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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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18 сен 2018

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Cassian Andor
Cassian Andor 3 часа назад
So. . .based off the comments, people are complaining that the trailer is too generic and doesn't show enough. . .But when a trailer does show too much, people complain *that the trailer is showing too much,* SMH you can't please anyone.
The Indiscriminate
The Indiscriminate 3 часа назад
A Thanos cameo would be sick
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis 3 часа назад
Can we have a good female role in a superhero film? We'll see
a. j
a. j 3 часа назад
This is leading to infinity war right?
Maxwellp 664
Maxwellp 664 3 часа назад
Let’s buckle up everyone
feelwill1 3 часа назад
Looks amazing!!! 😂😂 nah looks like garbage
nur imam syafar
nur imam syafar 3 часа назад
1:40 Batman joins Marvel
Yoboy Crash
Yoboy Crash 3 часа назад
#1 on trending Great job
¡Blusny! 3 часа назад
will destroy thanos xddd
Eko Flo
Eko Flo 3 часа назад
This is gana be a blockbuster.
WendyTravelsNow 3 часа назад
Digitally de-aged young Fury is what I’m excited about haha! Can’t wait to see Samuel L Jackson young 😂😂
Enrique Tadeo
Enrique Tadeo 3 часа назад
Hay un poco de película en su comercial
Mohammed Al-Khafaji
Mohammed Al-Khafaji 3 часа назад
It felt like a DC universe trailer rather than a marvel movie trailer...
Dubspez 3 часа назад
When you realize there’s one actor who is in both Shazam and Captain Marvel.
Christina Joseph
Christina Joseph 3 часа назад
Damn I didn't know thanos got blockbusters in the snap too
Fariz Varandika
Fariz Varandika 3 часа назад
Is it the new SHAZAM trailer?
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos 3 часа назад
this looks terrible
Channel 14
Channel 14 3 часа назад
Soooooooo she just kinda been hanging out on earth while all this shit been goin in the MCU
Aditya Fathan Farizy
Aditya Fathan Farizy 3 часа назад
Bitcchhhh im cumminnn
andie peng
andie peng 3 часа назад
ha ha that looks like a female version of the green lantern
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith 3 часа назад
Trailer is trash.
Classic Jedi
Classic Jedi 3 часа назад
I swear the only part I’m looking forward to is blockbuster returning... and coulson
BatterySonic 3 часа назад
Kinda looks like a DC trailer
Bryan Ubaldo Arguedas
Bryan Ubaldo Arguedas 3 часа назад
Ya valiste madres thanos
Amanda Chapman
Amanda Chapman 3 часа назад
Like if you are either: On the toilet. In bed. Getting goosebumps and hyPED.
William Forest-Hill
William Forest-Hill 3 часа назад
I clicked like before it loaded
B T S M E A L 3 часа назад
She's stronger than thor in the mcu. Kevin fiege confirmed it :)
Nathan Zimmerman
Nathan Zimmerman 3 часа назад
Coulson rocking the Luke Perry look.
AJYT Abbott
AJYT Abbott 3 часа назад
Is it March 2019 Yet? 😂
Lqla 3 часа назад
1:29 best part
Sigmund Holt
Sigmund Holt 3 часа назад
Stefan West
Stefan West 3 часа назад
If it's anything close to Wonder Women I am there
Memes Are for Normies
Memes Are for Normies 3 часа назад
I can’t wait for when a “white male” reviews the movie and Brie Larson calls them a “racist, sexist bigot” lmfao
Grrd Fhm
Grrd Fhm 3 часа назад
I want to see Young Nick Fury eating burgers and interrogating a person Oh wait.
viswarupam 2
viswarupam 2 3 часа назад
Is that Nick fury........?😂😂 Wow I think it's a old story of Nick fury..........
Baller for life
Baller for life 3 часа назад
Vivekananda Pingali
Vivekananda Pingali 3 часа назад
Finally a trailer that doesn't substitute for the movie.
ITS FIDDLE 3 часа назад
This is fun isnt it. Everyone turning into a little shit over 1 trailer.
Dongjun Brian Lee
Dongjun Brian Lee 3 часа назад
When you see Ronan in the trailer 😏
Aizzen Fox
Aizzen Fox 3 часа назад
RENAN FRANCO 3 часа назад
c é loko! q top! não vejo a hora!!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 3 часа назад
How to show Movie is in past, just show blockbuster store.
Alaunt2009 3 часа назад
Blockbuster 🤣
Rexyous 3 часа назад
I used this website to get a free fortnite acc also can yall use the link so i can give one to my little rother even if you dont play fortnite?
Jo shane
Jo shane 3 часа назад
I only heard of captain marvel after infinity war and already can't wait to watch it also is she gonna be marvel's version of Superman?
fake.blond_original 3 часа назад
I actually have chills
J Reing
J Reing 3 часа назад
Roger the Space Marine
Roger the Space Marine 3 часа назад
Yikes, Mr. Stark this doesn't look so good
Bobby Dceu rises
Bobby Dceu rises 3 часа назад
The Internet Remains Intact
Paradigm Studios
Paradigm Studios 3 часа назад
Ibrohim Yusufov
Ibrohim Yusufov 3 часа назад
Her A Hero i got that at the end
Silk Webber18
Silk Webber18 3 часа назад
0:04 is this how blockbuster got out of business?
