for one another over the phone growing up huh??
Audrey Yu
Audrey Yu 15 hours ago
I ll just appreciate it more if this guy takes time to enjoy the meal instead rushing it.🥴
You cooked and ate a meal for 4 fricking people(I saw this video a couple years ago but just now I wanted to comment)😂😂😂😂
RiSe Typhoon
RiSe Typhoon 16 hours ago
Who puts a square of butter on toast? You're mean to spread it mate.
ghost King ttv
ghost King ttv 16 hours ago
I bet all of the 600 pound life is Drooling
jeff 8033145
jeff 8033145 19 hours ago
Me:I only eat one sandwich and a coffe in my breakfast. Matt:
tony kulis
tony kulis Day ago
Imagine matt as a walker in walking dead lol no one is safe lol
Dewmi Marion
Dewmi Marion 38 minutes ago
Murium Naeem
Murium Naeem Day ago
Love from uk 🇬🇧 this is amazing
Samson Wai
Samson Wai Day ago
He: eats an entire platter of breakfast food with tons of fat and carbs and be normal Fat me: eat a slice of toast and feel 10 lbs
Leonel Garcia
Leonel Garcia 2 days ago
that arent sausages there are porn dicks
Paul Moore
Paul Moore 2 days ago
You already know that when Matt Stonie says it’s a lot of food he isn’t lying
2020 2 days ago
That is not the English Breakfast lol
hasbro gaming
hasbro gaming 2 days ago
he saying its bad for me and the brits yet we dont eat that much of it
chris fricker
chris fricker 2 days ago
Should have had black pudding and bubble and squeak aswell mate, and washed down with a cup of tea, fucking lovely mate.
chris fricker
chris fricker 16 hours ago
@RiSe Typhoon I'll forgive him because he is a fucking badass, but if this was committed by an english person, there would be no other choice then to have then hung outside Westminster by the neck until they are dead, a little extreme, but that's how serious we take it😣🤗🤣😂😋😘😉😚😊😀😪🤭
RiSe Typhoon
RiSe Typhoon 16 hours ago
Exactly! Also he cut a square of butter and didn't even spread it on the toast...what the fuck is that???
Mimi Ana
Mimi Ana 2 days ago
Noizeyfn 2 days ago
Me Eating a Sandwich and full Matt: .....
Drake Barnes
Drake Barnes 3 days ago
I couldn’t even eat half of this 😭 makes my stomach feel so weak
Ava Leggate
Ava Leggate 3 days ago
I live in Scotland and l have the fry up every Friday a fry up is the English breakfast
Pupaia LEUNG WAI 3 days ago
Food: come on bro Matt:wait let me just loosen my belt first
ExGod 3 days ago
tf was that ad of a iranian making a music video
Plasma ale
Plasma ale 3 days ago
KAGL 4 days ago
''Massive 10 calorie english breakfast'' *puts French fries in oven*
georgia phillips
georgia phillips 4 days ago
im triggered that he put fries with a breakfast
Jan Endrych
Jan Endrych 4 days ago
Damn you just made me hungry.. thanks alot
Evan Mollohan
Evan Mollohan 4 days ago
It’s all so burnt😂
dynamitedan07 YT
dynamitedan07 YT 5 days ago
When he microwaved the beans☹️💀
The Kid Historian
Emo Matt
Tanya Soares
Tanya Soares 5 days ago
Lmao we don’t have chips in English breakfast
Soy TU
Soy TU 5 days ago
La serie debería llamarse *Intentando engordar al flaco*
Aaron Noel
Aaron Noel 5 days ago
He gonna be on the toilet after this😂😂😂😂😂😂.
TheNightShadow 6 days ago
I’m hungry now
15 subs For me pls
Who’s hungry in your bed and watching this?
JulianGaming 6 days ago
Bad cooking skills
Agusk70 LoL
Agusk70 LoL 6 days ago
《Angel_ Gacha》
He just eat breakfast
jean claude de jean
Behind Usian Bolt a way bevor Muhamma Ali,he is the greatest Athlet of all times...
Lendler TheGreat
Lendler TheGreat 7 days ago
Omg he even made tomatoes, what a healthy man. I hope I can copy him one day.
PIRATE YASH 7 days ago
Matt :- Eats all the food Toilet :- OH NO...
While there are millions of hungry people in the world, this guy is eating enough to feed hungry people. an embarrassing situation
David Olson
David Olson 7 days ago
Bruh the hair
Hector McKinnel
Hector McKinnel 7 days ago
Imagine what his oven smells like
Iker Bartolomé
Iker Bartolomé 8 days ago
When you find out you're 0.001% British
Game Over - LORD
Game Over - LORD 8 days ago
bu adam yedikden sonra tuv alete ne yapiyor 3 dunya muharibesi
Whyinem 8 days ago
Tanitoluwa aloba
Tanitoluwa aloba 8 days ago
that egg dosent look cooked
Merubar 9 days ago
Fun fact: 5 year old comments are almost impossible to find
Merubar 9 days ago
2:48 POV: your grandma is making food for you
Joshua Gall
Joshua Gall 9 days ago
Appreciate the love for Britain but not sure who told you that chips were a part of English breakfast!
JIGAR SHAH 9 days ago
False title It is 1 Billion+ calories not 10,000
David Chittum
David Chittum 10 days ago
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