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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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Sep 18, 2018




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Comments 155 551
William Jackson
Will there be another captain marvel movie
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct Day ago
0/0 👎
This is just an average movie. Could've been better. Brie Larson does not have a likeable personality here, as well.
ToSamus Aran 2.0
ToSamus Aran 2.0 3 days ago
I thought the movie was better than a lot of people gave it credit for
야치 3 days ago
Anyone in 2020??
pa Wo
pa Wo 4 days ago
Again? A female hero? Sooo does anyone realize that Captain Marvel is actually supposed to be a man?
Darcy Cornish 2.0
Legs are antlers 🤷‍♀️
Abdalrahman Akoob
Why does everybody hates cap marvel!? Real question btw
Camryn Cook
Camryn Cook 6 days ago
I remember watching this backstage during my schools fall play, and getting yelled at for screaming cause I was so excited
Pratyush Dhage
Pratyush Dhage 6 days ago
The theatre cheered for the TESARRACT
Twirox 6 days ago
This movie was really bad. Just everything was awful from writing to characters.
Messi idol mvp
Messi idol mvp 7 days ago
Captain marvel landed at block buster
king invictus
king invictus 7 days ago
whos here after boobies....
Zexal Zodiac
Zexal Zodiac 9 days ago
This movie was great Idk why a lot of people hate it but who cares right
J B 9 days ago
I had seen some of the earlier scene, who the f-k is their cinematographer? Their framing sucks, boring and feels like a chore than exciting. I had seen amateur cinematography from Nigeria way better for a lot less!
nina karpekina
nina karpekina 12 days ago
I liked the movie, can't wait for black widow, I think it's going to be great
CAM8689 13 days ago
really wish I skipped this one mcu has always been hit and miss for me.....will be much more discerning in the future.
Dragorad Drakce
Dragorad Drakce 13 days ago
Didn't they start using the name SHIELD only from 2010? Before that, they introduced themselves with the full name.This is 1995 and they already use that name. Maybe they used it first, then gave it up and then started using it again?
Maruthu Pandi
Maruthu Pandi 13 days ago
Devidya punda umpu
Swaroop 14 days ago
Who's here after watching this shitty film.
The Alchimi
The Alchimi 15 days ago
Someone call her asap
hacı bumbala
hacı bumbala 17 days ago
Marvel'in tek kötü oyuncu seçimi.
Omar Mendoza
Omar Mendoza 17 days ago
This movie sucks
MnM google
MnM google 18 days ago
Brie Larson hates white males. Google it.
Cabello _____
Cabello _____ 15 days ago
But she's dating a white man XD
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight 17 days ago
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight 19 days ago
Loved it, favorite Marvel movie. Brie was awesome as Capt Marvel and I liked the on-screen chemistry between her and SLJ. Great story, cool effects.
Txized A
Txized A 21 day ago
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 22 days ago
This is by far the worst marvel movie I have seen!!! It obviously a promotion of feminism and interracial relationships....it's very poorly written. And captain Marvel character serves absolutely no purpose in the final End Game movie, she only has a few bit parts in the movie which could absolutely be with out. It is Marvel's most disgraceful and stupiddest movie along with Shazzam..... completely useless characters
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight 19 days ago
Seth Walker
Seth Walker 22 days ago
Scott ain't holding back.👀🤣
SnookerWither 22 days ago
The music sounds like Ruled By Secrecy by Muse
Eagle Smith
Eagle Smith 22 days ago
Ellen Ripley from "Alien" (1979) and Sarah Connor from "The Terminator 2" cry over the image of a strong woman Carol Danvers, shame on you Сaptain Мarvel.
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight 19 days ago
Marcus B
Marcus B 24 days ago
Good movie or not? And why? Need some answers! Thank you!
David Bjorkstrom
David Bjorkstrom 24 days ago
Marcus B its L.I.T 🔥🔥🔥
AMASU Nahk 26 days ago
English not only International language but also Universal language 😊
Teemu M.
Teemu M. 27 days ago
So this is after Iron man? All of these movies start dynamically from birth, which is very appealing. Writer Meg LeFauve. But hey, just watch Iron man 1.
Madison Noel Dionne
Looking back at this Trailer,Black Widow is not even close to being as good as this. Captain Marvel definitely has a better movie and is a better Superhero 🔥
Bao Li
Bao Li Month ago
Just watched. The character is too powerful to have warranted a movie. She just pummelled through everyone and that's not interesting... someone entertaining but not interesting
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Month ago
Best MCU film of the year. Yep, I said it.
Peterus Parkerus
Peterus Parkerus 5 days ago
@Liam Patrick LMFAOO alright Liam. It was way too predictable, and I really found myself rooting against Carol
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 5 days ago
@Peterus Parkerus Yeah, far better than the two.
Peterus Parkerus
Peterus Parkerus 5 days ago
huh- Endgame? Far From Home? I-
John-Michael Mustchin
Several people are typing...
stephen savioli
stephen savioli Month ago
Good film making good story . good acting
Ferry Gunardi
Ferry Gunardi Month ago
Hit Like if u vote Emilia Clarke for better actress
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight 17 days ago
she sucked in Solo
V. T.
V. T. Month ago
I actually came back here after watching the Wonder Women 1984 trailer and Ill have to say the other trailer looks a hell of a lot better in terms of emotions, likability, story, and acting. Maybe the special effects on this movie is better but that's it. Wonder woman is actually allowed to love a man.
