Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean (Official Music Video)

Masked Wolf
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Oct 27, 2020




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Comments 99
Masked Wolf
Masked Wolf 6 months ago
I have a lot of people ask me "what made you write Astro ... what is it about?" The art of music is that it means one thing to me but so many other things to other people... for me it was about knowing i was on a journey like an astronaut but I wasn't where I wanted to be... I wanted to be in space... I wanted to do what astronauts do.. me saying im in the ocean means i felt I was somwhere I didn't belong.. but I knew I was close to finding myself as an artist and getting the recognition I wanted from people about my music.. also "whatchu know about rolling down in the deep actually meant what do you know about being down in life and depressed.. i was kind of saying.. have you been similar to me and my down time.. have you been in the rough and the trenches.. some people also say why is the video not in the ocean.. well because I have found my spot in the world.. i know who I am with my music now.. so i'm not in the ocean.. i'm now in space.. where I belong... 2021 gonna be even bigger :) peace
حمودي Hamoodey
احلى متابع من العراق 😂😂😂😂😂😂
No Name
No Name Month ago
Show Kings
Show Kings Month ago
I don't know who will be featuring on it or when it will be made, but you know the remix will be 100% 🔥🔥🔥
C ' n ' C Vlogs
C ' n ' C Vlogs Month ago
Good words wolf, also I printed the lyrics and wrote down what EVERY sentence and phrase meant
beast incarnate
beast incarnate 2 months ago
Bro you are awesome 😈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yoppa Fn
Yoppa Fn 32 seconds ago
when did courage jd get into singing
grass 2 minutes ago
my mom told me she liked this song 😐
amjad M4
amjad M4 2 minutes ago
منو عراقي هنا
Colby Hynes
Colby Hynes 6 minutes ago
He's Canadian
Apollo griffin2
Apollo griffin2 13 minutes ago
0:01 sounds like a drake song called jump man 🤣
Coinz 15 minutes ago
Why do so many people hate this song- ... is it because its so overused on TikTok?
Emmas Fun Vlogs
Emmas Fun Vlogs 19 minutes ago
Don't know why no one pointing out that he is in space with no helmet...
KingDab123 28 minutes ago
0:27 to 0:37 gives me goosebumps
elocino 36 minutes ago
this makes no sense
Yessir _
Yessir _ 36 minutes ago
No way people like this song right???
Rooma Shehrina
Rooma Shehrina 39 minutes ago
I love this song
Fox Stunt Shop
Fox Stunt Shop 42 minutes ago
Best song
Ratzel 49 minutes ago
Muuuuuuuuoto noa
Hi :l
Hi :l Hour ago
I have mental freeze
Saeida Alturkmani
This song makes all my stress go away😊🥰🤙🏻
Tiktok cod! J5801771611
neb Hour ago
He looks like CouRageJD
Nilesh Kumar
Nilesh Kumar Hour ago
C'mon let's be honest people this ain't that bad. Most of y'all just hating because Tiktok ruined it this
Shahab Alhalmi
Good song
BeAsT GAMING Hour ago
My hands scrolling comments My eyes see comments My ears enjoy song 😂😂🖕🖕🖕
༒вαɒ ɢɪяl༒
Edrian Gallenero
Perfect for motivation music👌
Template Hour ago
how did lyrics like this actually get popular
Lima Lita
Lima Lita Hour ago
It's the coaching vibe for me
Maalok Tv
Maalok Tv Hour ago
اني عربيه وكلش احب هاي الاغنيه 😂❤️🌹🤦🏻‍♀️
Willem Hirsch
Willem Hirsch Hour ago
Words were said
blxcksvis Hour ago
i heard this song on someones radio in there car when i was going to school
Swifty Unknown
Why am I in a worse mood now
lilchromie Hour ago
SAINt JHN would be a great remix on this song
3badi tech
3badi tech 2 hours ago
I've finally found it
xii_am_a_idiot_iix 2 hours ago
what you about rolling down in the deep.
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera 2 hours ago
Please put this in 2x speed. It'll be super funny. Oh and don't forget to keep this in 3x and show it to a friend... 😂🤣
Roomba 2 hours ago
gojumpaduck 2 hours ago
this song is so badass
Angela Leifer
Angela Leifer 2 hours ago
Eminem:"Ha Cilds play" Me:"TF You mean childs play"
Madir Mahadir
Madir Mahadir 2 hours ago
My friend always everday he sing this song
Pickle Horder3000
Pickle Horder3000 2 hours ago
This. This right here is music. They don’t make it like this anymore. Please keep on doing what you’re doing, much love from your fans
Luis Emmanuel García Martínez
Está muy chida la canción la mejor
Ab shafter
Ab shafter 2 hours ago
Jay Lovett
Jay Lovett 2 hours ago
I’d rather listen to soul train
Jevon Holt
Jevon Holt 2 hours ago
Dallas represents so hard 💪🏿
Joe 2 hours ago
Sounds like fortnite
Sebastián Echeverri
Free fire:-D
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 2 hours ago
Just stupid
vikas darbar
vikas darbar 3 hours ago
One of the best song ever😎
Kliment Samenov
Kliment Samenov 3 hours ago
Муззончик про космос 😎😁👍
GG CK 3 hours ago
from cambodia 💐💐💐💐
Ashlyn Joyner
Ashlyn Joyner 3 hours ago
are kids in 2060 gonna listen to this and be like “they don’t make music like this anymore”
Ghost Hour ago
No, this song won’t be missed.