Bill Klacks
Bill Klacks 3 часа назад
1:49 to 1:56 they went a little overboard with the ear rape.
Aizzen Fox
Aizzen Fox 3 часа назад
Iron man - captain América - guardians of the galaxy == CAPTAIN MARVEL
Kairi Ali
Kairi Ali 3 часа назад
Are kree plural called Koreans or Kreean, I'm confused.
Rollin mia
Rollin mia 3 часа назад
EibonTech 3 часа назад
Hmmmm. First impression; not impressed. Hope I'm wrong though. Brie just doesn't fit the character for me personally but we'll have to wait and see.
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 3 часа назад
This kinda makes me think Green Lantern
Sean Ego-Aguirre
Sean Ego-Aguirre 3 часа назад
This shit is fire but why she had to mack granny like that ?💀😭
SAB Health & Fitness
SAB Health & Fitness 3 часа назад
Waiting .....
Frencis 3 часа назад
treding wtf is going on dude
DiamondPixleGamer /TheDPG
DiamondPixleGamer /TheDPG 3 часа назад
Lqla 3 часа назад
*Sees an old woman get punched in the face* "Wait what...?" *Watches it again confused* What...? *Watches again for entertainment...Laughs...Feels bad for laughing*.
Lachy Roberts
Lachy Roberts 3 часа назад
(Sigh) Damn you Marvel, looks like I'm there opening night.
Carmine Leonardi
Carmine Leonardi 3 часа назад
Everybody chill it's under 2 minutes of a 2hr movie and your judging it already when has marvel done us wrong I mean there worse movie will crush DC best one so relax it will be good....
samuel reyes
samuel reyes 3 часа назад
This is epic style
David Garza
David Garza 3 часа назад
Coldplaysgames 3 часа назад
Upgraded version of captain America (powers)
Hulahoopsanddroptops 3 часа назад
Thanos who?
Aizzen Fox
Aizzen Fox 3 часа назад
Amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Memes Are Life
Memes Are Life 3 часа назад
Seriously? We bring in a black hero, then a female hero? Smh, society today is bonkers. Stick to white and male protagonists.
Oyun Birikim
Oyun Birikim 3 часа назад
most not needed hero
Dead Children Playing
Dead Children Playing 3 часа назад
why is marvel popular
Shai Abubakar
Shai Abubakar 3 часа назад
This is awesome but I kind of feel bad that Captain Marvel got to be the first Marvel woman to have a lead movie than Black Widow. I mean, there are tons of story about her like how she grew up, how did she and Hawk Eye work together before, how he trained the Winter Soldier, her past romance and how she end up working for Tony and a lot more. But yeah, Marvel said there will be a Black Widow movie but yeah, enough said.
MannYSJ 3 часа назад
0:54 aw man I shot marvin in the face
The Era
The Era 3 часа назад
I Fight BEARS 3 часа назад
0:05 Rip
Panda Lord
Panda Lord 3 часа назад
GiantTree Productions
GiantTree Productions 3 часа назад
This is so cool Alexa play black sheep by The Clash at Demonhead
FrostyCharger 3 часа назад
"discover what's makes a hero" *punches an elderly women*
dseer13 3 часа назад
lol they just cant get samuel jackson to look younger
Niccolò Baccega
Niccolò Baccega 3 часа назад
Well, I'm just covered with goosebumps
Another Millennial
Another Millennial 3 часа назад
These movies are like visual-porn these days - Great graphics, but if you watched it without any audo related to the story, it wouldn't detract from the experience.
Prasenjeet Anand
Prasenjeet Anand 3 часа назад
Alfred F. Jones
Alfred F. Jones 3 часа назад
So The MCU gives Miss Marvel gets a movie AND Ant Man two movies before they give Ghost Rider a movie? Wow.....Garbage.
Jim Martinez
Jim Martinez 3 часа назад
Will NOT being watching, I really hate this pc crap.
Joshua Ellis
Joshua Ellis 3 часа назад
1:34 is that Agent Coulson? Can't really tell
John Hartmann
John Hartmann 3 часа назад
punched an old lady in the face. nice
Xavier Jackson
Xavier Jackson 3 часа назад
Amir Jordakani
Amir Jordakani 3 часа назад
1:40 is that batgirl ?
Waddles The pig
Waddles The pig 3 часа назад
We can all agree that the Avengers would kick her butt
Study Allen
Study Allen 3 часа назад
Anybody else look at nick fury’s eye and say “I hope he’s not too attached to that eye”? I know I did.
Incorporated Inc
Incorporated Inc 3 часа назад
Is that master chief
Nuke 4 Fun
Nuke 4 Fun 3 часа назад
Like a turd in the wind Oops Wrong movie kid!
Ray Lenny
Ray Lenny 3 часа назад
'a hero' starting with 'her' emerging i see what you did there
Shadow Mystery2526
Shadow Mystery2526 3 часа назад
Trailer Looks So Underwelming, Looks Like a Fanmade Trailer!
Atif Khan
Atif Khan 3 часа назад
This is what happens when you snap out half of the VFX artist
Blake Ferrell
Blake Ferrell 3 часа назад
I think this is actually supposed to be called Supergirl?
Ghost 3 часа назад
Moises Rei
Moises Rei 3 часа назад
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