PAOLA TS Month ago
Yes, I'm here after Wonder woman and Black widow trailer, and omg, Captain Marvel deserves a better official theme, something epic! Marvel is so lame with official themes.
david reyes
david reyes Month ago
I think Wonder Woman 1984 trailer was better than this movie
Austin Crenshaw
Austin Crenshaw Month ago
So much hate smh
Butt Head
Butt Head Month ago
Why am I getting all these Marvel Trailers in my recommended that don’t even seem like a day old but somehow are one year old?
Ozan Baba
Ozan Baba Month ago
1:46 ohhh yeahhhhhh rıse of the legend
Caylem W
Caylem W Month ago
Yeah Wonder Woman trailer looks a lot better.
Matheos Woldesselasie
Who is here after watching the Wonder woman trailer
Lord Chanka
Lord Chanka Month ago
Jhn edw
Jhn edw Month ago
"it´s just a trash can".
renju manjilas
renju manjilas Month ago
That background score is killing it !!
Star-Lord Month ago
Steve: *looks at Captain Marvel after Wonder Woman 1984 official trailer released* Diana: "It's just a trash can."
Yankeefan24 Month ago
Not a bad film but it could've been great. A few things were stupid and unnecessary like Avengers came from Captain Marvel? Nick Fury lost his eye from a scratch? Marvel Studios should've done a spinoff about him..
Gage Dower
Gage Dower Month ago
“We have no idea what threats are out there” Brie Larson: “well then lets just attack stuff till we find out” *smacks old lady* 1:27
Nick V Summers
Nick V Summers Month ago
This is trash Its movie is just like trailer. the only difference is the runtime.
Twilight 843
Twilight 843 Month ago
@Nick V Summers was entertaining to me
Nick V Summers
Nick V Summers Month ago
it's a ultimate boring 😴. i watch it coz it was the last movie before ENDGAME
Twilight 843
Twilight 843 Month ago
Lmao it was a good movie
J Chadwick
J Chadwick Month ago
Most mistake filled movie of 2019
Hayden G3
Hayden G3 Month ago
@1:33 If I ever watch this movie, this will be why
J singh
J singh Month ago
I just want to talk to the people who disliked this trailer.
Frost xD
Frost xD 27 days ago
NEPHERYA GOLD 28 days ago
Was good my g?
Teemo6544 Month ago
cuz it wasn't appealing
J Ygb
J Ygb Month ago
I’m here. What’s up?
Mediawatcher Month ago
Ready to see another female focused marvel movie, I enjoyed captain marvel so I’m definitely looking forward to black widow.
Sean Coetzee
Sean Coetzee 15 days ago
@Craig Holmes So a speech destroyed your interest for a movie? That sounds weird.
Craig Holmes
Craig Holmes Month ago
Only difference is Black Widow will actually be interesting.... wasn't really a fan of Captain Marvel, especially after that wrinkle of time comment.... the movie was okay, I just didn't the actress
Filmologia Month ago
When Fury first appears in the trailer is epic, comment if you agree
Filmologia Month ago
Julian Solano
Julian Solano Month ago
nop after watching this thing in cinemas
Know knowledge
Know knowledge Month ago
Came here after seeing black widow trailer.
Joel Jaxson
Joel Jaxson Month ago
I wanna see what they say when black widow destroys this in sales
Carlos Hernandez
@Lemang Bakar yeah I'm starting to believe that is possible, and I think it would be awesome if captain marvel black widow and wonder woman 1984 pass the billion mark I want to see more super heroines in the big screen... don't judge me
Lemang Bakar
Lemang Bakar Month ago
@Carlos Hernandez i have a feeling BW will get 1B like CM. BW trailer amount of views and likes are insane and China seems to like BW a lot so there's that.
Harsh Choudhary
Harsh Choudhary Month ago
might not do a billion.. but will be a way better movie most definitely !
JUAN ROA Month ago
Dont think so... Captain Marvel is one of the most succesful movies of all time
Carlos Hernandez
I like them both and I hope black widow does well too but... a billion dollars?
Aaryan patel
Aaryan patel Month ago
Who’s comparing black widow trailer to captain marvel trailer ?
Sabrina Zaylor
Sabrina Zaylor 24 days ago
Craig Holmes Don’t get triggered by a fictional character, it makes you look like a clown.
Anonymous Human9999
@Therealjaydope Junior Lubuw ever compare spider Man and captain America?
Craig Holmes
Craig Holmes Month ago
@Sabrina Zaylor also don't be salty with just me.... Captain Marvel had her chance to make herself popular.... she blew any chance of that when they made her a Mary Sue, and put some kind of propaganda that women are better than men and men are obsolete in lifes purpose.... I read the comics, and I stopped because of her, I don't like her, she has no future popularity
Craig Holmes
Craig Holmes Month ago
@Sabrina Zaylor lady.... the original Captain Marvel was the one now known as Shazam and they were just being lazy with that, if you want to talk about what this has to do with gender... also people are trying to say they didn't like Captain Marvel because she was a woman, which is complete and total bullshit and inaccurate... so that answers your first question... with just a little hint of irony.. and question number two.... despite the movie making over a billion dollars, NOBODY "at least not as much NOW" likes captain marvel, and its showing... I'm just here to see how many likes she got compared to how much Black Widow has.... here's a hint: black widows going to be a box office winner, and I'm looking forward to seeing it
Sabrina Zaylor
Sabrina Zaylor Month ago
Craig Holmes Don’t know why you brought gender into this... and if you don’t like Captain Marvel, why are you here anyways?
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