Pedro Arthur of
Pedro Arthur of 3 hours ago
Música top! ❤
Ashlyn Joyner
Ashlyn Joyner 3 hours ago
imagine giving someone the aux and they play this unironically
Nico CM
Nico CM 3 hours ago
No mames, como 2 meses buscando la canción 🎶. Asta que la encontré 😅 muy buen tema 💯💯💯💪
marko cecur
marko cecur 3 hours ago
I don’t understand all the hate that this song is getting,can someone explain it seriously to me?
TreBoogie0 3 hours ago
This is the type of music that they play in either foot locker or in a gatorade commercial
gianna marie
gianna marie 3 hours ago
am i the only one who has that one kid that always sings this is that one random class??? YUP it’s just me 😭
Viraaj13 3 hours ago
At least it’s better than the remixes
Willy 3 hours ago
Plz do a feat with Eminem
Leandro Espinoza
Leandro Espinoza 3 hours ago
Kidz bop headass
Flicksta 3 hours ago
among us moment
iiurevi 3 hours ago
Oml this is like 😳✋
Jeferly Giraffe
Jeferly Giraffe 3 hours ago
It has a vibe at the start but it doesn't keep it up 😔
Avery Peyton
Avery Peyton 3 hours ago
Me listen to this trying to get out of my head like 👁👄👁
thephysicsΨhale 3 hours ago
Beta and w*men hating on the sigma male national anthem 😤
BA Clawz
BA Clawz 3 hours ago
Stay sigma 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Elijah Cook
Elijah Cook 3 hours ago
This is the official theme song of guys who post pictures of handsome actors with motivational quotes about getting rich.
Natalie Nevai
Natalie Nevai 3 hours ago
mad respect for the people who thought scuba diver when they said astronaut in the ocean
Trapped In A Basement
I’m gonna commit arson to an orphanage if I hear this song one more time.
Detraice 3 hours ago
What a nice man,wonder what he calls it when his brain goes numb.
Edu Gonzalez grimaldo
quien mas no le entiende ni madres pero aqui esta porque es pegadiza
Zay 3 hours ago
I thought this song was a country singer tryna rap , Tiktok made me dislike this song and I don’t even have tiktok
Cycloneツ 3 hours ago
Tell me why the beginig beat reminded me of siren head
Nik Wolf
Nik Wolf 3 hours ago
I enjoy this music and all of my friends like so much! I rewatch this a lot of times
moustafagamer 3 hours ago
who dance
الجنجيهى الجنجيهى
goooooooooooood 1000000000 goooooooooooooooooood
Lindsey Brent
Lindsey Brent 4 hours ago
Dnaffr fun
chumapi PUBG
chumapi PUBG 4 hours ago
i remember when you were at 67k subs
Sheilla Kiprop
Sheilla Kiprop 4 hours ago
Tiktok brought me here
Jiggle the Mc jugger
Tiktok made this song worse than it is already
MOMO 123
MOMO 123 4 hours ago
Watch now
Glee.Robert 4 hours ago
This song is horrible.
Francisco Cantero gallardo
El temazo de tok tok
ARAB WAVE 4 hours ago
Filmed by: NASA Studios
L M 4 hours ago
I’ve heard this song so much and this whole mf time I thought it was lil nas x 💀
Mr Graves
Mr Graves 4 hours ago
Who’s dad is this
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 4 hours ago
Thank god tiktok put me onto this.🔥🤟🤟
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 4 hours ago
Put on ×2
KCSG 4 hours ago
KCSG 4 hours ago
Fahad X
Fahad X 4 hours ago
I like the music ❤️
Beckah Eickmann
Beckah Eickmann 4 hours ago
This is my 16 month old’s favorite song 😂 I love it too though and every time I put it on she busts some major moves!
Santiago Katzenstein
I searched "put that shit in slow motion" and here I am
Louise Renick
Louise Renick 4 hours ago
This reminded me about the time when I was racing my freind and he was beating me and this popped in my head and I smoked him.
Eduardo9158 4 hours ago
Soy un intento de tryhard
Eduardo9158 4 hours ago
Tengo la aura cristal maniac y la siren 🔥
Jackson Meads
Jackson Meads 4 hours ago
Only good part of this song is the beginning
Aldo 4 hours ago
I'm out of the loop here. Why is everyone hating on this song? I'm not saying it's particularly good, it just doesn't sound that much different from other music of the genre. What am I missing?
Kukulkan 3 hours ago
they just know nothing about rolling down in the deep end and how when your brain goes mumb and how it's called mental freeze
OggOwO 4 hours ago
This song being everywhere on tik tok makes me wanna commit seppuku
Xyxen8hydra 4 hours ago
This song is like...... bad
Tranzemc 4 hours ago
This song remember China sending rockets that then fall to the ocean
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